you carry heavy loads climb lofty mountains and endure difficult valleys

all of this is woven into the precious fabric of your lives my beloved child

listen closely to my voice echoing within you I am here fully dedicated to

assisting you through every difficult moment and cherishing every tear you shed even though the path you are

walking on is rough and the nighttime Shadows appear to persist now you must realize that I’m

not only assisting you in overcoming those difficult circumstances rather I’m directing a

life-altering journey rather than being insurmountable obstacles the challenges you face are

designed to propel you to a higher more Transcendent level of Consciousness in

this domain your spiritual energy is strengthened your religious beliefs are more deeply ingrained and your capacity

for Love Grows exponentially the strong action of my holy spirit is bringing about a deep alteration a Divine Alchemy

this is not your typical shift so even if you’re carrying about a lot of Lifestyle responsibilities resist the

need to rush into turmoil and instead Take It Easy Come Into My divine presence let yourself be completely at

peace and talk to me I’m always listening at some point during our

private discussions I would want to invite my soul to gently enter the complexities of your situation put all

your worries on my my shoulders my beloved child and have faith that I will solve them your need for Swift decisions

is understandable and I get that however please trust that my heavenly timing is

invisible to Mortal sight as I weave together a masterpiece from the threads of your many critiques I find myself

painting I carefully craft my resolutions to last a lifetime not just for the present as we speak I am shaping

your very essence honing your physical features and preparing you for a destiny that will

endure forever far beyond the fleetingness of this moment pain just

because you’re in a ready State doesn’t mean you have to sit around doing nothing presumably even at such moments

I’m often working on my deepest work inside you the challenges you face aren’t just personal they’re integral to

a larger story a cosmic war between good and evil you not only bring respect to

me me but also shine a bright light onto the sky via the fabric of your religion

as you navigate these challenges with faith and gratitude while your ambitious weapon

happens keeping in mind that you choose to rely on me to ground your steadfast

consideration in my Everlasting kindness you magnify my presence in every instance you lean into me with an

overflowing pit of appreciation in your chest you engage in a Divine Rhythm that Chang ches your Soul’s fundamental

structure long before the sun rises in your challenging situation the topic of how to find joy

in difficult times may arise for me as a baby it’s not so much about not hurting

as it is about always feeling my Lord’s deep presence I am at your side working

hard to ensure that everything is in order for the perfect crafting Beauty and this is my unshakable knowledge I

must assure you that the story of your past does not have the power to shape your future but rather it will guide you

From the Ashes of hardship to the streams of Living Water where your joy may be restored even though your world

may seem to be collapsing around you you have placed your trust in me and I am here for you in the safe haven of my

loving Embrace find comfort in knowing that you’re surrounded by a stronghold of

protection while you are with me living under the shelter of the almighty should

bring you peace and joy embrace the power of my blood to cleanse and offer forgiveness with all your heart cling

tenaciously to this reality I am about to pull off a remarkable and inspiring

miracle in your life so please open your eyes wide you ought to be able to have a genuine sense of my complete forgiveness

for you from your confession of love and faith in my energy get off the hook for

wrongdoing and stop punishing yourself for mistakes I have cast the misdeeds into the the abyss ensuring they will

never be visible again while you wallow in self-pity over past hurts my blood

has cleansed you regenerated your heart and energized your mind now take in my

holy lessons and let your words reverberate with inspiration keep your mind and heart free from the Gloom by

reflecting on my daily commands and promises you are not lost your faith is not always in Jeopardy my love holds you

tenderly and protects you no matter how hard the sector tries to hit you I can

protect you as you immerse yourself in the language I teach you your already strong ideas will get stronger get away

from those who bring you pain with their nasty attitudes and harsh comments I beg you do not reawaken Old Flames or return

to places that could derail your progress avoid letting your soul become lifeless by taking precautions if you

Crown me king of your heart prioritize me for your life and stick by the words

I provide I see a future for you characterized by peaceful and prosperous lives free from sadness and

depression I hold you in my hands and constantly monitor you keeping those words close to your heart until the

burden becomes unbearable I will stand by and use your face these remarks will

remain in my memory for when I am lonely and disappointed please consider me but

do not dwell on this the reality is that I Stand By Your Side Share My Cry let me

me cry inside your heart and cry no more your tears will only serve to sew the seeds of sadness let the Shadows deepen

inside you do not give into negative ideas or deceitful people who want to

steal your Serenity and destroy you think back on what I gave up at this excruciating point the strong power of

my blood boldly covered your crimes remember the honor of my resurrection I

have come to do more than just restore your wishes I am here to change your your life give you everlasting life and

strengthen your heart there have been many tests of your metal yet you have not given up get up again you’re more

than a mortal you are my beloved child and you carry my strength with you every day leave no stone unturned as you set

out on the path to your benefits and may Good Fortune smile upon you I have the

power to tap into your innermost self reveal hidden paths and break down

barriers that attempt to hinder your journey you may regain possession of several

valuables that you thought were lost forever simply accepting the truth of my

message is the first step in gaining the freedom wealth Serenity and advantages

you want there is no need to feel discouraged or anxious even though you

may face challenging circumstances and enemies know that you are in my prayers

my heartfelt desire to bless and assist you has been heard by you whether or not

you follow my advice is now entirely up to you has faith in me they’re trying to

find me to succeed you must get up and go ahead I possess the capability and

determination to fulfill my promises to you my cherished child you will undoubtedly experience blessings in

spite of all that is going on around you I ask that you agree with me and hold my hand give in to the weakness of problems

and let them rob you of your serenity and confidence remain steadfast in the

understanding that I have never deserted you that I have stood by your side no matter what and that I will continue to

do so even as this hurricane continues to rage persistence unlocks the door to

non-secular maturity as you delve more into the topic of religion you will experience

personal growth as you build your faith muscles and learn to rely on my eternal energy rather than on Mortal power

your prayers May reflect my glory and your lives may profess my grace my

beloved I have created you smaller than the angels and adorned you with honor

decking you with Splendor your Eternal Destiny is not in the dust from where you began but in the land I have

prepared for you in this nation the hardships you have endured will be a crown jewel each one bearing witness to

your faith and my unwavering support So rise up every

listen closely as I share with you the most incredible love story that has ever been told it’s not about a mere Earthly

romance but about a sacred Covenant a promise written in the blood of my son

Rejoice my darling because your name is written on my arms and on my heart

nothing in this world not death Not Angels not the future not Powers not

even the highest and darkest Heavens can separate us from the love that I have for you you this love is based on Christ

