My Blessing Is Always With You|Today Blessing Message|God Blessing Message|Powerful Message From God

[Music] my beloved child let go now of those worries that haunt you the anxieties

that weigh heavily on your heart you sacrifice peace when you

constantly churn them in your thoughts burdening yourself with worry as you contemplate the

future instead of enduring those restless nights hand over your concerns

to me and allow yourself the peace to sleep soundly release now everything that

holds you back and have faith my purpose is to instill peace in your

existence recognize the value you possess in my sight you are not an

accident but a being with a unique and important purpose in this vast

Universe your potential is immense and when you fully embrace it you will

Ascend and become a source of blessings for many this is precisely why distractions

stand at your doorstep eagerly wanting to enter should you let them in they

swiftly take over your thoughts drumming up a cacophony of noise stress and confusion within you I assure you this

is the truth it holds regardless of your Origins your family background the

shadows of your past or the depths of pain you’ve

experienced you’ve entrusted your life to me and now above all I wipe away away your past heal your wounds clear your

vision and unveil a future filled with blessings I will grow your wisdom boost

your intelligence and give you both courage and caution you’ll learn to control your words I’ll ease your

worries and teach you patience the transformation has already

begun preparing you to take the first step and walk joyfully towards the

promise of a new life leave behind the past and the dreams that have drifted

away now focus on a fresh path leading to Divine blessings I talk about a future rich

with prosperity and Holiness but you drown out my words with your worries

lying awake at night listen closely now this isn’t a game having faith and

trusting in me isn’t about pretending to be all right while suffering

inside I don’t want you leading a double life life where outwardly you appear happy blessing others but inside when

you’re alone fear overtakes you haunted by past spiritual battles that knocked

you down you smile and shed tears at the same time but hear me closely don’t

ignore the guidance I’m sharing with you once more understand that Faith

isn’t about a Flawless existence or evading challenges it’s about clinging

to my promises even when when times get tough knowing you’re capable of facing

any challenge aware of who’s by your side stand resilient in the midst of

turmoil confidently bringing your worries to me admitting when you’re

overwhelmed seeking the Vigor to press on embracing faith means you’ve handed

your life over to me waiting with Assurance for the blessings I’ve assured secure in the knowledge that you and

your loved ones are safeguarded by my might no matter where you find yourselves my presence envelops you my

forces Champion your cause shielding you from unseen perils faith is about

getting up dusting yourself off and advancing pursuing the dreams and goals

I’ve set before you in spite of your frailties your missteps and your history

therefore I implore you listen to these words once more I want you to remember them well and

etch them into your heart by Nightfall may you sleep peacefully and without

concern I want you to read aloud Psalm again and again pronounce it letter

by letter word by word feel how as you say the Lord is my shepherd your entire

being envelops in Divine peace and your heart grows

calm now close your eyes and Express gratitude for your life life for your family be thankful for the love I extend

to you today I’m speaking directly to you urging you entrust your life to me

your struggles your heavy loads I no longer wish for you to be

bound by those deceitful feelings that sap your spirit don’t be Shackled by anxiety learn to rely on this heavenly

father who holds you dear and always wants the best for you do you trust me please let me know

as you do feel my love enveloping you get ready for I’m about to open the door

you’ve been fervently praying at I’m aware of your imperfections your faults

and frailties yet what’s important to me at this moment is your faith the flicker

that keeps you going praying knocking sometimes even with a loud Cry For You know to the one who

persistently knocks the door will swing open to the one who call calls a response will be given to the one who

earnestly asks it will be provided your faith Delights and fills me with

joy I look forward to bringing a smile to your face when you discover that in

my heavenly realm your name is well known for you are celebrated as a beacon of

steadfastness endurance determination bravery and

faithfulness in the days ahead I plan to show you just as I I do every day you

know this well but now I want you to feel my presence even closer I want you

to see for yourself that your heavenly father is real all powerful and

supreme your life and your family’s future are in my hands just as you’ve

trusted me until now I want you to continue on your journey sometimes walking sometimes running but always

with pride and without stumbling keep going Champion there’s still much for

you to achieve you’re meant to reach your goal victorious in my sacred name

with one hand you shall receive the blessings I bestow upon you and with the other you shall offer Aid to those in

need in their hearts I bless you as you assist others I shall prosper you extend

your hand first to your family then to all who sincerely seek your help along

your path fear not you shall lack nothing you won’t have to face poverty

anymore leave the hardships of the past behind all your needs sorrows and

frustrations are now just history no one will take away what’s yours but remember to keep up the

