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my precious one I reach out to you today with an overflowing heart seeking to

meet you where you are though you may feel unworthy or distant know that my love encompasses

you wholly listen closely and let these words resonate within I understand the

weight upon your spirit the struggles that leave you disquieted when turmoil arises run to my

Open Arms a refuge amidst the storm My Embrace brings peace and understanding

that surpasses worldly notion wisdom and comfort flow freely here drink deeply

from this Wellspring let it gentle your soul I ask only that you remain near

engaging with me daily excuses fade in light of my

Radiance which grows brighter in devotions nurture unhindered by Perfections

impossible grasp come simply As You Are are bear witness as our bond

strengthening ushers in profound transformation the past loses grip as

Future’s hope takes root know I see clearly the secrets of your innermost

being the fears and flaws that haunt despite imperfections your loyal heart

compels mine my cloak of Grace covers a multitude of sins My Sacrifice cleanses

stain of guilt death’s sting removed receive Now The Gift of Life a new

linked by Covenant walk the path to righteousness made possible by my

resurrection hear me clearly when I say your sins are washed away never to be

dredged up or held against you The Ledger cleared you now stand innocent

Unbound from shackles of regret that seek to hold you captive accept this truth and live

freely in it light dwell not on matters settled

punishment remitted my Justice tempered by Mercy’s sweet

strains the consequences of mistakes errors of judgment I hold these two

Desiring only simple Faith from you your heart laid bare pretend no more but come

to me humble listening to hear my voice then speak my words aresh to those

hungering for good news though some speak words cutting deep

heaping unjust criticism pay them no heed their barbs and envy cannot reach

you shielded round about by my hand Leave judgment to me I see clearly where

Hearts stand yours I find pleasing contrite and willing walk free of others strictures

and opinions bound only by compassion and Truth extend the same Grace given

you to all people have I not said none can dictate your path

forward no human directive circumvents my sovereign plan sealed for you with

promise leave fear and Superstition behind they waste precious time and

thought my way is sure if you but walk in it when ass sailed by worry dropped a

bended knee in prayer’s Refuge at my command no evil shall

Prevail against you dark power flee the light now Dawning stand firm in who you

are my beloved one let no one shake the foundational truths I’ve laid as cornerstones around your

life yes I asked much of you and you Rose courageous to the task emboldened

by my spirit’s prompting surpassing expectations your

loyalty and tenacity Inspire seeds once scattered now grow bountifully into a

harvest of blessings you’ve reached Beyond dreams into Destinies proclaimed

for you from the start do not stop until every promise held is realized fully

this I guarantee no effort or sacrifice for my name’s sake will fail to yield

abundant fruit in season I see when through Envy’s eyes your view grows dim

obscuring progress made some seek only to disparage downplaying strengths while

magnifying flaws small failings exaggerated that they might wound you

deeply with past’s familiar weapons the constant assault wearies Soul and Spirit

unaccustomed to warfare’s brutal toll but you my beloved were made to Triumph

gloriously in Apex of battle where negative voices clamor be deaf to their

den Let My Words drown out the torrent a light in darkness showing the way I

Shield you from arrows seen and unseen no weapon formed against my faithful

shall prosper stand confident on this day of Deliverance I Usher in when

heaviness descends and you feel yourself sinking down problems and decisions weighing upon wind tossed Waters hurry

to me my calming presence brings perspective reordering the chaos that

threatens to pull you under here you’ll find kindness and wisdom for wayfaring Soul lost in its

own Wilderness wandering know this above all your suffering is not not without purpose nor is it beyond your ability to

