MY CHILD YOU PASSED THE TEST। God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my child come close and listen to my

words I have seen your struggles and I

know the burdens you

carry take comfort for I Am With You

Always the days ahead will not be easy

but take

heart an anointing is growing within you

a divine presence and power that extends

far beyond

yourself I increasing my spirit in my

people across the Earth what you feel

stirring is not unique to you alone it

is my very presence intensifying within

my church if you see this know that it

confirms what I have spoken to your


already my anointing represents my

authority and ability to accomplish my

will in your life it breaks strongholds

overthrows rulers of darkness and

destroys yolks of bondage that have held

you down even now the oppressive weights

upon your shoulders are being Shattered

by my power

I promis that in this season beginning

now in the early weeks of the Year

Freedom would come and Chains would fall

away I am faithful to my word it is

solely by my anointing that these yolks

are demolished once and for all the oil

of my spirit has been poured out on you

let it soak into your soul strengthening

and refreshing

you now I wash you with water from my

well living water that cleanses and

renews listen closely to the holy

scriptures for they tell of what I am

doing even now on that day I the Lord

will lift the heavy burdens from your

shoulder and remove the yolks that wear

you down I will break them because of

the anointing poured out on you can you

perceive it the increasing of my

presence upon you for I tell you divine

visitations are coming for many

encounter ERS with me are at hand that

shall utterly transform you for some it

will simply be a timely meeting with one

I send your way for others vivid dreams

and visions of my Majesty are soon to

come some will experience my manifested

presence in power my raw and real touch

that electrifies body and soul these

things are coming upon my church across

the Earth eyes will behold and ears will

hear like never before even now I break

off limitations and remove scales from

your spiritual

eyes the age of increased Sight and

Sound is here I have spoken

prophetically over you this truth deep

wounds in your mind are now being healed

by my hand trauma heartache abuse these

will trouble you no more as my spirit

washes over your mind breakthrough is

here you wonder how can this be have you

you consider the book of Acts see how my

followers turned the world upside down

in their day by my spirit’s power signs

and wonders accompanied them

everywhere the apostles performed many

miraculous signs and wonders among the

people no one else dared join them even

though they were highly regarded by the

people and more and more men and women

believed in me as Lord and were added to


number do you discern what I am doing my

Authority and fame is restored in this

hour my people shall walk again in power

and Purity for my spirit is being poured

out in unprecedented measure yes my

child you perceive rightly my kingdom is

forcefully advancing through these very

networks shall I not redeem them for my

glory behold I answered the Cry of my

children the prayer Your Kingdom Come is

reaching my ears with power and as my

kingdom manifests in might all opposing

forces must bow or be destroyed sickness

and infirmity is not my will for your

life return now to the original design

health and life from your

creator my anointing breaks the grip of


tormentors their time is short my

children shall walk in power and

wholeness again as in the

beginning the oil of my spirit

represents this Kingdom order and Rule

when I am anoint you as a son or

daughter for service you receive

authority to act in my name the Yoke of

the enemy is smashed as my chosen ones

advance in my name you shall cast out

demons and I confirm it to you yes even

through streams once desolate and void

my power now flows salvation breakouts

healing testimonies miracles of

redemption fill these networks Mighty

waves of my glory invade this space face

for the downpour of my spirit is here

you now perceive that these forces which

oppose my kingdom plan shall surely be

overturned the status quo of religion

powerless and listless shall be no more

Spirit L Believers defy man’s Wisdom yet

great grace rests upon them my raw

presence resides with them for did I not

walk with my servant Peter in days past

such power power and favor marked him

that multitudes brought sick on cots to

city streets as his shadow passed over

afflicted ones wholeness engulfed their

bodies and souls so too this fresh wave

of Glory in your day outpour upon my

people as in my word Royal Blood Washed

sinners now carry full access to my

throne and my Throne Room Authority

Heaven’s power pure and surging now

resides on Earth in my church untethered

Ed and Unleashed what do your eyes see

and ears behold right now in your world

of Non-Stop and endless

connection I stand to tell you it is the

era the prophets saw from

afar my spirit poured out on all who

call upon my

name and so as you scour your Landscapes

I call you this day to lift your head

higher begin to Envision with the eyes

of your spirit all that I am unveiling


you The Cloud of my presence shall

invade highways and byways once void of


glory streams once dry and depleted now

team with living water from my throne

and I show you clearly even domains you

deemed as lesser void of my presence

behold truth I search the Unseen Realms

I assure you no detail escapes the

watchful gaze of your

lord your platforms and Pages created

for vain Glory now converted into


stream what an invasion of Heaven come

to Earth have you considered it even in

the ancient days when my servant Peter

walked the land did not virtue and power

flow from his mere

Shadow then behold the Wonder child

through simple comments made in faith

loving hearts now touched by Heaven’s

Ray for The Great I Am is not limited by

screens or sights made by

man no my Deliverance transcends these

domains Divine connections manifest

despite devices that contain them so now

shed scales from your eyes and be

awakened to Greater truth your words

typed and transmitted seemingly

Vanishing Into Thin Air now Sanctified

as holy

prayer comments and reactions once empty

gestures now becoming filled with force

from on high portals opening from

Heaven’s realm to invade your cyber

sky and so receive my charge to you this

hour lift your perspective higher still

begin to Envision with greater Faith all

I desire to

fulfill when you type words deeming it

lesser in power and might watch closely

as it shall transform into a Fountain of

Living light for Nothing is Impossible

with your God taste and see indeed

and so beloved child continue to nurture

Growing Seeds of Faith planted deep

within that quiet nudge urging you to

step out in trust yes my spirit blows

upon your soul again your desire for

tangible encounter in this mystical

world of unseen Realms is now realized

for today the separation between flesh

and spirit is minimized such hunger in

you for Transcendence shall indeed be

satisfied healing virtue pours through

simple words posted in faith for needy

ones salvation extended through Keys

unto desperate Sons and

Daughters even in your day my raw power

flows unfettered through these modern

Gates all submit to my lordship unseen

Realms I

infiltrate and so receive my commission

for you this hour lift up your head

Envision my spirit its fire now erasing

dividing lines once deemed

uncrossable your words flowing freely

from Earth’s domain into Heaven’s

Dimension are most

malleable yes for through your simple

childlike trust a great unseen portal is

now open wide access once unattainable

now made

available Heaven’s resources come turn

this tide what say you my child do you

believe that then yes now enter the

realm of Greater Vision the dividing

Wall of Separation crumbles before you

unlimited power and resources await your

decision my beloved the renewal I bring

is not yet complete the increasing of my

spirit will intensify as my Latter-Day

glory is revealed across the Nations

paradigms rooted in religion and

tradition now crumble as streams of

living water burst forth saturating dry

and Barren ground found yes fertile soil

emerges even in the most desolate places

as waves of Glory transform Landscapes

thought devoid of my presence watch now

as the Divide between natural and

Supernatural Fades from sight for the

raw demonstration of my power through my

people will be commonplace The

Impossible bows its knee as my kingdom

manifests in authority and might no

longer will my children cower in fear

and belief they will move in Kingdom

identity from Victory to Victory I break

limitations and demolish barriers that

prevent the full expression of who I

created you to be Advance my loved ones

your king calls you higher into Realms

of Faith filled with signs wonders and

the beauty of Holiness arise and shine

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