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[Music] my beloved child I want you to know that blessings are on their way to you and

they will soon arrive like gentle rain showering your home with Grace there is no love greater no plan

mightier than what I have in store for you I can offer you a steadfast purpose

fill you with Serenity and transform your most challenging circumstances into something beautiful I will lead you out

of the desert and bring you to a Refreshing Spring embrace my blessing with faith joy and

humility never underestimate it for sometimes it may appear in simple

ways While others Chase Grand blessings I choose the humble and seemingly small

for I see the potential for greatness within them open your eyes my dear one for

wondrous things are about to unfold seek my word and you will recognize the

blessings that are approaching you my gaze searches for a humble heart and my

spirit yearns to fill a life that is always ready to give love and

forgive know this I have chosen you and you should never doubt it your destiny

has been written on an eternal scroll since the foundation of the world and I have carefully traced your path with my

loving finger the time has come for you to understand what I have prepared for

you come into my presence every day before my altar lay your questions and

shortcomings before me and receive my forgiveness rise and prepare yourself

for the time is near and you have important tasks to

fulfill there are countless miracles in which I intend to use you let us embark

on this journey together for you have my unwavering support remember I love you

and there are blessings in heaven with your name written on them I understand that you may be

questioning why certain things have happened in your life trust me with all your heart for

both in heaven and on Earth circumstances are aligning in your favor I have issued an unbreakable

command for you to receive abundant provision freedom from debts Supernatural wisdom and blessings

specially crafted for you and your family your Divine inheritance is not a

matter of chance I loved you even before your birth and I have prepared countless

beautiful things for you but above all know that my eternal

love is the most precious gift of all I loved you when you felt distant

and I continued to love you when you returned to me your occasional mistakes do not

frighten me I will never reject you for your sins you come to me with a sincere heart

filled with repentance and Truth I see your love for me and I understand

your heart and reasons I cherish your sincerity and no one can ever deceive

me unlike others who put on a facade of perfection and Holiness coming into my

presence to judge and accuse you are different your spirit radiates peace

your attitude is kind and your thoughts are pure even when you stumble you rise

with confidence in faith never let Mortals point fingers at you in this world no one has that right

if you maintain this attitude of Faith approaching me every day with a humble heart eager to hear and learn I will

reward your efforts with Abundant Blessings I know your desires are not rooted in material things you seek

blessings and protection for your family I will grant you that and so much

more I will prepare you to be ready ready and when the doors open do not be afraid to step

through even as you listen now Supernatural Miracles are unfolding in

the spiritual realm new people will enter your life opportunities like never before will

arise and situations that may initially seem like problems will transform into

blessings through your faith and patience they will bring peace to your

home and provision but remember the most important and

beautiful blessing is already yours my eternal love declare your belief in me it is

here in my hands the ultimate solution to all your problems so come to me my dear one what

are you waiting for you know that I love you you’ve always felt it deep within

you even if you feel distant at times even if doubt Whispers that you have

failed and that I do not love you know that it is not true in your heart a

flame continues to burn and a fervent desire to return to this waiting and

longing om resides within you do not be afraid

come I understand that you may feel confused not knowing what to do you thought you had Faith but many

disappointments came your way especially from those you trusted people went their own way and seemed to forget

about you you became disheartened because you thought I did not come when you

called but let me assure you I am always on time I never left your side I watched

over you provided countless answers and offered all the solutions you needed even if you didn’t always believe

me I spoke to you with beautiful words but you sometimes struggled to accept

that your omnipotent God would speak directly to you please do not stray from

this path this is where you are truly loved this is your home your

Sanctuary where you can feel protected and filled with peace allowing you to rest at night with deep and rejuvenating

dreams tonight as you sleep you will dream of standing beside a crystal clear

River and with your eyes you will look at me I will extend my arms and you will walk

Barefoot on that miraculous water carrying away all your pains anger and

frustrations when you wake up in the morning you will feel different full of

strength you will realize that I have removed the heavy burden from your shoulders you will feel great and this

is one of the rewards for those who believe again who accept their mistakes and return to their faith

you do not need to search for someone who speaks beautiful things to you I am

here my word is life it is good receive it in your heart and you will be filled

with my Holy Spirit I am your life and your blessing the true solution your heart

needs declare your belief in me with all your faith for a great blessing is on the

horizon Can you feel it can you sense the peace but I urge you to nourish your

heart with my word and not allow doubts to erode your faith stand firm I have

the final word I will heal you of all ailments rise with courage and all

curses debts and painful memories from the past will fade away from your life

your Liberation is at hand today the chains are breaking joy and happiness

are coming to you in abundance I will work a powerful Miracle of of Praise in

you your mouth will be filled and your heart will overflow with

joy what I have spoken will come to pass I have promised it and you will see it

with your own eyes you will receive everything you need even to bless others and help those

in need now with fervor allow me to touch your body your soul your heart with my

power and heal all your pain removing your dis encouragement open the doors of your

soul to me and be filled with my peace you have fought so hard been

steadfast persevered and remained persistent you paid no heed to

discouraging words and criticisms from people the day has come for you to claim victory to receive provision and

