today Lord wants to tell you something

from Heaven grating my child ask me what

it is that I am trying to show you

rather than passing judgment on the

actions and shortcomings of other people

I want you to know that you are being

asked to perceive things more deeply

even when they appear to others to be


superficial as a result pray for

discernment whenever you find yourself

in a turbulent atmosphere there will be

times when I will urge you to pray for

them other times when I will instruct

you on how to deal with these

conflicts and still other occasions when

I will disclose characteristics that

manifest themselves in you in a

particular way hence my chosen one you

should never pass judgment if you bring

the matter to me I will tell you the

truth about how much I love you so

much like this video if you trust Lord


unwavering my thoughts are not the same

as your thoughts and even your ways are

not the same as mine in the same way

that the heavens are higher than the kth

so too are my methods and I is high

higher than yours do not forget who I

am during the time that you spend with

me when you consider the fact that you

can communicate with the king of the

universe at any time and in any location

you will be amazed never ever ever take

this incredible opportunity for

granted despite the fact that I am

significant ly more Superior and

Superior to lamb I am teaching you too

assume my thoughts the more time you

spend in my presence the more my

thoughts will begin to shape themselves

in your mind the director of this

procedure is represented by my

spirit occasionally he brings to mind

passages from the Bible there are

moments when he makes it possible for

you to hear me speak to you personally

as a result of these exchanges you will

become more resilient and more prepared

for whatever is ahead on your route

through life do not forget to give my

voice any attention because of the time

that you have given up I am blessed with

a great deal more than you have the

courage to ask for it is possible that

multiple sclerosis is a part of life

they cannot be

avoided they are woven into the very

fabric of this planet that has been

ruined you have a tendency to

automatically enter the mindset to

problem solving acting as if you are

capable of resolving any and all

issues this is an instinctive response

that is so ingrained in

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