honesty and faithfulness that have always guided you you’re not meant to deceive or

betray leave such lowly behaviors to those who lie and cheat let them go

their own way I’m with you through everything I won’t leave you or get upset when you

falter and get a little dirty from the world’s mess I know you’ll get back up

you’ve been loyal for so long and if I see your faith starting to slip I’ll

reach out and lift you up again I am your true guide unlike those false

leaders who offer help only in your worst times and then abandon you when you’re

down I’m not like people who might deceive I have no reason to lie

my words to you are direct and sometimes they may be hard to hear but it’s

because I’ll always give you the truth I hope you understand and do not become

like those confused Souls who seek only to scratch the itch in their ears Desiring to hear only sweet words know

that I speak to you with affection and want you to feel well but at times like

today I shall speak directly to your heart for I wish to see you prospering

and abundant not pursuing false doctrines born of perverse imagination I

have bestowed upon you the sword of my truth arise and

fight I have anointed you with my Holy Spirit None Shall stand against you all

the days of your life just as I was with my servants in the past so shall I be with you for I

have chosen you for this time to serve me I have raised you up do not pursue

fame or money for I am your provider you don’t need to tell untruths or embellish

stories to be seen you don’t have to use deception to make your way tell me do you love me with your whole heart and

will you trust in me as you’ve done before I’m letting you know get ready

for the extraordinary things I’m about to do in your life Miracles that will Amaze you yet with these blessings comes

responsibility expect some to be jealous and to question your success dismissing it as

mere luck but don’t let their skepticism shake you remember this message the door

you’ve been persistently knocking on is about to swing wide open get ready to step into a realm

beyond the ordinary don’t be afraid be brave don’t be discouraged by others

deceit or hostility hold firm to your faith and I will Elevate you above those

who oppose you they will end up disgraced while you will walk with me

into Lush Meadows where I will guide you beside streams of refreshing

water I will watch over you carefully because I cherish you give me your hand I’m here to pull

you from your anguish you might have thought there was no Escape that it was the end but I assure you my child this

marks the start of a remarkable transformation in your life give me your hand now and I shall deliver you from

all the conflicts that surround you today I must tell you that this is the end of many negative things that have

been happening to you all these things that sadden and hurt you shall cease the

time has come for you to leave behind these people and situations that lead you into a bottomless pit it is time to

distance yourself and release all the sadness that false friendships have buried in

your soul rid yourself of that guilt those memories that stab at you and all

those things that make your heart weep I shall heal you I shall help you forget

these terrible things they shall not happen again but release these burdens

you do not need them if you release these burdens you won’t have to suffer anymore because I’m holding you close

and I won’t let you carry this heavy load by yourself any longer it’s been too long it’s not your

fault what happened these issues aren’t yours to fix my child please stop

holding on to these concerns I yearn to see you joyful and thriving as these

worries don’t serve your health or happiness today I’m offering you a fresh start New Hope a path filled with

happiness I assure you my child things will be different

I will heal your aching heart and look after you with immense affection I’m granting you the strength

to start over I’m opening up a vast door to amazing possibilities far greater

than any you’ve lost don’t be scared grasp my hand and

stand up let go of the past because it’s time for your Triumph I’ve laid out

incredible blessings for you I am your God and I know precisely what you need

that’s why I’m personally taking charge to resolve every issue your time of Deliverance is

here in this new day I will surprise you I will bring you new news you’re about

to receive the answer you’ve been waiting for today I will change your life I do it because I have seen your

suffering your faith and Your Surrender the miracle you are about to receive will bring great joy to your

heart you thought it was impossible for it to happen but listen to my voice voice at this moment and prepare to

receive your blessing open your hands empty your heart of feelings of doubt

and distrust because what comes into your life today is much bigger

and better than you had thought I’ve seen you praying daily asking for an

opportunity to be revealed and today I’m here to say that door has indeed swung

open everything you’ve hoped for from me is about to become a reality do you

trust trust in this power are you ready to embrace my blessing hold on to your faith and

courage accept what I offer you with open arms don’t turn away from what I plac before you even if your challenges

seem insurmountable even if the fight feels never ending even if things don’t

always go as planned I am your God overseeing every aspect of your life and

every circumstance stand firm in your faith get gaze upwards and always keep your