Jesus your lord now live freely love fearlessly and radiate light like a lamp

poost you are my lighthouse in the world and I want you to bear fruit that will

bear witness to the amazing truth of the Gospel rest assured I am by your side

your Delight your tranquility and your drive are eternally established in me

take great Delight in the ways of life that have been bestowed on you they are really Priceless listen listen closely

as I call you into this Sacred Space I am speaking as the Risen one your Everlasting Shepherd in your heart I am

the fire that ignites pleasure and my passion for you is an unending Wellspring I am the Incarnation of wish

think of the infinite space as a canvas on which the stars have been painted and

yet it is you my child who holds my attention in that enormous expanse I

refus to stand by as Sin caused a c to form between us because I wanted nothing

more than to be back with you I did the unthinkable my one and only kid was

subjected to the cruel Arena conditions at my behest Jesus was not held upon the cross

by the nails that pierced his hands and feet but by my love for you your salvation and freedom made all the pain

he endured worthwhile he may have wanted to give up at any moment I experienced

the anguish of Separation as he who knew no sin became sin for you yet the most

excellent Exchange took place as a result of this terrible sacrifice you

inherited my righteousness so that in him you would become righteous before God I caused him who had no sin to sin

on your behalf you are no longer to live in shame but in the glory of my grace

because it is this righteousness that has come to engulf you that identifies you as my own consequently those who put

their faith in Christ Jesus will not face judgment freedom from sins and death’s control has been granted to you

by the law of the spirit which provides lifestyles are you aware of how crucial

this freedom is far from being a little relief or a fleeting existence it is kilometers of everlasting Freedom freed

slaves often live in constant fear of enslavement while Christians adorned

with God’s righteousness live as royalty therefore beloved come and live in the

pleasure that is your rightful inheritance with each new day my Mercy’s

create a fresh picture allow yourself to be free from the constraints of your past the anxieties of your present and

the unknowns of your future as you embark on a journey of Fresh Starts every one of them is under my

control and my intentions for you are to bring you Joy and prosperity in the Here

and Now not misery give up letting the arena Define who you are and how much

you’re worth your shortcomings and mistakes do not limit you nor do they Define you you are the one I have chosen

holy and beloved wear these truths like a garment enveloping yourself in the

dignity they provide and when you fall and become entangled in sin remember

that my mercies are new every morning my grace is enough for you and my power is

perfected in weakness come running back into my arms because my love isn’t a

flimsy candle that goes out with each slip it’s an eternal fire a light that

glows even brighter in the dark never let yourself be paralyzed by the shackles of the past or scared off by

the unknowns of the future both your past and your future are in my hands I

am the one who will build them every morning everything seems fresh to me

with every passing moment that I bear witness to your trials and tribulations your mer murmur in the shadows and your

cries of delight in the light I am moved to tears and pleasure and my Skies ReSound with each passing moment my

darling rise with the dawn for you possess a fearless and wonderful form

and your purpose is to radiate my love to a world in need as the sun sets Stand

Tall amid the midday tide and let your worries melt away no matter the weather

or the sky my love will always be there to shelter you and my grace will always

be there to support you you are the embodiment of my country in this world

therefore stay strong love passionately and worship with all your heart may your

bravery in heart generosity in spirit and life itself be a sacred and beautiful sacrifice to me as each day

passes that is the true and right way to Worship You are never really alone I am

as close as the nudge in your heart the writer’s introduction or a parent’s Adoration of their child join me on this

journey and may your life’s chapters serve as Testaments to God’s grace

because in the long winding story of Eternity my love for you is intertwined with yours and my love for you never

fails never Fades and never stops I see the weight you carry the heights you

reach and the depths that test your resolve I know the path ahead is tough

and the nights are long but hear me out I will be your light at every turn and I

will be there to comfort you when you cry I am teaching you beloved to shine brightly in spite of those difficulties

so that the world may see my Majesty instead of being just roadblocks the difficulties you encounter are Stepping

Stones to a better place one where your faith becomes stronger your love is more

profound and your spirit is more resilient the power of my holy spirit is

carrying out this miraculous metamorphosis which is not a mundane change do not flee into the Mayhem when

the weight of life is crushing you instead take it easy and seek refuge in

my presence feel my Tranquility place your demands at my feet my child and I

will eagerly await them communicate with me because I am generally listening let

my soul into your situation as you pour out the complexities of your problems in our private conversation your need for

quick decisions and responses is understandable but I stand by my timetable unbeknownst to you I am

constructing a masterpiece using the feedback you have provided the promises I make are not fleeting rather they are

crafted to have an effect that will endure a lifetime rejoice in the Splendor of serving a redeemer whose

beat is the very rhythm of Advent and who moves with the beat of many lives from the earliest light of dawn to

the last star of night through storms and peace I am by your side from the

depths of Despair to the heights of Victory my vow to remain your loyal friend stands this vow extends Beyond

eternity entwined in the fabric of time itself Embrace and cling to those facts

they will guide you through trials and tribulations because I am the one whose Embrace is unwavering and whose strength

is unending I appoint you to walk confidently along life’s journey holding

my hand and with the Assurance of a child never lose sight of the gifts I bestowed upon you before my Everlasting

presence the Forgiveness of your transgressions and the Assurance of heavenly Delights that await this

Bountiful gift that is beyond your worldly understanding but is rightfully yours you may wonder why worship is so

important as you commune with the Hem Of Heaven in worship a link that transcends

knowledge is established connecting my domain with yours across the vast EXP expans as you bow down in prayer whether

alone or in a group as you sing a hym you Proclaim my Supremacy and in that

declaration you find the power to see the many ways to worship you can find

Worship in the ordinary in the smile you give to a stranger in the comfort you offer to the sorrowful and in the bread

you share with the hungry when you include my love in your actions you turn

the most ordinary moment into a Hymn of worship just as it can be in The Melody of a reward song in Devotion to

scripture in quiet prayer or in reverence witnessing the marbles I’ve sculpted throughout the Earth and skies

permission or no permission your every action breath and word are evidence of

my greatness I treasure and take great joy in your existence since it is like a beautiful tune in the Symphony of Advent

as you Ponder these Concepts let them soak into your own being and become the very essence of Who You Are

I beg you to embrace the decision of this pilgrimage wholeheartedly and to wake up every morning with anticipation

in your heart because there is Paradise waiting for you beyond the lawn where your journey began every step stumble

and stride is a part of this Grand pilgrimage that I am orchestrating with tenderness and cause avoid worrying

about anything but instead bring your requests to me in all circumstances via

prayer and Thanksgiving Paul writes in Philippians and we may all travel This Road

Together Heart to Heart till the sun comes up and the night falls consider my

unending love find comfort in my arms find words to ease your pain and let the

Tranquility of my presence surround you you’re my buddy and I’m really happy for you calm down your mind is racing at the

moment take a big breath in as you march into the not yet born day and let it

ground you in the present now where I am with you typically you can view my infant

from your perspective even if it may appear like your heart is smiling at me know that my heart loves you more than

you can imagine no matter how heavy your problems or burdens are I can split it

with you right now please talk to me be as precise with me as a child is with a

caring adult when confiding in them praise be upon me indeed would you not

be ideal for that daily to-do list I will direct you by name my priorities should no longer burden you instead they

should harmonize with my eternal desire for you this momentary pain pales in

comparison to the Everlasting future I’m creating for you as I shape your spirit

and create your unique identity stop assuming the worst when people are quiet

during the times when you appear to be doing nothing when you are waiting for anything to happen when there is silence

