MY CHILD YOU MUST BE PREPARED । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my child I speak to you today with

joyful Tidings of the Bountiful

blessings I have in store for you in

this new

season for too long you have dwelt in

lack scrambling and striving just to

survive but no

more the time has come for you to enter

your land of milk and honey a place of

rest favor and magnificent

fruitfulness where you are now is too

small to contain all I intend for you

even now I am leading you to Lush Green

Pastures and Still Waters every Endeavor

will drip with favor and

prosperity ideas once pipe dreams will

Spring to colorful life before your eyes

the work of your hands will be met with

showers of

blessing every good thing you desire

will be drawn to you like a

magnet here you can relax completely

into who you truly are without pretense

or heaviness light-hearted Ed as a child

full of wonder gone are the days of

straining and striving in this protected

place you are safe to dream again safe

to play with the possibilities that once

intimidated you there are no limits now

no more holding back the full force of


creativity here you have a force field

of Grace protecting you so you can

flourish openly you will never have

cause to fear scarcity or lack again in

this place of protection you need never

again waste time and energy resisting

adversaries or building High walls to

keep others out here you are safe to

bloom fully with no hint of cold winds

or drought even storms seem only to

water the Earth and stir the air

Predators have no access here you may

rest tranquil and

undisturbed the Good Shepherd has

brought you to the sweetest pastures

where you will enjoy rest on every level

physical IAL mental emotional

Financial the season of depletion has

come to an end lack cannot Thrive now

here you have everything you need in

abundance fruitful work you love

finances to meet every need while

blessing others energy divine

inspiration and Direction joy peace

purpose Rich

relationships rest restored Health more

good gifts than you can possibly

imagine the key to unlocking this Mighty

outpouring of blessings is simply

trusting me enough to walk in bold

obedience one step after another as You

Follow my lead into unfamiliar but

wonderful territory keeping your focus

on me rather than

circumstances you will soon find

yourself settled into this amazing land

I’ve set aside for you I have not

changed my beloved I am the same

yesterday today and forever I take great

joy in helping my children thrive

not merely

survive it is never my desire for you to

live in lack exhaustion fear and

uncertainty that Grieves my heart deeply

I yearn for you to live Fully Alive

strong vibrant confident and immersed in

my outrageous

blessings I ache to Heap favor upon

favor Grace upon Grace until you are

filled to overflowing with good

things ask me for the desires of your

heart come boldly before the throne of

grace there is no limit to what I can do

or give never hold back out of fear or

disbelief Your Role is simply to walk

hand in hand with me trusting me

implicitly surrendering control while

cooperating fully with my instructions

this is not the time to insist on

clinging to what feels safe and

familiar let me sweep you away to a new

existence you have only glimpsed in

fragmented dreams as your capacity to

receive more increases so will the

territory after every Harvest there will

be yet another even more abundant with

each enlargement the intensity and

variety of blessings accelerates

dramatically all that I am flows freely

here regenerating itself

perpetually this Prosperity serves a

greater purpose than just your personal

enrichment and empowerment ultimately it

is the seed to feed others around you

each Act of obedience in giving away

what I’ve entrusted to you breaks

another Link in the chains of poverty

disease trauma and oppression each

person touch then passes my outrageous

loving kindness onto multitudes

more are you ready to rise higher expand

wider and go

deeper are you prepared to move into the

realm of signs wonders Miracles an

exponential increase are you willing to

embrace an entirely new way of thinking

and being that shatters all

limitations then Take My Hand Precious

Child of Mine the boundaries of your new

Promised Land expand in direct

proportion to your hunger capacity and

willingness you must start small and

grow gradually I will be with you each

step of the journey you have nothing to

fear and much to

gain my precious

one I know this leap of faith feels

scary it can be tempting to cling to The

Familiar even if what’s familiar isn’t

actually working for you anymore but I

promise what I have in store for you is

so much better and more fulfilling than

anything you’ve known so far it may feel

unfamiliar at first but you will soon

adjust to the spaciousness and ease of

