my precious child I know it is not

simple for you to forget certain things

that have occurred in your life when the

husbands of Naomi s and Ruth’s die they

cried and they felt

lonely but they did not let the thing

that had occurred in there lives to

become a situation to blame themselves

about their life but instead of that

they trusted me Han when on there are

some things that have occurred in your

life which you can’t

forget it might be about a person or it

can be anything else if Ruth wouldn’t

have moved on from what had happened in

her life she would have missed the

blessing that I had planned for her but

she went on by trusting me let me tell

you one thing I will allow some things

to happen in your life

it is not because I hate you or I don’t

like you but it is because I adore you

and also because you are my child I want

you to have the

finest your pass was my plan for the

blessing or for the future that I have

prepared for you so go on by trusting me

instead of blaming yourself about your

life or worrying about your life if you

really believe in the Lord you will like


video sweet kids do not expect to be

treated fairly in this life harmful

words and actions may be directed

against you which you do not deserve

take mistreatment as a chance to develop

in Grace test your ability to swiftly

forgive someone who has hurt you don’t

worry about putting the record straight

instead then worrying about others

thoughts of you concentrate on me in the

end what matters is my opinion of

you remember that you are clothed in my

righteousness and Purity how you focus

on your relationship with me I see you

wearing the brilliant robes I purchased

for you with my blood this is not fair

it is just a gift when people treat you

unjustly remember that my methods are

much Superior than fairness my spirit

has filled your heart with peace and

love approach problems with a light

touch focusing on an issue might cause

you to lose sight of the bigger picture

you approach challenges with the

expectation of quick success as your

mind prepares for combat your body

experiences tension and anxiety failure

too attain absolute Victory might lead

to feelings of failure there’s a better

way when a situation becomes

overwhelming bring it to my attention

discuss it with me and consider it in

light of my presence this creates

distance between you and your woring

allowing you to view things from my

perspective you’ll be astonished by the

findings at times you may chuckle at

yourself for being to Serious over

something unimportant you will

constantly be in danger in this life

most importantly you will always have me

by your side to assist you overcome any

challenges view difficulties by my

Revealing Light to approach then gently

looking ahead you see a complex road

with several branches leading in

different directions you wonder how you

can navigate The

Labyrinth type Jesus is the almighty

King then you recall the one who is

always with you holding your right hand

you recollect my vow to help you and

relax a pleasant fog has settled over

the roote ahead making it difficult to

see with just a few steps ahead you

focus more on me and experience my

presence the fog serves as a shield and

reminder to focus on the current moment

I exist in all space and time but you

can only connect with me in the present


with practice you will be able to

concentrate on the road ahead of you

eliminating the need for the

fog I am Christ in you the hope of glory

the one who walks with you and hold your

hand is also the one who dwells inside

you this is a profound

Enigma you and I have a deep connection

that touches every aspect of your


my presence glows both inside and on you

you and I are inseparable thus nothing

can separate you from me sitting quietly

in my presence increases knowledge of my

life inside

you this is a profound Enigma you and I

have a deep connection that touches

every aspect of your existence my

presence glows both in inside and on you

you and I are inseparable thus nothing

can separate you from me sitting quietly

in my presence increases knowledge of my

life inside you this results in the joy

of the Lord which provides strength I

the god of Hope will fill you with joy

and peace as you put your confidence in

me the Holy Spirit Will EMB power you to

have hope this is a time of Plenty in

your life your cup overflows with

blessings you’ve walked upward for weeks

and now it’s time to relax and enjoy

yourself I am delighted to provide it

for you across lovely Fields soaked in

brilliant sunlight my children may not

always eagerly accept my presence false

guilt may arise leading individuals to

feel Unworthy of their many blessings

this is absurd since no one deserves

anything from me my kingdom is about

trusting and receiving rather than

earning and deserving Tam was greatly

saddened when one of his children refus

to accept his gifts I love and you

Express gratitude for mine

plentiful favors giving and receiving

provide Pleasant

Harmony God says if you want to follow

my will type

yes little kids in this world teeming

with distractions and upheaval I reach

out to you please pause for a moment for

I have a special message tailored just

for you stay with me a little longer and

listen closely hidden in these words are

the secrets

too understanding your unique path in

life trust in my guidance as I lead you

out of the Dark Mist of doubt and into

the clear light of

Truth beloved I urge you not to

disregard this opportunity embrace the

gift that is just moments away after you

engage with this message I promise to

clarify your deepest uncertainties and

Soo your tired Spirit but to receive

these blessings you must commit


wholeheartedly are you prepared my child

in the Eternal vastness that surrounds