prosperity entrust your plans to me and I will assist you in everything

Delight in my presence and I will grant the desires of your heart call out to me

and I will answer you I want to show you great and wonderful things I challenge

you to believe in me my promises are written you have heard many times that

all is possible for those who can believe in me I want to see your response tell me that you believe in me

but also take action rise and make the decision to distance yourself from

things and friends that lead you away from me they will not come to your

rescue in times of serious trouble possessions will not serve you if you lose your

faith believe in my promises firmly and with unwavering

determination seek me with your heart in the morning during the day in the evenings and before you

sleep place your requests before my presence and Trust that I will give you

the good things that are meant for your growth and edification listen carefully something

beautiful great powerful and astonishing is about to happen in your life I love

you declare your belief do not despair if you are feeling down today if you

think you are not strong I want you to listen to me open the doors of your

heart accept this sweet peace I offer and take this time to rest your

mind I am the creator of the universe and I want to speak directly to your

heart those turbulent winds that shake your life I command them to be

still you need not fear the world’s threats that seek to unsettle you to

make your faith waver and to Blind you to your achievements you may feel weak at times

but let me assure you that in your weakness you find your strength in me your faith combined with my power makes

you invincible your renewed strength makes your spirit unbreakable and your

weakness is vanquished you can boldly declare I am

strong and with confidence continue your journey to the peak where I await you

here your dreams will become reality this is the moment for you to embrace my

will and allow me to work in your life you are meant to soar not to

retreat spread your wings and Ascend higher where I have blessings waiting

for you despair will no longer be your companion and sadness and

discouragement will have no place in your life from this day forward you will live

with a burning and active Faith each morning as the sun rises

choose happiness in every circumstance and let no bad news or worries erase the

beautiful smile that Graces your face remember my dear child you are mine

my Holy Spirit dwells within you making you different from the world while

Others May tremble at rumors and falter in hope you possess my Supernatural love

your faith is a wonder and from your lips flow powerful prayers and words so

go forth my child you are free be filled with joy and share the words I have

given you with your family I love you and I will deliver you from despair

infusing your heart with courage face each day with bravery for I am with you

and I will never let you fall do not fear for I know your trials are

difficult but my strength is greater your enemies may rise against you but I

am more powerful sickness May seek to steal your hope but

I desire to heal you family problems May distress you but I will work a marvelous

miracle and your situation will change now tell me will you believe in

me or will you doubt choose to believe and you will rise persist fight fulfill

your responsibilities and persevere in faith I know you have suffered and shed

tears in silence due to your current situation but today I am surrounding you

with my love and wiping away your tears drink from my living water and

your body will be filled with health your spirit renewed and your soul will no longer

thirst the enemy may rise against you daily seeking to bring you down but today you will stand

tall sustained by my grace the challenging days you’ve experienced are

coming to an end I love you and my love will cast out all fear look to me my

child for nothing is impossible for me just as I calmed storms parted the sea

and empowered Miracles today I calm the storms within you and give you the strength to walk on the waves of doubt

you will not sink for I extend my hand and my Mercy upholds you I am sending my

angels to watch over you to strengthen you as you swim against the current a

Heavenly army goes before you assisting you in your battles I have decreed great

blessings for you and your fears and enemies will not Prevail for my power surpasses

all rejoice in my presence and never forget my child that with me you are

more than a conqueror I want you to know that I heard your prayer last night as you

cried out in your thoughts seeking courage strength peace peace and security to face life’s

challenges look at you now you have awakened to a new day strengthened and

ready your spirit is no longer weak or discouraged you possess the courage to

face any giant that dares to challenge you where there was once fear there is now Faith where there was timidity there

is now boldness yesterday your legs may have trembled with thoughts of the adversities that could be befall you but

today you stand firm and prepared to conquer you must rise and move forward

for I have ignited in your spirit a fervent desire for Success believe in my power for I have

not only guided your steps here but also provided you with the strength to confront a thousand

Giants though the obstacles on your path may be daunting remember that nothing surpasses my

power I have brought you to this point and I have never left your side in all

your struggles battles and Wars I will stand with you by my power and love you

are more than a conqueror every giant that rises against

you is destined for defeat I have bestowed upon you the determination and strength you need to

overcome any challenge that comes your way your goal is to conquer every

obstacle that arises and you will live in abundance and perfect

peace in this moment shift your focus away from worries and fix your eyes upon

me this is all part of a process feed your faith with my word and fill your

mind with my promises and your fears will dissipate with my presence in your heart

you can confront anyone and emerge victorious in every trial rise and move

forward fight in the power of my Holy Spirit and when you face battles no one

will prevail against you you are not weak you are strong you possess my love

and faith remember this all things are possible for those who believe I love

you so do not lose hope for I am here to uphold you and provide you with the

strength to endure I am giving you every ounce of strength you need to continue

so you will not be crushed by the tribulations that come your way you will feel the ability to rise

move forward face challenges and persevere in your faith I know you have experienced