Bear despair Whispers cruel lies while hope sings Gentle Truth Listen for the

still Small Voice that calls you out from solitary Exile into Destiny’s bright

landscape I will lift every burden remove the obstacles before you grief

gives way to Joy Sorrows fading night Herald’s glad morning’s Advent your

future is resplendant array in glory Glory a beauty calling forth Praises but

jealous eyes dim before Brilliance perceiving threat in your Ascent the

trying hour has come to stand unflinching proving Faith’s metal meet false accusation with truth refuse

corrosive words access to tender heart I have armed you for victory over opposition seen and

unseen wear confidence as a breastplate humility Smooths the way before you

mine is the battle and the blessing to me belongs the praise I come once more heralding

miracles that will meet emerging Faith fear no longer only believe for

astonishing Heaven’s wonders recall with remembrance my Works in days past

testimonies of Supernatural favor and provision made real in your life let

them stand as Stone markers on Journey’s Winding Way reminders to uplift when

doubt troubles mind and circumstances seek to test beliefs resolve steadfast press ever forward not

discounting how far you’ve already come it matters not if achievements go unapp

lauded your efforts scorned eyes fixed on the Unseen your reward comes from my

hand alone know this my righteous one you are destined for greatness Untold I

go before you preparing the way surrounding you is shield and rear guard both my spirit finds open welcome place

in your heart and home blessings soon overtake you spilling bountifully into

hands open to receive where relationships are severed I will mend

tear fabric between Kindred Hearts once lost return and restoration will abound

in Long awaited celebration of reconciliation pardon given willingly on

all sides now is the time for rebuilding long broken places repairing in foundations laid ages

past fear not the task ahead for I stand beside you working wonders beyond your

wildest imaginings my glory soon covers your family as cloak enfolding all who gather

under Love’s wide umbrella you shall be as a Wellspring offering drink to the

Thirsty healing shall flow freely through willing vessel to touch those in your inner circle household friends

Community where sickness Brokenness and despair once reigned Joy comes in the

Morning Light wholeness encompasses all begin here by resting in my presence

allowing these words to permeate deeply recall promises made alive in

you even when strength failed mine remained sure impossibilities stone wall crumbled

at Faith’s trumpet blast in Darkest Night My light Shone undimmed beckoning

you back to Safe Harbor when you drifted lost at sea my precious child come to me now

with listening ear inclined to hear my voice with Divine understanding that surpasses mortal wisdom my presence

brings peace and renewal to weary Souls longing for rest abide in me and drink

deeply from the Wellspring of life I freely offer in quietness and Stillness

receive my love which covers a multitude of sins I lift your burdens my yoke is

easy and my burden light I go before you always preparing the way that you may walk confidently into the destiny I have

prepared for you spilling blessings too numerous to grasp fear not only believe

and you will see my glory manifested through you my beloved child I reassure

you of my unwavering love and commitment though storms rage around you I remain your shelter and strength for

so long I have upheld you yet still you waver do not turn away from the progress

you have made hold fast to what has been gained lest you lose your footing and fall back into old ways and

mindsets this day marks a turning point as bounous blessings await you but I

desire you greet each Dawn with a grateful heart to receive this glad word

in every circumstance patience and perspective is needed coupled with an

anchor of inner calm know that I stand beside you and because of your proven

faithfulness I am obligated to honor and reward all occurrences though perplexing

presently have Divine Purpose which will be illuminated in due time upon

attainment of the rich inheritance I have apportioned you the necessity of steadfast belief and patient endurance

will become evident you have thus far been amply compensated for persevering Faith but

greater recompense is forthcoming I search the heart and discern that affection for me supersedes

Aus for temporal treasure I am to you father God lord

friend and Creator you must persist in regarding me principally despite raging storms

clinging to my words and promises though all else be swept away for I will never

consent to your defeat or public shame choose companions carefully rejecting

all who pedal doubt or attempt to piler your Priceless Faith you will not

eternally dwell in this Barren Wilderness I will come suddenly and rescue you be assured help is

near I perceive your profound discouragement and how these trials test and attempt to unravel your faith yet I

implore you do not capitulate or Retreat stand your ground for quickly you will

reaffirm the right path and I will lead you into blessings prepared I recognize the tediousness of

waiting and how promises once seem nigh now appear distant mirages yet taring develops perseverance

