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my precious child

draw near closer still

I ask for a mere moment of your time

your dearest attention dot

my profound desire echoes within this very conversation

your happiness

I yearn for you to feel the lightness of freedom

to leave behind the nights

where slumber seems a distant fantasy

move beyond the grip of grief

step away from the looming shadow of sadness

dot remember

my love for you is boundless

a constant presence

though not always understood

I long for you to truly feel its depth

radiating within your very soul

speak from your heart beloved

are you ready for a transformative shift in your life

do you yearn to be unburdened

to fill your heart with overflowing joy

answer me with sincerity

do you truly wish to ascend from the depths of darkness

heed my words closely

begin today without delay

dot cast aside the tendency to postpone

see how I stand here ever ready to dispel your doubts

speaking directly to you

you know I am real

no further proof required of my unwavering commitment

indeed I will demonstrate my love

not only for your faith

but to illuminate the path for those who doubt

begin this very day

the first breath of dawn

even before you rise from your slumber

before leaving your room

dedicate a moment to gratitude

even if gratitude feels distant

if yesterday has left you unsettled

offer thanks nonetheless

dot close your weary eyes

express thankfulness for your life

for this opportunity of communion with me

for your faith

however small it may seem

appreciate the individuals surrounding you

even if they bring moments of difficulty

they love you in their own way

dot be grateful for your ability to think

to absorb these words

and to choose a shift in perspective

instead of dwelling on negativity

with each new sunrise

focus on the positive

the pure the kind

strive to find the good in every situation

even amidst adversity

dots seek the bright side

remembering that what doesn’t break you

ultimately strengthens you

you stand or kneel alive and unconquered

the trials you faced have forged resilience within you

a testament to your unwavering spirit

doubt though times were tough remember

you possess life and have emerged remarkably courageous

even in the darkest moments you sought guidance

turning to Emi DOD as you begin your day

close your eyes and express gratitude for everything

the good and the seemingly bad alike

embrace gratitude fully

witness its transformative power on your heart

lifting you to a spiritual realm

where you see beyond the obstacles before you dot

every challenge conceals either a blessing or a lesson

designed to strengthen

and impart wisdom that sets you apart

in a world where many boast of their possessions

your profound wisdom will shine through

dot this wisdom is not of this world

but a gift from your divine father

while others take pride in acquired knowledge

yours is a direct offering from my throne

this wisdom

blossoms from your daily practice of gratitude

brightening your spirit as you enter my presence

with thanks dot

I will fill your heart with joy beyond words

here’s my promise

begin your day with gratitude

then delve into my word

the Bible and let it transform your life

red absorb memorize

ponder my teachings

give voice to them when trials arise

take a deep breath

and express gratitude for the opportunity to grow

dot remember my words

beloved my Holy Spirit will come to you

guiding you in ways you’ve never experienced

the key to feeling my supernatural presence is

unwavering gratitude and immersing yourself in my word

both day and night

dot I share these words out of love and care

a gentle touch upon your soul

rekindling the joy you felt in your younger days

my cherished child

listen with an open heart

for the whispers I send carry the sweetness of hope

and the warmth of my unfailing love

draw a deep breath

casting aside any worries that may cloud your mind

and allow yourself to be

enveloped in the peace that surrounds you

today I speak not of burdens to bear

but of the boundless joy waiting to be embraced

like a flower reaching for the sun

I see your spirit yearning for life

filled with light and laughter

let me assure you beloved

this joy is your birthright

a gift interwoven into the very fabric of your being

embrace the simple pleasures

that paint your life with vibrant hues

savor the warmth of the sun on your skin

the melody of Bird Song in the morning

the quiet contentment of a shared meal with loved ones

these seemingly insignificant moments

when appreciated with a grateful heart

become the threads woven into the tapestry of a life

brimming with happiness

nurture the connections that enrich your journey

surround yourself with those who uplift and inspire you

who celebrate your triumphs and offer a

shoulder to lean on during times of struggle

in these genuine connections

you discover not only unwavering support

but also a reflection of your own inherent worth

and the boundless love that resides within you

seek moments of quiet reflection

allowing yourself to connect with your inner voice