your new existence I am expanding your

capacity to tune into higher Realms

where lack effort and suffering cannot

enter what is now required of you my

Brave One

simply to walk by faith and not sight

staying rooted in our connection

trusting me over what your senses

report be intentional about training

your focus higher while keeping your


grounded this is not a call to denial or

escapism but rather learning to perceive

then call forth resources and solutions

you desperately

need yes it is quite an adjustment like

wearing an entirely new sense above the

five you are accustomed to it takes

practice learning but I am with you as

your guide your trainer teaching you bit

by bit how to sink the seen and unseen

into existence the more time you spend

here drinking me in like Rich wine the

more natural it feels the more you

duplicate this atmosphere of Heaven in

your own surroundings the faster

Heaven’s patterns manifest visible in

the natural

take your seat now at my banqueting

table beloved child the hour is late and

there is important work to be done my

beloved I have brought you this far and

I will lead you all the days of your

life the journey into greater blessing

is unfolding one step at a time there is

no need to grasp or strive as you walk

with me holding my hand I direct your

path I know the way through this new

landscape may feel

unfamiliar the territory vast and

unpredictable but you can trust me to

guide your feet along the ancient

highways and secret byways to Blessings

custom designed for

you what I am doing in and through you

is going to bless those around your life

will expand in all

directions these blessings are not

random nor are they meant merely for

selfish gain look closely and you will

discover divine order everything working

in intricate Synergy to restore what was

stolen and mediate

breakthrough there are assignments I

have placed within you embedded in your

Soul’s blueprint placed there before you

were born many of these you will fulfill

simply by being authentically you

following your innate passions and

talents but some await my prompting The

Whisper of insight in your spirit

nudging you toward divinely prepared

works I have set aside for

you these hold the promise of tremendous

exponential impact because they access

the full force of Heaven’s resources and

strategies as you yield to my guidance

Mysteries long hidden in plain sight

will unfold you will uncover secrets and

unlock abilities you never knew you had

don’t resist the process or try to cling

to The

Familiar let me shake up your settled

mindsets and

routines be willing to think very

differently than you are accustomed as I

renovate your perspective say yes to the

transformational power at work in you I

am recalibrating you to resonate at

higher and higher frequencies of insight

creativity wisdom strategy Prosperity

influence and

more as you learn to harness these

forces and potentials you gain greater

capacity to Envision than call into

being blessings Beyond Your Wildest


stay near me beloved child listening

intently for The Whispers of my spirit

much rides on your willingness to hear

and heed promptly the more time we spend

together in Stillness and prayer the

more easily you’ll recognize my voice

guiding you the more familiar my

presence feels to you the more readily

you’ll discern my subtlest nudges or

sense my warnings of danger ahead your

role in stewarding this abundance is

simple yet profound

remain rooted in me as your true Source

while releasing my gifts and solutions

to others with wisdom discernment

compassion and

generosity stay out of reactionary

fear-based ego patterns refusal to

forgive smug superiority or

stinginess walk humbly in partnership

with me ever ready to pour my loving

kindness over wounds and Brokenness I

bless the work of your hands in every

Endeavor seated in faith and loving


where you go my glory follows as a

protective shield and favor that

dissolves all resistance even demons in

darkness cannot stop the tidal wave of

blessings I am unleashing through your

willing surrender Heaven’s outrageous

blessings available to you now carry

enough momentum and energetic Force to

utterly decimate and disintegrate

demonic strongholds erected by the evil

one to wreak havoc in people’s

lives I will will tear down the enemy’s

destructive Works to clear space for

Bridging Heaven and Earth once again I

have assigned entire Angelic host to

assist you because indeed the Harvest is

plenty and laborers still too few do not

fear you are alone in this important

campaign to push back darkness and Usher

in light call on these Heavenly

reinforcements often Heaven’s resources

are unlimited for those who persist in

humility faith and bold Trust in me I

bless and seal every promise over your

life with Divine empowerment and


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