the Divine proclaims I am present to provide Solace fortitude and guidance

amidst tribulation know that I embody benevolence not retribution my intention

is not to pass judgment or condemnation upon you but to extend Absolution and

affection I dispatched my soulle progeny Jesus Christ to offer himself as a

sacrifice on the crucifix for your transgressions granting you the prospect

of Eternal existence the almighty is enriching Your Existence in manners beyond your

conception you stand poised to Embark upon a fresh Epoch remember you dwell

beneath the Providence of the Creator who fashioned you he shall continue to tend to you throughout your journey

Furnishing sucker and deliverance whenever requisite if you profess belief

in the Divine affirm by liking to this video your era of suffering concludes

cherished progeny your faith has remained Resolute amid the severest

phase of your life by virtue of your faith I shall bestow

blessings favor and restoration upon you let us exalt the

Divine the progenitor of our Lord Jesus Christ the Fountain of compassion and

Solace who consoles Us in all our afflictions irrespective of your

aspirations for the forthcoming week assert that Triumph is within your grasp

regardless of the adversities you confront Proclaim that Conquest is assured the entire year of shall be

a period of convalescence metamorphosis Boon and Marvels for you and your kin

your entreaties have resonated and the divine shall great you with unanticipated

Marvels these Marvels shall engender Rejuvenation within your corporeal form

mend fractured relations and unveil Avenues to opulence the Divine is ever

cognizant of your anguish attentive to your pleas and poised to effectuate your

deliverance Repose assured for I’m already in motion I shall reverse every

adverse circumstance in your life bestow blessings upon you and your kin and

assuage every Affliction you endure my omnipotence avails to utterly

revolutionize your circumstances elevating you from Financial Straits to opulence and

abundance bid ad du to your anxieties and grief for I shall supplant them with

Felicity and prosperity perhaps you have encounted Ed fiscal setbacks or incurred losses yet I

assure you that every dollar expended shall return to you manifold your

Enterprise vocation or profession shall flourish

and you shall experience a pronounced amelioration in your financial well-being the Divine is affecting a

reversal in your circumstance endowing you and your kin with an enhanced existence he shall assuage all your

sorrows and every setback shall precipitate a remarkable Resurgence when despondency and tears

besiege you remember that the Divine perpetually accompanies you imparting

Solace and fortitude this year anticipate attaining a fresh Echelon in

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