in the stillness of your mind

you discover a source of wisdom and guidance

a wellspring of creativity and inspiration

through mindfulness and meditation

you cultivate inner peace and clarity

empowering you to navigate

the complexities of life with Grace and wisdom

don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone

and explore new possibilities

embrace challenges with a sense of adventure

for within them

lie opportunities for growth and personal discovery

allow your curiosity to be your guide

as you embark on new experiences

learning new skills and expanding your horizons

let your creativity flourish

and express yourself authentically

whether it be through art

music writing

or any other form of self expression

allow your unique voice to be heard

in the process of creating you

not only enrich your own life

but also contribute your unique

spark to the vibrant tapestry of the world around you

forgive yourself and others

for forgiveness is the key to setting yourself free

release the burdens of past hurts and resentments

allowing yourself to move forward with a lighter heart

and an open mind

remember forgiveness is not about condoning wrongdoing

but about choosing to let go of negativity

and embrace the healing power of love and compassion

cultivate an attitude of gratitude

for a grateful heart as a magnet for blessings

take time each day to appreciate

the good things in your life

both big and small

notice the beauty surrounding you

the kindness of others

and the opportunities that come your way

as you cultivate gratitude

you open yourself up to receiving even more blessings

and fostering a positive outlook on life

share the love that overflows within you

for love is the essence of true connection

extend kindness to those in need

offer support to those struggling

and forgive readily

let your compassion radiate outwards

touching the lives of others and creating a ripple

effect of love and positivity in the world

seek knowledge and wisdom

for they are the keys to unlocking your full potential

immerse yourself in learning

explore different perspectives

and engage in stimulating conversations

an inquisitive mind is a key to personal growth

opening doors to new possibilities

and fueling the fire of your creativity

never lose sight of your dreams

for they are the seeds of your future hold onto

your aspirations with unwavering determination

and don’t be afraid to set ambitious goals

with dedication and perseverance

even the most daring dreams can become reality

remember beloved child

I am always with you

a silent yet ever present force

trust in the unfolding of your journey

for every experience

every challenge and every triumph

is a stepping stone on your path to fulfillment

go forth with a heart full of love

a spirit brimming with joy

and a mind open to

the limitless possibilities that lie ahead

remember you are loved

cherished and supported every step of the way

like a gentle breeze

my words caress your soul

offering not pronouncements to be obeyed

but whispers of encouragement and guidance

take them to heart

beloved child

and let them be your compass

as you navigate the journey of life

pay close attention

beloved child

and you’ll rediscover

the forgotten joy of a carefree summer day

remember the scent of wildflowers after a gentle rain

the warmth of the sun on your skin

and the playful dance of the wind through the leaves

as you dedicate time to my messages each day

you’ll feel my presence unfold

you in a protective embrace

my Holy Spirit

your ever present guide

will walk beside you

leading you on the path towards fulfillment

begin your day with gratitude

a powerful practice that opens

your heart to receive blessings

lean on my word for strength and support

allowing its wisdom to illuminate your path

absorb these messages with a prayerful heart

and consider writing them down to share with others

spreading the light of love and faith

I assure you

today you and your loved ones

are embraced by my immense blessings

my promises are eternal

and they will come to fruition for all who wait

with unwavering faith and unwavering patience

I understand your needs intimately

and I have woven a grand design for your life

therefore fear not the challenges that may arise

for they are stepping stones on

your journey towards a brighter future

embrace hope and faith as

your weapons against life’s inevitable hurdles

do not respond to difficulties with anger or negativity

but choose forgiveness and understanding

allow me to paint a smile upon your face

and let my Holy Spirit

cleanse away the fog of confusion

and negativity that may cloud your mind

never believe that I punish you for your mistakes

while you may have faced

the consequences of your choices

endured hardship and experienced pain

it is not my intention to push you further into despair

do not point the finger of blame at me for your losses

for I’ve taken nothing from you

ask yourself

have I ever retracted the blessings I have bestowed

perhaps you have been misled

by false interpretations of my word