I am usually working hard inside of you the battles you’re facing aren’t just personal they might be a cosmic Skirmish

between good and evil your strategy for dealing with such difficulties is very

remarkable using gratitude and acceptance As Weapons your faith and Firearms bring glory and drive out evil

from the sky remember that when you choose to rely on me and place your unshakable faith in my Everlasting

goodness you elevate me and when you approach me with a grateful heart even

before the sun rises on your situation you’re working towards a sacred Rhythm that changes your soul my kid you may

ask how I am able to remain cheerful when faced with adversity being with me

your lord no matter what is more pleasant than experiencing no pain at all my unwavering conviction is that I

am with you orchestrating everything in its correct Place transforming ashes

into Beauty and guiding you to Living Water streams where your Delight may be fully realized keep praying the path to

nonsecular maturity lies in patience you will undergo a transformation as you

grow in this non-secular topic it is the exercise that builds your religious muscle tissue instructing you to rely

not on Earthly power but on my eternal electricity the more you worship me the

more my glory will reflect back on you and your life may become an oath of my favor you are are crowned with Grandeur

my beloved I have lowered you slightly below the angels and adorned you with honor rather than returning to the Earth

from whence you originated you will be welcomed into an eternal nation in this

nation the hardships you have endured today will be reflected as precious gems for your crown each one serving as a

testament to your faith and my unwavering support as you go about your day keep me in your thoughts let our

minds weave together together and watch as your joy grows like a rose in the sun

certainly by incorporating me into your artwork and your performances the ordinary and the extraordinary you

experience a more pleasant flavor of efficacy and while you succ to weariness

keep in mind that I am your Sanctuary whenever you need comfort and strength to unwind my hands are always there to

hold you in an Embrace by a wide margin the most genuine manifestation of faith

is seen in my include to wait with me take my presence here at face value what

you cannot control I will control have faith that I am ever present and ever

correct while we rise from our Slumber to resume the Frantic pace of the day take me along in the long run this baby

might Shield you from all kinds of anxiety in the short term it could be the map that leads you back to me my

love and the profound and everlasting joy that I provide as you go on your way remember the

fields lies how they grow without effort or spinning and how I Adorn them with

beauty that no Monarch has ever seen thanks to their generosity so how much longer will I be

your caregiver resist the temptation I am the one who controls the following

day therefore there’s no need to worry about what it may hold in the Mosaic of

your life that I am meticulously piecing together each moment is a precious gift

from My Loving Hands in the quietness they seek me within the typhoon they are

looking for me call me by name I am willing to lend you an ear be steadfast

like an anchor amid a storm in my promises unwavering and unmovable am I

identical from the beginning to the end of time please turn your attention to me

permitted to bask find the Tranquility that those who know me cannot possess while while they are in my company from

the Stillness to the Mayhem from the ordinary to the extraordinary I am here

and I’m not going anywhere when you’re down and out I’ll be there to cheer you on and help you win lean on me when the

world presses down on you your tears are rivers of delight find the loosening

truth the loving kindness that dispels fear and the passionate yearning in my words let my scriptures oh Eternal be a

bomb to your spirit and a light to guide you the eternally penned letter of

adoration remembers David who sought my face in worship even as he endured his

sufferings he understood the game’s rules clearly when you’re with me you can rest in safety and have your wishes

fulfilled every day just like him if you maintain constant eye contact with me I

will be able to instruct you in my tender heart you will discover a place for your weary Spirit to rest when

you’re with me your spirit will find solace in its NeverEnding quest for greatness standing by each Endeavor with

courage knowing what to do with every choice and experiencing Tranquility that goes beyond understanding are all things

you may discover with me quickly please push yourself forward and when you return to the cyclical nature of Life

remember to hold your hand in your mind join me as I walk work and

observe how can I evaluate it instead of letting the burdens of your own creation

weigh you down embrace my gentle rhythms of Grace they are simple and my weight

is light on us both I am here in the gentle Morning Light in the laughter of

friends in the beauty of Advent and in the peaceful treatment of your soul if

we face each day and every second together you will see this breathe my

little one and face the challenges of today not alone but with me your God

your companion and your Everlasting guide for I am with you no matter where you are or what you’re going

through at this very moment I am drawing you to a life spent completely joyfully

and in Exquisite contact with me your intentions are so well thought out that

they go beyond what any one person could ever know when everything seems lost May

the Eternal and Limitless lead us to a place where the sunshine of wealth and serenity might illuminate our path the

well-known religious and hopeful perspective reveals that challenges are but Stepping Stones on the path you’ve

mapped out in the Stillness before sleep we humbly seek your presence and each

day brings new adventures unbeknownst to us the sound of our prayers gives you

Joy so we genuflect before you as our mouths water inight the skies Quake

under the weight of the Sweet Symphony we pray to you God of unfaltering Faith

to keep an eye on on our homes and shield them from harm including pandemics and diseases your response is

reassuring and you say with conviction that your unfaltering presence will remain constant even if the whole world

abandons Us in contrast to others who pretend to love but may later fail

unfaltering like love it defies comprehension our homes our futures and

our health are in your hands keep them safe is it possible to Value protect and

appreciate these Priceless gifts without seeing them as a right or minimizing their significance your word

reverberates for Generations being reliable in Little Things increases benefits and when we’re down and out you

give us gifts that will last a lifetime you look at us with compassion when we’re down touched by the honesty of our

hearts and you with your Limitless wisdom decide to bless us not because

you have to but because you want to so that we we might flourish even when we’re disappointed you hold us in the

hollow of your hand and cover us with the sacred cloak of your righteousness we are comforted by the love that you

have lavished upon us after all we are your loving children we have a strong

spirit that has endured persecution and Scorn because we were selected from the start time and again we’ll see bravery

emerge undamaged from adversity this has been the Everlasting truth and it will

continue to be so your Tranquility is a promise that we will not ER therefore we

are not marked as those who perish run away or withdraw rather we are marked as

those who will succeed in our role as Replacements you answer Our Endless

prayers for blessing and wealth by giving us the power and resources to conquer the wonderful country that lies

ahead before our own eyes is a fantastic opportunity the magnitude of which may

remain a mystery take a moment to reflect on the importance of purifying our thoughts and

hearts before turning back to your words it is the source of all the wisdom we

need this time you assure me with a firm promise that I will remain by your side

while you confront challenges and adversaries who are manipulating you with lies deceit and plots it is

emphasized that we should stand steady and not be intimidated by fear as the

the ones you love your children we hear the Echoes of your hopes and aspirations

and it is up to us to obey think seek upward paths and walk knowing that

Triumph is our secure Heritage we have faith that you will keep your word and

be there for us throughout this trial protecting us from harm and maintaining our faith in you no matter what we are

firmly grounded in your everpresent presence you have never left us and you certainly won’t leave us now a tranquil

and prosperous holiday site is our destination In This Storm thanks to your Arrangements that are beyond our

knowledge entrust me with the care of your loved ones your future and your physical well-being your precious

presence are Priceless please treat them with the utmost care and respect be very

careful not to take your benefits for granted the corus results from not

giving them the credit they deserve this steadfast commitment in gratitude for

the help I’ve given you while you were down will bring you many more gifts in times of trial I promise you you may get

even bigger items of Eternal value with the help of your genuine suffering my

heart is affected your integrity and unwavering commitment do not compromise

my blessings aren’t just a formality they are the fruit of a heartfelt decision to see you succeed at this very

