MY CHILD DON’T GIVE UP। God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my child come and listen to my

voice I have words of wisdom to share

with you special insights I want to

impart directly to your

spirit for too long you have struggled

under the weight of difficulties too

heavy to

Bear you have sought Solutions and

answers through your own understanding

yet peace has eluded you Freedom has

felt Out Of Reach but I tell you truly

the power to break free and walk in

Victory is available to you even now it

lies not in striving harder but in

surrendering fully to me lay down your

anxieties and frustrations before me

release the situations you have wrestled

to control I see the sadness that has

taken root in your heart the places of

pain and

disappointment bring all of this and lay

it down do not pick it back up leave it

at my feet I will heal what is broken I

will lift you up out of the pit I will

set you on higher ground for the answers

you seek are not found through human

wisdom but I give wisdom freely to those

who ask my wisdom flows as a river

abundant and never ending straight from

my Throne come and drink deeply from

this River immerse yourself in the

truths I will reveal for only through

gazing ing intently on me will you find

the clarity insight and Direction your

soul Longs

for the gift of wisdom I impart is no

mere human understanding it blossoms

from our connection through my

indwelling spirit as you draw close to

me wisdom takes root and grows

Supernatural comprehension far beyond

facts or

knowledge this wisdom will illuminate

each step you must take it will uncover

lies you have believed and replace them

with my truth it will push back the

darkness that has oppressed you as my

brilliant light floods every corner of

your life do not be overwhelmed by the

vastness of the transformation I intend

to bring the Journey Begins With a

single step then another and another one

obedient choice at a time one moment of

trusting me over trusting

yourself this is how my wisdom produces

Holiness and fruit Freedom as you walk

step by step down this path of

wisdom remember that it leads always to

more of me I am both the giver and the

gift eyes fixed on me alone the

distractions and temptations of this

world hold no power you become a vessel

through which my streams of living water

flow out to others so come now enter the

sanctuary of my presence where I

patiently await your full attention

cease striving to figure everything out

on your own together we will sort

through the Tangled knots relationships

addictions Financial strain and

emotional pitfalls I will teach you the

way through I will show you your purpose

I will help you build something

beautiful from the broken pieces of your

past the seeds of wisdom I plant today

will Bloom into a great harvest what I

have spoken I will also perform rest in

this unshakable

certainty the first area we will address

is that churning sea of anxiety within

thoughts Ripple endlessly each vying for

control one moment you feel gripped by

fear the next Pulled Under by waves of

worry this must not continue

beloved together we will find the eye of

the storm that place of perfect peace

where I

dwell the first step is admitting your

complete powerlessness to tame this

storm turn against the tide of control

the world told you with strength true

Authority arises from

surrender recognize the futility of

endlessly battling for dominance over

these internal winds and waves then make

a conscious choice to stop fighting and

let me take

over at first the winds may seem

deafening in the absence of your

struggle but do not lose heart this is

simply your soul adjusting to a new way

my way you are untraining yourself from

a lifetime bent on self-rule now we

build new Pathways where my peace has

charge breathe slowly with me hold my

hand and keep your eyes on mine The

Tempest loses all Fury in the presence

of its maker feel my perfect love

driving out fear as Eternal truth

replaces those tormenting

lies I give you Authority now in this

sacred place place with me to command

the storm to be still never to return We

seal this Holy Ground where my kingdom

Reigns let my banner of Peace fly

unfurled over your life what I have

spoken will stand

forever now we move to emotional

Foundation stones in

relationships for here also trouble has

surfaced resulting from Reliance on

faulty human

patterns know this

no one is perfect but me I alone see all

things clearly therefore release

unrealistic expectations you project

onto others just as I have shown you

Mercy extend the same gracious

gift start by truly forgiving those who

have hurt or offended you forgive fully

and completely holding nothing back this

severs chains from the past so you walk

unhindered then pray blessings over each


relationship ask me to revive love grown

cold or replace it with affection where