but my truth is unwavering

there is no ill will towards you here

if I sacrifice myself

on the cross for you

why then would I ever curse you

you have returned to me repentant

seeking forgiveness for your transgressions

I have already embraced you with open arms

and your past errors are wiped clean

do not harbour any doubts

if troubles arise

if conflicts emerge seemingly out of nowhere

and your adversaries appear to gain the upper hand

do not be afraid or succumb to anger

I hold no resentment towards you

and any misconceptions about my nature

are a result of misinformation

have you not read my word

I am the Almighty God

filled with an everlasting love for you

I promise you eternal life

for it is not my desire to see you lost

seek a quiet space and confess your mistakes to me

silently share your uncertainties

open your heart to me in the stillness of the morning

cry if you need to

for I desire to see you

break free from the shackles of guilt and regret

I will touch your soul

helping you envision

the beautiful plan I have set in motion for you

do not lose hope

or be consumed by the sadness surrounding you

know in your heart that you are cherished

I bear no ill will towards you

and I hold no grudges

my purpose is not to inflict pain upon you

I will speak to you as the sun rises

revealing my glory to you

allowing you to feel my presence within your soul

you will be swept over by a sense of peace

and an understanding of my profound

everlasting love

you will know without a doubt that you belong to me

my beloved child

I watch over you with unwavering love

day and night

cast aside any doubts or uncertainties

for what would I gain from your suffering

you possess the wisdom to understand

the choices of consequences

and this steps can lead to difficulties

however I do not wish to see you fall into ruin

instead I await your embrace of my light

so that we may walk together

and learn from your mistakes

who am I

I am your god

your father

your closest ally

while I am a judge in a purifying fire

remember that I’m also your protector

your champion

my hands hold the proof of your redemption

my sacrifice

the blood that is washed away

your slate though

you may face the earthly consequences of your actions

know that I am always with you

offering guidance and love

on your journey towards a brighter future

I offer you not just an escape

beloved child

but a path to growth

learn from each misstep

for wisdom lies in understanding your actions

strive for courage

the inner strength to navigate life’s complexities

without faltering

my heart yearns for you to experience

the full bounty of freedom

and blessings that I hold in my hands

approach me boldly

without fear

especially when offering prayers for loved ones

their faith awaits the fulfillment of your requests

and I will deliver upon them

if the blessings arrive in an unexpected form

know that it is because

I have something even better planned for you my child

never doubt my unwavering love

it surrounds you like a warm embrace

a constant reminder that you are cherished

both now and forever

my promises remain steadfast

and if yours seems delayed

it is not due to a lack of will on my part

each season has its purpose

and with patience

your heart will soon overflow with joy

declare your faith

write it down

proclaim it boldly

do not be afraid

for I am your answer

your peace and your breakthrough

you have already felt this truth in your spirit

a quiet certainty that I have reassured

you of time and again

as your Shepherd

I guide you through every challenge

ensuring your needs are met

though anxieties may grip you concerning your career

job prospects and looming decisions

know that you are not alone

fear of rejection

and loss holds no power over the strength I offer

do not be afraid

for my strength far surpasses any obstacle you face

fear not those who seem powerful

nor those who conspire against you with their words

their aim is to undermine

the foundation I have built within you

but they are powerless against my word

wherever you are

find a moment of peace and quiet

close your eyes and open your heart

seeking not a flood of words

but the quiet comfort of my presence

my voice will penetrate the depths of your being

reaching the hidden wounds that stir you at night

cast off your worries and surrender them to me

in my presence you will find strength

for my word holds the power and answers you seek

find me in the stillness of dawn

for I am always listening

always understanding

even when your voice remains silent

and your tears speak volumes

know that I cherish you

hold you close

and then forever by your side throughout all time

the world may try to drown you in despair

but I envelop you in my love

while some may wish to see you fall

my Holy Spirit reaches out

lifts you up and proclaims

rise my child

my beloved stand firm

be brave and fearless for you are beyond reach of harm

cherish this assurance

let it be the last thought you ponder each night

absorb these words for they are food for your soul

bringing tranquility to your mind