moment I want you to publicly acknowledge the benefits I have bestowed upon you and to tenderly endure your

times of sadness knowing that you are held in the palm of my hand I wrap you

in my sacred cloak a shield against the trials and Sorrows of this world there

are no limits to my love for you my darling your enduring coronary heart has endured insult as a recompense for your

pre-existing inclination for reciprocating love you are innately courageous you will overcome adversity

without suffering any damage I provide guide you with my serenity guaranteeing that you will now remain steadfast this

has always been true and it always will be you will win no matter what you don’t

usually run away or ignore things you already have all the power and resources you need to overcome the enormous

direction that was before you all your hard work is paying off and the opportunities you’ve hoped for are

materializing right now do not let yourself be crushed emotionally if you

are unable to absorb the full extent of this miraculous gift my word is a rock

and an everlasting source of knowledge when you are confused or Afraid cast

your doubts aside and purify your heart trust me I’ll be right there with you if

you’re afraid of problems or opponents that use deceit treachery and plans you should stop hesitating and go steadily

just so you know I’m certainly not alone in this I can feel the genuiness of your heart and the reverberation of your your

prayers keep praying your unfaltering faith and affection for your children

are witnesses to the freedom with which you let your tears fall your commitment

must be seen by the precious beings you protect my love they desire to know that

a religious mother bows down before me daily emptying forth her whole being to remind them of my profound love and the

Divine Flawless plan I have for each of them even when you seem uncaring tell

them how much you love them and when you cry let your sorrow cover the weight of their care for your heart take it at

face value with me and remember that your children all have distinct paths to follow even if they er your prayers will

protect them from the deceit and accusations of their enemies love them without conditions make Corrections when

necessary but keep your options open without passing judgment let them know

that your love is consistent and that your prayers are an everpresent Shield protecting them wishing you strength as

you proclaim the efficacy of your maternal prayers you will feel an overwhelming sense of delight when you

see the result of all your hard work and diligence take me into consideration I

am with you and your children you mean the world to me they no longer arrive at

the knowledge that your mistakes aren’t they do not signify the conclusion of my intentions for you rather they Define

your way of life your objectives your skills and your potential here is what you should do if

you have fallen ask for forgiveness shake off the dust spread your wings be

fearlessly sore and music out the enemy’s falsehoods and slander by using my efficacious blood you are cleaned

happy days are fleeting like an ethereal Echo I have entrusted you with a task of

great importance so put everything else aside keep your head down and focus on

the road ahead if you are really committed to spreading my teachings and walking in my footsteps I am reaching

out my hand to you and offering you the greatest honor that I have to offer you

need not be afraid of the troops of your enemies they will not harm you I can be your ally in any conflict go confidently

on the route I send you letting my promises settle into your heart and my precepts strengthen your trust with my

strong hand I want to encapsulate courage and strength removing fear and despair from your heart I can strengthen

you bolstering you even while you’re weak you have no idea how much of an impact you have on me I can’t let you be

completely defeated in matters of everlasting value I wish you life

success and the ability to climb above the benefits you’ve lost will eventually

return to your lives and peace and Reconciliation within your families will provide you with a the feeling of

security that is free from shame I will reaffirm my love for you as you have

heard me say it before so that you may rest easy I have already determined and

allowed your recovery because of how much I love you by showing compassion

and pardoning your transgressions I am the one who will shape your destiny no

one has the authority to put you down belittle you discriminate against you or

accuse you of anything now that I have showered you with my love and beauty you

are deserving of the benefits I want to give you you must not diminish your true value or squander the gift I have given

you as you confront the duplicate resist the urge to treat oneself with contempt

or rejection your heavenly father understands those words and wholeheartedly loves their decision to

watch your accomplishment and it Grieves me to observe that you give more Credence to human words and lies than to

my love and devotion for this reason I made you selected you

exalted you and set you apart in this particular era and place there is no

need to let pessimism bad news or Global events derail your success a firm choice

is required before the gifts already sent down from above may be stopped

ignoring the gloomy Outlook of others would you still side with me do you intend to read what I’ve said and take

it at face value alternatively will you give more weight to the deceitful tactics used by your

adversaries their goal is to make you feel helpless rob you of your joy and

see you fail they have already made up their minds that they will break you

they have the ability to destroy your life but you can’t afford to give them that chance I want you to know how much

I value care for and endorse you encircle yourself with my Tranquility

affection and Faith get filled up with faith right now so you may keep living

with the certainty that you will succeed and be blessed in the future you follow my orders you have a positive impression

of me and we both agree embrace your faith which is in my hands and protected

and claim it now for your own phrases that you will stubbornly hold on no matter what happens even though you may

be surrounded by problems you need not be afraid of those who rise up against you because I will be at your side while

you confront them someone who surrounds you and plots your demise will be

provided to you by me yes I will step in your adversaries who are nothing more

than a multitude of Harbors will be unable to stand in your way when you turn over in a matter of days all

because they refuse to acknowledge the unwavering support of your God and savior nothing is impossible in my eyes

and I agree with that I am with you so take my word for it and do what I say I

have strengthened your faith giving you the ability to walk on water and Vanquish all evil forces so go ahead and

become Brave you are not fighting this battle alone and that fact gives you the

strength to fight until the end a weight of worries and concerns has been lifted

off your shoulders as your bravery has risen pull out your sword and keep

fighting make sure you’re ready for the blessing that’s almost here no matter the anointed condition of events you

will conquer the territory put before you I will show you the way out and the answer your deeds will provide comfort

and relief to countless others peace and Harmony will fill your house and

blessings will be showered upon your family a trade that will alter your life will happen to you it is possible that I

am on your land and the powers that are will cause you to run away from me the moment I touch you is finding solace in

me what you’ve been seeking you have faith in my promises because I am your

God your rock your source of strength your salvation and your health join me

on this journey and you will never be lost your king healer and protector that

is me say it to my face right this second you may put your whole confidence

in me and hold on to it with all your being I am fond of you I have been and

I’m able to to remain by your side throughout times of difficulty when things are quiet stand still take action

when mysterious negative forces supposedly invade your life staying there putting your faith in my affection

and letting me handle your Affairs is the best course of action in the middle of the hurricane my kind Voice May lead

you like a luminous light through the darkness my light will shine stronger

and brighter until your spirit is illuminated and you will also recognize

many things have faith in it it will transpire my Holy Spirit who is to dwell

in your heart and spirit will calm your fears and anxiety and lead you to peace

even when you face the worst of times I’m letting you go on this journey with me free from regret and shame for your

failures so that you may embrace the Triumph I’ve won for you let me flood your heart with my presence no matter

what your senses tell you have faith in me in the face of my affection and my word cling on I am communicating with

you in order to prepare you for the extraordinary future I have planned for you give up worrying about the future

and put your faith in me I order you to live your life to the fullest if I ever

ask you for anything it’s because I really want to be of service to you belief in me without reservation is all

