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Jesus my child I’ve been telling you

that there’s no time to give up or hide

you cut through the wind like a sharp

spearhead making your way to the land of

blessings I will give you I’ll help you

grow spiritually so that you understand

you are the parent of many generations

don’t worry if no one notices you today

and don’t let the blows you take get you

down every gift and blessing I give you

you serves a

purpose I have everything under control

but how you feel is important your faith

and belief will take you to a higher

level if you feel weak get on your knees

if you think you can’t go on look up I

live in your heart and my blessings are

not far away soon you will be saved all

your problems will fall apart and your

enemies will be defeated now tell me do

you love me do you believe in me as soon

as I get your answer I’ll perform a

great miracle for you today you need to

do three things to calm down and get rid

of stress one give me your whole heart

without any doubts or fears my goal is

to give you eternal life and happiness

I’ve never meant to punish you or put

you through hard

times two kneel in front of my Throne

give me your heart and be willing to do

what I say feed your spirit with my word

words and trust me completely even if

you have doubts and problems three be

thankful take some time to be thankful

from the bottom of your heart make a

list of all the blessings you have

received including even the little

things giving thanks in this way will

heal your soul and open up the Horizon

to all the blessings that have already

reached and surrounded you now tell me

how grateful you are let me hear your

voice and hear what you really mean say

thank you for your life the air you

breathe your family and the way things

are now even if they aren’t how you’d

like them to be finally tell other

people about these words many people

around you may look happy but their

souls are hurting they need to know

about the love and hope that’s going on

in your heart share this message with

them and spread love with all my love


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