Triumph and victory before so the situation you face today will not conquer you you will not taste defeat or

shame listen to my words and be filled with courage for your fervent faith will

witness Supernatural Miracles my word has the power to heal your body provid for your family and

meet all your needs your table will be filled with abundance and joy will

overflow in your home true Prosperity will Grace your

family accept my blessings with a humble heart and in gratitude remember those

who are struggling use your abundance to bless and help others seek to paid those less

fortunate and watch as I open the windows of Heaven filling your home with

peace and joy my true blessings manifest in the Harmony and stability that come

to your family in the health and wisdom that usher in seasons of happiness and

New Life believe in me and acknowledge that a better future is possible for those

who love me soon you will witness the realization of many dreams you thought were

unattainable I your omnipotent and Supernatural God am always with you I

will care for you protect you and sustain you not only today but for all

eternity I am accelerating the timing for you to receive your blessings and the answers you have been

seeking the changes occurring around you are for your ultimate good prepare your

heart and mind open the doors of your home and let my my presence take its rightful

place as you hear me now know that your life is about to

change I understand your needs even before you express them but I desire

your thoughts and desires to be clear be certain of what you ask of me know your

wants and your destination if you seek Victory it comes at a price true Faith fervent prayer

hard work and personal sacrifice I will grant you success that becomes an

eternal blessing for your family and for you I will not give you anything that

brings sadness or separates you from me I do not want your family to suffer

due to your absence I desire your success in the world and your Shining Light in the streets but when you return

home Darkness should not follow you forget not those you love do not

burden your life with strife and do not sacrifice your health I always seek what is best for

you true peace unwavering Faith a life of tranquility and freedom from worldly

concerns Earthly possessions are fleeting you brought nothing into this world and you will take nothing with you

but the love and affection you sow in those who love you the faith you share

the help you extend to those in need your unshakable faith and loyalty these

are the treasures that will bring you a true spiritual reward I will personally tell you come beloved daughter beloved

Son you were faithful in the Small Things a great blessing I have prepared for you and one day I will place a crown

upon your head with my own hands I have the power to change times and Seasons to

transform hearts and to set everything in its place so that you may enjoy my

blessings and leave your Sorrows behind I’m at your doorstep calling out

to you open up I wish to dwell in your home and I desire your entire family to

be filled with my wondrous peace everything unjustly taken from you

will be returned multiplied stand firm and do not accept

defeat life may have struck you people may have betrayed you and they may wish to see you fall but I your almighty God

am with you and I will not forsake you by my grace my love and the strength

I have placed within your heart you will rise you will stand tall like a

courageous Warrior those who seek to trouble you to humiliate you and to defeat you will be

astounded when they witness all that I will accomplish through you with their

eyes wide open they they will see as I lead you out of the desert into fertile land where Miracles

flourish you have faced countless trials but the day of your Prosperity has

arrived I will heal your ailments deliver you from captivity and Grant you

glorious Freedom hold on to hope as if it were a precious

treasure remain rooted in my word for it is the most valuable possession do not

be swayed by the empty murmurs of those who Envy you when they see how I surround you with

blessings I will provide you with honorable work food on your table

Abundant Health protection from Evil faithful friendships and Harmony within

your family you will have marvelous dreams and profound desires to live

persevere and Triumph always remember this your age is

of no consequence never under estimate yourself do not use the number of your

years as an excuse I will work great wonders in you because I love you and nothing can

thwart my plans you have my unwavering support my love and my

faithfulness I desire your heart and your loyalty prepare for a new Supernatural life I love you for all

eternity I want you to know that there’s no need for you to worry anymore please don’t be discouraged or troubled by

anything that burdens your heart I hear all your prayers every single one of them and I am here always ready to guide

you through even the most challenging moments of your life imagine that from my Throne a mighty river flows a river

that carries away all your troubles leaving your soul cleansed calm and

filled with peace I long for you to be filled with faith hope and Tranquility to be

released from the Relentless storms of thoughts that batter the walls of your

mind allow me to enter the corners where painful memories hide where sadness and

pain dwell I am your lord your savior and I

have forgiven your faults there’s no need for you to torment yourself with doubts and self-

accusations if you truly love me and believe in me stop thinking that there’s

no solution to your problem I don’t want you to live in tension and

anguish it’s not my desire for you to spend your days with your head down

lacking the faith to raise your gaze to the heavens I want you to be free from all worries starting

today yes I know that you live in a world filled with pain but you were

chosen for these times you were born in the right place and no matter how

difficult your life has been it’s all part of my divine plan it’s for this very day that your

faith will ignite and because of what you’ve endured you’ll have the humility

to receive the incredible wisdom and blessings that I’m about to pour upon

you your financial problems will fade when you let go of your attachment to material

possessions your family is more precious as is your health and your

future also remember to love yourself just as I love you with p patience and

affection don’t demand Perfection from yourself it only places obstacles in

your path leading to confusion everyone makes mistakes but

you have me and I see how it pains you when you go astray from my word when

your emotions lead you into actions you’d rather not take but there is forgiveness and Grace

for your repentant heart with each new day there’s a new OPP opportunity and

fresh mercies that I personally deliver to you each morning I will come to you

tap on your window and awaken you I will bathe your face in a gentle

Ray of holy white light revealing the boundless love I have for you it’s time

for you to truly believe in me and cling to me you have a destiny to fulfill a

purpose to achieve dreams to Chase and a family to support I only ask for your respect and

