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[Music] this moment is Not Mere chance these words reach you when you

need them most my Holy Spirit surrounds you fortifying your

life you’ve sensed a desire from me to communicate but I waited for the perfect

moment to reveal my love I’ve been preparing you using phrases and messages in your Bible that

resonate when you open it with a true heart today you’ve opened your heart to

my voice renewing The Vow you made to entrust me with your faith Reliance and

all your hope I hear your supplications and you must trust this so worry doesn’t consume

you making you doubt whether your words Ascend beyond the ceiling from the very moment you first

cried out an angel set forth from my heavenly Throne bearing the key to your

freedom you are precious and unique and a Celestial battle rages for your

soul the adversary seeks your downfall not wishing to see you triumphant yet my

Legions are Waging War for your future combating evil forces in the heavens the

recent turmoil you fac is not accidental from this day be vigilant and

wise guard your words Keep Your Secrets close and be Discerning in whom you

trust the enemy aims to consume you seek vulnerabilities in your spirit

endeavoring to dismantle your faith with lies and deceit your future is destined to be

filled with Marvels and wonders a life beyond the ordinary awaits you though

you may encounter hardships for a season remember that your struggles are

transient soon your grief will fade away those who have wronged you will

come seeking your forgiveness and in your heart you will find the grace to for forgive

them place your faith and trust in me alone even if others offer you Grand

promises do not be swayed for no one can bless and protect you from harm as I

can no one else holds the truth I offer I am steadfast I do not

deceive but if you turn away from me placing your trust in the false promises of others you risk losing the blessings

I have for you some of which may never return this is your time anchor your

faith in my eternal powerful word which is alive effective and unshakably true

the moment to decide is near choose my love my comfort my refuge

My Embrace commit to seeking me each morning to listen and be filled with my

word that lights your path and gives you purpose approach without hesitation I I

long to hear from you regardless of your state or feelings my doors are always open my

ears always listening seek me before Dawn it’s the

perfect time to present your prayers and feel my loving Embrace speak to me for your words

reflect your innermost thoughts and knowing you hold me in your thoughts is a sweet fragrance a tender praise a pure

worship share with me your aspiration ations your needs your challenges your

uncertainties confide in me everything for I am your Confidant the only one who

truly understands and knows you the Winds of adversity have battered you you

have traversed unexpected times of anxiety the Lash of disdain and cruelty

has broken your soul leaving you breathless you need peace and my word

shall Grant it to you I will fill your heart with strength amidst afflictions

you will find calmness when you feel weak you shall be strong and when you

falter you shall not fear cling to my promise and when your burden feels unbearable come see me

never forget that I am always with you do not allow doubt to rob you of the blessings you will encounter on your

journey I bless you because I love you and I have decided to do so I bestow

upon you fav and mercy because you are valuable to me so loved so mine my love

for you is unshakable it is eternal today is a special day a day of

victory that you will never forget I have sealed these promises with my own blood you will be happy I will

grant you eternal life there shall be no more weeping or pain in my presence this

is your sign open your eyes the the problems you face will vanish the assistance you

await is coming and the provisions you need shall be provided I love you and today it is

confirmed tell me that you love me tell me that you believe I understand your concern

because I know that many times it seems like nothing is going as expected and you feel frustrated be at ease I will

help you with everything that matters to you I will will show you my great power

in your life and transform the things that have gone wrong into something good

and meaningful you are very important and valuable to me I will never allow you to

be involved in situations that could jeopardize your life pay attention to

the signs I send you and do not Venture down paths I have not directed you

toward you know that I know and see many things that you cannot perceive

and sometimes you cannot fathom the dangers I have protected you from I can discern the intentions behind

the actions and thoughts of people believe me not everyone seeks your friendship with

sincerity do not be distressed by false friends who get upset over the slightest

things and depart from your life do not doubt that your prayers are being

heard these things that are not working in your life I am answering that prayer

of yours in which you requested protection from dangers from malicious things and from treacherous people I am

truly listening to you and delivering you from these situations breathe deeply while I bring

forth tranquility and Solace to your heart elucidating the essence of

things thus ensure and maintain faith that I am aiding you preparing you for auspicious

