May I come into your house? | Message From God | The Blessed Message

my beloved Son today I come to extend an

invitation to you it’s not just another

message it’s a personal invitation from

your heavenly father who calls you by

name and says son come close to me I

know son you’ve found yourself facing

uncertainties moments of Darkness where

every step seems uncertain and every

choice is difficult perhaps you felt

like the weight of the world is on your

shoulders and the path ahead is shrouded

in Mist but I want to tell you that even

in the darkest hours there’s a gentle

voice speaking directly to your heart

I’ve come to you now to offer you my

presence in your life I have something

very special for you and I ask that you

open the doors of your heart to receive

me now since the moment you were born

I’ve watched every step of your journey

I’ve seen you grow face challenges

overcome obstacles and celebrate

victories but I’ve also seen your

struggles your pains and your fears and

amidst it all I’ve never been far from

you every moment I’ve been by your side

reaching out my hands of love and grace

waiting for you to grasp them and draw

near to me you may wonder why I the

creator of the universe the almighty God

am so eager for you to draw near to me

the answer is simple because I love you

more than you could ever imagine you are

my son my precious creation and my

greatest desire is to have an intimate

personal relationship with you but like


relationship closeness to me requires

commitment and dedication on your part

it requires opening your heart and mind

to me trusting me completely and

allowing me to guide your steps I don’t

demand Perfection but rather Faith

humility and a sincere desire to seek me

with all your heart so today I invite

you to leave behind the doubts and fears

that keep you distant from me set aside

concerns about the past and anxieties

about the future

instead focus on the present moment the

moment when I am calling out to you

extending my hands of love and mercy son

draw near to me let me envelop you in my

loving arms and guide your steps along

the path of Abundant Life and true peace

there’s nothing you can do to push me

away from you for my love for you is

eternal and unconditional I know you

felt the weight of guilt and shame

pressing on your heart like chains

binding you to the Past perhaps you’ve

made mistakes or carry regrets that

haunt you day after day but know this

there’s no sin too great that my love

can’t forgive no stain too deep that my

redeeming blood can’t cleanse don’t let

the enemy’s voice convince you that

you’re Unworthy of my love don’t believe

the lies that say you’re beyond

Redemption because I tell you no matter

where you’ve been what you’ve done or

what’s been done to you there will

always be a place for you in my

welcoming arms once again I ask you with

all my love son come close to me today

let me lift the burden of Sin from your

shoulders and replace it with the

lightness of my grace let me wash your

wounds and restore your soul there’s

nothing you need to do to earn my

forgiveness for it has already been

freely given to you let me be your safe

Refuge your place of healing and

restoration there are no limits to what

we can achieve together when you trust

in me and allow my love to transform

your life if you’ve ever felt filled

with un certainty unsure of where to

turn or whom to trust it’s because

perhaps you’ve sought answers in the

wrong places only to find yourself even

more lost than before but know that I am

the solid rock upon which you can build

your life the lighthouse that will guide

your steps through life storms in a

world full of voices clamoring for your

attention I am the only voice that will

never lead you astray my words are true

and faithful my path is straight and

secure if you surrender to my care and

submit to my will I will guide you on

the path of Truth and a life of

Happiness don’t be swayed by the

distractions of this passing World these

distractions often only bring you harm

keep your eyes fixed on me for I will

fill your life with my love and peace my

wisdom and power keep your faith above

all else for it is what will bring you

closer to your God who loves you above

all things have you ever noticed how

much easier it is to Lose Yourself when

you’re far from from me how Temptation

seems stronger and doubts more

convincing when you step away from my

presence it’s true my child for when

you’re not close to me the enemy finds

an opening to infiltrate your life and

Lead You astray from my path of love and

truth that’s why today I tell you draw

near to me and to those who are close to

me there are those who come into your

life with the sole purpose of pulling

you away from me they may disguise

themselves as well-meaning friends or

offer fleeting pleasure that promise to

fill the void in your heart but in

reality they are instruments of the

enemy sent to seow Discord doubt and sin

in your life it’s essential to discern

who is truly by your side pointing you

towards the light and who is just

waiting to extinguish the flame of your

faith on the other hand there are those

who are like shining beacons in the

darkness pointing the way back to me

they are people of deep Faith devoted

followers who radi my presence in

everything they do they don’t just talk

about me but they live their lives

according to my Commandments

demonstrating love compassion and

kindness in every interaction these are

the people you should seek out the ones

who will help you draw closer to me and

strengthen your faith don’t isolate

yourself on life’s journey but seek

communion with those who share the same

faith and passion for me your beloved

God by surrounding yourself with people

who encourage you on your spiritual

journey you strengthen your faith and

become more resilient to the enemy’s

attacks when you’re surrounded by those

who seek my will and follow my teachings

you’ll find support and guidance to

stand firm in your faith even in the

toughest times son today I encourage you

to seek the company of those who bring

you closer to me open your heart to True

spiritual friends those who are

committed to your Journey of Faith and

will help you grow in intimacy with me

for where two or more are gathered in my

name there I am in their midst blessing

them and strengthening them to face any

challenge that may arise look back my

son and reflect on the journey that has

brought you here you’ve faced tough

times and pushed forward despite it all

you’ve experienced the exuberant Joy of

Victory and the crushing weight of

defeat you’ve found love and lost

friendships you’ve lived moments of deep

gratitude and faced trials that seemed

insurmountable but but in every step of

the way I’ve been there holding your

hand wiping your tears sustaining you

with my grace remember the deliverances

that have happened in your life and with

those you love Miracles have unfolded

before your eyes it was my mighty hand

that freed you and delivered you from

all danger you’ve seen my faithfulness

in action day after day year after year

and yet sometimes you doubted sometimes

you let fear and anxiety take over over

forgetting the power of my love but even

when you drifted away I never drifted

away from you I’ve always been here

patiently waiting for you ready to

welcome you with open arms when you

decide to draw near to

me there’s a passage in my word that

deeply reflects on the importance of

having me in your life in Proverbs

it’s written trust in the Lord with all

your heart and lean not on your own

understanding in all your ways submit to

him and will make your path straight

these words are a powerful reminder that

when you trust in me completely I guide

your steps and Lead You On Paths of

peace and prosperity so son today I

invite you to reflect on everything

you’ve faced and to recognize my loving

hand in every detail let these memories

strengthen your faith and inspire you to

draw even closer to me for just as I’ve

been by your side in the darkest moments

I’ll also be by your side in moments of

joy and Triumph don’t let life’s

difficulties pull you away from me but

use them as opportunities to draw even

closer to me for it’s in the most

violent storms that my love shines

brightest and it’s through the toughest

trials that you discover the strength of

my power in your life experience the

fullness of life that only I can offer I

love you with an eternal and

unconditional love and I’m always ready

to welcome you into my arms of love come

close to me and together we’ll will face

any challenge life may bring

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I wish many blessings for your

life thank you

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