us realize that the Splendor of my

presence is not

delayed it is already interwoven with

your being ready two unfold splendidly

like a magnificent tapestry full of

Marvels your journey is brightly lit

with Promises of immeasurable blessings

inviting you to advance with steadfast

faith and heartfelt

devotion right now as you find yourself

amid an the

possibilities expect the onset of

Miracles that will exceed your grandest


imaginations like a gardener who

nurtures their cherished plans I assure

you that the fruits of your labor will

be plentiful offering up the finest

yields a true reflection of the

prosperity that lies ahead for those

aligned with their Divine

calling with every step forward stride

confidently into a world brimming with

blessings that are not merely ly distant

wishes that real achievable rewards that

await your Discovery your earnest

prayers have reached the heavens

triggering a Cascade of blessings pose

to envelop

you therefore let neither doubt nor fear

imped your journey you are fully

equipped to embrace all that is meant


you stand upright C Ed by bravery and

fueled by resolve for the cosmos support

your cause the trials and challenges you

faced have all been preparations for

this moment of divine

unveiling so my precious child welcome

the path ahead with open arms and an

eager heart and your life’s fabric

interwoven with strands of faith and

persistence resides there a Assurance of


blessings relish this profound instant

for it holds the true essence of life I

now impart to you the Spirit of Courage

do not dwell on what has passed but

March boldly forward with dedication

integrity and

passion devote your heart fully to me

crave my presence and you shall see the

realization of your dream

take these holy teachings with you each

day let them guide your spirit to expand

and be infused with Relentless faith and

eternal optimism as you navigate through

the complexities of

existence if you’re convinced enter

be aware forces of Darkness aim to

weaken your faith disrupt your PE peace

and challenge your resolve amid life’s

harsh trials remember the profound truth

you are enveloped in the Limitless love

and supreme power of your heavenly

father no adversity no matter how

formidable it appears can withstand this

truth their cunning plans will

inevitably fall apart under the immense

pressure of divine Authority your

adversaries confounded and defeated will

realize that no opposition can match the

firm determination of the

almighty my precious child you became

inherently blessed and profoundly

transformed the moment you chose to open

your heart to my guidance I received you

with wholehearted affection sparking a

deep change within your

spirit Embark confidently on this path


self-discovery and self-love face the

adversities of life with boldness and a

strong faith adhering Faithfully to the

principles I have laid down for

you you will never lose your way if you

follow the light of my teachings which

are your map the true satisfaction and

and Perpetual

happiness always remember my dear that I

am your devoted father whose love is

Limitless and unfailing from the very

start of your life I have welcomed you

with open arms a constant source of love

in the uncertain Shadows of life even

when you falter or take wrong turns My

Love Remains unshakable

constant as the stars that light the

night sky as you seek truths remember

that my support for you only grows

stronger like a ceaseless River of

devotion should you stumble do not

fear my arms are always open ready to

embrace you with forgiveness and mercy

wiping away every air you’ve made as

though they never existed

trust in me completely as innocently as

a child sleeps in the comfort of their

protector’s arms take a moment to

subscribe and join me allowing your

faith to light your way through the dark

doubts and

uncertainties the words I share with you

are not merely

spoken they are crafted from the

infinite depths of my love for you

welcome them just as you would my

guidance and let them deeply touch your

heart def firm in your beliefs and proud

of your faith for by doing so you honor

the eternal love I provide Let each word

I speak wrap around you like a soft

Embrace easing your spirit in a world

filled with Despair and

Solitude in the midst of a Society rif

with jealousy and

dissatisfaction there exists a peaceful

Sanctuary for the weary many think

themselves clever as they wander

endlessly lost in their anxieties never

finding teas but you with your humble

and steadfast heart have always stayed

by my

side you acknowledge the grace that is

forever ready to forgive and and uplift

take these words let them penetrate your

soul amidst The Hectic demands of daily

life they hold the promise of renewal

and the Assurance of your omnipotent


guy my child make time to be in my

presence every moment spent in communion

with me will enrich you more than you

can imagine as your Vigilant protector I

will guide you through unknown

territories revealing life’s secrets and

opening Gates you thought permanently

close my commitments to you are

steadfast resistant to the waves of

Doubt The Voice you follow resonates

with the strength of your faith stirring

my Compassionate

Heart understand this my beloved my love

for you is boundless i v to provide so

abundantly for you that your hardships

will disappear like Dew under the

morning Sun’s tender

warmth type on and if you believe in God

God’s wisdom this passage encourages us

to recognize God’s sovereignty in our

life we often believe that our Spiritual

Development and change are only

dependent on our own efforts all states

that God operates inside us God is

actively developing us into the image of

Christ God not only works inside us but

also gives us the desire to follow his