loyalty your heart already belongs to me but I need you to take your path to

Freedom seriously I didn’t give you life for you to waste it to be tossed about by the

winds that crash against Violent Waves don’t blindly trust false friends

who lift you up only to let you down when you need them most they come and mock the trials you

face always blaming you for everything and you start to believe them that’s when your faith

dims once again don’t fear loneliness hold tight

to my love my affection offer me your innocent Faith

just like that of a child and believe me when I tell you that I genuinely love

you trust in me and you will never be alone you will find victory in the face

of your challenges I will provide everything you need in times of discouragement judement I will grant you

health strength and the perseverance to keep going without faltering let yourself be loved do not

be afraid let those who are insincere depart from your life and don’t beg

anyone to stay I will be your companion on those cold evenings when you need words of

encouragement a helping hand and a listening ear free from

judgment I will give give you what you need when you come to me on your knees with a sincere

heart do it not because I ask but because you love me show your commitment

and loyalty in this way I’m not impressed by outward displays of piety I don’t listen to

those who pretend to love me publicly but Gather in secret to harm my anointed

ones and my beloved I will reward your loyalty your

faith your commitment and I will answer your prayers when you approach me with

the utmost sincerity in your heart you already know how much I love you I need

not say more from this day forward your fears are behind you I strengthen your

convictions and you will no longer live in fear hand in hand we will walk

towards Victory with a tranquil heart your soul embraced by my affection and

immersed in my peace so it was so it is and so it shall be

don’t be alarmed blessings are coming your way the time when you will reclaim

many lost things is approaching you will witness that nothing is impossible for me A great

miracle is on its way your prayers have been answered what I want to give you is

far better than anything you could ask for your destiny is in my hands and no

one else’s don’t look around and don’t let negative forces plant thoughts of failure and

foolishness in your mind I am with you I cherish it when you talk to me when you

address me when you trust me enough to confide in me your feelings I heard you this morning I

heard you yesterday and though your words may be few your sincerity and intention are what truly

matter I need nothing more and I’ve told you before that even if your faith were

as small as a mustard seed it would be enough for your prayers to reach the Throne of Heaven that’s where your

destiny is decided and from there I send you comfort from there I reveal my love

to you I know what you need I love it when you talk to me when you turn to me

in prayer your sincerity and devotion are precious to me I I heard you this

morning I heard you yesterday and though your words may be few your sincerity and

intention are what truly matter I need nothing more and I’ve told

you before that even if your faith were as small as a mustard seed it would be enough for your prayers to reach the

Throne of Heaven that’s where your destiny is decided and from there I send you

comfort from there I reveal my love to you I know what you

need I have no doubt that I love you and I know that you believe it

too be strong and courageous and face all your struggles without fear of

anyone or anything don’t tremble at any threat and don’t lose your peace due to the

pessimism that some people bring those who doubt my promises Circle endlessly

searching for happiness but you’ve had the courage to disregard the opinion ions of negative people and despite the

ridicule you’ve clung to your faith in me therefore I promise you that I will

never leave you I will never abandon you I will defend you against your enemies

day and night I will watch over you your emotional well-being is of great

importance to me I want your mind to be nourished by my holy word and I want all

your plans and dreams to align with my will don’t rush into decisions because of

others pressure don’t make Hasty choices to please them have patience and come to me in

prayer I will show you the right path that leads to success dismiss thoughts of failure you

know that I love you and you are in my hands because of the love I have for you

you will Triumph in all things I want you to feel loved and protected so you can face your problems

and enemies with courage and without fear seek my word for the many promises

that will guide your steps and light your path you don’t have to walk blindly

I am sending you to succeed and I envelop you with my love I equip you with the courage and

ability to accomplish great things to grow in wisdom to overcome obstacles to

defeat armies and to conquer Giants tell me what more you need I am

listening I want my will to be fulfilled in your life and my power to manifest in a way that’s evident to those around you

you will be the instrument through which I bring blessings to humanity start with your family Inspire

them to seek me more pray for them and I will touch them with my power healing

their illnesses erasing poverty wiping away their sorrows ending hatred and

disputes and restoring forgiveness and Harmony peace will reign in your home so

be courageous and do not fear share with them my grace and faithfulness let them recognize that

Their Blessings don’t come from luck or chance help them understand that I am

the one who blesses and sustains them encourage them to acknowledge me in

all their ways and to place me first in their hearts if they want transformation

my blessing is with you and it is also with your family I desire your home to be

illuminated with my light at night becoming a refugee for those in need of me everyone who enters your door will

leave their illnesses behind they will feel my presence in their hearts and miracles will occur in

your home I have a profound purpose for you and for all you love that purpose

will be fulfilled even if you don’t see or understand it right now many may have high expectations of

you but my perspective is different my intentions are perfect and

I will bless you in such a way that you will receive blessings more beautiful and powerful than you or anyone else can

anticipate that’s why I ask you to pray without ceasing seek my word align with my

will listen to my voice in the early morning hours I want to provide you with

the map and instructions so you don’t walk in darkness I want you to go out

and Triumph every day not following the path that others take succumbing to the defeats and discouragements that this

world offers them I have come to bring you Abundant

Life if you hold on to my hand and believe in my word my blessings will

overtake you at times problems may seem to pile up so I ask you to give me just a moment

close your eyes and listen to me I place my right hand on your head cleansing

your soul of all worries a river of living water flows from my Throne

washing away all fear enemies May surround you but I give you peace I hold your destiny in my

hands the situation you face today is not your end remember my words they

bring healing to your body and encouragement to your mind you will rise from that bed of

