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my child God is saying you today it’s

time for you to release the burden

you’ve been carrying for far too long

you don’t need all that additional stuff

for where you want to go allow your

spirit to effortlessly adapt to the

changing seasons just as they

do the gorgeous foliage serves as a

lovely reminder why it is tough to let

go but a directive from above recognize

the change that is occurring within you

it is of great benefit give up

attempting to avoid it allow the full

moon to be your light source throughout

this trying

time tonight it’s time to watch the

seeds grow now that they have been swn

if you think there is a God please like

this message it’s advisable to put aside

your continual concern about whether or

not someone is really attempting to harm

you the universe knows everything as you

travel be concerned about shining your

light and being authentically you at

last everything will make sense to you

and in the proper

sequence but for the time being Focus

your efforts on personal

development if you stay true to who you

are you will join the Winner’s Circle

every day when your heart is in the

right place the universe provides for

you in a new manner press Amen to accept

it in order to get beyond the truth and

continue certain things need to be made

public now you are about to enter the


phase God is radically changing the

course of your life though you have

suffered in the past the Lord is now

providing you with Everlasting Joy

prepare to see his goodness your life

will be filled with Marvels he will

debunk medical diagnosis and break

curses he is kicking fear and conquering


you will be amazed at the greatness of

what he will achieve instead of being

HED by what you went through Jesus the

god of healing and restoration fulfills

all your wishes say Amen to yourself to

confirm this you wouldn’t be unhappy in

this life if you only knew what God has

planned if only you could understand how

he would connect the dots in your life

and bring everything together for your

benefit you would ReDiscover your


perhaps you’ve had disappointments fell

down on yourself and belied that your

finest days are behind you I know it’s

difficult but God is lovely even amidst


ashes if only you knew how many

possibilities and new acquaintances were

ahead of you even if it seems like the

end a new chapter is really starting if

only you had known that the days ahead

would transcend the days that lie behind

you you still have a lot of life left to

live please check yes if you agree take

some time to pray if you ever feel like

the weight of the world is overwhelming

you throughout the day a little moment

of worship has the ability to realign

our priorities and cast our problems and

conflicts in the perspective of God’s

unending love we don’t always comprehend

God’s ways may you experience the

pleasure and serenity that come from

understanding the love and closeness of

the father today we ought to acknowledge

that God has a more comprehensive

perspective even if we do not always

understand his methods just think about

this even though you could be prepared

for what God has in store for you

chances are excellent that someone else

isn’t God has to work in someone else or

in a different circumstance before he

will fulfill your desire in accordance

with his plan for your life it is God’s

ideal moment only when everything fits

perfectly you must learn to trust trust

God’s timing if you want to live your

greatest life right now give everything

up to God that’s when the solution will

materialize you shouldn’t be concerned

about your future it’s natural to worry

about our financial situation to wonder

how life will work out and to hope that

we make the right choices you and your

existence were created by

God the plan is already laid out by God

according to the Apostle Paul everything

happens because God wills it too he is

directing both your own actions and the

actions of the people you rely on in the

background he is not only in charge of

your life but also of the surroundings

in which it takes place nothing occurs

by coincidence errors are beyond your

control the sound of a door shutting

shouldn’t worry you anything that wasn’t

part of your plan wouldn’t be approved


God it is helping you reach your goal

not getting in the way of it amen to

that with just a little tweak to your

morning routine you might possibly bring

Prosperity love happiness Independence

and confidence into your

life if you love God please subscribe to

our Channel I feel obligated to tell

someone that they should go through the

door because God opened it for them this

is your chance so seize it God has given

you move on to the next stage of Jesus

work in your life and give up worrying

so much about why you are doing things

you’ve been doubting your abilities and

wondering if you really heard from God

or made it

yourself if you remain in self-doubt you

can never

tell regardless of how holy you consider

yourself to be sufficient in terms of

talent intelligence or sufficiently

inventive it isn’t really connected to

your skills and everything associated

with what God desires to achieve for his

own glory in and through your lives the

opponent has been creating you realizing

how flawed you are errors and setbacks

that make you

immobilized it’s time to hush the critic

and give listen to God he made the call

you did not he selected you you didn’t

choose yourself it’s time to obey God’s

instructions press enter to verify that

you are ready to

shine it’s in incredibly hard to

preserve your trust in God when you

don’t comprehend what’s going on when

you feel his interest in you has

decreased in your seclusion when you

feel like you’re being ignored when you

perceive yourself to be the victim of

unfortunate occurrences if you believe

anything to be unjust when someone


deception there are moments when you

feel that loyalty is pointless when you

feel like obeying would require too much

effort there might sometimes appear to

be another disappointment when you think

it won’t occur there are times when it

seems impossible for things to go better

there are times when you believe there

will never be another opportunity or

fourth there are moments when you think

there’s no hope left and you’ll never be

able to rise above the surface again I

understand how difficult it is but keep

in mind that trust knowledge is not the

basis of faith I know you’re not

comprehending so so please be patient

right now God is for you and on your

side he performs great and is

exceptional it is still going on when

I’m optimistic I’m prepared hit

enter the trust war is without a

question the biggest one you will always

have to fight the enemy is an accuser a

manipulator and a liar he never gives up

he will attempt to convince you that God

is unjust that God is not trustworthy

that you you have insulted

God believe you are worthless discarded

hopeless or incapable of anything that

you are unwanted hated or

invisible perhaps you are unsuited for

your task because of flaws or

weaknesses that God’s plans for your

life can be limited by your

limits that there is no solution to the

issue keeping you up at night that you

will never pass through go over

or go beyond it it is in your nature to

reject God’s promises and not to cling

to them you have to take the initiative

to be able to combat the falsehoods of

the enemy you need to surround yourself

with the formations that God as for

you it’s not an easy struggle but rather

one of Faith don’t give the opponent any

thinking room declare and declare over

your life the truths found in God’s word

when you’re ready God never takes away

what’s best for you I promise God knows

when something has fulfilled its purpose

even when you cannot see it don’t even

consider yourself unprepared since God

knows when something is meant to finish

God is arranging your future because he

understands that you need a change he is

aware that he is leading you to a more

satisfying existence or to a better

location input I am evolving to confirm

believe me when I say God is aware of


entreaties his attention is on in

fulfilling your requests in his unique

manner though his method may vary from

yours it is always the most efficient if

despite your best efforts to be happy

you feel as if you are becoming apart

from the people you care about it is

advised of you that you avoid spending

time with these folks because of the

exhaust you

he lets you know that there is later on

greater things are in store for you when

you ask for peace and prayer you lose

your job he’s urging you to make a

better decision when you beg for

affection and he responds in a

devastated manner kindly choose yes if


agree God operates in enigmatic ways we

are stuck sometimes and we don’t know

why we pray to God for wisdom and

compreh attention we ask him for both

people and unnecessary material

possessions they pass quickly we ask

that he should love us despite our

imperfections we already know the

individual’s whereabouts regardless of

what we may have done faults or

transgressions we may have made we are

forgiven by God for anything we have

harmed other

individuals we’re unable to ascertain

the reason we also admit that we

wouldn’t marit

it however he acts in this way because

of genuine love and compassion for us we

are concerned about the future because

we do not yet know what it

contains however God has everything

pre-arranged for us the last word

belongs to us using the enter key

confirm that you are gentle with


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