MY CHILD YOU’VE COME THROUGH THE FIRE ? । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my child come to me when you are

struggling to understand

prayer I know it can seem a mystery how

I answer if I even hear if your requests

can truly change the course of events in


world but prayer does move me the kind

of prayer aligned with my will when you

ask for things a loved one to know me

for instance that match my desires I do

here my word says that if you ask

according to my will I listen and if I

listen you can trust you already have

what you

requested come to me persistently

passionately like a child let your

spirit cry out to mine I am moved by

Selfless Love compassionate Hearts pray

with fire my child it releases my

power understand this deeply within your

spirit there was a time when I observed

a group of individuals burdened with

Affliction living on the fringes of

their Community they had heard of my

power and presence and in their time of

need they cried out for Mercy moved by

their pleas I responded with a simple

command that required

Faith act as if you are already

healed as they followed these words

still bearing their Affliction my power

worked a transformation within them you

wonder if I favor some people over other

if some Christians just seem to get more

prayers answered but I am not like

Humanity I do not play favorites indeed

I feel extra compassion for outcasts and

underdogs because I faced rejection

myself if I rescued the ancient

Israelites From Slavery I can make a way

for you too child if I answered the

desires of Abraham Joseph Hannah and so

many others I can bless you as

well understand that while I am a

presence of compassion and service for

those those in need my sovereignty

remains unchallenged ruling over all you

are granted the esteemed privilege of

presenting your requests to me and you

may address me with the intimacy of a

child to a parent present your needs and

desires with fervor and observe the

Wonders that unfold from such Earnest

supplication intense prayer fueled by a

heart a flame with love especially for

those closest to you achieves remarkable


as you seek assistance ask not just for

Solutions but for Faith enriched wisdom

and the clarity of vision to perceive

their circumstances through my

perspective such specific and devout

requests pave the way for a deeper

understanding and a more profound impact

in your

prayers remember in your earnest

conversations with me you tap into a

divine power that can transform lives

and situations in ways Beyond human

comprehension ition trust that I work on

many people’s hearts in response to your

requests but also examine your own heart

my child have you been stewarding your

resources well time energy

finances if you waste hours in

meaningless activities yet beg me for a

spouse know that becoming one requires

Great sacrifice and service you must

demonstrate commitment to nurturing your

relationship with me first before

leading another why for employment

without also diligently applying

yourself or honing your abilities heed

the wisdom I have

imparted progress in steps of faithful

obedience allowing my guidance to lead

you along the journey tailored for your

unique gifts and

fervor seek a map from me then tread its

course with faith even when the way

seems veiled in

Mystery on this journey called life

storms will come detour will arise but

never believe I have abandoned you in

the fog continue crying out to me and

listening for my still Small Voice I

will light your way in my impeccable

timing I do answer prayers aligned with

my will so do not lose hope for I hold

all power in heaven and on Earth I spoke

Stars into space and can orchestrate

situations perfectly to bless you


one I loved you before time began I

upheld and rescued you even during the

agony of the Cross and now the holy

spirit intercedes for you when you lack

words so climb up in my lap beloved Feel

My Embrace and make your requests known


confidence release each prayer with

overflowing gratitude trusting I have

already set my will in

motion then watch expectantly for my


response my precious child I I know

waiting for my timing can feel so

difficult your human mind tries counting

days since you first prayed marking the

passage of time by disappointment after

disappointment but I exist outside of

time I am the great I

am so your waiting seems long to you yet

feels like the blink of an eye to

me understand I did not abandon Joseph

in prison though over years passed

with no relief in a foreign

land I sustained him through betrayal

and false accusations because I saw the

big picture of purpose I was unfolding

in his

life in my sovereign plan I positioned

him perfectly to save entire nations


famine his hardship prepared wisdom

compassion integrity and Leadership my

beloved if you feel trapped in Bleak

circumstances right now take comfort I

have not forgotten or forsaken you


so although it feels endless this season

of isolation or lack or pain will not

last forever relief will come keep

bringing your weary heart back to my

feet keep lifting your downcast eyes to

meet mine let me fill you continually

with my spirit of comfort hope and

Supernatural Joy together we will get

through this beloved we will ignite

Revival fire from these

ashes just as Resurrection follows

crucifixion so too your day of release

and restoration will suddenly Dawn in a

moment you will feel my glorious

presence rolling back the dense fog


you hold on a little longer for just as

I parted the Red Sea to bring my people

Freedom centuries ago I will split wide

open whatever stands between you and

your destiny

today trust in me

completely the deliverer is near

yes beloved you will have to walk

forward into unfamiliar threatening

territory first just as the ancient

Israelites did when facing the waters

take courage and Turn Your Eyes Upon me

instead of

circumstance take one step forward

praising my name now another declaring

your trust keep walking forward in faith

expecting me to

intervene and so I shall watch as I

cause that colossal wall of

impossibility to give way through the

mere vibration of your

praise it cannot help but yield to the

commands spoken from our intimate

Partnership of

trust together nothing can stand against

us precious one just ask boldly in my

name and it will be done for you this

transaction of prayer and power rests

upon righteousness however the

relationship between us counts even more

than the requests made

so if you have drifted from me through

neglect or unrepentant sin return now I

cannot violate my nature or word to

bless Rebellion but true repentance

instantly restores our connection and

opens up every resource I possess yet

again I flung galaxies into motion for

you I will move any obstacle to bless

you beloved so walk in Holiness and

confidence that you I can handle

absolutely anything opposing you

never cower before Giants again only

live continually bowed low in my healing

presence I will teach you secrets of

Kingdom power reserved for my closest

friends together we will do far Greater

Works than you can even conceptualize

yet just remain near me leaning your

weakness into my strength abide in my

protection no matter what chaos unfolds


you listen to my reassuring voice above

every taunt and threat of the enemy you

walk every step handin hand with love

himself you will not fail Walk Beside Me

in Your shadowed valleys the path may be

treacherous but my guidance and

protection are with

you as you face enemies and trials I

will lay a feast of blessings before you

stay focused on me and do not waver in

heart or Direction remember I have

forewarned you of troubles in this world

but be encouraged for I have triumphed


all the trials of now cannot compare to

the glory that awaits

you hold on with patient and hopeful

endurance for your salvation is near

consider a mother’s labor pains giving

way to the joy of holding her

newborn similarly after your current

trials my glory will envelop you the

beauty that arises from your your ashes

will astonish and silence

doubters approach me boldly and with

expectant Faith pray fervently for those

trapped in darkness that my light may

break their bonds seek Miracles and

signs of my boundless love surrender

yourself completely in devotion at my

feet and witness the Marvels I will

perform through you our Union will spark

a Revival for the ages maintain your

hope my beloved a grand reward awaits


steadfastness share these words with

others declare your faith aloud write it

down for in doing so you spread the

seeds of Revival and hope your voice and

Pen are powerful tools in manifesting

the Kingdom on Earth Proclaim and record

these truths and watch as they blossom

into life-changing realities for you and

those around you

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