I want strong and genuine I am your God your affection is genuine to me my love

is genuine and unadulterated nobody loves you more than I do there is no one keeping tabs on you at all times unlike

me no one else gives a hoot about you I’ve never left you or rejected you you

refuse to believe that you are worthless and you cease daily self-punishment and blame for transgressions that I have

forgiven in my word pay attention I shall seal your transgressions in the

ocean’s depths I no longer remember them you should take my word for for it

there’s no need to descend into the dark depths of judgment in search of memories and emotions that I’ve long since buried

the devil may try to bring up the transgressions I have forgiven you for but I will not stop him every day is

filled with equal offenses and you want to stop the focus is on what lies ahead

and fate get away from the past and don’t ever go back when you must the

strength to overcome obstacles extraordinary benefits will follow beautiful opportunities will resurface

for you stay rooted in God’s perspective on you not the sectors rather than

letting it influence your ideas hostile people say things like you don’t deserve

my favor desires or Grace and then they accuse and attack you but you will

surely Proclaim with confidence that I have filled you with Grace and forgiveness I’ll stand up for you

continue marching with steadfast determination because I am able to save you those who

want to harm you please let me into your heart right now so that you may accept the truth that I am telling you listen

carefully to my words treasure my blood and honor My Sacrifice do not dwell on

wrongdoings done in the past keep your focus on what is really important and do

not let yourself get sidetracked by meaningless diversions regarding your specific and

extraordinary abilities I have a plethora of ideas you have my undying devotion as my gift is your pursuit of

me a top priority and are you following my every command I take it as a given

that you would since I know how much you care for me listen carefully because my

words brim with an extraordinary amount of love that goes beyond what’s expected

when I look into your eyes the most fundamental sacrifice in the vast span

of the cosmos was done in simple words out of love for you and I need you to

know that you are really valuable beyond measure the Crimson life force that

flows through me has washed away the weight of Shame and remorse that has held you back setting you free from your

captivity to pain for those who hold you in contempt due to your many mistakes

may your forgiveness soothe their wrong assumptions give up the burden of the hurt sadness and annoyance that have

plagued your soul for far too long my dear stop sh shackling yourself with self-blame and start showing yourself

kindness take note of this my darling thank you but I’m already forgiven lay

your cares on my ready shoulders and let the gentle stream of Tranquility wash over your broken heart I’m here to erase

the traces of your errors they are no longer an inconvenience for you there is no limit to my love for you and my

heart’s desire is to greet each day with you as we celebrate our triumphs I beg

you to embrace the knowledge of your wonderful existence with a changed mindset and rise today more and more

advantages will become apparent as you broaden your perspective on the industry your appreciation grows as You observe

more your worship is the key that unlocks doors that monitor benefits

plenty Fitness and genuine success and your prayers are like a Divine song that

resonates be gentle with my touch in the times when my love surrounds You Feel My

Embrace and embrace the Limitless love I provide may you flourish find peace and

let your heart be receptive to the love I provide without condition my love for

you remains constant even when fatigue sets in and the will to fight wains when

you awaken from the nightmares that have been plaguing your head I will be the first thing you see have a nap if you

like no matter what I will always rely on you and never leave you you or leave any room for doubt put to rest any

notion that your mistakes in the past have caused a rift between us let the truth sink in knowing that my love for

you is greater than any mistake or circumstance you are still very important to me and I believe you

deserve my love and support because of how much I value you so if I show you genuine affection today it’s because of

that it breaks my heart to think that you still think you don’t deserve my life

put an end to thinking of yourself as less than other people and reject any

feelings of inferiority though I hold each of my children in my heart in a special and

distinct spot the enemy is always looking for ways to cast doubt on you so I’m telling you this trust me so your

emotions won’t be so ephemeral and you’ll be able to experience the unconditional love that I have for you

your happiness your family Serenity and your future success are my deep deepest

wishes for you recall the wonderful peace that washes over you every morning as you open your eyes and look at my

word feel free to seize it as my soul Converses with yours I am waiting for

you with baited breath pay close attention I need it from you directly as my words reverberate inside you your

pain will go away thanks to the plans I have carefully designed for you and the wonderful blessings I’m about to give

you I’m about to reveal something very essential to you and you will understand

its importance the more I love you love for one’s own family is important but so

is the love and sacrifice one makes for oneself have faith in me and allow me

the opportunity to bring about miraculous changes in your lives here and now I am removing the weight of your

fears I’m filling your life with so much happiness and serenity I have heard your

prayers and in accordance with my divine plan I will respond to them at the proper moment giving you the benefits

you want you must learn to be patient for I am ready to move mountains for you

people that are harmful to you will be removed from your life and you will be welcomed by friends who will love you

treat you well and adore you believe me when I say that you are about to undergo

a radical change the Miracles that I am planning for you and your loved ones will need you to gather your strength

you bring joy to my heavenly heart because you really hold my word in such high esteem continue to pray for

individuals you care about even if they are far away and to intervene on their

behalf if you ascend to my Throne my omnipotent hand will be on your side as

a higher Force brings you nearer to realizing your goals I anticipate that you will undergo noticeable changes in

your personality this is the time when my love is at its warmest encompassing

you and your whole family in its embrace you may live a peaceful Life by

listening intently to those whose opinions differ from mine there will be those who try to pull you away from your

path of Happiness by dragging you into their trials and Sorrows listen up my

kid I’m telling you this so you can be smart and careful among those who are out to get you because they might

endanger your life your flexibility in not including me in your choices is

appreciated even though I am dead dedicated to ensuring your safety giving me the upper hand against my enemy could

entice you and cause you to miss out on opportunities for blessings that are right there in front of you on a daily

basis seek me out so that you may fully absorb my message and listen joyfully as

I transmit terms of awareness I hope that these words may convey the profoundness of my love for you the care

that I provide you and the complete commitment of your life and heart to me you can relax knowing that I have

everything under control remember the Limitless depths of my love for you as you Embrace tranquility and make a wish

come to life and let your senses take in the Tranquility all around you you are

enveloped in The Tender Touch of my presence incorporate your soul into mine

and I will grant you the gift of a life graced with peace feel the Embrace outside groups some of whom may try to

infect you with their bewilderment by attempting to impose the repercussions of their mistakes on you

but in this holy moment when we stand together let the arena go for a second

and soak in the Deep feeling of inner calm its miles of beauty strike aord

with me and I hope you find the same wonderful joy in it this Union of calm

might be a daily practice a sacred recitation upon Rising I can be there

eager and prepared for our connection as soon as your eyes open a few precious moments of quiet

conversation no words are necessary enjoy every moment to the fullest and let go of all your worries through our

connection a brief period of contemplative conversation verbal expressions are Superfluous I hope you

enjoy every moment of our connection and find relief from your burdens those precious moments of deep meaningful

conversation verbal communication is unnecessary undoubtedly Relish in every

second and relieve yourself completely through our connection just a few brief moments of quiet discourse using words

out loud might not be necessary enjoy every second and let go of all your

worries as you venture out into the world then as my Tranquility fills your

entire being it will protect you from the negative emotions that others may attempt to inflict as the sun rises and

sets I am here ready to shower you with love come to terms with this my darling

you are nice to me and I look forward to seeing you here first thing in the morning reflecting on the memories we

had yesterday my darling child I Stand steadfastly By Your Side today promising

to stay by your side forever encircled in the Embrace of my love in the safe

haven of my hands where my love for you has no bounds I hold you close think of

my love as more than just a feeling it is a strong barrier a promise to keep

you secure I long for the flowering of your kind heart toward me with an infinitely patient and Compassionate

