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my dear child you seek my help aware of

my deep affection for you and my

steadfast commitment to assist indeed I

will provide my

support be at peace knowing you have the

inner strength to navigate life’s

challenges with calm and happiness for

your father in Heaven is ever present

even in times of weakness should you

stumble remember my grace is Limitless

and my compassion unfailing I have not

let you down before and will not in your

moments of greatest

need when sorrow grips your heart and

tears fill your soul greet each Dawn


hope listen a new to my words for the

courage to face each

day trust in my promises hold fast to my

love and life with unwavering resolve

continue forward despite hurdles focus

on my promises undaunted by the the

trials you encounter in moments of

adversity Remember The Bravery within

you regardless of the world’s scorn

Embrace this truth wholly this year is

yours a time for Spiritual and

everlasting wealth born from the lessons

of your current

circumstances I will generously bless

you for You Are My Chosen One seek me in

Earnest prayer offer your heart and

present your daily

petitions ask in my presence and I will

fulfill the deep-seated desires of your

heart it is heartening that you Heed

These words approach this year and its

tasks with seriousness seize this

opportunity for I will generously bless

you and your

family there is nothing beyond my love’s

provision for you I will restore your

honor and give you your rightful place a

brighter future awaits if you entrust

your heart to to me and embrace the

healing and forgiveness my Tender Love

provides the promises are inscribed in

your heart if you choose to believe in

me do so

wholeheartedly avoid the path of those

who speak of my love but lack true Faith

they listen to others judgments and

accept the condemnation and contempt

imposed by

others numerous individuals attempt to

shape you in their own self-centered

image setting forth unattainable

standards they themselves fail to meet

they wear cloaks of apparent

righteousness and faint Holiness

positioning themselves as more virtuous

than you regardless of your

Deeds to them you are invariably seen as

the utmost

wrongdoer yet I invite you to embrace

total freedom enabling peaceful rest

tonight during the night my holy spirit

will communicate with your soul bringing

healing to both your heart and mind I

will shatter every lingering bond that

restricts you come morning as you awaken

you will be liberated forever more your

joy will no longer be swayed by others

judgments you will at last become who

you’re destined to be a wise Discerning

child of mine gentle yet resilient Brave

and imbued with an Ardent Mighty and

steadfast faith

in your most challenging times when

others wound you and darkness seems to

engulf you when all appears hopeless

hold fast to me you are mine destined

for far greater than a life shadowed by

tears and

Scorn I cherish you support you forgive

you and rejuvenate you I am here to lead

you to a brighter future blessed with

remarkable gifts and abilities bestowing

upon you peace happiness and

well-being assert your rightful status

stand with honor you are a Royal heir


safeguarded under the watch of your

powerful Eternal Father in Heaven utter

these words believe in them

wholeheartedly I am providing the

opportunity you seek I am clearing your

path of

hindrances I will fulfill the prayers

you have earnestly offered you will

witness transformation in various

aspects of your life in your character

your family and your home focus on what

lies ahead let go of the past and place

your trust in

me your life is precious your family

wonderful and the plans I have for you

are so magnificent they might seem

surreal realize that your dreams are not

achievable by your strength alone your

aspirations will be realized through

faith in my mercy and strength

avoid placing complete Reliance on those

who vow undying loyalty as they may

disappoint you I am the only one who

will steadfastly support you the time is

approaching for you to receive the long

awaited blessings soon concerns and

needs will dissipate replaced by

tranquility and divine

abundance your trust in my word is vital

for reaching your goals and maintaining

resilience against all challenges


I am set to reveal to you a profound

understanding unveiling to you my

secrets you will be amazed by the depth

of my love for you and the extent of

blessings I have showered upon you ask

yourself are you ready to embrace your

blessing share with me the feelings

stirring in your heart I recognize your

deep love for your children they are

precious in my sight too in my book I

have recorded not just their their names

and appearances but also their hearts

thoughts dreams mistakes challenges and

wishes remember the importance they hold

in your life I urge you to find peace

and stop agonizing over their

choices if it seems they are on the

wrong path do not fret over things

beyond your

control place all your concerns in my

hands focus on your own life as

excessive worry drains you and steals

your peace maintain your energy and

faith and turn to prayer for their

well-being now is the time to let go of

what needs to be

released like doves your children have

grown and must now fly

freely release them confidently allowing

them to embrace their

independence rest assured as you pray

for them my protective Embrace will

always surround them heed my advice and

Trust in my plans when you succumb to

the urge to control or make decisions

for your children to direct their paths

your mind is burdened with unnecessary

weights leave these matters to me there

are boundaries they must not cross

especially the respect for the Dignity

of your family and home if they a

silence is not an

option I will provide you with the

strength peace and wisdom to address

them appropriately but refrain from

anger be cauti ious with your words and

actions as they can either wound or

heal I have not treated you harshly nor

punished you as your mistakes

