MY CHILD FEW WILL SEE THIS । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my child hear my voice calling out to

you I am bringing the rain that signals

my blessings falling upon

you the rain represents both times of

adversity and Times of prosperity in


life know that when you endure

hardships there is always a Harvest on

the other side if you persevere in faith

you have grown tired and hopeless after

years of Shattered Dreams

but now I declare this is the year of my

favor when my promises to you will come


fruition my word is my

bond if I said I would deliver you I

will deliver you remain steadfast in the

race I have set before you do not

relinquish the vision I have given you

the Fulfillment of it may seem delayed

but it will not fail at my appointed

time you will see my purposes for your

life come to pass some of you feel

confused thinking the dreams in your

heart are too good to be true but I tell

you that Vision that hope that idea you

carry it is from me quiet your heart

before me so you can hear my gentle

Whispers encouraging you do not allow

the lies of the enemy or the busyness of

life to drown out my voice I am showing

you how to clear out everything that

clutters your life and keeps you from

bearing good fruit this does not require

striving in your own strength until you

are depleted no this is the year month

and minute of my favor upon you when I

give you favor it is a gift with no

strings attached only requiring your

trust and obedience in return you have

fought the good fight of faith and

persevered through trials even in your

weakest moments you asked me to renew

your strength and increase your faith

now my word which is Tak taken root in

your heart is springing forth you will

transition from merely hearing prophetic

words about your future to actually

living out and experiencing the

Fulfillment of those words watch for it

the evidence of my promises coming to

pass will increase your hope

exponentially there are some listening

who need to let go of toxic

relationships and family divisions in

order for healing and restoration to

come know that I am sending my my spirit

to mend the broken places to restore

familial connections that have been

severed I will turn the hearts of

parents and children back toward one

another in reconciled relationship I am

bringing Unity restoration and maturity

my children you desperately need rest

space to breathe and receive from me

pause and behold the wonders of my

creation let the beauty of nature

nourish your soul quiet your anxious

thoughts as you drive listen for my

voice gently guiding you in the way you

should go we are crossing over into a

new season of Promise together I am

igniting a spark of expectancy within

you because you will see my promises

unfold rapidly in the days ahead some of

you have lost hope that your dreams

could ever come to pass after years of

disappointment but hope is not wishful

thinking based on what you can see hope

is confident assurance and eager

anticipation of what I have said

anchored in who I am and the power of my

word when your situation looks bleak and

lifeless hope infuses you with new life

and energy like an anchor steadying a

ship in the Tempest hope secures you

through storms I am pouring out my

spirit to saturate your dry and thirsty

Soul until you

overflow the words I speak over you now

calling those things that are not yet

seen into existence

will suddenly burst forth with life and

Take Shape before your very

eyes what seems impossible in your

ability is already accomplished in my

power I will accelerate things rapidly

from this day forward redeeming lost

time and restoring Broken Dreams the

enemy will try to rob you of This

Promise so guard it well my word has

gone forth it will not return void

expect Revelation that astounds you as I

unveil m iies and unlock truths you’ve

long struggled to grasp the visions and

dreams I awaken within you now contain

glimpses of your future fix your

spiritual Eyes Upon them where there is

no vision and no hope in me my people

grow weak but I am restoring vision and

hope to you in this hour the holy spirit

will lead you into truth that sets you

free from bonds of the past receive new

Direction strategies and resources to

equip you for victory

thank me in advance for the abundance I

am already pouring out upon you even now

it overflows in your life because I am

the god who lavishes favor and blessing

I am a good father who Delights in

caring for my

children I will comfort you and meet

your needs but because I always will

without fail that is my character and my

commitment to you believe this in the

coming days you will actually watch my

promises coming alive before your eyes

you will transition from barely

surviving day to day to thriving in the

destiny to which I’ve called you I have

set you apart and appointed you for such

a time as this your latter days will far

surpass your former ones in every way

though storms will come remember I have

authority over every

storm I will rebuke the very winds and

waves on your behalf protecting your

Harvest until the fullness of

time stay in peace and place your trust


me fix your eyes not on the turbulent

waves but on my outstretched hand ready

to lift you up allow me to direct your

steps according to the vision I’ve put


you for those longing to start a family

I will open your womb and bless you with

Children of your own for those believing

me for provision to start New Kingdom

Business Endeavors step out in faith

knowing I will go with you you already

possess all you need for the victories

ahead the trials you have endured now

cradle the very Treasures I am birthing

through your life in this new era of

fulfillment Rejoice that the years eaten

Away by adversity will now give way to

Abundant Harvest beyond what you can ask

or imagine the future is overflowing


promise walk forward in confident

expectation of all that is to come you

have only to trust and

Obey I know the battles you have faced

and the obstacles positioned against you

but I will give you divine strategies to

overcome if you listen for my voice I

will impart wisdom you need when you

need it in courtrooms in business deals

with family

relationships my wisdom is available to

you because my spirit lives within you

giving you access to my mind and

thoughts I am your counselor

equipped with solutions for every

challenge you will

face ask me for Heavenly strategies

custom designed to help you defeat every

enemy including the enemies of fear and

unbelief that war against your mind I

have raised up my word in you as a

standard against the schemes of the

devil use the sword of truth I have put

in your hands it will demolish

strongholds of lies and release captives


Freedom when you feel overwhelmed or too

inexperienced for the task at hand

remember it is not you but my spirit in

you who gives you power and ability

simply yield to my spirit take

confidence in the fact that I dwell

within you rely on me Rest in Me The

Battle Belongs to

Me Victory is assured when I lead the

charge on your behalf stay connected to

me through my word and prayer maintain

Ain fellowship with other believers who

can support and strengthen you guard

against isolation and self-reliance

which leave you

vulnerable the community of saints I

have placed around you are vital

reinforcements helping secure your

victories we were created for connection


isolation Victory is a team effort no

Soldier wins alone I will be glorified

in your life Heaven’s power will flow

through you as you carry my presence to

Earth’s darkest places my light and love


transform partnership with me enables


success I measure success not by worldly

scales but by faithfulness your

willingness to trust and obey me one day

at a time together we will do Great and

Mighty works for my kingdom you need

only follow where I lead each step of


journey your harvest in life correlates

directly to that which you

sow if you seow seeds of selfishness and

self-preservation your Harvest will be

Barren but if you seow seeds of selfless

generosity through investing in others

you reap abundance in return even in

times of lack give what little you have

and watch what happens when you honor me

with your first fruits I promise to pour

out blessing without measure in return

your seed produces a harvest even

times what was

sown you can never outgive me test me in

this way my child release what currently

fills your hands into the hands of

others invest financially emotionally

and spiritually into their lives just as

I have investing in you where your

treasure is your heart

follows redirect your heart toward

Heavenly Treasure by sowing Earthly

resource into Eternal Souls around you

the rip effects will change Destinies

transform communities and fuel Kingdom

movements always beginning first with

the generous seeds you sow believe that

I am fully able to do exceedingly above

all you ask or imagine through my power

at work within you with me nothing shall

be impossible Rise Up In Courage and

confidence strong and steadfast great

victories lie ahead

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