head high because I do not deceive I never fail I don’t lose battles and I

will never leave you feel the peace I’m sending you right now filling your heart

with calm in this peace find trust and rest allowing it to inspire bravery

within you and rekindle your dreams it will enable you to believe in love once

more to forgive those who’ve wronged you and Grant you the wisdom to decide who

deserves another chance it will also give you the strength to refuse and walk

away from harmful relationships or toxic friendships maybe because of everything

you have been through you are not used to living surrounded by peace and happiness you were so troubled that you

couldn’t enjoy my blessings but be brave and do not faint accept this new life your Spirit

has been reborn your feet will walk A New Path the future that is coming to

you is great and wonderful but you have to believe it and accept it tell me with your own lips I believe

it and I receive it you have been tested now it’s time for you to be blessed you

have suffered enough and have learned so many good lessons from everything you have lived you were so brave facing

afflictions that you did not expect it was not because of your mistakes it was not you who caused them

the enemy wanted to shake you like the wind shakes the wheat in your moments of

Despair you scattered your seeds and they touched the Earth moistened by the

tears you cried in your suffering yet look now with eyes of Faith the ground

stirs and fresh Sprouts emerge visible to you let it be known deep with in your

heart that this year you shall witness a Bountiful Harvest the seeds you presumed

lost have sprung to life soon to bless you with abundant fruits bounties that enrich your

soul without bringing sorrow or burdens in their wake I’ve positioned you

precisely where you’re meant to flourish under my care as your Shepherd assured

that your sustenance is from me treat others kindly yet reserve your complete

trust for no mere person follow my teachings let go of doubt and

negativity and stand firm in faith with such belief Marvels and miracles are not

just possible they’re assured your faith makes them real but it is not a game this is not

luck or magic or empty declarations I’m talking about my holy word the one that always fulfills in the

perfect time according to my will you want to change you want things to go

well you desire to prosper so that your family lacks nothing so that everyone

seeks compassion and that wisdom and Truth exist in their lives you desire a

transformation with all your heart I want and I can transform you I have the

power I can change Hearts and Thoughts From night to morning and I will do it

but I always need your faith you are entering a new land that you will soon see

leave what is behind and reach forward your hand with faith hold on to the

blessing that I will put before you the test has passed your time has come today

I’m going to work wonders in your life and your family’s lives so don’t fret over the door that’s just

shut talk to me say it out loud solidify your thoughts write it down now tell me

you trust in me that you welcome this word of Solace and that you Embrace this

Divine boost sent Straight from Heaven just because one door has closed doesn’t

mean you should lose hope a bigger door is about to swing open bringing with it

something far greater there’s a battle in the spiritual Heavens over your life and your

faith you have adversaries aiming to hinder your progress launching attacks

from the outside and wounding you from within even though they remain unsane

I will guide individuals endowed with Heavenly wisdom into your life to support your

breakthrough welcome their Guidance with humility invest time in prayer and I

will disclose even more to you you are going to overcome this fight every

hurdle in your path will be demolished it’s true that I can deliver you in a second but I need you to value

your faith your talent and your gifts to learn that victories are not won by you

alone if you reject my word and renounce your faith the enemy will tear you apart

and leave you lying in the mud you will go very far you will bless many your

family will also grow in wisdom and humility of heart they will be prospered in everything but we need to walk

together give me your hand you are already prepared to rise to that spiritual level

where the future is decided and lives change as you listen closely today a

multitude of noble and Grand Endeavors awaits you while you give me your attention the groundwork for your future

home is being carefully prepared promising a secure place for you and those who

follow to each I will grant a unique gift a talent a calling nurturing the

drive for Learning and self-improvement Beyond what you can see beyond even what you can imagine and far

beyond your current beliefs you and your family are not meant to live in spiritual poverty or

emotional distress nor to struggle through life’s ups and downs weighed down by heavy debts do not fear my dear

for I urge you to listen to me start to dream I will increase your faith and

help you manage and wisely use the blessings that are coming your way I will turn your trials into triumphs your

sadness into strength and I will ease your pain mending your heart with the soothing