your space becomes a haven filled with my holy presence

open your spiritual eyes just for a moment and witness

the heavenly beings tasked with your Protection

shielding you from the harshness of the world

promise me beloved child

not to forget these words

as you turn off the lights to sleep

whisper to yourself

I rest in the refuge of the most high

surrounded by love in the shadow of the Almighty

remember my mighty Lord

has not forgotten you

though the world may look down upon you

my gaze upon you is filled with an unconditional love

that transcends the judgments

and expectations of the world

you see I perceive

your true essence

the potential that blossoms within you

and the hopes nestled deep in your heart

a time will come

driven by your own inner yearning

when you choose to shed the limitations of the past

you will leave behind

the destructive habits that once held you captive

embracing a path paved with self

love and appreciation

remember this isn’t selfishness but rather

the foundation upon which a fulfilling life is built

as the scripture proclaims

love thy neighbor is thyself

so too must you acknowledge

and embrace your own inherent worth

don’t confuse self love with pride

for I will bestow upon

you a heart brimming with empathy

you will understand the struggles of others

yet simultaneously recognize your own unique value

and potential

the blessings I shower upon

you are not a reward for flawless actions

but a manifestation of my boundless love

an unwavering desire to see you flourish

I see not only your shortcomings but also

the strengths and gifts that make you who you are

my blessings flow from a wellspring of Grace and mercy

intended to uplift and empower you

don’t turn away from this outpouring of love

for it holds the promise of a future rich in peace

joy and abundance

believe in the whispers of your own spirit

those nudges of faith that guide you towards

your true destiny

hear me clearly

I am your protector

your shield against

any negativity that seeks to impede your progress

trust in me

remain serene

and avoid responding to threats

or harboring thoughts of revenge

instead turn to me in quiet contemplation

in the stillness

I will soothe your anxieties

and reveal the plans of triumph

I have meticulously crafted for you

my heart aches when others

attempt to shatter your hopes

crush your spirit

and trample upon your dreams

though they may try

their efforts will be in vain

for your faith

an unwavering stance

will render them powerless

your enemies will tremble in the face of

your unwavering boldness

bravery and rock solid confidence

lies and deception may be hurled your way

but you are enveloped in an

impenetrable shield of my Protection

my angels stand vigilant

awaiting my command

to thwart the schemes of your adversaries

sending them away forever vanquished

I will pave your path with resources


and insightful individuals

who will become catalysts for your success

doors that once seemed closed will swing open

and you will emerge from challenges stronger

and more resilient

your heart overflowing with joy

this message finds you because I have

envisioned a future overflowing with blessings for you

a fierce determination now ignites within you

a deep resolve to persevere for yourself

and those you love

your unwavering faith

and character will strike fear into the hearts

of those who wish to see you falter

now knowing this promise

ask yourself

whom shall you fear

no external force can truly touch you

when you are anchored in my love

don’t be swayed by fantastical notions

or claims of power exceeding mine

forget about spells

curses or superstitions

for the truth is clear

no external force holds dominion over you

my blood shed on the cross vanquished every darkness

and the Bill of your past transgressions

was forever pinned to that sacred symbol

your present is a gift

free from the chains of past errors

or the fear of future uncertainties

embrace the blessings bestowed upon you

for you are liberated from every curse debt

suffering and sickness

this is the truth and it will forever remain so

be bold beloved child

for your journey as far from over

stay focused

undeterred by distractions that may

appear along the way

keep your eyes on the prize

the abundance and joy that awaits you

this is a testament to the depth of my love

I do not want you to abandon your dreams

hold onto your faith

for your aspirations will materialize in due time

when hardships arise

remember my unwavering promises

and the countless times I have guided you towards

your purpose

give thanks in all circumstances

for you are never truly forgotten

negative thoughts are whispers of darkness

do not let them cloud your mind

feeling down as a part of the human experience

and both your

body and spirit have their breaking points

however know that a time of renewal

and restoration is on the horizon

every season has its purpose

a time for action and a time for reflection

a time for confrontation and a time for strategy

if your faith faulters or obstacles emerge

it is because you have strayed from your path