Endeavors however remember that all things often demand time frequently I

must alter circumstances and remove formidable obstacles and treacherous pitfalls From the Path so that when the

moment arrives for you to Traverse that road no Peril shall beset you comprehend

I have not relinquished my grasp upon you nor have I distanced myself or abandoned you I have fulfilled the

promises I made to you remaining steadfast in my commitment now it is your turn have

faith place your complete trust in me summon your courage and lift your

head you must emerge from this Melancholy immediately I’m here to Aid you tending

to your soul and mending all those wounds please acknowledge that

throughout your most arduous struggles I have never forsaken you so cease

pondering that my love for you is being withheld that that will never come to

pass I understand that your battles are profound yet I continue to adore you and

will continue to guide you by the hand I heard you express your waning patience and your feeling of

helplessness you claim to be unable to find the way out allow me to tell you this perhaps

you are seeking in the wrong place for the door before you has always been present I am your path your hope your

door Your Truth The Path upon which you must tread your future and your life if

in the midst of all your troubles you choose to believe and turn to me you will emerge from your problems in my

time and as I see fit but have unwavering confidence that I will lead

you by the hand to the exit if your patience has indeed warn thin and you grow weary of waiting I

will bolster your patience your strength and in endow you with my peace do not give up now for you are on

the verge of attaining the level and place you have long dreamt of it is imperative that you begin to

wholeheartedly believe and understand that you can find all the assistance you require in

me refrain from making rash decisions or jeopardizing what you have already

gained things can turn ay if you venture down the wrong path you are not in a competition nor

must you prove anything to anyone you have already demonstrated your faith to

me therefore simply continue to walk with firm and steady steps slowly but

wisely in this manner you will reach the realm of your blessings and

prosperity when you set foot in that Promised Land you will recollect these

words a time of great blessings awaits you in your family you have maintained

your faith you remain steadfast I am prepared to bless you you

are ready to receive all that I have prepared for you I also desire that your trying times be left behind that you rid

yourself of the sense of failure allow me to declare something to you none of

my sons and daughters are failures nor shall they ever be I love them I care for them I prepare

them and I correct them if they stumble they rise if they er

they confess and I forgive them with patience and love they stand tall shake off the dust

and move forward with faith in my word and their gaze fixed on the

goal my daughters and sons make mistakes but they possess the humility and

capability to receive my forgiveness for their shortcomings and cast aside all

feelings of defeat and guilt you have never been a failure the enemy knows how

you feel and has exploited it to steal and hurt you but everything that was stolen from you will be returned I want

you to become accustomed to living a life of emotional Freedom ceasing to

blame yourself for past matters or denying yourself the opportunity to

succeed I wish for you to continue growing in your faith and to learn to depend more on me I will instruct you to

do things that may seem impossible to you understand this my dear child I have

chosen you to be a conduit of blessings for all whom you love therefore you

cannot remain as you are you must rise overcoming all self-imposed limitations

and simply accepting that you are my child the struggles you faced in the

past conditioned you to live in emotional poverty burdened by unfounded fears your spirits crushed by erroneous

thoughts it was a painful process but you learned valuable lessons today you

know how to make wise decisions and choose good friendships you are on the right path within my will ready to

succeed prepared to enter a new Supernatural stage of Mighty Miracles

the blessings that are coming will fill you with faith strength and joy receive

them without doubt they are yours I will pour forth so many blessings upon your

life that you will weep but with tears of joy do not despair I am listening to

you protecting you and assisting you I am the one who heals and delivers you

who rescues and prospers you seek me with all your heart and do not forget

the Miracles I have in store for you now is the time to be vigilant to

listen to me and to partake of my word you feel that my spirit is touching

you that the time for change in your life has arrived to say enough to anger

and bad company today is the day for you to fully immerse yourself in the river

of my love when I speak to you with tenderness do not ignore my words when I

call out to you gently do not be deaf to my voice when I offer you firm guidance

it is in those moments that you should embrace my loving care the

most I will rescue you from the adversary’s grasp freeing your heart from regret and all forms of

Ruin I fulfilling the request you bring to me in faith each day I eagerly await

your presence every morning I take joy in how you talk with me in the confidence

echoing in your words for you truly feel know and trust that I will answer

you I’m attentive to your needs and will never abandon you when weariness

overwhelms you I will be there beside you you can rest your tired head on my

shoulder and talk to me for I am your Confidant I do not judge you and your

secrets do not provoke my wrath keep my words in your heart always recite them

the future is filled with numerous possibilities and only those who look ahead with resolve and a desire to