Touch of my love no matter where you are caught up in the hustle of daily life

and surrounded by crowds take a moment to accept through faith this gift I

offer peace for your soul and calm for your mind I give you the strength to

manage the overwhelming feelings that storm your thoughts to to face unsettling news without fear and to

regain the energy you thought was slipping away my child don’t worry life

goes on this will pass your future is protected by a Heavenly blessing safe

from any foe aiming to bring you down truly I hold all power and it’s my

Everlasting wish for you to experience the Miracles I’ve prepared for you for I

am God unfailing in my word my purpose unwavering since the beginning of

time I’ve come to free you to offer you eternal life and to lead you on a path

of righteousness I am the way the truth and your life I am your answer and your

rescue so I earnestly ask you with all the love I have hold tight to my

promises and turn away from the world’s deceptions it pleases me to see your

trust in me flourish to witness your disregard for the threats of the provocators who seek to rob you of your

peace to inundate your mind with anger and confusion and to implant false ideas

and erroneous sentiment within you they desire to lead you astray to

incite Myriad errors in your daily life and to burden you with guilt thus

estranging you from the truth from my love and from my presence be cognizant

of their intentions know that you are beloved and I shall not suffer anyone to rent you from the place where you now

reside enveloped in love and unparalleled affection though you have

endured much Solitude and dir of tenderness in your life I now embrace

you comforting you with strength and divine encouragement for I love you dearly my

child I witnessed your fear your distress and I heard the cries of your

heart beseeching me urgently for Aid I fully grasp the situation you’re in

and I recognize its significance this challenge is too great for you to handle alone and you might feel as though

you’ve been left to fend for yourself mistakenly thinking I’m angry with you or unwilling to

help but hear me clearly you’ll always need my help no matter how well things

seem to be going or how much you have stay vigilant because the enemy is waiting to take advantage of any laps in

attention aiming to break your spirit disrupt your

plans and hurt you deeply I’m here to support you with the current challenge

you face it breaks my heart to see you filled with sadness and distress it’s

not what I want for you I don’t want you to suffer through this pain instead of fixating on what troubles you hand them

over to me if you’re haunted by thoughts of defeat push them aside for nothing is

beyond Reach For Those Who trust in me if you start to feel hopeless reject those feelings

immediately to avoid making a serious mistake don’t let discouragement find a

home in you because you are under the care of a god whose power Knows No Limits and whose blessings are

infinite should the desire for Life slip through your fingers invoke your

faith you believe in a god omnipotent and Sovereign who shall ignite within

your heart the flame of divine love instilling within you a wondrous desire

to persevere cling tenaciously to the promises I offer you disregard the scorn

of your adversaries who daily assail you with reminders of your supposed unworthiness of life you should no

longer heed their voices I desire for you to live and soon

very soon you shall once again again taste feel and receive my blessings your

circumstances shall improve and the concerns that weigh heavily upon you shall soon be resolved therefore I

beseech you my dear child if you’ve listened up to this point no it’s not by

mere chance think about this do you feel you can keep moving forward no matter

what holding on to your love for me your life is on the cusp of change

your current strength struggles are about to see daylight I’m stepping in in ways you can’t imagine before you know

it a solution will present itself right before your eyes don’t fall into the

Trap of those who cling to negativity or the words of those lost in their own spiritual Darkness if you’re hearing or

reading this message it’s because I’ve blessed you with the wisdom to understand you’ve grown you’re

prepared the door is about to swing open understand I’m not an imaginary figure

or a figment of wishful thinking you know me truly know who I am it’s time to

leave behind any skepticism of my promises whenever you face trials I’ve been there to pull you through with my

Divine Touch I’ve wrapped you in my love breathed life into your days and even

when your past was filled with turmoil once I stepped in your present turned

towards the better allow this fire in your heart the dream that I have planted within you to

grow it will become a tree that provides shade abundance and provision for you

and those you cherish with love hold on to the life I have given you fill yourself even more with joy for

there are many things I will soon do that will change your perspective you will come to understand

in a better way everything I have planned for you even when you’ve stumbled in the past

remember I’ve always stood by your side I’ve forgiven you raised you up and

never left you to face defeat or Solitude alone brighter days are ahead sorrow

will fade away and your heart will overflow with joy Duke to the miracle

that’s about to unfold s you’ll see it with your own ease now affirm your faith

and dedication and say to me I believe just as I always tell you I

love you deeply I have incredible plans for you give me your hand together step

by step we will walk towards peace and happiness the journey speed matters less

than your resolve and perseverance keeping your faith calm and strong not

getting distracted but keeping your focus on me and looking straight ahead

you will reach where you’re meant to be it’s not as far off as it seems even if

your mind and body sometimes convince you that time is dragging and patience is wearing thin but you’ve matured you

