today Lord wants to say something to you from the heart beloved child my love for

you is the foundation of who you are and I want you to never forget that it was a

delight for me to create you and it makes me very happy to see you savoring

the freedom that comes with being my daughter it makes me so happy whenever

you are able to embody the strength that I claim you to be accept the light of my

affection and go about your life without saying sorry people who merely want to

undermine you should not be allowed to undermine your self confidence with

their behaviors you are completely surrounded by all of my Tender Care there is never

a need to restrict the kindness I offer because it is constant L abundant allow

your feet to lead you into the unlimited Joy of a dance allow your unrestricted

worship to express the ardor that you are feeling within you should lead the way daughter

with your beautiful song that reaches New Heights you’re passionate

appreciation is considerably more lovely than what one could find in blooming

flower fields the fragrance of your contributions is

more alluring than the most expensive fragrances that are only worn by the

wealthiest the treasure you have bestowed upon me is worth far more than

the wealth of the world’s most successful Nations you are something that is

greatly treasured my sweetheart if you desire Miracles watch

this video through to the end the almighty God declares I am able

to accomplish much more than can be asked of me or imagined by you you

should approach me with optimistic expectations knowing that there is no

limit to what I am able to accomplish to your satisfaction so that you can think

wonderful thoughts about me I want you to ask my spirit to take control of your

mine despite the fact that many of your prayers have not yet been answered you

should not let this discourage you time serves as a teacher instructing you to

wait upon me and to have faith in me even when it is dark there is a

correlation between the severity of your circumstances and and the likelihood

that you would recognize my power and Glory at work in the

scenario in order to avoid ly obstacles to cause you to get anxious you should

make an effort to see them as preparing the groundwork for my wonderful

intervention keep your eyes and your mind open to everything that I am doing

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