MY CHILD SOMETHING IS COMING…। God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my child there is much happening around

you that tries to push you away from me

but know that I am with you through it

all the enemy wishes to discourage you

but I have surprises in store that will

uplift and encourage

you the closer you draw to something

good and beautiful I have for you the

harder the forces of Darkness will try

to resist and turn you

back like a woman enduring intense labor

pains before the joy of New Life emerges

the Breakthrough you seek brings intense

struggle before you reach your

destination how many times have you

wanted to quit right before your Miracle

manifested yet afterward you were so

grateful you persevered you may not have

even realized the blessing was so close

yet you kept pressing on anyway and when

you finally witnessed what I had for you

you rejoiced that you did not give up or

choose a different path that could have

led you astray my dear one staying the

course of my guidance has saved your

life many times even when it made no

sense to you like when I instructed Noah

to build an ark when there was no sign

of rain or flood the call to obedience

can seem foolish in the moment Noah

endured ridicule and struggle constantly

tempted to abandon the mission but

afterward safe with his family and the

Animals As the storm raged on he thank

thanked me for pressing him not to quit

many people wonder why they suffer

attacks when they have done nothing to

deserve it you feel buffeted from many

sides your character maligned your peace

disrupted through no fault of your own

this Injustice rightly frustrates you

but if you could see the true volume of

schemes the devil has designed against

you because of your destiny you would be

overwhelmed out of Mercy I filter most

most of them from ever touching you the

arrows you feel are but splinters of the

torrent meant to take you

out but I will never leave or forsake

you I take the full brunt

myself faithful to protect you my

precious child you will come through

this stronger trained for future Battles

by what you now endure stay near my

heart and know I have surprises of Joy

prepared for you cling to my words more

than the visible circumstances around

you I Delight to bless you even while

storms rage keep listening for my

instructions to steer your

vessel though you feel clueless on how

to navigate keep following my guidance

one step at a time let me teach you as

we walk together do not fear making

mistakes for through them you learn how


overcome none of this takes me by

surprise I will use it all for your good

I know the gifts deposited within you

our walk together draws them out what I

originate I complete so lift your eyes

Precious Child of

Mine the Billows around you do not

indicate my displeasure but the enemy’s

futile attempts to shut down your

destiny his schemes may seem lethal but

flow through filters of my love and

power only my purposes for you will

ultimately stand

that breakthrough draws near as you

align your steps with

mine yes the birth pangs intensify but

that means the arrival nears the

intensity signals that your perseverance

and my power will soon display Something

Beautiful the momentum cannot stop now

as I told you I have surprises in store

that will overwhelm you with joy and

amazement in days ahead no more will the

enemy’s lies compete with the visible

tangible tokens of my

faithfulness do not give in now when you

have overcome so much to arrive at this


threshold what I birth carries far more

weight than what tries to end you cling

to me as the contractions Crescendo my

presence in the fire shuts the lion’s

mouth and blunts the fiery darts I too

once endured the hatred of men and felt

forsaken yet my obedience birthed

Resurrection Life and salvation for

multitudes in including you I understand

your sorrow and share in your suffering

You are not alone in this Valley keep

walking forward in trust as I illuminate

each step every attempt against you now

fortifies you with an overcoming

tenacity you did not have before the

battle battles that once intimidated you

from a distance will seem small compared

to what you endure

presently this conflict indicates your

rank and Authority are rising in the

spirit Spirit provoking the

backlash but I declare to you greater is

he that is in you than he that is in the

world and the same spirit that raised

Christ from the dead dwells in you the

pit aimed for you becomes the very

platform I shall Elevate you

upon my beloved lift your gaze again

from the stormy waves that surround to

the one who walks upon them at your side

do you realize in all this war your

focus is shifted to the enemy’s schemes

and his puppet leaders more than to my

love and promises for you take back that

access you have relinquished through

fear retrain your eyes on things above

where I Reign there resides your

unshakable city your sanctuary of Peace

the evil one knows that as you

ReDiscover the power of my presence his

spells over you

weaken in my light his Darkness loses


grip for for my desire is to shower you

always with blessings even in the

darkness as in days of old I divided the

Red Sea that stood between my children

and their Destiny the hour again nears

for another Divine rescue another

Conquest where what opposes you shall be

cast down for I go before you into

battle for in the fry you discover

aspects of me you would behold no other

way some Revelations only unfold in


Peter saw weakness in himself that drove

him closer to my heart in turmoil he

found an intercession power he did not

know he had his failure prepared him for


leadership you perceive this season only

as loss yet I declare it will multiply

what you have sown in faith and

obedience over long years I ordain for

you a harvest of righteousness and peace

that cannot be sabotaged or

stolen I will surprise you not only with

salvation from every weapon forged

against you but with sudden favor and

provision from unexpected

places I dispatch my heavenly hosts with

bread from my very throne room they even

now take up assignments on your behalf

overt and covert the wind of the spirit

prepares to fill your sails in renewed

strength before this you have known me

as provider healer savior

but now you will know me as deliverer

Liberator Champion over every foe I give

you an authority in prayer and decree

you have yet to employ I teach Your

Hands to War and your fingers to do

battle with skillful accuracy no weapon

formed against you shall ultimately

succeed the waiting time has expired

before you now stands open doors enemies

tried to shut with Heavenly keys in your

grip you unlock doors to progress and

Vindication you have long awaited Divine

connections resources and Revelations

shall converge upon you suddenly where

you sowed tears I Now command a joyous

harvest the night has passed and the sun

of a new day Dawns for you yes the

stretch intensifies but the destined

moment of release draws nigh child of

Destiny lift your gaze again to me see

me now as I am in my beauty allow my

love to overwhelm fear in these final

moments for you shall see it happened

just as I told you as with job my

restoration will saturate every area my

justice will prevail and your courageous

stand through it all is about to reap

abundantly as my goodness chases you

down the trajectory now moves upward

with sudden release I bless my faithful

ones who gave all to stand with me in

their hour of trial

and I Crown these Overcomers With

Honor Sweet Child take your place now

among these Victor Warriors dust

yourself off and reconnect to my

heartbeat of Pride over you for the

spoken promises Over You Now activate

with power to transform you renew your

mind now to receive all I have prepared

for you as an overcomer for the extremes

you endured equip you to assist others

walking through their own valleys

the enemy shutters at this next wave of

leaders now

emerging therefore identify yourself not

as a victim but as a giant slayer and


Conqueror Rejoice then at the refinement

this season has produced through torment

and pressure you discovered how near I

remained all the while the forces that

opposed you were but foot stools leading

you into higher Realms of influence and

no beloved one every attack sent against

you now reverses upon the enemy’s head I

ordain Angel armies to intervene now

with my judgment what the devil sent to

harm you shall Boomerang as severe

consequences upon him and his puppet

leaders I decree The Winds of Change now

accelerate the generals of the Army of

Darkness fall helpless before Heaven’s

host they topple into ruin while you

rise ever high

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