no longer let fleeting feelings guide your actions you understand that my wish is

to shower blessings upon your family making their path clear to confront any challenge

fearlessly adversaries will be vanquished and hurdles will be surmounted I do not promise an easy life

but I assure you that faith and strength will never elude you fill yourself with courage knowing that your Victory is

assured receive my holy promises that bring healing to your body Health to

your mind strength to your heart I want to break those chains of discouragement

and depression any despondency weighing heavily on your back and causing you to

doubt my words that deceit friendship pulling you towards failure will

vanish today a powerful Miracle will occur if you commit to obeying me and

cling to my love but do not be like others who prefer to wallow in the filth

and accept the lies of their Destroyer they chase after false promises seek

material weth corrupt positions manipulative control and fleeting Thum

thinking that my presence and power are with those who fla publicly everything

they do how they accumulate debt what they wear and what they eat what a harmful falsehood what a

harsh trickery some turn away from my teachings dismiss who I am and want

nothing from the one who came to serve and sacrificed his life on the cross yet

you’ve welcomed me into your heart and I aim to work wonders within you wrap your

spirit in modesty shun the Temptations of the deceiver I’m here to help you

I’ll Grant you greater peace and insight so you won’t Tire of waiting ensuring that grumbling and doubt don’t spoil

your speech eroding your faith and joy now from the depths of your heart declare my God I believe in you I trust

you and I wait patiently for my blessing I assure you your request will

be fulfilled your faith in me has been steadfast it’s confident that all your

prayers in jesus’ name will be met I’m here to tell you of new seasons of

plentiful Showers of open Skies and of blessings so abundant they’ll saturate

every aspect of your life and home you and your loved ones will overflow with

peace and happiness this is all within reach for those who believe in me who hold my

teachings close to their heart and anti dissipate Their Blessings without growing weary or backing

down I urge you to stay alert you need to remain unwavering and patient just as

it takes months for life to emerge a seed must land on fertile soil break

open and change before it can Sprout and flourish your blessings are likewise

precious and potent it demands time and patience for everything to come together

for your benefit it I know you understand me and will not be

discouraged keep your Gaze on the horizon as you walk step by step you will leave behind the place where you

are now do not fear change it is all for your

good I want you surrounded by people and resources that help you grow if you walk

with me no one can overcome you accuse you or judge you because I will defend

you imagine if you could see with your spiritual eyes the Heavenly forces surrounding you if you could truly see

my Divine light shining on your path and watch as your challenges crumble before

you if you could understand every Everything happening around you how the

universe itself is aligning to support you soon I will reveal to you through

dreams such splendors giving you a glimpse of heaven right here on Earth I

command the entire Cosmos to bless you especially when I see a faith as pure

and complete as yours your love for me with all your heart and soul moves me

deeply that’s why I reach out to you every day with a fresh message even

though your daily struggles may change my love for you stays the same before

you start your day I want to tell you how much I love you but more than that I long to hear it from you I want to

listen tell me beloved Jesus I love you too there is nothing you ask of me that

my love cannot give you I shall restore to you what is rightfully yours your dignity and the place you

deserve I offer you a better life if you surrender your heart and accept the

healing and forgiveness bestowed by my sweet love the promises I’ve made are

already within you they’re etched in your heart so if you decide to believe

let it be with every ounce of your being don’t mimic those who talk about my love

yet lack true faith I call you to complete Freedom

this very night my holy spirit will communicate with you mending your heart and mind liberating you from any

remaining bonds when you wake up you’ll be free like never before your joy won’t depend on others

opinions anymore you’ll finally be your true self my wise and in F child marked

by kindness steadfastness and courage possessing a fervent potent and

strong faith cling to me in your darkest moments when people offend you and hurt your feelings when everything around you

darkens and you believe there is no reason to continue you are mine and you

must aspire to greater things do not settle for a life spent weeping in a

corner beneath a roof where you only suffer scorn remember my love for you is boundless I

support you forgive you and make you whole again I promise a future brimming

with potential talents waiting to be Unleashed along with peace joy and

health claim your rightful place with pride for you are safeguarded a

cherished Prince or princess forever under the watchful eye of your powerful Heavenly

