My son i need your attention !|God Message Today For You|God helps|Jesus affirmation

my son my daughter I hear the Cry of

your heart and I see every battle you

face in the midst of challenges you must

know that I am with you not as a distant

Observer but as a loving father guiding

your steps I give you this moment to

remind you that even in the face of the

enemies around you I am preparing a path

of Liberation do not fear for your

struggles are not in vain in each

confrontation there is an opportunity

for growth and strengthening of your

faith trust in me and you will see how

your enemies become steps towards the

blessings I have reserved for you as you

Traverse the dark valleys do not forget

the blessings I have already poured out

upon you every challenge overcome is a

testimony of my power in your life do

not fear the enemies Rising against you

for I strengthen you for the battle

remember all the times I lifted you when

you fell the tears I wiped away and the

joys we shared I am with you not only in

times of prosperity but also in the most

violent storms trust in me for your

victories are already written in the

stars waiting only for the right moment

to manifest my son my daughter when you

look back you see the traces of my

faithfulness engraved on every page of

your story the blessings I send you are

not merely temporary but Eternal in the

midst of struggles remember the times I

lifted you from the Dust and covered you

with my grace your enemies may try to

divert you from my path but I am your

shield and your strength in every

challenge there is an opportunity to

grow in faith and intimacy with me do

not fear adversity for I Am with You

guiding you with love and wisdom your

journey is just beginning and the

blessings I have for you surpass any

human imagination continue walking with

me for great things are yet to come my


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