Despair and feel transformed my Holy Spirit Embraces and lifts you up so that no harm will befall

you your enemies know that I have placed my anointing on you a supernatural

blessing and with it you will conquer the world I am renewing your purpose and

vision starting today you will see the Affairs of this life different ly you will not be a

person without motivation and hope anxiety will not overwhelm you when things get

complicated I am giving you the wisdom to fight so that no emotion of defeat

will ever dominate you again I am with you you are greatly

blessed use the beautiful gifts I’ve given you for good and treat those around you

kindly value those who have helped place you where you are now recognize that you

haven’t achieved everything solely through your intelligence many people have extended a

helping hand to you they’ve opened doors and offered opportunities I myself have protected

you from hidden dangers thieves and diseases so my beloved child I want you

to know how deeply I care for you I long to see you thrive and embrace

the life I’ve prepared for you your faith and trust in me have touched

my heart and I will be with you every step of the way I have watched you come

this far guiding your steps and placing people in your life to share

blessings if you wish to multiply the gifts talents and possessions I’ve given you seek out those who have supported

you even those you’ve never seen act selflessly expecting nothing in return

for this is the path to abundance many have blessed you already and now it’s your turn to show gratitude

and become an instrument of my love you understand my heart and I know you can

do it go now assist those who occupy your thoughts and witness how I will

prosper you With Every Act of gratitude I will multiply your gifts open the

windows of heaven and pour blessings upon you this beautiful attitude of

recognizing izing others will bring not only abundance but also emotional and

Financial Freedom I’ll break the chains of debt provide employment and create

opportunities for you to start Ventures you’ll become a beacon of wisdom guiding

others to your source of prosperity in times of Trials remember the tools I’ve given you my word your

faith your prayer and your grateful heart take them to heart and you’ll live

victoriously even in a troubled world honey and blessings will flow

around you and harm will not touch you you’ll see the wicked face their consequences while your family and loved

ones will be greatly blessed I’ll remove thoughts of misery and laziness from their minds instilling

A Renewed desire to grow study and bring prosperity to humanity through their

professions those who love and obey me are like trees planted by flowing Waters

bearing fruit in due season and their leaves never wither this has always been true even in

challenging times do not conform to the world’s

negativity While others predict defeat and Calamity I’ll strengthen you to succeed amidst life

storms you’ll stand firm and your countenance will shine today I lift you up to carry the

banner of Victory those who oppose you will be ashamed and you’ll have Tranquility even

in the face of struggles fear and anxiety you’ll have peace for my hand is

upon you I’ll take away your worries and you’ll feel Divine Serenity breathe deeply and Savor this

newfound Spirit you may encounter tough days but never a day without my love

challenges may arise but you won’t face them alone you’ll always be sheltered by my love and protection right now as you

listen close your eyes and receive these words dare to ask for what you need

provision healing encouragement and wisdom for your purpose pray for your

family and loved ones tough times come and go but my presence

remains I’m not far away and you don’t have to shout for my attention I hear you when you cry and I

am by your side I hear your prayers and will never ignore you you’ve left behind

hatred and resentment understanding the power of gratitude your prayers are powerful

beautiful to me I send you answers with affection receive them with patience

accept them with faith and await them with gratitude for the blessings that will soon be in your hands I’m working

in the hearts of those you love love show them how important they are to you

and how loyal you are to me this will impact their lives you are a beacon in

the darkness guiding them back home I am here protecting everyone even those who

may not believe in me you love them and that’s enough for

me I’ll bless and protect them and they’ll eventually realize it’s my love

that keeps them alive one day they’ll appreciate your sleepless nights of

prayer your tears for their salvation storms may come but those who

seek me will find Hope and Faith in abundance Others May Embrace failure and

confusion unable to distinguish good from bad but you will stand strong in

the midst of the Raging Sea Guided by my hand fear not when problems arise nor

despair when Provisions run thin face the these conflicts with courage holding

my hand and remembering the truth you’ve embraced if you truly believe in me lift

your head high and dive into the battle without hesitation I fill you with courage and

confidence leading you to a land of abundance keep your gaze fixed on my

word ignoring empty threats acknowledge me today say it

aloud I believe in you my beloved loved God confess that I am your Shepherd and

you shall not want even when the earth trembles you will rest beside Still

Waters on Green Pastures I anoint your soul with Heavenly honey leading you along

righteous paths you will not lack because I love you and I’ll always be with

you you know this and you possess powerful unshakable faith it will lift

you on your worst days in the midst of the harshest struggles your trust in me makes your

