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my beloved come rest with me a while there are pressing matters we must

discuss concerning the path laid out before you for some time now you have wandered

in the wilderness traveling in circles trapped in Cycles not planned by me I

see the weariness in your eyes The Fading Embers of Hope in your soul do not lose

heart your days of wandering draw to an end even now you stand at a Crossroads a

pivotal point in your story the hour has come for you to decide will you remain on the

Troublesome Trail you have always known or take the hand I extend to guide you onto the road of

Promise consider the path behind you scattered with unfulfilled dreams and

hearts left wanting how long have you walked tracks

molded by footsteps not your own Generations trod there before for you

locked into Hollow patterns that reap only disillusionment the enemy whispered

tempting shortcuts that seemed right but led only to ruin mirages of oases arose

false hopes leaving not but thirst time and again you found yourself at dead ends lost in bewildering

futility still you Rose every morning yearning longing for change yet beholding the same

Vistas do not sink into spare my beloved Freedom stands close at hand release

from the wastelands binding your soul in pointlessness the Cycles hemming your

days in monotonous repetition are shattered no longer must you wander

confined in their futility ahead the landscape breaks open

fresh and wide a land I have prepared brimming with Promise New Horizons

beckon your spirit to soar dreams long forgotten now Blossom with life

blessings kept in reserve spill forth like a long awaited anthem yet even as

hope rises within you I see roots of hesitation taking hold the familiar path

at your feet Harbors cold comfort its Bleak terrain blankets the fears and

falsehoods holding you captive abandoning it means surrendering the last vestages of your self-rule

the unknown looms like an unexplored Wilderness holding trials beyond your

sight you stand at a precipice of decision torn between clinging to your

own Direction and trusting my guiding hand let me speak directly into the

struggle raging within lay down your stubborn grip on your own wisdom and strength both will

utterly fail you on the road ahead the path of Promise requires new eyes to see

childlike trust in my Flawless design without it you will stumble blindly in

cycles of futility and doubt playing into ruts worn through years of fruitless

toil have you not seen the dead end of that course already the repeated failures draining your soul the enemy

hisses that safer ground lies in familiar futility rather than surrender to the mysterious

unknown he is a deceiver his promises of security conceal only ruin and spiritual

starv ation yet a life-giving call resonates in your spirit bidding you take

courage no longer trudge the desolate track of Independence doomed to

weariness instead place your hand wholly in mine entrust yourself fully to my

shepherding the way ahead holds no Terror for those abiding under my wing

dangers unfathomable to you lie bare before my gaze my light reveals each step unearthing

snares before your feet can fall lean upon my strength which will never fail

you drink from my living water and thirst no more feed upon the bread of my

word and hunger no more abandon yourself to my keeping and fear no more storms

may still arise and winds Roar yet in the shelter of my presence you will find

unshakable peace this is the Kingdom’s way Beloved the path of Promise your

soul yearns after yet shrinks back from in fear it winds through Green Pastures

and Still Waters into Realms of Glory unseen by mortal eyes wonders await

there beyond your deepest longing Beauty stealing your breath away Joy surpassing

understanding floods of healing for wounds etched on your soul release from

shackles forged Through The Years an Awakening more glorious than Dawn’s first light all this I pledge to you if

only you will come so I ask you plainly at this critical

juncture will you persist on the desolate Road leading only to futility and destruction or will you grasp my

outstretched hand and let me Shepherd you into the Abundant Life promised from of

old weigh the options soberly the choice is yours alone and you must choose without delay

lay even now the Sands run low in The Hourglass marking the moment of decision

encircling you behind lies the wastelands their futility

exhausted before you the landscape shimmers painted in colors and possibilities too stunning to behold my

whisper beckons come let us Walk This untrodden Road Together As I unveil

wonders beyond your farthest imaginings you have but to entrust yourself to my care reach for my hand I

will lead you into the fullness I have prepared for you before the foundations of the earth my child I see you stand at

a Crossroads where paths diverge and a choice must soon be made for so long you have walked roads familiar and