and tenacity which serves to strengthen you for future trials no one can P for

the bequest which I alone bestow though opposition mounts stand undaunted for

your breakthrough is imminent I will lead you from this Wasteland into a land of peace joy and honor can you withstand

the darkness yet a little longer declare to me your Resolute purpose my beloved dire correction is

needed if you are to progress thus listen intently and receive my words my

deepest desire is to Lavish you with comfort and affection even amid Affliction so you know my hand protects

corrects blesses and upholds however because I cherish you pending matters must be addressed for

inner healing and advancement I want you aware of coming interventions nothing exceeds my

capabilities and throughout our Seasons together you have witnessed my faithfulness grasping but glimpses of my

power and authority yet there exists a compromise in your own faith my objective is not to

condemn you who are weak but edify you to maturity if you heed and Obey abundance

will follow for divine doors to swing wide and Heaven’s repositories unlock to your

petitions all murmurings and negative thoughts must be evicted do not permit ingratitude and

cynicism to establish strongholds for they will insidiously undermine vibrant

Faith bar all complaints from your lips and distance yourself from cynical companions who pedal doubt seek out

steadfast friends of sturdy Faith determine this day whether you will rely wholly on me or succumb to

negativity which will only serve to postpone promised blessings a rich inheritance of

provision healing family Accord sole prosperity and abounding joy awaits

those who reject doubt and embrace Faith’s assured expectations hold fast to me reject

distrusting thoughts no longer rely solely on your own mortal strength

allow me to prove my power and lavish love declare your unswerving

loyalty am I not your God and provider I will never forsake you

entrust all your concerns to my care my help is always near in days glad or

Grievous I will never abandon you I am Jehovah jir your all sufficient Source

enriching you with Heavenly Mana honey from The Rock and finest wheat my my

virtues fully satisfy every lack before you were formed I

established you and ordained your purpose my intent is to bless and Empower you as an instrument of

encouragement and edification to many May Zeal to serve burn bright within

rekindling dreams and aspirations laid aside I prepare the way before you

ordaining each step so you grow in wisdom and stature significant spiritual endowments are forthcoming oby oy my

directives that you may grasp the breadth length height and depth of my love and calling do not disqualify or

diminish yourself with guilt regret or self- condemnation in due time revelation of

your intrinsic worth and hidden talents will silence internal critics refuse

resignation rekindle dreams and reach for the Unseen all authority and capability

reside with me therefore nothing is impossible for those who believe

overflowing spiritual empowerment is coming to demolish strongholds of defeat and despair Ponder these words hidden in

your heart that when strength fails and obstacles intimidate you may access

Kingdom power I command strength for the journey ahead not vacant platitudes but kinetic

power to refresh and motivate as you abide in me discouragement and inertia will give way

to vitality and vision take courage though you have stumbled you are steadily regaining footing I

confirm that you are constructed of sturdy spiritual stock to fulfill my plans Not Fragile fabric easily ripped

perceive my booing love which never fails receive my bounous grace and overcoming strength for battles ahead no

opposing force can outwit or overpower you for I ensure triumph over every

Contender remember and rely wholly on my promises when the infernal accuser attempts to unsettle you with condemning

reminders of former failures he is cunningly determined to erode identity

faith and fortitude but his schemes will come to nothing you belong to me my

strong arm Shields you and fiery sword defends you when beset by negative

emotions and mental assault recall foundational truths you are treasured

empowered and equipped by the most high God feel fluctuate perceptions vary but

my word remains reliable and steadfast uphold truth over transient

emotions refuse false evidence conjured by the enemy assigned to discourage and

defeat rest confidently in my sovereignty knowing I transform every

circumstance to your advantage my beloved ones are preserved

and protected by my power I have sealed equipped and assigned you thus press on

undaunted towards Destiny if you continually turn your heart heavenward standing upon sure

promises even inevitable mistakes will prove beneficial no more will you be fettered

by the past freedom family restoration realization of Dreams Deferred such

awaits in coming days when fatigue weighs heavily I understand I will

sustain when strength fails and light grows dim leading you gently through the

dark and unknown I am a faithful guide do not fear for I will never

forsake you my precious child the Flames of adversity will not consume rather

refine you as silver declare your unwavering trust in me sheltered In My

Embrace you are secure you possess a tenacious Spirit marking you as one who

prevails in face of brutal opposition you have been armed with courage and spiritual Weaponry for the

