MY CHILD YOU SURVIVED IT । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my child I am reshaping the connections

in your

life in December I revealed much to you

about people relationships

purposes I pulled back Veil after

Veil do not cling to what I am removing

nor Force open any door I have

closed if a friendship no longer Bears

good fruit Let It Go if I show an

Endeavor is not my will withdraw your

hand for for I Am shifting your circles

in this

season there has been great slander

against my children lies gossip and

character attacks so I tell you plainly

starting today refuse to partake in

Gossip to clarify any talk that tears

down rather than builds up is

Gossip do not stay where such speech

fills the air exit conversations that

bash and tear down let your connection

actions reflect your growth into Holier

spaces those comfortable with gossip

backbiting and slander cannot thrive in

My Kingdom so your blessings will be

hindered if you remain tied to such

associations I withhold rewards from

those in Tangled with the selfish the

users the ill-intentioned I desire

purity of Fellowship gathering with

those submitted to my will committed to

my values blessings flow freely between

such true allies

consider why certain hardships losses

and Sorrows have come in Prior Seasons

your innocence joy and security were

shattered so you cling to remnants and

shield yourself behind walls but to

ascend with me requires openness risks I

bring connections to boost you higher

companions to bless and fortify you so

this year I will surround you with true

supporters those seeing and nurturing

your Spirit above all else not fair

weather friends only worshiping your

gifts and hungry for their own gain

those I send will refresh and lift you

up let those still trapped in gossip and

backbiting fall away their seasons of

slander breed insecurity not greater

purpose fill your life instead with

trusted allies let your soul feel safe

and known Release Control and receive

the friendships I have

prepared watch for my peace accompanying

these new mercies every good gift each

provision each person descends purely

from my hand no sorrow or burden lurks

therein only joy and Delight Mark the

connections of my choosing gifts Chosen

and sent directly by me bear my

fragrance my blood the marks of my

spirit you will sense my presence like a

warm Hearth in our

fellowship perhaps previous bonds once

seemed secure family lifelong friends

but seasons change purposes shift do not

resist my reshaping work fighting the

losses only prolongs the pain a new

circle is being crafted fresh streams

flowing in what you have long prayed for

is coming to pass and yes isolation has

come before elevation for a time I

called you out of previous Comfort zones

familiar places were refashioned into

deserts why to reveal the shifts in your

identity the contrast between who you

were and who you are becoming in

me by my design you felt you no longer

fit those limited spaces that small

thinking cramped your growth consider

this I ordained your Exile because I had

a greater role for you to step into no

longer could you abide in stagnant

Waters not when I formed you to be

Fountain of

Life the isolation and loneliness proded

you to search for deeper nourishment to

seek my bread rather than Scavenging

scraps on the

floor I allowed the discomfort so you

would desire the more I had

prepared my child when I remove you from

some circles it is not punishment but

promotion closeness with me becomes your

comfort our Oneness your

belonging together we cultivate your

identity into its full Wonder my

original intent not others opinions

become your

measure yes this pruning hurts letting

go of what you have outgrown requires

loss but do not cling to dead branches

nor dig up planted seeds too soon trust

The Gardener’s wisdom new life is

stirring beneath cold dirt waiting to

burst forth when seasons

change you will blossom in the circle I

am crafting so refuse weariness

regarding the narrow way keep in step

with my spirit do not Bend to the

fleeting trends of popular opinion stand

on my promises not the shifting Sands of

circumstance take heart for I go before

you to prepare the way follow me

wholeheartedly that is your portion my

child you have prayed for renewal in

Mind Body Spirit asked for blessings

Provisions favor but surrounding INF

fluences can pollute pure streams One

Bad Apple spoils the

bunch so I remove you for a time set you

apart only then can wholesome fruit

ripen can you live out your purpose free

of distraction and

Temptation I am protecting you remaking

you into a vessel fit for my glory

consider the farmer pruning Vines

clearing debris from rich soil all so

hearty grapes can grow and sweet wine

can flow