Heart in the face of life’s unavoidable difficulties May the words I speak

become a stronghold and a Wellspring of resilience you may be sure that your tenacious enemy will try to distract you

from your mission and the immense value you bring to the table via entanglements of thought your unfaltering faith and

honesty protect you from their schemes even if they want you to give in sadness and dis spare my darling know that you

are not fighting this fight alone standing as your champion and devoted to guiding you to Triumph I am a towering

Titan continue on your path with steadfast trust knowing that I am here to help you and that my spirit will give

you the power you need your future becomes brighter becoming a blessing is

a Heavenly calling that goes beyond just personal satisfaction therefore even

when I am exhausted my love for you does not waver in order to stress how

important it is that you take care of yourself I may gently suggest that you get some sleep don’t be afraid I will

lead you through all the many diversions that life throws at you my sincere congratulations and blessings are like a

supernatural hand resting Softly on your shoulder a gentle reminder to take it

easy pray and nurture yourself I am aware of the fact that you

commit to our communion on a daily basis I am always astounded by your steadfast devotion and perseverance trusting in my

guidance has become second nature to you and your thankful heart is a source of

strength for you and your loved ones remember what Jesus said come to me all

you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest when you seek him you

will find comfort and renewal despite the difficulties I am confident in my love and the promises made in Psalm

my shepherd is the Lord there is nothing I am missing he drives me to lay

down amid verdant Meadows following his example I was led to the peaceful Riverbank he revitalizes my spirit while

you relax pray and fuel yourself let these words be your guidance my love for

you is immeasurable and I pray that you will always walk tall and proud secure in the knowledge that I will be there to

support you every step of the way you are smart brilliant and Savvy don’t

let the criticism of others depress you your confidence in me your heavenly

father has led you to recognize your way as you experience the wonders of Life

those around you look on with Envy the envious are always looking for new ways

to observe the Miracles you’re experiencing you are more than meets the eye I can see right through the envy

that seeks to find ways to criticize you based on your looks you are aware of my affection for you and I will not stand

for it when others spread lies about you in order to harm you I was there for you

when you needed me most and I will never leave you again as I see you grow in faith and maturity so have no fear my

child by entrusting me with your life your heart and your family you have made

the smartest Choice possible thank you for being a part of my life while I hold

you this week you will be safe and protected providing for your family will require immense bravery but you will

achieve your goals to the best of your ability wrap on every door you can think

of on this particular day I am organizing all things in their correct positions including the people and the

situations you will sense my strength as I speak you have already won and I’m

helping you turn everything over to you but first I must reawaken your trust you

have you have to keep believing in yourself and trusting yourself many people including even members of your

own family have used foul language to attack you you come to see that individuals Target you not only out of

animosity but also out of jealousy they see the unique quality in you and make

no effort to Harbor resentment or more crucially plan Vengeance I am now

alleviating any anxiety you may be feeling your request is in accordance with my will and I will give you the

wonderful things you seek from me in my time now that I am filling your life with Serenity and pleasure I still have

a long way to go so I beg that you be patient with me those who would do you

harm will be removed from your path by my hand friends that value you care for

you and love you will find me even if we have to go a long distance I am here to

revolutionize your life trust me I’ll get it done I am about to accomplish

miracles for you and your family and you must be prepared to accept them I am

pleased that you are someone who listens carefully and acts on my word pray not

just for those near and dear to you but also for those who are far away my

mighty hand is swaying in your favor as your petition approaches my Throne your

character will undergo significant transformation and you will have an even stronger will to pursue and realize your

aspirations I am showering your life and the lives of your loved ones with my

affection enjoy this day to yourself free from distractions there will be

those who want to derail you from your journey entangled in their own problems and jealous of your potential for Joy

listen my kid no one has the right to put you down or discourage you you need

to be prudent which is why I’m warning you people with bad motives might put

your life in jeopardy therefore you should be very careful with them

although I will safeguard you I respect your autonomy the Devil May divert your

attention and take some of the gifts that are already within your grasp if I am not a part of your decision-making

process and if I am not your top priority come to me every day listen to

my word and I will give it to you joyfully I am speaking these wise words

to you with all my heart so that you may understand my boundless love for you my

care for you and the fact that you have entrusted me with your life and heart so that you can rest easy knowing that I am

holding everything may you be filled with hope and Tranquility never forget

my affection for you take a look around experience my Tranquility I am all

around you allow me to envelop your soul permit me to bestow on you the gift of

Tranquility there is a lot of stress in the world and other people will do their best to confuse you and make you pay for

their errors but at this very time when we are together you will not let the feelings of other people cause you

stress and unease a deep sensation of Serenity might wash over you as you

temporarily disengage from the outside world I hope you find this as lovely as

I do it is stunning to me it doesn’t matter whether it’s Dawn or morning we may do it daily I’m prepared for our

communion and a short conversation as soon as you open your eyes do not talk

you are not required to do so take it easy for now and come back to this place

with all your troubles later my friend when you’re in a state of deep relaxation no one can bring out the

worst in you every morning as the sun comes up I am ready to wrap you in love

and am at your service every morning I come here to greet you because I adore you an

abundance of help will come your way as you seize chances to serve and you and your family will be a delight to the

countries as you bring blessings upon them with my blessing my darling you

must always trust me and declare it loudly you don’t have to hold back your tears when you look up at the sky I can

feel the anguish in your heart put your trust in me as I hold you close I will hoist you up wash away your sins and

change your life whatever comfort and love you need I am here to provide them

to you feeling my genuine hug will bring tears to your eyes as soon as I fall in

love with you my heart wants to take away all of your suffering I know it has been a tough road for you your tears

which have landed on my palms and the words you have not said both echo in my ears I understand how you feel you have

a strong will yet you feel unloved and unworthy give my words your complete

attention I am filled to the brim with love as I speak you are worth an unlimited amount and I gave my life for

you the greatest sacrifice there is you are free from the shame and guilt that

others feel about you because I shed my blood on that cross after you’ve forgiven them offer me your grief

irritation Fury and wrath these emotions are tormenting you you must now forgive

yourself my dear May Tranquility envelop you let me bear the weight of your worries let go of the regrets you’ve

made they are not yours to Bear anymore my darling I pray that you have a life

filled with triumphs because I love you I mean really get out of bed today with

a new mindset I give you the wisdom to know that you are truly fortunate the

more you look at yourself the more opportunities for gratitude and benefits you’ll find the Celestial Kingdom hears

your praise you may open the floodgates of blessings plenty health and genuine

wealth through your worship join me in this if my love for you is genuine you

will sense My Embrace I pray that you recover quickly enough to hear my words let them settle into your heart and

experience the love I have for you I will always demonstrate my love for you even when you are exhausted and have no

desire to fight in times of anxiety I seek solace in you whenever you open

your eyes take comfort in the knowledge that I will never leave your side please

don’t ever question or believe that I care less about you because of your mistakes in the past keep your

imagination grounded in reality no matter what happens my love for you will

always be stronger and bigger if I lovingly embracing you today it is

because you mean the world to me you are deserving of my blessing because of my love for you the thought that you

persist in believing that you are Unworthy of my love annoys me do not allow anyone to deceive you into

believing that you hold less importance than others despite the fact that the

devil will always find a way to discourage you I am sending this message because each of my children is special

and important to me your emotions will not rise and fall with the tides if you

trust me because my love for you is unconditional your happiness your family

Serenity and your future success are my deepest wishes listen to my my words

first thing in the morning do you recall the lovely calm that washes over you whenever my ghost communicates with you