straightforward Trails perhaps comfortable yet ultimately circular always arriving back at the starting

point know this if you persist on these well-worn tracks you will perpetually

end up where you began reaping the same lack dressed in different

disguises it Grieves me to watch my beloved trapped in cycles of limitation

ever striving yet never moving forward hoping ever for more but receiving only

more of the same my heart breaks when fleeting provision serves only to Spotlight

lingering lack when partial blessings underscore that which remains just Out Of Reach for for my gifts bring no

sorrow No Lack no ounce of instability I give not in portions or

temporary Supply but in fullness abundance excess and completeness I am the god of more than

enough Eternal provision the inexhaustible source and Unlimited Supply So Hear Me be wary of counterfeit

Comforts The fleeting Treasures of man serve only to distract from your heavenly inheritance already purchased

already secured already prepared for you before the dawn of time refuse partial

gifts when completeness awaits you reject loans when owned outright scorn

that which Fades when the unfading lies readily within your grasp instead choose the path seldom

traveled revealed not by Earthly wisdom but heavenly vision the way seen Darkly

in glimpses and traces through veils obscuring mortal eyes the road leading

to Sacred Realms long echoed in your most hallowed dreams to Blessings you’ve never known increase Beyond Your Wildest

imaginings the comfort of the familiar will call for you to remain yet just

beyond sight wonders await unknown on roads where I alone go before to prepare

the way roads that carve through trackless Wilds across harsh terrain

requiring complete trust in my provision and perfect leadership yet yes the unknown terrifies when my still Small

Voice alone guides your steps and yet what path walked in close step with your

creator could be called unsafe would I ever lead you into Barren Wasteland devoid of care and keeping

have I not sworn rivers of refreshment to sustain you even in the harshest climate I will reveal Secrets long

hidden from Mortal eyes bestow blessings Beyond any Earthly counterpart I will

unlock do doors into Realms of Glory part Seas of tribulation crumble

barriers deemed insurmountable I will Shepherd you into places I Has Not Seen Nor Ear heard

realities beyond the farthest reaches of human imaginings I will lead you ever deeper

into the profound mystery of who I am as I craft for you a future Beyond Your

Wildest Dreams the decision is yours my child

will you continue circling the same cramped trails knowing their every pothole and Pitfall

by heart or will you allow me to guide you into Uncharted abundance unfamiliar

epitomes of blessing New Frontiers of breakthrough anointed just for you the

choice is yours but so too is my loving counsel I created you for more my

precious one more than recycled pain repeated lack refurbished limitations

handed down generation after generation I formed you in my image for fresh

blessings customized glories a Heritage of inheritance marked by firsts rather

than repeats yes stepping into unfamiliar newness will feel uncomfortable at first

but has not your soul grown weary of the same old struggles the same old aches the same old poverties branding your

bloodline for decades Untold are you not tired of fighting the same fights shedding the same tear ear

scratching out survival within the same scarcities that starved your forefathers I am doing a new thing my

child new blessings new victories new Delights with your name written all over

them I know it is frightening to step off the precipice of the known into the Unseen Realms of Faith but I promise

your testing times will pale next to the Wonders I have prepared for you your

stumbling footsteps on unfamiliar paths will give way to dancing on streets of

gold your shivering nights in the wilderness will melt into warm Embraces

in your forever home walk the new ways I set before you beloved one ways lined

with Miracles and paved with Grace ways that may perplex other Travelers content

to pla the same tired Trails ways that feel unfamiliar as you

learn to hear my voice above the noisy clamor of this world’s empty

options but ways that lead to Long awaited encounters with your destiny unlikely oases overflowing with

blessings tables set for you in the presence of enemies and way pavers

alike child it is time time to trade the trudging endless March of futility for

fresh courses charted just for you time to loose yourself from the shackles of

limitations past and step boldly towards Horizons bright with promise time to lift your eyes from the

circle of Dusty roads at your feet and Glimpse The Soaring vistas of Glory that

await all who walk with Heaven as their guide for now you stand poised between the familiar and unknown stuck at the