warrant I come with love and

salvation do the same for the children

in your heart remember this mistakes

will happen tears will be shed but the

Salvation that entered your life will

reach your children too in my perfect

timing they will reach the boundaries I

have set

genuine repentance will follow and they

will return home bringing blessings that

enrich your family and add to your

joy offer them forgiveness and Grace

once again grant them another

opportunity persist in praying for your

children and you will feel my

peace embrace the confidence that your

children are safe in my care your

character is

admirable I value your sincerity and the

heartfelt emotions you express when you

speak with me when you close your eyes


prayer The Joy your heart brings me when

it resonates with that delightful Rhythm

overflowing with Divine

contentment I am filling your essence

with this Celestial Joy easing any

distress pain or

suffering after hearing my words I want

you to feel profoundly loved you no

longer need to walk in despondency

weighed down by the trials you

face I love you deeply and today you

will experience this love in various

ways I will show it to you and through

my powerful word I will make it known

should anyone attempt to disturb your

peace you will instantly sense this

Divine love that surrounds you if

sadness tries to grip You My Embrace

will Encompass you eliminating all

sorrow and filling your heart with

happiness your family and friends will

be astonished wondering about your

newfound Joy your adversaries will

Retreat realizing their inability to

intimidate or cause you pain a

supernatural barrier of divine

protection will encircle you with

thousands of angels stationed around

your home guarding your loved ones


wholeheartedly my love for you is

genuine not merely a figment of your

imagination it is as tangible as the air

you breathe more powerful and beautiful

than any wonder you could

seek my love envelops you giving you

life this is the most precious blessing

you could

receive this is why I so greatly value

your gratitude each morning as you wake

thankful for Life intrusting your fate

and your days to my

care your faith is exemplary despite

those who may mock you for believing in

an unseen omnipotent

God but you are certain of My reality

knowing I am Vigilant over you mindful

of your needs with this Faith you will

Thrive live and understand that you are

a child of the universe’s Creator

stepping forward with immense confidence

and a face that shines with Limitless

Joy my beloved your consistent grateful

Spirit warms my heart

you have such a wonderful heart tomorrow

I’ll be here again ready to unfold you

in my love at

dawn I cherish

you if you’re seeking a way out of

today’s challenges listen closely you

will hear the solution from me

today your situation may seem complex

but you have already entrusted your life

and heart to

me I have instilled my spirit in you the

assurance that nothing is impossible for

me I urge you to think about it declare

it affirm it write it down but most

importantly believe it Proclaim it now

with faith nothing is unreachable for


Divine Embrace this truth my promise is

alive and when I send it to heal your

land and transform your life my word

will not return

empty it might seem daunting for change

to occur but remember you are The

Offspring of the all powerful God

transform your thinking

immediately I have endowed you with my

Holy Spirit and my Supernatural power

within you great Miracles await when you

speak my word lovingly treat others

kindly control your temper and refrain

from harsh words toward your loved ones

avoid causing hurt with your

actions to whom you should extend love

instead of harm I am opening your eyes

and revealing wondrous things cry out to

me and I shall respond with attention

tune your

ears open your Bible Let It Be crystal

clear that you have access to a

supernatural realm where you are loved

protected guided and directed by your

heavenly Father Day and Night in all

places whether you feel well or

ill I shall be with you always as my


promises however you must also

comprehend something crucial your spirit

and my spirit are

intertwined you have an open gateway to

the land of Miracles but your feet are

firmly planted in a natural world

challenges will come conflicts will

arise and adversaries will come against

you in an attempt to harm you it is a

part of your life and your

journey but nothing can overcome or

defeat you you have my support and you

can rely on my

assistance my word resides in your heart

you possess the strength of a champion

your unwavering faith is your

solution rise up now and confront your

problems with

determination I love you deeply and I am

strengthening you tell me that you

believe in me Shout It Out write it once

more nothing is impossible for God put

yourself in my place how could I not

love and bless someone like you my

greatest desire is to Grant you Eternal

salvation fear

nothing always feel profoundly loved

protected and walk in this world with

your head held high surrounded by my

love I gave my life on that cross so

that you may walk in Victory rather than

defeat I rose on the third day so that

you may live a supernatural life not

settling for mere material

possessions in this world everyone may

experience Solitude and affliction

rejection and pain but you are different

and if one day you feel weak tired and

your emotions Cloud your soul stand up

raise your arms in a sign of Victory

Proclaim it to the Four Winds that you

are my son my daughter you are strong

Brave a victor of a thousand battles a

champion among the mighty nothing

defeats you no one conquers you you are

not alone nor are you a solitary

Soul you must not resign yourself to

living in Gloom and

despair come I am beckoning you your

rightful place is In My Embrace as you

kneel in prayer my Legions will rush to

your side their swords shimmering

cleaving the air vanquishing Darkness

your spiritual foe witnessing the

immense power and Glory that envelops

you will turn and flee hurling distant

