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my beloved child I speak to you today to

assure you that I have not forgotten you

I know the enemy has come against you

attempting to destroy your dreams crush

your spirit and even take some of you


physically but fear not for I have

overcome the world and all its

tribulations you are entering a season

of great abundance that I have ordained

specifically for

you I call it the year of abundance

a time for my precious ones to strike

gold both spiritually and

physically the past seasons have refined

you taking you through the furnace of

Trials to purify your heart and

character you have emerged as karat

gold prepared and positioned to receive

all that I have in

store in the past it seemed as though

blessing and breakthrough would never

come so much Warfare thirst and lack but

beloved That season is over I am

sweeping away the old and establishing

the new the time has come for miracles

signs wonders and abundance to overtake


suddenly I will make everything right

for you

again your Prosperity will pour forth so

quickly you won’t know how to handle it

all many call themselves by my name but

few have kept their integrity before

me in this season you will clearly

discern those who truly follow me for I

am calling the hearts of all leaders


question I see all Deeds Done in secret

and will repay all according to their

works but for you my beloved a time of

hiding and Wilderness is

ending the abundance of my spirit and

resources will nourish and establish you

for all your

days this blessing is not given lightly

or for selfish gain

remember it was I who brought you out of

lack and into plenty do not exalt what I

give Over The Giver stay ever close to

me in devotion prayer and praise for the

enemy envies your blessing and will

attempt to lure your heart away my

precious treasure you have suffered and

remained faithful through it all your

purity of heart and perseverance in

tribulation have refined you for such a

time as this you are chosen to walk in

uncommon blessing as a sign to the world

of my abundance and faithfulness to

those who

endure I am entrusting you with great

wealth influence and responsibility in

My Kingdom use it wisely live

generously and bring glory to

me for much will be required of those

who inherit much stay humble stay hungry

stay devoted to me above all

else I bless you thoroughly so you may

be a conduit of blessing to many

others my beloved child you have my

heart our fellowship is sweet our bond

secure I am for you and will lead you

into blessings Beyond Your Wildest

Dreams the past Sorrows seem light

compared to the Eternal weight of Glory

before you rejoice for this long-

awaited abundance is but a small token

of my love for you I deposit This

Promise deep in your

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