I will patiently await your arrival I would prefer it if you could listen to the details of my plans for you without

interference your heart will be healed as soon as you hear my words I will share with you some significant

information you will comprehend the rationale behind my insistence that you love not only your family but also

yourself just as I love you give me the chance to work my miracles in your life and you

will see them please assure me that you will my darling whatever it is that has

hurt you and is hurting you I don’t want it to happen to you now is the time to mend the emotional scars that remain

forget about the things you’ve been through in the past instead hold on to the wisdom you’ve gained from them from

this day onward trust me I will guide you towards a more favorable route I am

here for you at all times feel free to communicate with me and express your

desires when you have reached your Breaking Point feel free to sob and vent on my shoulder I hope you don’t trust

dishonest people who say they love you but will later turn on you and tell everyone about your secret business my

beloved child I beg you to study my word so you may know me better to come to me

when you need something and to get up and do the work I have for you my beloved my pray presence will

perpetually accompany you providing Solace you are about to enter a brand new world one that is brimming with

Limitless happiness the tears of Sorrow that once filled your eyes will no longer Cloud them know that there will

be tears when you witness my unfaltering commitment to you when they do visit you again instead of tears of sadness your

cheeks will shine with joy here in my arms do you have faith in me give it

your all is it your firm belief that you will be unharmed face me now all you

risk-takers by my dear take a short break before pressing on pay attention

seeing the good that you bring into this world makes my heart sing with joy and my love for you knows no bounds we

greatly appreciate your unwavering commitment to our relationship and your family your reliability is commendable

we greatly appreciate your unwavering commitment to our relationship and your family your reliability is commendable

you will put to good use the blessings I give you you have a positive outlook you

remain faithful and on the straight and narrow when I lead you you are different

from the majority of people in this world because you recognize the importance of bringing your family

children and young ones to me so that I can lead them on the straight and narrow path to happiness and success you can

feel my words resonating in your home you have done an outstanding job showing

me the respect I am due so I will always have faith that angels are watching over your house take stock of your family’s

priorities no matter what you do love and harmony will always be there honesty

and diligence are required of you speak no foul words they pierce the spirit and

strike without mercy your heart is full of mercy and I will wake you up every

day by being here with you bringing your emotions into to Harmony with my grace

your emotions will follow the predictable pattern of the sun’s rise and set harmonizing with one another

live each day to the fullest Serenity Zeal happiness and calm what we see here

is not a mere Miracle but rather the blessing that flows down from my Throne to those who seek me with all their

heart neither am I hidden nor am I hard to find a lot of people have their eyes

covered they say they’ll find me but they haven’t they will notice that I

have been standing before them the whole time when the curtain goes up over their heads I am absolutely beaming right now

a life well lived is a joy to me you have made my life better you are powerful and full of Vitality and

strength you are going to witness it firsthand no matter what you have to do

I will be here to help you out my love will envelop you you watch over me your

happiness and smile are powerful powerful symbols of my power and I want them to shine out into the world in your

life I am bestowing upon you unique abilities and encouraging qualities

devoted Companions and a family that upon seeing the Wonders you are becoming

will come to love and honor you eventually their Envy will subside but

they should not hold grudges or plot Vengeance if they encounter unexpected opposition this week those who want to

hurt you will show up just when you’re working hard to earn a living and your mind is racing with worries their goal

is for you to give up to give up on what you’ve accomplished thus far and to give up on my plan I am surrounding you with

a legion of powerful angels shine brightly you hold a special place in my

heart my darling bye my dear I am here to encourage you and provide the fortitude you need to persevere so you

should not give up I am sending you all all the power I have to ensure that trials do not overwhelm you and that you

are filled with the determination to rise up keep moving forward overcome obstacles and fight until the end you

have a history of success and Triumph the challenge you face today will not be insurmountable you will not succumb to

humiliation or defeat you will require tremendous bravery both now and in the

days ahead so hear me out and draw strength from my words a miraculous

event will transpire as a result of your unwavering trust in me will lead to a miraculous event you can get well

physically and financially through the power of my word be humble as you receive my blessings and remember the

people who are suffering as you give thanks be a blessing to those in need with your abundant resources and you

will see heaven’s doors open bringing joy and serenity into your home I wish

you and your loved ones peace and stability in your lives as well as the health and wisdom to enjoy many happy

years ahead you have to take my word for it we can all look forward to a brighter

future I can be loved by anyone a lot of your goals and aspirations that you

previously believed were impossible will soon become a reality there is no time

when your Mighty and Supernatural God isn’t by your side you can count on my

unwavering support care and protection both now and in the future

things will be different for you in the future that will be handled by me your enemies want you to give up and give in

if you encounter unforeseen difficulties this week if you encounter certain people who are against you if you are

working hard to make ends meet and if anxiety takes over you they want you to give up on your progress so far and give

into their plan to defend you from your foes I am dispatching a legion of powerful angels my darling you must

persevere remain steadfast keep your chin up you are in my presence you are

completely safe nobody can stand in your way come find me first thing in the

morning seek my face in the darkness believe in my abilities as you set out

on your journey I will watch over you in the wee hours of the morning as soon as you stand up again I will be there to

cheer you on we will overcome this obstacle and I promise you and your loved ones that we will be richly

blessed whether you remain steadfast in your belief or Retreat is entirely up to you however I am familiar with you and

your intentions I will convince you in the midst of this week when you least anticipate it you will hold fast to my

word you will achieve Triumph I’m here for you whenever you need me if you ever

feel the need to talk you know you can confide in me my words and deeds will never fail to express my undying love

for you your suffering is is over desperation has passed to you I want to

express my deepest feelings of love and care let my love and presence enter your

life no one will ever love you like I do that much I want you to know and feel

everything that’s on your mind and in your heart is known to me I promise you that this anguish will end today even if

you have thought about giving up and that it has been a long time since you wanted to get out of bed and greet the

day with energy and enthusiasm because sometimes the pain is that intense right now I am Reviving your

spirit showering you with the purest love that ever was wiping away your

sadness and filling your heart with immense Joy listening to me my darling

is a powerful way to release tension mend broken emotions take away suffering

and change your heart forever it is clear that you have been facing difficulties dealing with problems that

do not appear to have any any clear solution and that your spirit is becoming heavier by the day although you

may feel helpless in the face of your illness please know that I have been by your side since your conception and will

never abandon you now that you are fighting this battle because I knew you I took great care when I implanted you

in your mother’s womb your entire existence is a manifestation of my love

and purpose for you right now pay close attention because I am a about to share

some important news with you the miracle you have been praying for will come to

pass that mystical sign will appear in your life at the most unexpected moment

because I your father will release my divine power then you shouldn’t be

discouraged has faith in me the miracle you envision will materialize the moment has come for my