Triumph who continue in faith will prevail in my perfect timing Victory

will be yours the door to reconciliation is wide open for you walk your path with

forgiveness and those who once hurt and mocked you will come to respect and return to you they will realize that I

am with you and will always be you are destined to be a leader in your

community offering help to many believe in this prepare yourself and have no fear for you will lack

nothing Prosperity will come to you and you will manage it wisely growing it

with humility when you kneel in prayer give thanks for all the blessings you are yet

to receive even if some have not arrived show your gratitude for them pray with

joy and Faith for your prayers hold power and are heard in my Celestial throne the words that escape your lips

are like swords vanquishing despondency doubt sadness and all thoughts of defeat

and negativity pray aloud continue to give thanks raise your arms in Praise You are

engaged in a spiritual battle and all negative sentiments shall depart from your home never to return today you

shall witness how an aura of Tranquility envelops your abode open your doors and windows fear not for

no harm shall enter my angels encamp around your family ready to defend

against any spiritual assault learn this truth you are not a product of chance I

chose you and scripted the story of your life before creating the Universe I looked upon you with love before your

birth bestowing upon you an unyielding character and the resilience of a

Victor your suffering has made you stronger than many around you I speak

these words to Grant you peace but also to instill in you the conviction that a significant purpose exists in your life

and it is time for it to be fulfilled cease your complaints and confusion for those who have rejected my

counsel and they shall face the consequences do not emulate their ways

do not seek their support nor ask for their assistance if you you seek friends who

uplift you each day know that the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit are here for

you in my presence you have everything you need to Triumph if you desire my promises to

come to fruition in your life and in your family place your trust in this word and no longer depend on any human

being for motivation and happiness your help and strength come from the Almighty

not from fallible human beings who may let you down this is a special day you shall never forget a time to change your

course with unwavering belief knowing that you move in a supernatural world

may your dreams materialize today the time is now I love you deeply

and I shall lead you out of the storm with victory in hand I love you and at

this very moment wherever you are I want you to feel feel it your heart is being

filled with this beautiful and profound emotion that fills you with joy and dispels your sadness feel how that

burden upon your shoulders Is Lifting and there is a lightness and Newfound strength in your step to carry on rise

for you cannot give up now as you are on the verge of Triumph though the storms may rage fiercely and the winds may

shake you and the waves of the sea may attempt to topple you I am your refuge

and my hand guard s you I understand what pain is and I know what it feels like when those you

trusted abandon you when enemies pierce your soul with the nails of hatred and

tear your back with the lashes of compassionless Cruelty I know what it means to love to the point of death and

to give your heart even when met with disdain I understand you I know exactly

what you are feeling I want you to know that you matter to me when your tears

flow like a spring and your soul fills with sadness and anxiety I will not

judge you for your moments of weakness understand that only I can

assist you when danger looms banish thoughts of death and defeat from your mind for the darkness

has departed and now you can walk with confidence today I have renewed your joy

increased your faith and written Promises of trust upon your heart I have

bestowed upon you a fresh Vision a new desire built upon my word do not waste

your time trying to convince those who only seek to discourage you no words or arguments will change their minds they

will not see things from your perspective instead they will mock you once more you don’t need these mockers

to progress on your journey you are on a Victorious path they however are on a

path to defeat having chosen their own fate if you feel engulfed by loneliness if

you think you need someone’s support remember that I am always with you but

hold on to your faith and be patient for I will soon bring the right person into your life you are significant to me you

capture my attention I cherish protect and love you in just a few days Victory

will be yours to hold I’m never late I arrive precisely when you need me

most the waiting is hard and focusing too much on potential outcomes can tear

you apart from within therefore I urge you to release the burdens you carry

with so much pain living in constant worry about the future is not the life I have planned

for you you must not bow your head or be consumed with your worries and

thoughts I have vowed to Grant the miracle you seek to open doors for you

I am always by your side and I do not lie the days are under my Dominion I am

the creator of the nights I see you when you struggle to sleep thinking about

many things that I already have in my control when anxiety comes stand against

it when anxiety tries to overwhelm you confront it loudly and declare that there is no fear in your heart for you

have chosen to trust in your greatest Ally your God and your lord you will see with your own eyes how

fears flee and never return to you your soul will be free from so much fear and

you will finally enjoy my peace live your life to the fullest and be

happy I am promising you that amidst your struggles I will remind you with my

calm voice that my hand is upon your shoulder and that I will give you the strength to withstand any

attack tell me that you believe in me obey me and then

if I have convinced you my word will fill you with my promises and you will

believe in me during those difficult moments you encounter on your path you have not fought so hard to give up now

you must continue onward I’m speaking to you today so that you may be filled with

faith courage and strength so that you may learn to wait for me even when it

seems your spirit is weary from waiting remain calm and speak to your heart tell

it that there is nothing to fear your life your dreams and your destiny are in

the hands of your father who loves you the Winds of the world may try to make you forget those moments when I

always aided you but I command those winds and storms to cease

now I love you I have never failed you and I never will I will not arrive late

I’m here ready to lend you my hand and rescue you answer me with your heart

who loves you more than I do do not doubt I am with you do not give up now

that you are so close to Victory I am filling you with courage and Faith removing obstacles defeating your