intersection of more of the same and seasons of increase beckoning your

name which way will you turn when the moment comes whose voice will you heed when I

prompt you to depart from the paths of old will you continue trudging the tired

Circuit of least resistance or will you allow me to guide you into Adventures Wilder and more

wondrous than your boldest dreams the decision is yours but so too

is my wisdom should you seek it and my strength to uphold you should you stumble and my spirit to train you in

the ways of abundance should the path seem unclear at first yet yes the choice rests in your

hands but never forget that your shepherd’s hands rest tenderly on your shoulders ready to steer you along

courses of righteousness ready to catch you should you fall for I know the plans I have for you

I stand ready to give you a future and a hope to pour out streams in the wilderness and rivers in the desert to

make a way where there seems to be no way for nothing is too wonderful for me to give my beloved one

no Destiny too astonishing for my children to claim no Adventure is too extraordinary for those who walk in

close step with their creator this is my heart for you my precious precious child

more than enough new Every Morning wells in the Wasteland streams where you least expect

my joy ever and always to pour out Bountiful blessings that remind you of

how cherished you are how delighted I am in you how I sing over you with gladness

and pride you my beloved are the apple of my eye carved into my hands written

on my heart delighted in as my treasured possession for all eternity I have good

works prepared for you long before this day paths that lead to life and freedom

and purpose your part is to trust me one step at a

time yesterday’s stories tell of doubt and fear you have put on my divine

nature and share in my Resurrection Life Heaven’s Viewpoint and resources are

yours by Faith from this high place you can see the ends of the Earth no obstacle is too great take hold

of the authority given you and speak light into the foggy Paths of confusion my vision is clear and

unfailing for long Generations my children have settled for scraps and dwelt in the outer courts of my goodness

but the veil is torn the way is open now you can dwell in the inner sanctuary of

my presence and know me face to face ask listen draw from my unlimited

resources don’t settle for partial when my wholeness awaits the lies of lack and broken

identity cannot stand in this atmosphere of Abundant Life Believe again the truth of who you

are in me chosen loved filled with my spirit of wisdom and power fear holds No

Dominion here only love which casts it out you will not find legalism but Grace

upon Grace as you come to understand all I have made available don’t shrink back but dare to go deeper still the old

mindsets cannot contain what I am giving new wine will spill out as new vessels

come hungering for more of me stand in awe but do not doubt for I am doing a new thing in your day generations of

captivity end with you my child no longer submit to the tug of old family

curses seeking to pull you back their power is broken as you surrender your life into my hands the cycle stops here

so now child of Destiny set your heart to listen and I will show you your unique path prepared in advance for your

feet to walk into a glorious inheritance the excuses end today

no longer can you say I don’t know the way for I live within you to guide your

every step this is the battle already fought and won only believe and receive

this Victory as your own fear may knock at your door confusion may try to Cloud

your mind but now you know who you are and whose you are within your weakness

my power is shown as strong so do not tremble only believe there is nothing

impossible for those who trust in me and if for a moment you fall my grace

reaches down to lift you again soon your faith will be steadfast established on

the unshakable rock of my faithful love you will look back one day with joy on

these trials that built within you a trust to endure I am transforming you have I not

promised this long ago through my prophets not one word will fail but all

will come to pass the way may wind through difficult places but fear no evil my rod and staff

guard you and you bear my name every step takes you deeper into my glory if

threats rise up to make you doubt or fear stand on my promises and face each obstacle with

praise worship awakens my power and silences the lies this hope is alive

within you an inextinguishable flame no Darkness can overcome

you are my workmanship not one is lost when offered up into my care allow me to shape you

without resistance to my perfect plan like clay take on the form I designed

specifically for your highest Joy yield fully that my fullness May inhabit you and overflow into other lives say yes to

the call which has resounded for eternity over your life no more missing the signs and appointed times now is the

hour only believe and align every fiber of your being with me Mountains will fall

chains will break suddenly the new wine skin pours out and you run without limit into all I have ordained beloved child

you have found your purpose prepared from ancient times for this climax of the ages when all that was promised will

be fulfilled don’t settle for less than my fullness all depends on where you fix

your sight on temporary scenes that pass away or on unseen Eternal realities

birthed in your life by Faith’s Vision lift up your eyes for the fields

are ripe for Harvest around you no longer isolate yourself in doubt or hide

your light for fear it is too small it only takes a spark to set the world

Ablaze as you pour yourself out to help others I am pouring into you rivers of New