child to trust me and act on my promises let my presence envelop you a shield of

power and and elegance allow my heavenly power to heal you from the inside out

restoring every cell in your body so that you may finally receive your reward

I am aware that you have been seeking a Divine sign to alleviate your fear for quite some time now and that you have

been praying and seeking answers to your situation I want you to know that I have listened to your prayers and today is

your time we have taken note of your determination to persevere through the

story storms it was worth it to shed a tear I am notifying you that your

Harvest Time Has Arrived because I am fully aware of everything I am prepared

to shower you with my blessings and you will experience a miraculous change in your life raise your head and let go of

the things that have dragged you down the dark days are almost over even

though you are facing opposition I have set a table for you at which you will eat to the brim and you will experience

abundance beyond your wildest dreams stay strong and don’t let anything hold you back from reaching your full

potential my child never let skepticism or the devil’s words dim your faith you

must always keep in mind that I am the deity of the impossible and that with my

help nothing is impossible defeat what seems insurmountable as I mend the shattered

pieces of your life I will restore all that you have lost no matter what challenges you encounter my love and

strength will overcome them so have faith my child always keep in mind how

much I value you as my child if you are having trouble coping please do not

hesitate to confide in me no matter how big or small the problem is I’m here to

listen and help I promise to lend you a hand with anything you need always

remember that you can rely on me because I am here for you my darling child you

can rely on me no matter what I will lead you in the correct direction and provide the strength you need to conquer

any challenge do not lose faith in me because of my deep affection for you I

promise that if you do this I will be there for you every step of the way shouldering your worries and helping you

to relax a love so boundless and everlasting that it will never leave you

or let you fall guarantees that I will always be there to help you up the moment has come for you to give give me

complete control over your anxieties may my love envelop you my hands carry you and may my peace and

Tranquility bring you the rest you need don’t be concerned about how I will assist you in resolving all of your

issues I have already made all of the necessary arrangements I intend for you to be well to bless you and to prosper

simply put you must have faith in me and adhere to my instructions I will show

you the way to success and lead you to your your destination all you need to be happy is to have faith in my love my

child no matter what you can count on me to be by your side at all times I will

take it upon myself to alleviate your worries and problems you can trust that I the almighty God and father of your

children will never abandon you or abandon you prematurely you are aware my

love that I always keep my word have no dread worry or despair I am with you

constantly willing to lend you a hand I will always be here for you you can count on me as

your father whatever challenges you may be facing you are aware of the Limitless

love that I have for you if you ever feel like you’ve wandered away from me or are all confused and lost know that I

will never leave your side in the face of Despair believe my word and put your

complete faith in me I will do all that I say and more for you when you put your

faith in me I will make all things possible for you and even the most seemingly impossible things will become

evidence of my greatness the miracle you’ve been hoping for could come at any moment so keep your mind and Spirit open

you will be amazed by the depth of my love for you give me permission to intervene in all parts of your life and

make them fit my ideal plan never forget my darling that the miracle I’m about to

perform on you is not for your own gain share the Marvels I will perform in your life with everyone when your Miracle

occurs tell others about it testify to the power I have worked in your life and

encourage and uplift those who are still on the waiting list be ready to be a vehicle for the power and love I have

for you permit me to pour out my healing comforting and hopeful Spirit through

you to those who are suffering I pray that your story will shine a light in

the darkness and show that when you are with me anything is possible keep in

mind that my timing is impeccable as well even if you can’t fathom it have

faith that I’m Sovereign over everything keep going and don’t give up if my

promises don’t materialize right away I am actively facilitating your prosperity

and joy so you must remain steadfast in your faith never take my word for anything I will keep my promise keep

your focus on the task at hand and ignore the outside world’s distractions

as your devoted father I am prepared to mend broken relationships and shower you

with Abundant Blessings in the midst of every trial my beloved you will discover Solace Direction and knowledge in me I

promise that not even for a second I will abandon you today no matter how far

it seems or how long it takes I want you to know that I am by your side the whole way have faith that your actions will

bear fruit if they are Guided by wisdom and integrity holding you up and providing

strength I am by your side on this path you will encounter others put your

unwavering trust in my word and my promises do not give up if you do not

observe instantaneous outcomes at the ideal time until then Miracles will

continue to occur until the end of time comes my love and grace will accompany

you as you walk in obedience and communion with me bring all your cares and concerns to me and I will bear them

I can tell that you’ve been struggling under a lot of stress and that it’s having an adverse effect on your health

and happiness however you are not alone in this struggle I’ll be patiently

waiting for you to come to me and tell me everything that’s bothering you I am here for you ready to lend you a hand

whenever you need it no matter how big or tough your problems seem help is at hand and I can alleviate some of your

burden things that happen in the future or are out of your hands are not something you should be concerned about

put your faith in me and allow me to lead you after witnessing your hardships and worries I will gladly take care of

your business I understand the extent of your exhaustion and overwhelm that is

why it is important for you to understand that you have company no matter what happens you will always have

my love and protection because I am by your side keep in mind that I am capable

of overcoming any obstacle no matter how daunting it may appear to you do not

lose hope instead put your faith in me and allow me to Bear your weight and

concerns I am capable of overcoming any obstacle you should not let the burdens

of Life prevent you from pursuing your aspirations and Ambitions I will stand

by your side no matter what allowing you to unwind look I’ll lend you a hand on

this journey I vow I will not abandon you whenever you need someone you can

count on me to be there for you my mercy and love are always there for you my

beloved I am always ready to forgive you and welcome you into the arms of my infinite love do not let your worries

weigh you down any longer do not let yourself be consumed by fear and despair

have faith in my existence and in the depths of my infinite love rest assured

that I’m capable of handling any challenge that comes my way you can have faith that I will never stop looking for

ways to help you put to rest any shadow of uncertainty that may creep into your

mind cling steadfastly to my teachings and may your confidence in my heavenly promises serve as the Bedrock of your

authentic Joy you should know that I your loving father am working hard to

help you may you receive Grace and blessings in every aspect of your life

therefore do not hesitate to ask for my help whenever you need it because I hear your prayers and understand all your

needs whenever you need strength I am here for you even in your darkest hours

when these things happen please come to me and put your worries concerns and

problems in my hands with my blessing you will find peace and strength to

follow my advice and Advance all of your dreams and Ambitions are within my sphere of benign influence so I am

confident in my ability to help you achieve not just your goals but even greater success if you ever find

yourself in the darkest of times know that my Divine wisdom will shine a light on the way out have faith that this

radiation will lead you to Redemption prosperity and boundless Joy give up

worrying about things you can’t control because in my omniscience I have seen into your future I look forward to a

plethora of blessings and a deep purpose that lies ahead re recognizing that

every event in your life is intricately designed for your well-being joy and fulfillment you have faith in my

meticulous plans for you consequently I beg you again not to give into

hopelessness or hardship I will always be by your side I am here to help to

Shield you and to love you profusely my presence will remain with you until the end of time because I am more than just

a God I am your loving father please God I humbly ask for a token of appreciation

if this heavenly message has guided you


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