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my child I have prepared a path just for

you steps ordered by my own hand to lead

you into your destiny and

purpose each Stone has been set in place

though some may seem unsteady and the


unclear together we will cross over into

the new land I have for

you I know each step may require more

faith than the last then again is this

not the very meaning of

trust our relationship deepens through

through trusting me in deeper

waters when you want to turn back

remember I Am with You sustaining you

directing you I promise to never leave

you take comfort my precious one your

steps Delight me wobbly though they are

am I not the author and perfector of

Faith did I not walk on water to meet my

disciples in the stormy sea storms will

surely come yet in the Tempest turn your

eyes to

mine together we will tread to

tumultuous Waters listen for my voice

guiding you my sheep know my voice and

will not follow another let my voice

drown out fear and anxiety’s rockus

cries drown out doubts contemptuous Roar

hush now be still beloved you need only

follow me one step at a time the way has

been prepared only walk in it by faith

the path stretches out ahead though you

cannot yet see the end but I see I know

the way through to the purpose for which

you were

created Great Adventures await rivers to

cross mountains to scale dreams to

unfold wonders you have not fathomed do

not look back The Best Is Yet To Come

yes the terrain ahead appears uncertain

but my grace is sufficient for every

step you need only trust me our covenant

binds us together I have sworn by my own

name to never leave

you hear This Promise resounding in your

spirit I will never abandon you repeat

this to yourself in times of doubt and

fear turn it into your

battlecry let it be the song of your

heart he will never leave me nor forsake

me have I not ordered your steps from

the foundations of the earth trust in my

Divine foresight relax into my


my child the clocks of Heaven Keep

perfect time you are just where I want

you to be you may feel behind or ahead

of schedule impatient or

perplexed but my timing is flawless I

will bring to pass every promise in due

season what do you see when you look at

this path stretched out before you

uncertainty difficulty

impossibility look again through my eyes

of faith

each step leads to greater glory purpose

fulfilled dreams realized promises

unlocked child your wildest dreams fall

terribly short of what I have prepared

for you if you could but Glimpse it yes

the stretch between one stone and the

next requires deeper

trust but has my faithfulness ever

failed you have I not proven myself over

and over cannot the one who split the

sea before you make firm footing appear

beneath your very next step fix your

eyes on me not the swirling Waters or

the distant Shore I remain ever near you

my hands never let you go you Delight me

even faltering steps Delight my heart

because you dare to walk with me had I

wanted Perfection I would have called

angels to my side and not you but I

wanted you you fallible and wandering

yet wearing my righteousness a saint

hobbling along in faith and fumbles What

a Wonder you are so come my beloved The

Best is Yet ahead Uncharted mercies

await as long as breath fills your lungs

it is never too late to trust me more

dream with me bigger take hold of my

promises with boldness Adventure on with

your Jesus I will lead you in Triumph

step by step Stone by Stone and one day

you will look back in awe and see not

but miracles in our wake on that day all

you will do is worship your Redeemer who

carried you through for now just keep

walking I am holding your hand do not

fear my beloved when doubts assail You

Preach truth to your own soul God is for

me who then can stand against me in all

things I am more than a conqueror

through Christ who loves me I can do all

things through Christ who strengthens me

Me Greater is he who is in me than he

who is in the world my God shall supply

all my needs according to his riches in

glory in Christ

Jesus write these promises on tablets of

your heart etch them on the doorposts of


mind let them guard your thoughts from

the deceivers lies for at times the

devil will surely

whisper you missed your chance it’s too

late please

with me it is never too late my mercies

are new every morning my grace knows no

limits no cut off dates the allotted

time for my promises is today take hold

of them by faith even

now the thief also

Whispers you took a wrong turn somewhere

you’re off course turn back do not

listen you are on the path of my

choosing simply because we walked

together I am the way remember remember

I am the road Beneath Your Feet only

follow me in childlike trust just as you

are I make no mistakes in guiding you

perhaps the hissing serpent even

suggests you don’t have what it takes

perhaps the hissing serpent even

suggests you don’t have what it takes

remember your

failures pay no heed to that conniving

voice did I call you because of your

strengths and merits was it your talents

or Perfection that moved my heart no I

chose you in spite of weaknesses and I

perfect my strength through your yielded

Frailty indeed it is often in your very

weakness that my power shines most

brilliantly so boast all the more in

your flaws that the Excellence of my

grace may be seen my strength alone is

sufficient rest in this Truth The Battle

Belongs to Me Not you the outcome

depends solely on me not your striving

your part is simply to trust and

Obey leave the Warfare to Heaven’s

Invincible armies led by the

unconquerable king of glory your

Jesus yes doubts and fears will Hound

you Temptations will come but have I not

promised to always provide a way of

Escape take shelter in my wings until

these storms pass over each wave that th

threatens to overwhelm is only a setup

for my

Deliverance I allow storms in order to

prove my saving might new dangers only

open doors for deeper

trust our relationship thrives on

difficulties divinely

ordained so come close and bear your

soul my beloved confide your secret

doubts and fears to me let us talk as

the dear friends we are there is no

shame in struggling even my servant Paul

called out what a Wretched Man I am who

will rescue me of course his very next

words Supply the answer thanks be to God

who delivers me through Jesus Christ my

Lord there is your answer my precious

Saint let this eternal truth ever guard

your soul in times of Doubt or

hardship your Savior Lives to deliver

you your redeemer is mighty to save no

matter how hopeless things

seem the darkest storms and fiercest

battles only set the scene for God’s

greatest wonders so steady your heart

trust in what you know to be true even

when everything around you contradicts

it feelings will fail you but faith will

sustain you emotions will fluctuate so

anchor to my unchanging character I am

who I am I cannot deny myself I keep

every promise to the thousandth

generation not one word has ever failed

from all all my holy

declarations Heaven and Earth will pass

away but my words endure

forever beloved do not lose heart when

the waiting stretches long my promised

blessings and breakthroughs remain

unmoved by time’s passage what I have

spoken will surely come to pass in the

fullness of time wait upon the Lord with

hopeful expectation I see you growing

weary struggling not to lose hope take

comfort my child your waiting allows my

work within you to deepen and strengthen

character is forged in the fires of

delay trust in my timing ripens through

trials of patience more important than

what you are waiting for is what you

will become through the

Journey have I not promised that those

who hope in me will renew their strength

as Eagles you will run and not grow

weary walk without fainting take flight

on wings of Praise beloved worship

scatters the the darkness of Doubt sing

praises over your soul and watch Faith

arise surround yourself with reminders

of my goodness keep an inventory of past

deliverances victories won prayers

answered Giants defeated by my mighty

hand through your yielded life remember

always the race is not given to the

swiftest but to those who Endure by

patient endurance you will gain your

souls persevere a little

longer the darkest hour comes just

before the dawn the greater the

conception the longer the gestation

something glorious stirs even now

quickening deep within your spirit do

not judge progress by outward

circumstances much transpires behind the

veil of this natural realm beyond what

eyes behold great breakthrough has

already been birthed in your spirit and

will soon manifest in this natural world

until then take courage and finish your

course without wavering on that coming

day of manifestation you shall forget

the travail and labor in a moment you

will be swept up into unspeakable joy

for now continue hoping keep believing

never stop trusting your father who

cannot lie your day of birthing is at


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