this separateness serves a purpose it

produces abundance what seems harsh in

the moment nurtures strength for future

seasons for yes I intend lasting

fruitfulness for you prosperity of

spirit but certain connections limit

expansion drain resources spread blight


Vision so for a time I hedged you in

covered you became your primary lifeline


growth I allowed feelings of difference

discomfort even

rejection did this exposed belief still

rooted in fear scaled back dreams and

diluted callings my goal was to reveal

where you still thought small still

sought approval still craved belonging

to corruption rather than

wholeness my Holiness requires

separation from what pollutes I permit

oppression to prompt higher aspirations

Beyond base survival Ral and mere

Conformity do not just blend in

transcend yes isolation feels unbearable

you seek an escape route though the way

is not yet open but child when I close a

door cling to me as your window until

Clarity comes the places you wish to

flee may not provide Safe Harbor anyhow

shelter in me instead my grace suffices

until I reveal the timing and means of

release stay close to my heartbeat

trusting that my vision far exceeds your

own while I have not promised ease in

your journey I assure you of Triumph in


conclusion just as labor pains are a

Prelude to New Life so must you endure

this intensity for the joy that awaits

on the

horizon you might feel alone and

forgotten but I assure you nothing about

your situation goes unnoticed by me I

see every aspect of your life understand

your worries and am aware of your

challenges my actions which may

sometimes seem distant or strict are

always with your best interest at heart

in your personal growth especially in

spiritual matters I am constantly with

you the difficulties you face are not

meant to harm but to strengthen you they

are part of a process that helps you

become more resilient and deeply rooted

in your

beliefs these challenges are are crucial

for developing perseverance and

maturity it’s important to go through

these tough times to gain a deeper

understanding and

self-improvement thus focus on the

long-term promises and outcomes rather

than the immediate

situation the intensity of your current

struggles is instrumental in revealing

your true potential and

character remember my focus is on

nurturing your inner growth and

strength my child the path of

purification ation I have set before you

is one of surrender and Trust lay down

your Fierce grip on control and future

outcomes be still and know that I am God

I see you I know you I go before you

there is purpose in this season of

obscurity and isolation though it may

not be clear yet the seasons of nature

die and rest before resurrecting into

New Life you also must let go and enter

the quiet still waiting upon my timing

and Direction the impulse is to scramble

to kick against the gos to demand

answers and action but first comes the

shedding of old ways to prepare for the

new there must be space created through

the stripping away surrender control


assumptions empty yourself of

self-effort and fears about others

opinions this creates room for my spirit

to inhabit you more fully for my wisdom

to well up within for my love to renew

your mind and

heart as you yield to my hands reshaping

your character soon you will discern my

fingerprints upon the clay many appear

elevated who walk not with me but in

guile your true measure of progress is

the inward stature I see clearly the

motives of your heart the purity of your

love my affirmation alone establishes

your identity come now into the Chamber

of Stillness with me

in silence and Solitude true belonging

is found belonging first to me then to

those I connect you with in due time the

puzzle comes together one piece at a

time pruning away dead wood allows you

to flourish remember

that lean

into my covering arms when rejection by

others stings find shelter under my wing

until I open the next door keep in step

always the narrow way can feel lonesome

when Society calls loudly in another

Direction but stay the course walk in

the pre-ordained works I’ve prepared for

you step by step each day faithfulness

in Small Things First Holy obedience

positions you for promotion into broader

spheres of influence in my timing for

now withdraw from clamoring voices that

hinder attentiveness to my whisper

withdraw from comparisons Envy

impatience from crowding your calendar

and thought Thoughts with the Restless

agendas of men your Clarity creativity

and deeper connections with people flow

from dwelling richly in my

presence abide in the vine and soon your

branches will bear the sweetest fruit

fruit uniquely nurtured in you through

You by my own hand

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