threats yet he will not come near and

his menacing words though audible will

never touch

you that deceitful coward lacks the

might to harm you to whom am I speaking

I am speaking directly to you heed my

words they are penned to bolster your

spirit to be etched in your memory to be

a song in your

heart lift your arms again and Proclaim

I am forever cherished by my heavenly

father the almighty Lord and my God I am

healthy liberated wise gifted with the

Valor and Fidelity of a true warrior a

Victor this is the sentiment I wish for

you every

Dawn may this belief be firmly rooted in


teachings my dear child I’m with you you

need no one else do not yearn for the

notice or companionship of others

precious child of my

heart I am constantly finding ways to

make you notice the subtlest

manifestations of My

Affection confess your love for me with

all your heart be more gentle with

yourself I love and understand

you I have pardoned you and am here here

to assist you yet stop doubting your

value you are mine I did not come to

recompense you for your wrongdoings your

errors have been expunged washed away

you stand pure before me my

righteousness glows upon you even if

hard to believe your missteps were due

to distractions things went arai leaving


frustrated do not fret I comprehend you

and I am not Fe to chastise or withhold

my love but now stop berating yourself

for your current struggles I am aware of

your past hardships your fear of

repeating mistakes and enduring further

pain however you must learn to find

solace in me feel my presence grasp my

hand always I am vigilantly guarding you

day and night protecting you I will

direct your path to avoid further

missteps but you must find tranquility

and employ even the smallest Measure of

Faith your faith is akin to a minuscule

seed that will burgeon into wondrous

Miracles no longer be overly critical of

yourself you have gleaned wisdom from

your errors and your perspective is

evolving you must embrace the most

precious gift one only I can

bestow this gift is my forgiveness

enveloped in my love procured through

immense SA sacrifice be assured you are

already purified and

comforted see self- reproach for past

incidents or Mourning lost

opportunities I have something Superior

in store for you but you must trust in

me acknowledge my love and forgiveness

and commit to absorbing my teachings

daily I am cognizant of your struggles

your anxieties and your emotions I’m

keenly observant of your needs and

desires I know when You Weep when You

Face discouragement and

isolation that is why I never release

your hand I understand your need for me

once again recently you were engulfed in

sadness and discomfort crying out God

where are

you today I offer you this sign as proof

that I am truly attentive to your

needs I am listening to you and making

my presence known I cannot be more

explicit as you are not yet ready but

that time will arrive persist in daily

prayer stay close to me and learn to

truly know

me as your father and with deep love I

need to express that my affection for

you is perfect trust in my words when I

say I love you

deeply my desire is for your welfare for

you to stand firm and to enjoy every day

I grant you may your strength grow

prepare preparing you for the path

ahead therefore every morning I will

continually inspire you I will be there

with encouraging words a message of love

to instill within your heart your time

has come your moment for Triumph is here

it was never my will for you to feel

defeated and disheartened I know there

are those who have belittled you causing

you to feel

low they have called you a failure a

loser claiming you will accomplish

nothing disregard their foolish words as

they hold no sway over your fate do not

focus on them or their opinions Victory

is in my hands for I am your source of

Hope today marks the end of negative

thoughts any feelings of inadequacy or

negativity Weighing on you will vanish

my holy words will heal encourage

rekindle your joy and fill you with new

dreams and

aspirations I want to see you smiling

radiantly your heart overflowing with

happiness your life journey is far from

over it is long filled with delightful

surprises and compassionate people tell

me you believe promise to Value yourself

and hold on to me

tightly I am dedicated to loving and

caring for you

eternally this Divine love I give cannot

be taken away I have grand plans for you

take my hand and step by step you will

find peace and joy it’s not about speed

but about steady persistence and

unwavering Faith keep your focus on me

and look forward you will reach your

goals it’s not as far as it seems even

if you feel the days are long and

wearisome but you have matured you don’t

let emotions dictate your

life I aim to bless your family to clear

their path to face challenges fearlessly

enemies will be defeated and hurdles

overcome life may not be easy but faith

and strength will always be with you be

filled with courage for your Victory is

assured embrace my sacred promises that

bring healing Clarity and strength I

want to break the chains of

discouragement and doubt that weigh you

down reject misleading friendships that

lead to failure today a significant

Miracle awaits if you commit to obeying

me and clinging to my

love don’t be like those who indulge in

deceit chasing false promises material

gains and Hollow Fame they fail to see

that my presence and power reside with

those who are humble not indebted to

appearances or

indulgences it’s a dangerous

deception they reject my word deny me

and want no part of the one who came as

a servant and died on the

cross but you have welcomed me into your

heart and I plan to perform miracles in

you dress your soul in humility turning

away from the tempter’s lures I will

provide you with greater peace and

wisdom so you don’t grow weary or let

complaints and doubts undermine your

faith and

joy now with all your heart say my God I

believe in you I trust you and I

patiently await my




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