distracted by the noise of the world

neglecting my teachings

and succumbing to the voices of doubt

though many may wish to see you fail

do not be afraid

keep your eyes on what truly matters

me your greatest champion

defender and sovereign creator

a glorious dawn approaches

beloved child

bathing your heart in the warm glow of

impending happiness

what once seemed impossible now sits within reach

a testament to the unwavering power of faith

open your ears and heart to my message

for a magnificent blessing awaits your embrace

shed all doubts and skepticism

for what I offer surpasses your wildest dreams

I have witnessed your daily prayer as your fervent

please for this very opportunity

and today I declare the doors are wide open

everything you’ve yearned

for is on the precipice of becoming reality

trust in my strength

embrace my blessings

and hold on to your faith

stand tall and welcome with open arms

the gifts I bestow upon you

do not shy away from what I place before you

regardless of the challenges you face

the intensity of your battles

or how your experiences diverge from your expectations

I am your god

wielding absolute authority over every circumstance

in the very essence of your being

elevate your faith

gaze towards the heavens and hold your head high

for my words are immutable

I never falter

I remain undefeated and I will never abandon you

embrace the Serenity I offer

let it wash over your heart

fostering tranquility

find solace in this piece

allowing it to rekindle your courage

and reignite your hope

forgive those who have wronged you

and possess the wisdom to discern whom to trust

while displaying

the strength to move beyond harmful relationships

perhaps the notion of dwelling in peace and joy

feels unfamiliar given the turmoil you’ve endured

perhaps my blessings seem like a distant dream

but fear not

for a fresh start awaits

you are undergoing a profound transformation

venturing onto new ground

the future before you brims with promise and marvels

but it requires your trust and acceptance

declare with conviction I believe and I welcome it

now listen closely my child

release all anxieties

focus on my words and treasure them

for they hold immense significance

I reaffirm my boundless love for you

a love exceeding mere words or emotions

it is an eternal promise sealed with my blood

unwavering and steadfast

each star twinkling in the night sky

illuminates your path through darkness

a constant reminder of my profound love

the sun that bathes you in light

signifies the warmth of my invisible

yet boundless love

dispelling any shadows lurking within your heart

experience this love every night before sleep

embrace it anew each morning

know that you are deeply cherished

and possess unwavering faith in this love tangible

genuine and far from your imagination

your deepest yearning is for love

and love is what I offer

I shower you with a majestic gift

one that will transform your perspective

my love runs deep

and it’s my fervent wish to see you not only survive

but flourish

imagine facing any challenge

big or small

with unwavering strength

like walking on a calm ocean

or standing firm on scorching desert sands

my love for you knows no bounds

offering you the courage you need

my words are your foundation

guiding you forward

I yearn for you to truly

embrace the future I am preparing for you

embrace it with open arms

for I offer you life and hope

and it’s yours to accept

with unwavering faith

everything will be alright

every problem will find its resolution

this is the sign you’ve been seeking

the answer to your prayers and tears

from the moment you reached out

an angel was dispatched

bearing the key to your liberation

you hold a unique and precious place

and a fierce battle is waged over you

be vigilant and discerning

speaking wisely and safeguarding your secrets carefully

choose who you trust

for the enemy prowess

seeking to exploit your vulnerabilities

and extinguish your faith

jealous eyes envy the favor I’ve bestowed upon you for

your path is destined for wonders beyond the ordinary

trials might arise

but they are fleeting

those who wronged you will seek forgiveness

and you will respond with love and offer help if needed

however remember

your ultimate faith and trust

should reside eternally in me

no one else wields the power to bless or protect

you like I do

no one else possesses the true word I offer

abandoning your faith

for fleeting promises will dissipate

blessings potentially never to return

cling to my unwavering word

steadfast and eternal

the time for choice approaches

choose my love care

comfort and embrace

commit wholeheartedly to seeking me each morning

listening to my voice and embracing my teachings

for I am your source of purpose and strength

awaken to the truth my child

the challenges you face will dissipate

the help you anticipate is imminent

and the support you need will be provided

my love for you is proven today

I will pull you through this

I have heard your please

and I am here to deliver promises for you

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