none exists remember that all people

carry wounds from living in a fallen

world I desire for you to carry one

another’s burdens

now going forward refuse condemnation of

others mistakes or

weaknesses you have been forgiven much

so freely extend the same

Grace approach each person as I do with

compassion not criticism

encouragement not

judgment value relationships over being

right choose listening first before

reacting make serving your reflex not

selfishness these choices weave strong

threads to bind hearts together with my

agape love turn over control of how

others respond to me you cannot dictate

this grant each individual free will to

walk their own path even when it

diverges from

yours respect different stages of

spiritual growth nurture tender shoots

of Faith emerging in those I send your

way and entrust to my hands

relationships that fail to flourish my

timing and purposes are flawless what I

ordain will surely come to pass now we

shift to practical matters of financial

provision you have struggled under the

oppression of lack never enough despite

your best efforts enslaved to getting

driven by fear of losing

everything this too must be transformed

by my

wisdom here is Heavenly truth that

defies Earthly

understanding I own it all I hold the

very stars in my

palm resources to sustain billions of

creatures across millions of galaxies

all flow from my

Storehouse why then do you suppose

something so small as your need would

Escape my notice

my Storehouse has no limit and as my

precious child heir to everything I own

access to unlimited provision awaits you

ask me for what you need take me at my

word that I am Jehovah jir I will

provide now shift your gaze from

obsessing over money to focusing fully

on me the source of all you require make

seeking my kingdom top priority out of

this flow rivers of blessings beyond

your capacity to contain commit

everything you do as worship offered to

me serve others wholeheartedly as my

Ambassador honor Me by Faithfully giving

back a portion of resources entrusted to

your care Financial increase will chase

you down until you have more than enough

overflow cease the endless Chase for

security through bigger salaries

promoted positions or clever

Investments true peace is not found in

growing your own kingdom it comes

through daily surrendering yours to


mine with me you lack nothing if I call

you to walk away from an unethical

workplace or risky Venture obey without

hesitation I am able to pick you right


up should I ask you to sew finances and

missions give freely trusting my

watering see this work not as loss but

Eternal investment store up Treasures

reserved for you in my heavenly Vault on

Earth I have promised to meet every

single need our supply will never run

dry we must address bondage still

chaining parts of you secret sins

addictions soul ties from past intimacy

words that unleash

destruction I see where the enemy has

his cruel hooks still embedded deep we

will remove each one by truth and by my

power what man calls hopeless I declare

free it begins not with white- knuckled

self-control but with receiving fresh

revelation of my unconditional love for

you I know your past every hidden

chapter you try to forget I have touched

your deepest wounds I have wept with you

in those lonely broken moments you dared

not share nothing you tell me shocks or

surprises me I choose you still just as

you are let this transform how you see

yourself you are my beloved my treasure

the apple of my eye worthy cleansed

redeemed now we walk into your valley of

darkness together my child bring truth’s

piercing light to those things that

thrive in Shadows shame and secrecy what

power will Darkness wield when exposed

before my glory remember you were

fearfully and wonderfully made in my

image claim who you are in me

Victor not victim Brave Warrior not

cowering slave take up my weapons of

warfare fervent prayer my Living Word

words infused with my Holy Spirit and

power praise that silences enemies and

unending worship that ushers my presence

into your soul call on me to lift

oppression that has weighed you down ask

me to break chains and release you from

prison doors within then watch as

strongholds that with stood years of

battering now crumble demons will flee

from you evil task Masters lose all hold

as my Deliverance delivers you scars

remain where your wounds close reminders

of my healing touch you will Minister

healing bomb to others from your place

of overcoming your mind becomes my mind

aligned with my thoughts receptive to my

counsel your flesh submits to directions

of my spirit now in control from your

innermost being flow rivers of Living

Water you think choose speak and act led

by holy wisdom I

Supply our merging is complete

transformation made whole go now in

peace and sin no more

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