enemies falter I’ll bless your table with peace and provision my Commandments and

guidance will strengthen you and your face will shiny with Heavenly anointing goodness and mercy will follow

you my word will speak to your heart and you’ll dwell in my presence every day

it’s not difficult to believe it requires humility and simplicity recognize your limitations

and I’ll make you stronger when you can’t go on I’ll carry you in my arms until you reach your goal

when worries consume you I’ll bring peace to your mind and calm to your

heart enemies May surround you but you’ll never be alone I’ll always embrace you with love

and be your Shield I’ll raise ra my sword to defend you against the world

giving you rest you can walk confidently with a smile reflecting

peace people will see your shining face and you’ll tell them my almighty God my

heavenly father loves me protects me and cares for me your faith will grow

stronger and your enemies will scream in confusion I’ll bless your table with

peace and provision my Commandments and guidance will give you strength and your

face will shine with Heavenly anointing goodness and mercy will guide you I’m

opening your spiritual eyes leading you into a new Supernatural life away from the house of pain I have marvelous

Miracles reserved for you even if you haven’t asked I’ll surround you with blessings

because of my unconditional eternal love if you’ve given me your heart today

committed to following me with perseverance and loyalty no one can snatch you from my

hand beware of distractions and doubts the enemy seeks to trap your mind but no

one can touch you or your family the enemy attacks to crush your

faith and emotional stability the wicked and envious can’t stand to see your strength but they are

defeated your unshaken spirit radiates calmness self-control and Supernatural

power the gifts of my holy Spirit fear does not reside in your

heart and you stand firm in the face of sudden trials you remain calm remembering these

words come listen to me and allow My Embrace to fill you with affection and

peace I grant you Grace and blessings eager to see you Triumph and prosper

with eternal life in the Heavenly Kingdom this is your inheritance live on

earth with enthusias M purpose and a vision to do good spreading my word to

the ends of the Universe I will work miracles through your hands bringing comfort and

encouragement to seeking Souls providing spiritual nourishment to those in need

walk confidently shunning the control of negative people seek the company of

those who value and uplift you sincere friends who don’t seek to control your

life or family do not let the enemy enslave you again or accept words of

defeat seek friendships with those who respect you genuinely bless those who

encourage you without seeking your money in exchange our connection is personal and

I want to talk to you directly I’ll reveal Mysteries and share

my plans with you if you seek to know me more I am here waiting for you in the

morning spend time With Me While others sleep bring me your requests and listen

attentively to the words I give you daily I’ll respond to you in many ways revealing

myself call upon me and I’ll answer showing you great and marvelous things through dreams and Visions I’m raising

you to witness Supernatural Miracles Embrace these words with faith and I’ll surround you with Abundant

Blessings I have such incredible plans for you plans that will fill your heart with

peace and joy I reach out to you inviting you to walk this journey with me it’s not about

rushing ahead it’s about standing strong and persistent in your

path hold on to your faith dear one let it remain Serene and strong don’t let

the world around you distract you keep your focus on me and look

ahead your destination isn’t too far away not an eternity away I understand

that sometimes your days may feel long weariness May creep in but remember

you’ve grown you no longer let your emotions control your

life you know I desire to bless your family and pave their way so they can

face whatever comes without fear your enemies will be defeated and

obstacles will be overcome I don’t promise an easy life but I assure you that faith and strength

will never leave your side fill yourself with courage knowing that your Victory

is certain embrace my promises which bring healing to your body Clarity to your

thoughts and strength to your heart I want to break the chains of discouragement and depression that weigh

on you and make you doubt my words release that deceptive friendship that

leads you towards failure all these burdens will fade away a powerful Miracle awaits if you commit to obeying

me and holding on to my love don’t be like those who crawl in the dirt chasing false promises of

material wealth and fleeting Fame they believe that my presence and

power favor those who loudly Proclaim their lives but that’s a deceitful

lie they reject my word they don’t accept me for who I am they don’t want

to know the one who came came into the world as a servant and gave his life on a cross but you my child have opened

your heart to me and I desire to do marvelous things within you clothe your soul in humility and

reject the offerings of the Devourer I’m here to assist you to Grant

you more peace and wisdom so that waiting doesn’t wear you down so that complaints and doubts don’t erode your

faith and happiness speak to me now with all your heart heart and say my God I believe in

you I trust you and with patience I await my blessing I promise you what you’ve asked

for will come to pass you’ve always believed in me knowing that all your

prayers in the name of Jesus will be answered I want to announce to you New

Times Abundant Blessings Open Heavens and overflowing blessings that will fill

every corner of your life and your home you and your family will overflow with

peace and happiness all of this is possible for those who believe in me who keep my word

in their hearts and patiently await the blessing without faltering remember my child you must

remain steadfast and patient life takes time to be born just

like the months it takes for a child to come into the world a seed Must Fall on fertile ground

be broken and transformed before it can Sprout and grow your blessings are valuable and