Raging battle ahead pay heed you will not break through by fleeing challenging

assignments like David you must Advance boldly to confront your Goliath difficulties you were selected because

you exhibit Fearless audacity needed in this dark hour if you were weak or cowardly I

would not bid you to this critical task ask while turmoil rages without my

spirit Whispers within assuring you of inevitable Victory despite contrary evidence remember the numerous promises

given no external force can defeat or destroy you the enemy utilizing

deceptive schemes sends flaming missiles of untruth declaring abandonment by your

commander lies from early Dawn I stand beside you

throughout day routines I accompany you no valleys of Despair or mountain peaks

exceed my reach I am ever present do not accept as factual these disturbing lies

birthed in the pit I know you grow weary in prolonged battles yet I sustain and revive the

fatigued my child take courage and stand firm upon my declarations what say you

Do You Believe In My Embrace fear flees for you are safe and

secure you have been marked by Heaven as more than conqueror predestined for Triumph despite imposing opposition and

periods of Darkness dangerously threatening to engulf you yet I ordain

light Perpetual to illuminate your path so you do not languish in Gloom and isolation the present Fury of the storms

will not Prevail know that you are uniquely equipped with spiritual armaments and

wired for war having undergone rigorous training for Dominion whereas others

retreat at first assault you advance from glory to glory clothed in radiant

Spiritual Authority with the shout of the Overcomer on your lips rise up my Champion Victory is assured and the

adversary knows his time is short onward to claim your spiritual

inheritance hear me my beloved child as I speak to you from the depths of an

unbounded love a love that transcends time in space in those moments when the

world grips you with its challenges know that I am there holding you closer enveloping you in an Embrace more

profound than you can fathom my pursuit of you is ceaseless my presence a

constant in your life striving to fortify your belief to dispel your doubts your fears and your confusion

witness the trials of this world and remember I have triumphed over it for you I have equipped you with itable

tools my unwavering love your resilient hope and your steadfast Faith let these

be the pillars of your strength in times of struggle let Hope be the light that fills your soul Faith The Shield

guarding you from the adversities hurled by your adversaries the future holds a moment

bright and clear where past afflictions will fade into mere memories you will

see the victories won the blessings w once thought lost now

found understand the immensity of my grace the endless expanse of my mercy

and the Limitless scope of my affection for you despite every misstep my desire

has always been to elevate you to spark within you a fire of inspiration to bestow upon you blessings

that dispel any Shadow of Doubt about the sincerity of my love look to the

Horizon with hope and courage navigate the complexities of your journey with discernment Sid

stepping the trivial distractions that hold no worth for your destiny focus on seeking my presence persist in your

faith pray with passion absorb my teachings and let my presence be the

Cornerstone of your home and life a remarkable blessing awaits you a promise

certain to be fulfilled do not waver even if my response seems

delayed press forward overcoming obstacles without Bowing in defeat or

lowering your gaze in surrender reject the sting of harsh words and do not be swayed by empty

talk remember who you are a child of the almighty purified by sacrifice treasured

by your heavenly father adored in the Realms above Embrace this identity with

every thought and feeling my eternal support is forever with you you are my

mine as I am yours Embrace this truth with all your heart speak and I will

fill your words with blessings my desire is to provide for you to stand beside you in every moment

of need though trials may come and hardships may arise never doubt the love

of your heavenly father my watchfulness is ceaseless my

ear attuned to every Whisper of your heart remember the daily struggle is

often within your own mind where doubts confusions and fears seek to undermine

your trust in my love I have loved you I love you now and will continue to love

you endlessly never feel abandoned or overlooked reflect on my words and let

them guide you each day as you rise each morning let your First Act be to call upon my name with