will our desire to be upright and please

God is not our own but rather a gift

from him God gives us the ability to

choose and work

God desires and empowers Christians to

follow his will it’s reassuring to know

that God would never ask us to do

anything he isn’t capable of doing God

not only gives us desire but also

provides us with the capacity to fulfill


plans God enables us to labor for his

good pleasure tasks no matter how

difficult or not supposed to be

completed alone via our own efforts we

can trust God strength and direction

throughout our journey through his power

we may live out our faith and positively

affect the world around

us may we seek his Direction and submit

to his task allow God to

develop us into vessels that bring honor

to his name we may find pleasure and

contentment by surrendering to God’s

power and living in harmony with his

plan typ PS if you trust

Jesus this scripture emphasizes the need

of providing Equitable compensation for

Ministry workers the article underlines

the necessity for churches and

congregations to financially support

their pastors recognize their efforts

and provide them the necessary tools to

efficiently carry out their

tasks pastors and church leaders need

proper compensation for their efforts

and Devotion to the ministry Fair pay

for pastors is crucial for a variety of

reasons pastors commit their life to

serve and guide their


spiritually they dedicate substantial

time and never to their decisions

including sermon preparation counseling

and organizing community

activities Fair

compensation enable pastors to sustain

their families and concentrate on their

mission without Financial worrying far

Bay demonstrate a Church’s appreciation

for its pastor’s efforts pastors have a

key role in their congregation Spiritual

Development and well-being it is

important to recognize their efforts

Fair remuneration recognizes their

devotion and effect on their members

lives humans often depend depend on

their own plans and aspirations to guide

their life but they may not completely

appreciate the road that God is guiding


along we should connect our aims and

Ambitions with God’s will we must submit

our Ambitions and believe in him even

when the route ahead is uncertain to

seek his direction we may pray study the

Bible and seek advice from other

Christians the text goes on to explain a

man’s steps are from the

Lord how then can man understand his way

this proverb suggests that people have


comprehension and cannot fully grasp

their lives and situations it emphasizes

the need of trusting God to guide our

actions since our plans and aspirations

may not align with his

will we may have dread about the unknown

future as if we were wondering can I

still marry can I still pursue my dream

business and so on but sweetheart our

future is not within our control God has

absolute Authority all we have to do

trust him we cannot force God we do not

have control over our life but God does

while we may believe we know what’s best

for ourselves we just have a Viewpoint

we cannot predict the future or

understand all the forces influencing


life trusting God’s instruction is

crucial even when we don’t fully May

comprehend the situation we may trust

that God is working things out for our

benefit even if we don’t see it right

now Jesus is the vine and we are its

branches abiding in Jesus and he in US

leads to Abundant fruitfulness without a

personal connection with Jesus we cannot

do anything worthy of the father’s


even with our complete power will never

have access to

Father this will make us unproductive

good intentions do not yield

results only through Jesus can we

receive the Holy Spirit who provides

instruction guidance and conviction

without Christ’s Spirit Grace strength

and presence we cannot pleas please God

because it reveals that we lack

trust without faith it is impossible to

satisfy God connecting with Jesus leads

to fruitfulness we recognize that our

fruitfulness is due to Christ’s strength

not our own recognizing our dependence

on God as a sobering

realization the Christian religion

focuses on what God can accomplish

inside and through US rather than what

we can do for him without Jesus our

efforts are

nothing type I trust the scripture plan


agree dear listener join this prayer

with me and repeat after me dear

heavenly father once again we are at the

start of a new season May the next

months be a time time of regeneration

and rebirth inside us we hope that the

seeds we seed during difficult times

will yield positive results May your

living water restore our dry and

desolate Hearts may we witness healing

and restoration from your hands May

Spiritual Development maturity and

wisdom emerge from our shattered

places help help us avoid complaining

during tough Seasons help us believe

that all seasons are necessary for

Progress you keep us in place just as

you do with all of creation remembering

that you are the vine and we are the

branches Keeps Us in the correct place

for a new

season supposed to be may we learn to

appreciate you at both good and bad at

times we strive to be good stewards of

the resources you’ve given us we commit

Our Lives families money health and

every day over the next months to your

care we humbly request that you bless

our efforts and increase our

contributions For Your Glory we beg that

you bestow your favor on people we care

about our pray prayer is to be blessed

so that we may benefit others please

broaden our scope beyond our current

thinking and


amen please subscribe to our Channel as

soon as possible and support us our goal

is to improve your behavior and bring

you on the path of well-being you can

also do this through super thanks to us

for showing your support

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