Motherly Instinct: Stray Dog Mom Hides Her Puppies in a Hole to Protect Them.

Stray Dog Mom Hides Her Puppies In A Hole To Protect Them

There’s no joy like the joy of helping a dog in need. But, when you help the whole dog family – that’s just a feeling that can’t be described with words!

When she was spotted for the first time, Josephine was craving help! This stray mom dog lived on the street with her three puppies, and every day was a struggle.

The area she lived in was full of coyotes, and the poor mom didn’t know better but to hide her babies in a deep hole in an open field.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the solution that gave the family the security they seeked so badly, but the good news was – someone along the way just showed up with a plan!

A Timely Rescue

puppies in a hole
Source: We Love Animals

Krystle Woodward, of Pinky Paws Search & ResQ, from Selma, California, noticed one of the pups peering from the hole on her walk. Once she realized that there was a whole doggo family hiding in there, she immediately rushed into action!

Together with another rescuer, Megan Bowe, of Bowe’s Animal Rescue, from Madera Ranchos, and a couple of her family members, Krystle started a rescuing mission.

The problem was – the puppies were hiding very deeply in the hole, and they definitely couldn’t be reached by hand.

rescuers saves puppies from a hole
Source: Bowe’s Animal Rescue

Krystle’s husband made sure to expand the hole a little, and then Kenny, the boy who was with the group, crawled into the hole to get the pups out.

The mission itself wasn’t a picnic as the puppies were so scared that they dug even deeper to hide, but eventually, Kenny secured them all. All three of them were finally in safe hands!

happy family with puppies
Source: The Dodo

The mom (later named Josephine) was still missing, though. The group set up a humane trap, placed her puppies in the kennel next to it, and waited.

When the scared momma heard her puppies yelping from a distance, she immediately rushed over. That was a breakthrough moment for this furry family! Even though they weren’t aware of it yet, the dogs were finally safe.

Josephine And Her Pups Are Finally Safe

big dog with puppies
Source: Bowe’s Animal Rescue

When she first got into the facility, this poor momma didn’t even know how to be a dog. Josephine had a hard time adapting to humans near her, but eventually, she calmed down next to Krystle.

“Josie is doing great every day that I spend with her. She still has the bad habit of jumping up and yes it hurts. She also is rough with her mouthiness. She is full of joy and happiness. I have lots of hope for her,” wrote Krystle.

Her pups, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Peter were growing up next to her, and they did amazingly! In just a few short months, these furry babies transformed into healthy juveniles who perfected their obedience. After a while, all of them went to their furever homes.

three beautiful puppies
Source: Bowe’s Animal Rescue

Josie, on the other hand, needed patience and someone who would understand her. This poor girl lived her entire life in the wild, far away from what can be called normal living conditions. And, it was perfectly normal that she had a hard time adapting to a new life.

“They always deserve a chance at life. It’s not their fault the lives they’ve been exposed to. We are their voice,” says Krystle.

Thanks to giant-hearted people who donated money, Josie was transferred to Colorado Rehab Rescue, where she got full care and people who gave her exactly what she needed – patience!

Once a stray mom dog who needed to fight her way through life, Josephine’s finally learning what living a life filled with love looks like!


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