MY VERY LAST MESSAGE TO YOU | God’s Message Today | God Helps


my beloved child I am here always by

your side when troubles come knocking at

your door remember that I will guide you


them when it feels like you have nothing

left trust that I will provide for you

face those temporary obstacles with a

brave heart knowing that I am holding

your hand every step of the way your

unwavering faith in me is a testament to

the strength within you if you truly

believe stand tall and face the

challenges headon without

hesitation I will fill your heart with

the courage and confidence you need to

overcome any

obstacle I promise to lead you to a

place of abundance where blessings flow

freely stay focused on the path I have

laid out for you don’t let empty threats

or distractions sway you from your

course recognize my presence in your

life today and every day

declare it out loud I believe in you my

loving God you are my

shepherd and with you I shall never be


want even if the ground Beneath Your

Feet begins to tremble know that I will

provide you with Tranquil Waters and

Lush Green Pastures to rest

upon I will nourish your soul with the

sweetness of heaven and guide you along


paths with my love surrounding you there

is no reason to

fear this is the truth you hold dear a

powerful and unshakable faith that will

lift you up on your darkest

days in the face of the harshest

adversities your trust in me will remain

steadfast while your foes may be

consumed by confusion I will bless your

table with peace and

abundance my teachings and guidance will

encourage you and your face will radiate

with the anointing of

Heaven goodness and mercy will be your


Companions and my word will speak

directly to your

heart you will dwell in my presence for

all the days of your

life believing isn’t as complicated as

it may seem it requires a humble and

simple heart to acknowledge that you are

human and cannot face everything alone

your strength while admirable has its

limits but I am here to fortify you when

you feel like giving up I will lift you

up in my arms and carry you until you

reach your

destination when worry tries to take

hold I will grant peace to your mind and

serenity to your

heart even when enemies surround you and

try to strike you with fear know that

you are never

alone I will always embrace you with my

love and be your

Shield I will raise my sword and defend

you from the world’s challenges giving

you the rest you need you will walk with

confidence a smile on your face that

reflects the peace

within others will see how your face

shines and you will proudly Proclaim my

all powerful God my heavenly father

loves me protects me and cares for me in

him I place all my

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