Powerful but they require time and effort to fall into place for your good

I know you understand this and I trust that you won’t be discouraged keep your Gaze on the

horizon as you take each step forward leaving behind your current

circumstances don’t fear change everything is designed for your good I

want you to be surrounded by people and resources that help you grow if you walk with me no one can defeat you accuse you

or judge you for I will be your Defender oh my child if only you could

see with your spiritual eyes the Heavenly armies that stand beside you if

you could witness my Divine Light illuminating your path and how your enemies fall if you could perceive the

movements of Heaven and Earth in your face soon I will reveal Grand Visions to you

in your dreams offering you a taste of Heaven on Earth I can move the entire

universe to bring you blessings as I see your sincere and unwavering faith in

me your faith is brave and that’s why I respond to you daily with a different

message each day may bring new challenges but my love for you will never

change before you continue with your daily tasks know this my child I love

you deeply but I long to hear those words from your own lips to hear you say Jesus

beloved I love you too there is nothing you can ask of me that my love cannot

provide I will restore what belongs to you your dignity and the place you

rightfully deserve I have a better life in store for you if you give me your heart and

accept the healing and forgiveness that my sweet love offers the promises are already written

you carry them in your heart so if you choose to believe do so

with the full strength of your mind and soul don’t be like those who speak of my

love but don’t truly believe it they are to preoccupied with the judgments of

others and submit to the punishments and Scorn imposed upon them many want to

impose their selfish thinking upon you they claim to love you but seek to take

from you they follow impossible rules that they themselves don’t follow they wear Robes of righteousness

and false Holiness considering themselves Superior to you no matter what you

do in their eyes you always end up as the one at fault the guilty one I call

you to total freedom tonight you will sleep in peace

and my Holy Spirit Will will speak to you I will heal your soul and mind

Breaking All the chains that have bound you and when you awaken in the morning you will be free forever your happiness

will no longer depend on people’s opinions at last you will be who you truly are a wise intelligent child of

mine with a gentle perseverant and courageous Spirit you will be filled with vibrant

powerful and unwavering faith lean on me in your darkest moments when people

offend you and hurt your feelings when everything around you seems to darken and you feel like there’s no reason to

go on you are mine and I want you to Aspire

to greater things don’t settle for living in a corner crying beneath that roof where

you only endure contempt but I love you I will help you forgive you and restore

you I can offer you a better future with powerful gifts and talents peace joy and

health take your rightful place Stand Tall with dignity you are a protected Prince or

princess eternally guarded by your Mighty Heavenly Father speak it from

your heart my child tell me I Believe In You beloved father I hold a miracle with

your name in my hands a matter that you and I both know will be resoled olved even your own family will be

astonished those who secretly look down upon you and openly criticized you will kneel before you seeking forgiveness for

the pain they caused you they did not respect you they missed

the opportunity they were seeking when they rejected you I will lead you to a better

environment I will Elevate you spiritually to a place where there is no Strife or Envy

true love still exists there they will appreciate the gifts and talents I have bestowed upon you enabling you to grow

and prosper do not fear Prosperity I speak of provision peace

happiness health and family Harmony without debts without

Sorrows from where I am I see your miracle and it is so magnificent and

beautiful that when you witness it you will recognize that it was worth it all the suffering you endured your

family will understand that you were not wrong when you told them to trust in the God who loves them so

deeply they will repent with tears for having sinned against me when you prayed

for wisdom and strength and they scoffed at you thinking you were mistaken but when they witness my

powerful response to your prayers they will ask you for forgiveness I have chosen you for

something special to be a true blessing to your family and your nation not to

seek riches and popularity like those who waste their time seeking the approval of others and are willing to do

anything for Applause and praise you are on a different path do

not stoop to eat the crumbs they offer you look up to my Throne that is where

you belong with your perseverance and Faith you will reach it and you will

witness all the promises I have made to you coming true I will work miracles through you

but do not expect people to change if they offer you money and Applause be

content with my love which is always by your side and the peace I provide your

Miracle is held within my hands so my child tell me do you want it yes or no

you have been tested and now it is time for you to be blessed you you have suffered enough and have learned

valuable lessons from all you have experienced you were Brave you faced

unexpected hardships it was not due to your mistakes but rather the enemy’s attempt

to shake you like the wind shakes the wheat in your desperation You released

your seeds which fell upon the ground moistened by your

tears but have faith and open your eyes for the Earth trembles and a vibrant

Sprout emerges you can already see it let this be etched in your heart this

year you will reap a great harvest the seeds you thought were dead have come back to life and will return to you as

blessings beautiful and true enriching your spiritual

life they will not bring sadness with them they will not carry burdens of tension and

problems I have placed you in this position my child I love you beyond measure your

unwavering Faith touches my heart deeply as you face each day remember that I am

with you and my love for you remains steadfast and unwavering in a place where your spirit

can soar understand that I am your guide and your

provider if you treat others with kindness and compassion your needs will be met but remember do not put your

complete trust in mere mortals follow my Commandments cast aside doubt and pessimism and rise with