Life freely receive that you might freely give do not judge the day of

Small Beginnings but Rejoice Mustard Seed Faith moves mountains of impossibility when rooted

in my word cling to the vision spoken over your life when first you heard my call hold it tightly when the

Fulfillment terries a thousand years is a day in my sight though the wait seems

long at the set time I will not delay what I have promised I will perform with Swift and decisive action in the

solitary place I have established your roots down deep deep in me our fellowship is sweet my

child now the day of manifestation arrives when my life within you Springs

up a visible well-watered Garden bearing Bountiful fruit to feed multitudes the sapling grows into a tree

of righteousness my dwelling place under its branches the Nations will find my

healing shade no more hiddenness I am taking you public with

the gifts prepared for this very hour what you have spoken in secret will be heralded from the rooftops my Spotlight

of favor Shines on you my glory rests as a canopy over your life you will never

lack my presence or my provision as you continue to abide in the peace I give which rules your heart fear and anxiety

melt away in this secret place where I share my heart and make known my ways

daily renew your strength as you wait on me allow my Living Word to wash your mind mind and uproot the seeds and weeds

of wrong thinking or false belief plant my promises deep they will take root and

bear much good fruit in due time the Harvest is ripening as you align more closely with me in fervent prayer ask

largely and believe without doubting then rise from your knees armed for Action ready to receive all I am pouring

into your life this day each moment is ripe with Divine potential Heaven’s

storehouses of riches and blessings are open wide stretch out your hands in

faith to take hold of more than you can imagine or think to request for I am able to do far beyond

all you ask or imagine according to my power working mightily in you say Amen

to this Mighty work underway this moment lift up your voice with joyful gratitude

for what I am establishing even when you cannot yet see the fullness faith sees the Unseen and gives

thanks therefore I silence the voices of Doubt delay and limitation seeking Your

Allegiance put no confidence in past failures or defeats appoint your eyes on the Unseen

Eternal now pouring into the present by me old labels and mindsets wither away

you are no victim of circumstance but my beloved child when I look on you I see

Christ in you my hope of glory the seed within you cannot be contained as new

life Springs up boldly death is swallowed up in Victory every dark

history now bowed down to this light exploding in and around you full of my

resurrection life without measure nothing Remains the Same as my power

touches and transforms believe again this gospel manifesting in your day immeasurably

more than you asked or imagined possible do not cut short my work with small

expectations for Those whom I have chosen enter my story where time and matter yield to the Eternal now bursting

forth like the dawn to inhabit your life A New Hope against hope for I am the god

of impossible miracles of dormant life awakened after days in a

grave of infinite paths cut through roaring seas and deserts on fire for my

beloved ones lift up your cry of faith nothing is too difficult for me align

your vision with my vision begun Before Time When I saw your days and ordained

each step into my glory and purpose that ancient Vision now time

travels Into the Now with Resurrection Life to revive long buried promises and

awaken gifts prepared for you from the foundation of the world child cling tightly to my Visions

spoken over your life into the womb of those Vision seeds I breathe my life I

open your eyes to see again from Heaven’s view this new day birthing in you the fullness of my son his

transforming Grace reaches into the deepest recesses of your inner life into

secret chambers of hurt and failure now lit with my healing

light vulnerability before me ushers in the life flow of repentance and bold

faith that manifest my resurrection power in you now together in my eternal plans as

you yield your limited sight to Faith’s Vision the Unseen bridge between Heaven

and Earth binding past present and future eternally into this precious

moment with me beloved see your life a new from my view your moments lace with

Divine potential to walk in the path I have uniquely chosen for your feet do not say I cannot for with me all