gratitude you hold immense value to me which is why I will bless you in extraordinary ways stay determined

advance steadfastly and be not swayed by falsehoods or slander with the deepest

affection I declare My Love For You My Chosen One my love is profound

unwavering let not doubts or thoughts of insignificance about my affection take root in your heart reflect on all the

acts of kindness I have shown you let these strengthen your resolve and inspire you to persevere in your goals

guard against negative thoughts for they open doors to accusation and turmoil trusting in the words of those

who wish you harm can steal your peace your joy your very essence I urge you to

Proclaim your belief in me with your words reflect it in your thoughts write

it with your hands and steadfastly believe despite the challenges of today and the days to come never question the

unending love I hold for you it is a constant unwavering truth should you

ever feel distant or forgotten it’s not because I have left you it’s the trials of Life obscuring the warmth in your

heart draw close to me and let not adversity sway you whether in abundance

or in need I am your provider your guide who will generously care for you even in

the presence of those who oppose you I will imbue you and your family with joy blessings and mercy accompanying you

wherever you go when deception approaches affirm your life is in my care your soul belongs to

me and your loyalty is unwavering promise to express your love for me to remain devoted for this belief

has always been is now and forever will be you have sought my blessing and it is

granted you have prayed for the well-being and prosperity of your family

and it is my desire to see you Flo flourish in every aspect just as your soul and heart seek

growth in my love so too do your plans and dreams find their fulfillment in my

will your aspirations are vast because I have planted them in your heart and you

recognize this truth there is much you are meant to achieve in life but

remember my plans and thoughts for you surpass even your grandest

imaginations this is why I bestow upon you wisdom peace tranquility and joy

without bounds I will provide you with the people and resources you need serve

them with a heart full of love and selflessness and in doing so you will find affection and

support many of my faithful children will cross your path recognizing your

immense value embrace the blessings I have planned for you do not doubt their

certainty I bestow abundance not because you are flawless but because you are my

beloved child deserving of the best I trust you will use what you receive with

wisdom offering Aid to those in sorrow and pain I will establish your house and

many negative situations will be transformed believe in me put your faith in my word into action and you will

witness a profound change in your life your future is brighter than you can imagine declare with your voice that

your loyalty to me is unwavering accept all that I offer with faith take

a moment to turn off the distractions to listen to my word directly from the heavens spoken in truth and born of my

spirit this word is for you for those days when sadness seeks to overshadow

the peace and counsel I offer remember it is not achievements or accomplishments that bring lasting

happiness true Tranquility is found in my presence the only place where the anxious of your mind find calm I am your

heavenly father everpresent everever loving guiding you through each step of

your journey let this assurance fill you with peace and confidence as you walk

the path I’ve laid out for you a path of Love of Hope and of unending Grace hear me my cherished Child full

Joy the kind that fills every crevice of your being blossoms When You Believe in

the wisdom I impart understand that I your father God am with you everywhere and always I am

intimately involved in your life caring for each desire that stirs within your

heart if you would but give me your undivided attention and respect if you could set aside the distractions that

cloud your vision and firmly believe in my promises you would find solace in my

love close your eyes my child when you shut out the overwhelming lights of this world the true

illumination of your heart begins in that moment your life

transforms fear loses its grip for you know with certainty that I am

everpresent embrace the peace I offer turn off the

worldly light feel my peace live in it and let it resonate within

you the darkness of the outside world does not equate to loneliness for within

you a truth forever shine Minds I love you believe this with all

your heart I will never forsake you allow me to comfort you to dry your

tears to shelter you under my care and to fill your soul with the sweetness of my love and the tenderness of My