unwavering Faith with faith Miracles beyond your

imagination can unfold before your very eyes this is not a game nor luck nor

empty words it’s the power of my holy word always fulfilled in perfect timing

according to my divine plan you yearn for change for prosperity

for your loved ones to lack nothing you long for a transformation with all your

heart and I am here to tell you that I can and will transform you I possess the

ability to change hearts and Minds from Darkness to light and I will do so but I

need your faith you are embarking on a New Journey and it’s time to leave the

past behind reach forward with your hand in faith grasp the blessings I place

before you your trials have prepared you your moment has arrived today I will

perform beautiful miracles in your life and in the lives of your loved ones do not despair over the door that

has closed speak to me affirm your thoughts and write it down now declare

your belief in me receive these words of comfort and accept the Heavenly encouragement I offer when one door

closes it is not cause for despair another grand door will soon swing open

ushering in something even better know that there is a spiritual battle in the

celestial realm for your life and your faith many adversaries seek to hinder

your growth both from the outside and within even if they remain hidden from

your [Music] sight I will place Divine knowledge in your path to guide you Embrace this

Guidance with humility and dedicate time to prayer and more will be revealed to

you you will emerge Victorious from this battle every obstacle in your path will

crumble understand that victories are not won by your efforts alone if you

reject my word and forsake your faith the enemy will seek to seow Discord within you you will Journey far bless

many lives and your family will flourish in wisdom and humility of heart

Prosperity will Grace every aspect of their lives but we must walk this path

together extend your hand to me you are prepared to ascend to the spiritual

Heights where Destinies are shaped and lives are transformed there are countless good and

Beautiful Things awaiting you this very day while you listen to my words the

foundation for your life is being laid upon Solid Ground ensuring that future

Generations will know me and serve me each one among them will be endowed

with unique gifts talents and a desire to pursue knowledge and preparation beyond your current

imagination your family is not destined to dwell in spiritual poverty emotional

confusion or be burdened by Dept Embrace what I am revealing to you learn to

dream I will strengthen your faith and empower for you to receive and manage the blessings that are about to pour

forth with unwavering confidence I will exchange your Affliction for blessing your sorrow for

strength and I will heal your heart with my boundless love even amidst your

busyness and amidst the crowds I want you to feel this tender Embrace where

you stand take a moment and receive this gift through faith it will bring calm to

your soul and peace to your mind I grant you the power to control the turbulent

emotions within your mind the news you receive May alarm you and wear you down

making you feel as though you’ve lost your strength but believe in me once more for

I am here and nothing is a miss your life continues and this too shall pass

your future is sealed with Divine anointing your blessings will not be

extinguished by any adversary seeking to discourage you with

adversity I can transform all opposition into blessings turn scarcity into

abundance and heal every ailment within your family and your entire household I possess the power and my

eternal desire is for you to receive all the Wonders I have

[Music] promised I not a man I am God and I do

not lie my purpose remains unchanged since the dawn of time to save you grant you

eternal life and guide you on the path of righteousness I am the way the truth

your life Your solution so I lovingly implore you to

cling to my promises to turn your gaze away from the deceptions of this

world I am delighted to see that you trust me that you no longer heed the

provocations and threats aimed at unsettling your peace filling your mind with anger confusion false Notions and

conflicting emotions they seek to lead you astray to ens snare you in the web of guilt and

divert you from the truth my love and my presence you understand their intentions

and I know that you love me you will not allow anyone to rench you away from the place where you now

reside surrounded by affection and an unparalleled love in your life

you have endured much loneliness and a dir of tenderness but now I embrace you

providing Solace with Divine strength and encouragement for I cherish you

deeply I witnessed your fears your profound worries and I heard the cries

of your heart you sought to escape from the problem begging for my mighty hand to

intervene urgently I understand you completely this matter is of utmost

importance to you and much depends on its resolution you believed that I was angry

and unwilling to assist you allow me to make this clear you will

always need me even when things are going well even when Prosperity surrounds

you never forget this never lower your guard for the adversary seeks to

distract you to undermine your faith to disrupt your plans and to wound your

soul I will Aid you in this matter that weighs heavily on your heart

today it pains me to see you sad and troubled it is not my desire for you to

be tormented and I do not wish for you to feel this way instead of dwelling on

the same worries repeatedly surrender every thought to me if thoughts of

defeat creep in believe that it is impossible you will not be defeated for

you have have faith in the almighty God if discouragement attempts to take

hold of your heart do not yield to it for it would be a grave

mistake those who have faith in my power and await my blessings cannot be

discouraged if the will to live slips from your grasp utilize your

faith you believe in and serve a powerful and Sovereign God who will ignite the Flames of divine love within

your heart filling you with a marvelous desire to persevere hold fast to the promises I am

extending to you grasp these words that I speaking to you your adversaries May

belittle you proclaiming that you are unworthy even of life itself but you must no longer listen to

their voices I desire for you to live and soon you will taste feel and receive

my blessings a new your circumstances will change your

life will improve and the matters that concern you so deeply will be resolved in due

time if you have listened to me up to this point know that it is not a mere

coincidence declare your belief in me your commitment to persevere Despite All

Odds and your unwavering love for me your future will transform your current

situation will improve I will intervene supernaturally in your life and soon you will witness

the clear resolution of your present difficulty with your own eyes Proclaim your faith and dedication

now and tell me I believe just as I tell you I love you amen


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