things are possible to those who believe speak this Gospel of Mighty I am into

your day no matter how things may appear call those things not now seen into

present substance through surrender and bold decrees of Faith as you speak my word it will not return void but run

swiftly to perform my purposes in you and through you lift High my banner of

Faith over your life under this canopy Miracles unfold lead now where once you

only followed the crowd take ground once deemed impossible for my kingdom is now

forcefully advancing through your life no more hiding in caves I call you forth

into public places shined on by my face others will see me and you as you go to

release captives still imprisoned by lies and unbelief there is Authority and power

given you because of my life within no more fear or shrinking back PL plunder

dark strongholds by proclaiming freedom to those still despairing of life and hope in this hour lead them out into

joyful expectation found in me show them by your life the path of life for as you

pour yourself out you walk deeper into revelation of Oneness with me gaze again

at the Nations shining with my light and life through all those whom I am Awakening in this hour to usher in my

day of harvest the long awaited promises flowering into reality at last all

creation is on tiptoe awaiting the glory soon to be revealed through my vessels

of Honor prepared for battle lift up a mighty shout for what I am doing among

the nations in these last of the last days you are alive in this significant hour to be a living demonstration of

resurrected life without measure as my testimony radiates from within your life all will see and take

new courage no pep talk or therap therapy but radical demonstration of my

all-conquering love channeled through redeemed lives to shake up unbelief across the Earth no place left for doubt

or hiding when exposed to my glory manifest through you signs and wonders

will attend the commissions I have called you to fulfill speak my word boldly and just believe Miracles confirm

the authority given you in my name Rivers now flow out bringing life and

renewal everywhere you walk in surrendered trust to me no longer sit

passive at the gates but rise up healed and whole to walk the gospel message vividly displayed through a life offered

up to reveal more of me abandoned fully to call unafraid to

give answer to Relentless love that compelled Me to the Cross to purchase your freedom and

joy I have chosen you to Bear my name wherever you go you are the radiant one

clothed in garments of Grace sent to awaken those still asleep to Greater realities found in me awake to who you

are and why you are here your moments are pages in a Divine story still

unfolding as you walk in step with me listen closely for my voice of wisdom and guidance take no step unless

convinced I have ordained your path you are learning well the sound and sight of Heaven invading Earth through a

surrendered life these training moments fashion you into a sharper arrow in my quiver at this climax of the ages much

lies just ahead though dimly perceived through mortal sight but child my vision

is sure seeing through and beyond all that must yet unfold upon the Earth this

eternal weight of Glory empowers you to walk lightly through transient Sorrows

here is perspective solidly under your feet you are but visiting this broken planet for a breath an adventurer

Ambassador heralding another other reality anchored safely Beyond mortal reach in Heaven’s Glory now walking

among men learn to discern what originates from above and what Springs up from

below my child you must understand that the life I’ve given you serves as a beacon revealing the falsehoods and

deceptions that cloud human Minds cling fervently to Purity truth and honor for

these virtues are a reflection of me do not entertain the darkness that masquerades is light boldly speak the

truth and let it dissolve the lies that oppose my word remember you have been granted

Authority in Realms unseen enabling you to influence Earthly

events this power is for the Fulfillment of my grand design through those who

dedicate themselves to my glory give me everything your whole being as a canvas

for my Divine creativity this is a time of boundless

possibilities let your mindset be transformed by my word the old

constraints can no longer hold back what I intend to do through a life wholly surrendered to me remove the limits make

room for me and I will fill you abundantly with my presence in me you

will find all that you need and through a life humbly anchored in me my blessings will flow

unimpeded I call you to a higher place beside me where you reside in full

stature and Authority my kingdom has been established on Earth as it is in heaven

step forward for I have opened doors once concealed from you claim your

inheritance a legacy bought at a great price don’t waste any more time your

destiny awaits your fully awakened life the barriers will Retreat as you declare

my name enter into your Divine calling for I have prepared a path for you

embrace the journey for in my name and through your faith you will experience

the fullness of what I have planned for you

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