Man Dedicates His Life To Adopting Senior Dogs Who Can’t Find A Forever Home

A day in the life of accountant Steve Greig isn’t what you would call ordinary. He lives with ten dogs, two ducks, two chickens, two pigeons, several cats, a pig, a rabbit and a bunch of Koi fishes.

It all started when Greig lost his dog. He has grown up surrounded with animals as his parents were animal lovers as well. He had a dog that was so close to him, and when it died, Steve felt like he couldn’t get over the grief, even after months.
For this reason, he thought that the only way to feel better was to do something good. And so, just as if he continued to take care of the dog that passed away, Greig went to his local shelter to adopt the least adoptable dog that they had. He decided to adopt a new dog to give him all his love, instead of mourning for the one he lost.
He adopted a 12-year-old Chihuahua with a heart problem and bad knees. He named him Eeyore and gave him all his love and attention. That was how he started having more than 10 pets in his house.

In an interview with The Dodo, Greig said that only 8 out of the 10 dogs are his. One is owned by his roommate and the other one is his sister’s dog, but they are still very much part of the pack, since his home is now considered as an animal ‘daycare’.
So, each morning, Greig wakes up at 5:00 to make breakfast for everyone and gives medicine to his senior pets, then he goes to work, goes back home during lunch to check on the animals, and then goes back to work again. He also walks all of the dogs daily whenever he can squeeze the task in his schedule.

On weekends he shops for pet essentials and food, takes vet appointments and does everything else necessary. It’s a tough job to be a single fur-dad of at least 10 pets, but Greig is happy and enjoys the company of all of them. Although he finds senior dogs to be most special.
Senior dogs have less chances of being adopted in shelters because people usually look for puppies. Yet, they miss out on the fact that senior dogs are actually really easy to take care of. They like to nap a lot, get along with other dogs and most of them have a gentler temperament, too.
Greig says they are also wiser animals.
People who would visit his house would never tell that he lives with so many pets, because they are mostly quiet and huddled in their napping corners.

Greig plans to continue on what he’s doing and adopt a new pet once an older one passes away. He finds what he’s doing extremely rewarding, and it makes his daily life worthwhile.
Below you can see some of our favorite pics of Greig and his pack, but he posts many photos of his pet’s daily life on his Instagram for his 800k followers, so feel free to take a look at his page as well.



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