Father declare with confidence I trust in you my beloved father I am

ready to embrace the miracle destined for me life is a precious gift my dear

daughter don’t get lost in Trivial Pursuits my son why exhaust yourself my

child why look for answers in a world so Rife with

uncertainties sin may have marred the essence of humanity casting shadows and

deceit to dim the Brilliance of my my truth hardening Hearts along the way but

don’t be afraid resist the urge to seek fulfillment in the shadows of a world

that tries to obscure your sight don’t give in to

despair or be carried away by the fleeting Allure of this misguided and troubled World be brave in

adversity maintain faith in your convictions let the truth within you be

the compass for your decisions do not be deceived by fantasies and cheap doctrines let truth be the beacon that

illuminates your path towards a purposeful and prosperous life be brave son be brave daughter let

your inner light not just guide you but also shine so brilliantly that it lights the way for those trapped in

hopelessness and despair even when darkness seems overwhelming remember the

light of Truth and kindness cannot be put out out nurture that light within you and

watch as your path through life transforms into a journey marked by Redemption filled with peace and plenty

life is a wondrous gift don’t squander it on things that are shallow and soon

pass away treat each day as a precious chance to love to share and to deepen

your understanding of what truly matters don’t be distracted by things

that pull you from the real essence of life pursue love and togetherness with

those around you take joy in giving to those in need know that the richest

Treasures are found in the love you share and receive realize the value of time

Embrace a Heart full of thankfulness and recognize the fleeting moments of life

in doing so you’ll find that life becomes even more Splendid when you choose to live with trust I know life

will present you with challenges and trials seemingly impossible to overcome

your faith will be tested subjected to fire to be refined like gold but fear

not for I assure you that throughout the process as you are being tested I will be with you therefore no

matter the circumstances you are facing at this moment no matter how Dreadful the storm You Are Not Alone remain

steadfast in my word and Trust in my [Music] promises life’s path can often feel

daunting but with me by your side I’ll turn it into a journey brimming with joy

and remarkable triumphs pause your rush and quiet your despair amidst difficulties for I have

seen your future and it is filled with victories and blessings a plenty do not

fear the injustices you might face I will ensure Justice veils always there

to protect you from harm I will take your hand guiding you along beautiful Trails of happiness and

wealth Endeavor with all your might plant seeds of love to harvest happiness

for the efforts you put forth today will bear fruit tomorrow protect your heart

from the fleeting lures of this world stand firm in faith even when those

around you give way even if the road appears long and the journey arduous I

will be your refreshing Haven offering the Waters of refreshment to soothe your thirst and bring you peace March forward

unshaken by Shadows or despair let Hope flourish in your heart knowing that

overcoming these obstacles will make you stronger and more enlightened stand firm lay your burdens

upon me be courageous in adversity maintain faith in your convictions and let the truth within you be the guiding

Compass of your decisions do not strive to understand the purpose for which you were

created I shall accomplish great feats through you when you put your full trust

in me your journey through life will be filled with happiness well-being and

abundance know that I’m always right there with you watching over you and

lighting the way forward I promise never to leave you behind and I’m here to stay I won’t let

go of your hand I’m keeping a watchful eye on your loved ones too keep praying

especially now times of sorrow or often when Miracles are most ready to

unfold I don’t wish for you to endure hardship because of what you’re currently lacking I will provide for you

and fill your life with plenty be grateful for the blessings that come your way and wait with patience for my

guidance if you seek me out daily you’ll find my my peace carry calmness through

your day and feel rejuvenated when you return home and as you step into your home

remember to give thanks to me for looking out for you pray for your food

and do not forget to take time to converse with me if I tell you it is for your good I do not want you to feel

pressured but when you speak to me your burdens dissipate and I break the bonds that

kept you C Ive to your thoughts fears and doubts are dispelled your life is

filled with my wonderful presence calming your emotions and dispelling

storms being in my presence is a spiritual victory for you give me a few

minutes and I will transform your character removing all anxiety from your

life I will take away anger shouts fears dangers and imaginary

scenarios that make your night heavier I will liberate you from the same mistakes

and deceitful lips that only bring discouragement and sorrow to your life

today I’m breaking every Bond of Darkness My Sacrifice on the cross wipes

away your history shatters your bonds and ushers you into a triumphant life

declare with all your heart that you trust in my words I desire your happiness your

thriving a wealth of Joy fortifying your faith bringing your family closer turning your

home into a sanctuary of tranquility and love you’ve weathered many

storms you are precious wise and poised for greatness you are akin to a sturdy

tree spreading its roots deep and bearing abundant fruit I’ve readed you for the blessings