Affection I understand that now more than ever you yearn for my presence I

come not with demands or conditions but simply to ask for your trust

do not fear I know your heart has been through much but it is my intention to

heal it I value our conversation so I’ll Cher

every every day for your love is s my path in

everywhere in the T the touch of your head I find the strength to rise and

stand through every trial every tear we’ve shed your love’s SP the shelter where I

find my B oh your love SP my aner life stor SE a

beacon of H I need to be free so I’ll cherish every

moment every day for your love I spit my back in every

way with attitude in my soul I sing this

song for the love we share every steast

and your honesty and your trust in me allowing you to share your deepest

emotions your voice this morning though soft carried a sincerity that is more

precious than a multitude of words your faith even if it seems as small as a mustard seed is enough for

your prayers to resonate in the heavens from there I send you comfort and demonstrate my love I understand your

needs and will provide in accordance with my will all my responses are for

your good in moments of fear remember my words when challenges arise remind

yourself God is my father my shepherd my guide and my provider he rescues me and

will assist me today keep your path aligned with mine avoiding distractions and immerse

yourself in my word fortify your mind and let nothing deter you from this

purpose I am attuned to your needs and feelings I leave you with my peace

embrace it with unwavering faith for it is a Serenity that the world cannot

provide I have heard your plea for my presence and I have received your worship my response is forthcoming

anticipate it receive it and rejoice in the transformation I will enact within

you today experience my love deeply immerse yourself in the flow of my spirit and

feel fully Satisfied by the abundance of My Affection I know of your belief and

Faith demonstrated in your daily enthusiasm understanding my love and constant

presence yet I see the efforts you exert in your tasks despite your strong faith you

sometimes become preoccupied neglecting time with me your soul gradually

burdened with worries and fears begins to thirst for The Living Water I offer during our moments of prayer without

fully embracing this your heart risks withering not immediately noticeable but

its well-being and strength are rooted in your faith your progress is admirable

but be cautious not to drift away if you lose that profound longing

for my divine presence it will affect your spiritual journey your faith is

evident but now is the time to engage more deeply with my Holy Spirit I am ready to endow you with a

divine power that will elevate your faith to Heights you’ve never imagined enabling Miracles beyond anything you’ve

known two Millennia ago I promised you the ability to perform great wonders if

this seems Out Of Reach now do not worry Miracles are are not compelled by human effort alone they are gifts received

through a heart open to love and surrender I cannot bestow this gift Upon A Heart filled with pride seeking

validation from others I seek a humble repentant heart one that recognizes its

faults and earnestly desires to serve me free from the need for human

accolades I have been searching for you and now I have found you you possess a

heart ready to be molded by my will come come stand at The River’s Edge feel the

purity of the water as it touches your skin immerse yourself letting it cleanse

your mind of defeat and impurity in surrendering your heart you will receive

divine power as my Holy Spirit envelops your life your thoughts your essence

everything will transform

n [Music]


n [Music]


[Music] blessings pouring over your household

your Soul’s contentment and strength stem from your faith beware of drifting away from the deep yearning for my

divine presence your faith is clear but now is the moment to deeply connect with

my Holy Spirit I am prepared to Grant you divine and Supernatural power elevating your

faith and enabling you to perform Miracles greater than any you’ve seen or known

before I have sought brought you out and now I find you ready a heart poised to

be shaped by my will come stand at the water’s edge feel its Purity and clarity

as it gently touches you Awakening your senses immerse yourself fully letting

the waters wash away thoughts of defeat and impurity in surrendering your heart you open yourself to receive divine

power as my Holy Spirit envelops every aspect of your life life your family

your thoughts your very essence through this transformation

blessings will Cascade over your household reshaping your reality should

you feel compelled to share the blessings you’ve received to extend my presence to your loved ones and those in

need join in my mission be a bearer of good news a messenger of

Hope together let us continue to enrich lives to spread the warmth of of my love

and the light of my wisdom in this communion find the depth of my love the

strength of my presence and the transformative power of Faith hold these

truths close and let them guide you in every step for in them lies the essence

of our unbreakable Bond amen

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