enemies and healing your emotions so that you may cease to fear I have chosen you to Triumph in all

things and I am opening the windows of Heaven and the doors of opportunity

cease to belittle yourself it is not a suggestion it is a

command remove from your mind those doubts about your own worth and all the

beautiful things that with my help and power you can achieve I am telling you that you are

not alone and I have demonstrated it to you so many times that you cannot doubt it I have given you all the necessary

skills for victory have faith and trust in me I reside within you I’ve given you

wisdom strength and intelligence so that you can overcome any problem problem no matter how difficult it may

seem even if many enemies gather to defeat you do not fall I will save you

believe it truly and cease worrying let go of all doubts and fears and face

these situations you will not go alone my mighty hand goes before you toppling

Giants so that you can reach your destination you are my son my daughter

and I have placed the power to defeat any enemy that comes your way in your hands these enemies will flee because of

the light I have placed within you the light that illuminates the darkness and

shows you the path to Great victories and blessings there is an army of angles

that I have sent to watch over your journey to keep you from stumbling even in the midst of Storms and darkness rise

up now and take hold of the anointing mantle I placed upon your shoulders nothing and no one one can

stand against you for I am your Mighty God I am here to protect you and give

you strength to always help you overcome so that your legs do not tremble with

fear and your faith does not waver you are very special to me and I

will not allow you to be defeated because your Victory is my

victory when you make your dream come true you are fulfilling my will for I

have Divine and wonderful plans for you life may have struck you with many

blows and the enemy tried to bring you down in every possible way placing people in your path to discourage you

people who humiliated you mocked you and doubted your faith do not fret for no person or

situation has control over you as I am here to protect heal and strengthen you

with my loving embrace my power powerful hand will reach into your life healing

every hurt and sad memory in your heart despite trials and the adversary’s

efforts to create turmoil in your family your workplace and your home you have stood firm refusing to give

in I understand the complexity and the immense challenges of these situations

which often cause wounds disturb your emotions weaken your thoughts and

diminish your once strong resolve therefore I am here to repair everything that is broken in your

life continue on your path stay determined and upright for the adversary

has tried hard to stop you your perseverance continues because my grace

sustains you everything [Music]

you’re [Music]

[Music] a




enduring everything you’ve faced is not the final chapter of your story my child

you will not lose this battle when others see your situation as the end I

will intervene with my powerful hand and my angels to Proclaim arise for your

prayers have been answered your life is about to transform be aware that many doubt even when they

see my presence daily but you are not one of them my word alone is enough to

heal you and the supernatural power from my words is sufficient to give you life

and lift you up you might feel Unworthy of my presence in your home but now I

assure you that your faith and humility have drawn my attention I seek to enter not just your

home but your heart as well there I will write words of healing

break the chains binding you with a touch of my hand and ease your suffering all your fears worries and

pains will vanish for even the heavens obey my voice I speak to you directly because I

long to see your joy inner peace and the knowledge in your soul that a future and

a new life await you when you spend time with me you afford me the opportunity to

embrace you and convey the depth of my profound love and protection from

malevolent forces this is the inheritance I seek to bestow upon you today I implore you to

believe in me wholeheartedly and to receive it your strength is prepared and

ready for you to Dawn the healing and transformative anointment of my Holy Spirit are now at

your disposal you must not continue to walk in the shackles of painful thoughts

you should not believe that you deserve the dire consequences your sins have wrought upon you though you dwell in a

realm of Affliction it is a vanquished world you are the son or daughter of the

almighty God who has made you a promise trust and have faith in me at

every step and you shall overcome this world and its

tribulations I observe that you spend hours in tears often without comprehending the root cause of your

suffering allow me to reveal that it is a deep yearning to return to me that

plagues your heart your spirit Longs for me and your entire being knows that apart from me

you can do nothing it may appear as though life is slipping through your fingers and you have yet to experience

the peace and happiness you have yearned for your loved ones grow more distant each day however ever pay heed for I

stand before you beside a fountain from which flows the Waters of blessing quenching your life and your thirst

eradicating every sorrow partake of this water let it anoint your head cleanse

those melancholic thoughts and you shall never thirst again I promise you this

your faith has yielded results my word suffices today I have healed you you

open the door and I entered your home I shall remain watching over and blessing

your family I shall also bless you beyond your imagination performing The Miracles you

