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my beloved child can you hear the gentle Whispers of my voice calling out to you

I know the distractions and noise of this world have been drowning me out lately the cares of this life have

captivated your attention and drawn your focus away from me but I need you to listen closely now for what I am about

to say is of utmost importance this is my last attempt to get through to you

before paths diverge further I understand the weariness you feel

the journey has been long and arduous dreams have gone unfulfilled prayers have seemingly gone

unanswered and doubts have crept in about whether I truly hear you or care

you’ve wondered if I’ve abandoned you to fend for yourself in this cruel world my

child nothing could be further from the truth from the moment I knit you together in your mother’s womb you have

been the precious apple of my eye every aspect of your being from the unique

Sparkle in your eyes to the innate talents I blessed you with fills me with immense love and pride you are my

masterpiece created in my very image to reflect my glory to the world I know

you’ve stumbled and Fallen more times than you can count the path of following me has been harder than you imagined

fraught with twists turns and Uphill climbs that left you winded and gasping for air but I I have

been with you every step of the way carrying you when your legs could go no further my strength upheld you through

the darkest valleys and my comfort dried every tear when you felt alone and

misunderstood I was your companion walking in Step beside you when guilt and shame over your failures weighed you

down I extended Grace and whispered words of unconditional love over you

every longing you’ve ever had for purpose every desire to live a life of significance I place those yearnings in

your soul because I have an extraordinary calling prepared just for you this life is but a temporary

struggle a mere blink in light of the eternal glory that awaits those who endure to the end for me the trials you

faced have been meticulously used to refine and shape you into the likeness of my son Jesus for it is through our

shared sacrifice and suffering that your character is strengthened and my great purposes are

unlocked I’ve allowed you to become deeply dissatisfied and discontent with this fleeting world not to torture you

but to stir an insatiable Hunger for More of me the very emptiness you feel

is proof that you were made for something greater an abundant life in me that no pleasure or possession on Earth

can satisfy that cavernous void is a holy discontent that draws you ever closer

into the fullness of My Embrace so I I urge you my precious child do not lose

heart do not abandon the narrow path that leads to everlasting life with me

the way is difficult no doubt but I am with you every aching step extending my

righteous right hand to uphold you I will never leave you or forsake you this

is my solemn promise take courage for I have overcome the world and its trials

on your behalf my son has blazed a trail by enduring suffering and emerging

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