that are on their way I’ve imbued you with a spirit of love and strength to master your Fe

feelings remember my love for you is so immense and steadfast that it envelops

you in Divine and Flawless care your soul will find rest and your heart ease

reach for my hand each morning cling to me when fatigue sets in talk to me I’m

listening share your needs express your desires and in confiding in me you’ll

discover a piece that surpasses all Earthly understanding when you thank me a warm

wind will blow through your being if you feel burdened exhausted sad or

discouraged come and run into my arms I will give you the rest you seek I’m your

best friend come and listen to my word you will be fine in solitude you

will succeed holding on to my hand and with love you will never fail tell me

you love me and put your trust in me you know I’m here for you this time you won’t falter and if you do stumble I’ll

be there to pick you up be brave the challenge isn’t over yet I plan to use

you to spread blessings and you’ll carry out my will wherever you go I’ve already shared how

deeply I love you and everything I’ve done for you keep moving forward this time I’m with you at every step I’ll

walk beside you I’ve dispatched my angels to guard you against harm when

you call out to me my hand will envelop you and I’ll Shield you with my wings in

my presence you’ll find safety I’ll invigorate your spirit and Infuse you

with The Bravery you need to win your battles you won’t be scared of the night’s dangers I’ll be the light that

guides you and your steadfast protector through hard times my promises are true tell me you

believe in me you are precious you are cherished more than anything I have left

seeds of victory in you you just need to put on the armor of faith and boldly reap your fruits do not

forget that I am with you in the name of my beloved Son Jesus get ready because

the miracle you’ve been praying for is about to happen you’re going to receive healing and

blessings today I’m here with Words of Love and Hope because I want you to

realize that you’re always on my mind and in my heart my love for you is constant and

steadfast like an unbreakable Bond that’s always there for you even in the

darkest and most challenging times I am here to bring you comfort peace and

strength so today listen closely for I have something significant to share with

you the miracle you’ve been longing for the one you’ve prayed about with such

passion it’s going to occur that Divine sign you’ve hoped for will manifest in

your life because I your father am about to reveal my power when you least expect

it I understand that you’re navigating a world filled with uncertainty and challenges and there are times you feel

overwhelmed and disheartened the weights you bear seem too heavy and it might

feel like your faith is faltering but hear me clearly you are

never alone I’m with you at every step never to leave your side even in the

bleakest moments I’ve been with you from the start and I will envelop you in my

loving Embrace when you feel your strength waning at times your heart may be filled

with questions and doubts you may wonder why you’ve had to face so many difficulties and challenges in your life

why is it that you’ve had to endure so many calamities there have even been moments when you’ve questioned my power

over you but I want you to know that everything has a purpose purpose every trial you undergo not only brings forth

a fierce struggle but also presents an opportunity for you to grow and discover

the strength that resides within you do not let adversity shake your faith do

not allow the storms of life to snatch away your blessing always remember that

I’m silently working in your favor to change your situation to transform your pain and

sorrow into Joy and happiness though you may not see it now know that I have a

perfect plan for your life every experience every tear shed is

weaving a beautiful tapestry that will soon be revealed before your eyes when you least expect it that Miracle you

yearn for will manifest in your life it may come in a form you did not

anticipate at an unexpected moment but rest assured it will come

you just need to trust in me and in my unconditional love believe that faith is

your strongest tool against any hurdles you might encounter even when the odds seem stacked against you hold on to your

faith tightly don’t get swallowed up by doubts or let fear disrupt your

peace I’m your God the one who achieves The Impossible what’s beyond human reach I

can easily handle trust in me and you’ll witness The Unbelievable Mountains will

shift and Pathways will clear right in front of you keep faith my dear child

and don’t give in to despair I understand that waiting can be tough and

impatience might grip you urging for immediate outcomes however remember that

this waiting period is shaping you fortifying your faith and setting the

stage for the Wonders that are yet to unfold don’t give up hope focus on me for I

will never abandon you and am always acting on your behalf so my child have

faith because soon what you’ve prayed for will happen unexpectedly your Miracle is on its way and it will be

even more magnificent than you’ve envisioned your health will bounce back

your financial situation will improve the aches in your heart will mend and loneliness will be a thing of

the past believe that I will make this happen for I am your father in Heaven

meticulously planning every aspect of your life if you truly love in God

please like share and comment amen

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