deemed impossible restoring your happiness I shall continue to arrange

the pieces fulfilling the promises of my word listen to my Serene voice for it

speaks directly to your soul entrust me with the burden




as you bear lay your sorrows he and confide in me your troubles with each

word uttered in prayer I shall Grant you the strength and solutions to your problems do not let fear fill your soul

trust that when you kneel in prayer and offer your supplications they soar like doves and

reach my heavenly Throne if doubt ever Whispers that your prayers are in vain that I have forsaken

you and that no one is listening do not heed it how could I abandon you I made you a

promise never to forsake you I repeat it now and even if the

whole world should abandon you if your family departs if your friends reject

you and if all whom you love forget you I shall not I shall remain here as I

always am attentive to your needs while you read these words may

they envelop you with Tranquility dispelling the the Solitude my affection surrounds you

caressing your soul with Grace I hold you in higher esteem than you can fathom

safeguarding your steps as you Traverse this path shielding you from hidden

perils you move me deeply because despite the adversities you have faced you remain

steadfast I admire your unwavering Faith you have strived earnestly and I know it

well I witness your concerns and observe how your first thought is to Aid those

you love even when gratitude eludes you you shall find greater peace if you come

to me at this very moment and rest your weary head upon my shoulder take a breath and remember that

even when others falter or abandon you you shall find entry into my love peace

strength and Sanctuary for I adore you care for you and shall continue to fortify you in moments of Sorrow

when your mind is shaken by life’s storms you shall hear the gentle song of my Holy Spirit soothing your soul

reminding you once more of how deeply I love you I shall turn everything in your

favor for I am with you seek me out you must pray and remain Vigilant to wage

the battle against the adversary who opposes you receiving all that I desire to bestow upon you but who is mightier

tell me with your lips write it with your fingers contemplate it with your mind and believe it with your heart who

possesses the power and the will to Aid you I can I want to I shall for I have

shown you Mercy I discern your thoughts I know you possess a noble heart these

trials you endure are but part of your journey and your training Beyond this Affliction you shall find happiness an

abundant provision do not fear do not be disheartened do not discard all you have

gained a momentary distraction may attempt to bring you down thus I implore

you to ignite that flame within your soul the flame that shall keep you

awake even when you seek rest dedicate a moment to me I wish to converse with you

to unveil Wonders that shall fortify both you and your family have unwavering

faith and relay this message to your loved ones gather your family join hands seek

forgiveness and together offer a sincere prayer unto me afterward convey everything I have

spoken to you everything I shall do within you do it if you dare to believe

and you shall witness how I shall bless you wherever two or three are gathered in my name there I am if you desire a

genuine embrace come to me now I long to hold you and reveal my unwavering commitment to

follow you I know you need me your thoughts and your needs cannot be

concealed with me you shall achieve everything when separated from me your

flame shall diminish I hear you and I shall respond I desire to help you escape

scarcity and Conquer illness I love you and I shall reaffirm

it throughout the day and in your dreams right here while your heart

feasts on my words your spirit plunges into crystalline Waters that cleanse your soul every morning when you

awaken my glory envelops you awakens you sustains you clothes you prepares you

for battle Embraces you tenderly instills faith and security within you

fill your mind with holy words that shall strengthen you on your journey you you anticipate a miracle today I can

grant it to you tell me now that you believe let me see a mighty smile on

your face your eyes filled with faith your courageous attitude brimming with

strength and power rise my Champion it is time to conquer your blessing is here in my

hands the definitive solution to all your problems resides with me come and

claim it what are you waiting for you are aware of my love for you it’s a

feeling you’ve always carried deep within even during times you felt

distant despite doubts Whispering that you had strayed that I seemed silent in

your times of need deep down you understand that I am ever timely I have

always been by your side watching over you offering answers and solutions that

perhaps you weren’t ready to embrace my words though filled with eloquence seemed seemed daunting to you

it appeared almost Unthinkable that I your God would communicate directly with

you do not stray from the path that leads you to where you are most cherished this place is your Sanctuary

your home here you find safety enveloped in peace where your nights are restful and

your dreams deep and meaningful in this Sanctuary tonight I

will introduce you to the supernatural you will stand beside a river of crystal clear water looking into my eyes as I

reach out my arms you’ll walk Barefoot on this miraculous water cleansing away

all your Sorrows anger and frustrations when you wake in the morning you will feel renewed filled

with Vigor this experience is one of the rewards for those who return to their faith acknowledge their errors and

re-embrace their beliefs you need not seek anyone else for comforting words

I am here with you here is my life-giving word let it enter your heart

and be filled with my Holy Spirit I am your life your blessing the true answer

your heart seeks affirm your belief in me say it

think it write it with steadfast Faith [Music]

amen [Music]

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