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Jesus beloved child I am here for you

always ready to offer my support and

rescue you from any trial who loves you

more than I do your struggles have not

gone unnoticed and I see The Bravery

you’ve shown throughout your life

remember the impossible situations you

faced and overcome since surrendering

control to me rest your heart and

continue to trust I understand how

difficult it can be to rest and maintain

faith when everything seems to go wrong

but in those moments ignore the voices

of the enemy and Trust in my promises

you are deeply loved by me and I had

something great planned for your life

even before you were born I am always

present taking care of every detail

every second do not let sadness dominate

you fill your heart with joy and walk

with the eyes of faith for victory is

certain and what I have prepared for you

is greater than you can imagine I love

you amen my beloved child listen to

these words from the depths of my heart

for you are dear to me I ask for a

moment of your precious attention to

hear my voice above all distractions I

offer you Serenity and peace like no

other trust me with your heart for I am

a keeper of promises every morning as

you seek me know that I love you truly

and deeply let yourself feel this Sacred

Love within you finding happiness once

again I have never left your side and

will never forget you you are secure in

my hands sheltered and

protected place your trust in me

completely for my arms are forever open

to you I Delight in your morning

greetings filled with confidence and

Trust do not let life’s tribulations

leave you feeling lost seek solace in me

when you feel overwhelmed know that I am

your solution I do not want anxiety to

enslave you hold on to my word and

remember the Wonders I have done for you

in the past have confidence in me and

let me continue to assist you I desire

to protect you day and night do not

allow despair to take root in your soul

for I love you deeply share this message

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