MY CHILD IT’S SERIOUS । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my beloved

child you have been on quite a

journey I have walked with you through

Darkness and

Light I know the questions that stir in

your heart the hopes that lift your

spirit the doubts that cloud your

mind I

understand I call you to rise now shake

off the dust of yesterday’s troubles the

past is gone the future

Unwritten this day gleams with Poss

ability what do you desire name it is it

purpose I will show you where your

talents meet the world’s

needs is it

Prosperity I will guide you to generous

work that enriches not only your coffers

but your

soul is it

love I will connect you to friends and

communities where you are

valued is it

Adventure together we will Forge an

exciting path the only only limit is

your capacity to dream yet you pause I

see the reservations written on your

face you recall past disappointments

times when dreams collapsed you wonder

if you dare reach out again for what has

eluded your grasp let me assure you dear

one I know you have been hurt but true

life means risking hurt again a heart

securely locked away cannot flourish you

were made for joy made to love and be

loved say yes to New Beginnings consider

the sun does it refuse to rise for fear

that clouds may come no it pours out

light be like the sun give your gifts

freely each day holding nothing back

some days clouds will indeed

arrive but they never overcome the

bright conviction pulsing at your core

you are my beloved child We Will Walk

This Road

together on that Journey avoid ruts and

routine listen I whisper invitations to

unexpected opportunities chances to

shake things up take a creative risk see

through fresh

eyes the world is filled with holy

detours shimmering moments daring

Ventures that can awaken new passions


directions but you must attune your ear

to my voice be ready to depart the

well-worn path and explore when I call


onward as you travel through your days

carry compassion with you when you

encounter suffering let your first

response be

kindness see those who hurt through eyes

of Mercy reach out to help bear their

burdens for even a small relief of pain

or worry can lift someone’s spirit like

the sun breaking through

clouds my creation contains no

disposable Souls even the most outwardly

troubled person person has potential for

goodness within watch for that goodness

nurture it let it hearten and inspire

you but have no need to judge I know my

own leave their judging to me when doors

open to serve step gladly through use

your gifts whatever they may be in

causes greater than

yourself every Act of unselfish service

chips away callousness in human hearts

dissolving barriers of fear that

separate my

children does this feel like an

impossible task you need not transform

your World overnight just remain willing

ready to help however needed in the

place and time where you

stand opportunities to give to uplift to

encourage will then unfold before you

seize them with an open heart soon you

will Marvel at how many lives you have

touched you may doubt your adequacy for

any great work in my name I understand

such hesitation but I say courage I know

what you capable of better than you

yourself do I would not give you Visions

without equipping you to pursue them you

my beloved have everything needed to

flourish in my purposes you lack only

one thing

trust will you entrust yourself now

wholly to my guidance and Grace consider

the Open Hand EX ascended before you

place your hand in mine and walk with me

I have such joy to show you such love to

give you such redeeming work to share


you my dear child do not treat lightly

the talent for words I have given you

speech holds power to harm or to heal to

tear down or uplift a careless tongue

can inflict deep wounds while wise words

bring life I charge you use the gift of

language as a force for

Redemption when anger Sparks inside you

pause before

reacting seek the higher path return

good for evil bless those who persecute

you repay bitter words with gentle

answers dissolving hard hearts even face

cold Silence with warm continued

kindness love bears all things as

scripture says patience and mercy most

resemble me avoid pride in

eloquence consider your words mere Tools

in my hand any truth or beauty or

consolation you convey comes through you

not from

you without the Fountain of wisdom

flowing from above your well would run

dry if praise arrives for your speech

defer it to me not to us oh Lord not to

us but to your name give

Glory rather than chasing after fame or

social reward Focus simply on Faithfully

expressing the vision burning within

pursue excellence in craft yes but for

the work’s own sake right to uncover

truth convey meaning distill Insight

illuminate the human heart not to exalt

your name if notoriety comes unbidden

someday through quality alone wear it

lightly like an ill-fitting

coat beware the temptation to use words

solely for gain or

display do not pedal superficial

platitudes devoid of experiential

grounding shun language masking ulterior

motive may your communication spoken or

written stream always from a foundation

of Integrity do not speak truth

convincingly without first living it

convincingly only by walking your talk

will your talk bear weight when writing

let love and justice ice guide your pen

craft stories conveying Eternal themes

enduring across cultural bounds and

generations share wisdom transmitting

moral courage in oppressed places give

voice to the voiceless rally hope in

Realms ruled by cynicism and fear sound

blasts on your trumpet against walls of

Injustice name wrong screaming out for

writing doing so takes raw courage yes

but doing so plants seeds of chain

I know your passion for justice your

frustration with strongholds of inequity

entrenched through history but remember

even the most hardened systems and

dogmatic pillars of Oppression are

comprised at core of fragile human

beings demonize no one blanket

condemnation only breeds defensive

recoil keep raising voices of dissent

firmly but also

lovingly Advance the cause of liberation

through small acts of

reconciliation Hearts transformed gently

can become tomorrow’s Freedom Fighters

use imagination to craft Bridges across

chasms of understanding experiment

invent new paradigms fresh metaphors

unfamiliar symbols and narratives

powerful enough to unite disperate

perspectives Infuse reason with

tenderness admit fallibility yield the

floor to other views attentively

listening without Prejudice isue

arrogance cultivate humility in

discourse embody radical kinship seeing

each person as family thus will you seed


change but never forget you my beloved

child matter more to me than any success

achieved not a claim nor Legacy can

compare in value to who you are whose

you are my precious one for whom I

gladly gave my life life you are the

reason I whispered these dreams into

your heart in first place May seeing

them unfold bring you

Joy as a caring father I understand my

children more deeply than they may

realize I see their innermost fears know

their secret doubts my wisdom far

exceeds their own when they question why

the journey is arduous or guidance

unclear they lack the vision to

comprehend my motiv IES like a Potter

molds clay into a vessel I form your

lives according to my design every

circumstance has purpose detours and

roadblocks are not obstacles or delays

to Vex you they shelter you from trials

you cannot yet face hardships make you

sturdy and strong for greater tests to

come be patient when the path seems

Meandering or slow I led Israel so

carefully because my beloved treasure

wandered through a hostile land without

my protection Predators would have torn

them asunder but with me a shelter the

people had no cause to

fear by day I was pillar of cloud to

shade them by Night Pillar of Fire to

make their way

clear when you walk through the valley

of the shadow of death why fear

evil my rod and staff guard you my hand

guides you even when the journey is

exhausting the way unclear hold fast I

know the plans I have for you plans to

prosper you not harm you trust in my

design so do not lose heart When Trials

test you and adversities press hard from

every side I permit no temptation beyond

what you can bear these very struggles

Forge character and spiritual maturity

but you cannot yet see how brief this

light Affliction is compared to eternal

glory I know the way through Wilderness

I split Seas to make a route when none

exists distance is no barrier time is no

constraint with me all things are

possible my grace transcends human logic

yes trust in my guidance even when the

way seems roundabout indirect or dim

stay fixed on me alone not the

destination do not question my timing or

Direction hold fast to my promises and

precepts soon your faith will be made

sight until then walk in the spirit’s

power pray without ceasing Rejoice

always I go to prepare a dwelling place

for you filled with boundless Glory

raise your eyes from Earthly woes your

Redemption draws near the hour of

testing soon passes battles checking

courage and endurance can refine but

never defeat you I am shield and ramp

heart when enemies attack my hand

upholds and strengthens you you can

withstand every battle because my spirit


within Invincible

unconquerable more than Victorious

through my power and blood sacrifice my

strength made perfect in human

weakness your Redemption draws near at

long last

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