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after a while

you may discover yourself feeling that God is round you

watching over you

so do not forget about these moments

don’t allow them to pass incomplete

your existence is on the brink of trade

after hearing this message from god

make sure to watch the entire video

every phrase spoken here lays a direction in

your vivid future

type within the feedback

if you are ready

God is talking to you these days

hear me my pricy toddler

I am the only who continues your lamp burning

I transform your darkness into mild

there are moments when weariness

and burdens threaten to extinguish your lamp

it sparkles and sputters

almost strolling out of fuel

in those instances

name out to me

breathe deeply in my presence

and consider that I am the only who fuels your lamp

I am your energy

and I am also your mild

keep turning towards me

permitting the dignity of my presence to saturate you

my radiant beauty brightens your existence

and shifts your angle

when you pull away from me and forget about that

I’m with you

your global seems dark

yes this global is deeply fallen

and darkness abounds

but I am the mild that keeps to shine

within the darkness

do now not be afraid my toddler

trust me wholeheartedly

even when things appear gloomy

and I will remodel your darkness into light

when making plans and troubles consume your thoughts

flip to me and whisper my call

let the mild of my presence shine upon you

as you experience my unfailing love

thank me for looking over you continually

and loving you eternally

affirm your believe in me

explicit your devotion to me

and question me to light up the manner forward

deal together with your problems as wanted

but do not permit worry or worry dominate your thoughts

keep returning your cognizance to me

and I will remove darkness from your perspective

immerse your mind and heart in scripture

read it look at it

and memorize verses that resonate with you

my phrase is

a lamp to manual your steps

and a light to light up your root

by following these hints

your preoccupation with planning

and troubles will decrease

making space for more of me

delight inside the pleasure of my presence

seek my face constantly

I inspire you to allow your coronary heart

rejoice whilst you are trying to find me

picture a deeply in loved couple

when the person visits his liked

she would not casually say

oh it’s you

he doesn’t ignore her and ask

do you have got something to eat

no their hearts sore with pleasure

due to the fact they’re together

you are my loved

and I am the everlasting lover of your soul

rejoice within the remarkable affection

I even have for you

glorify my holy name

that’s above each call

you can use it freely to commune with me

and joyously worship me

you have the privilege

of smooth get entry to to me

some human beings take pleasure in their wealth


splendor or fame

but I invite you to take joy in me

your Savior

Lord and lover

glorifying me will give a boost to

and satisfaction you

infusing your prayers with strength

and your coronary heart with pleasure

never underestimate the electricity of prayer

when humans feel discouraged and hopeless

they every now and then say

there’s not anything left to do

however pray

but this isn’t a feeble

last resort

it is a powerful reference to me

I designed humanity to communicate with me

even when sin entered the sector

I failed to withdraw this wonderful privilege

when I walked amongst you as a man

I relied closely on prayer

to my father

I understood how

a whole lot

I wished his help

persistent heartfelt prayer

blesses no longer

most affected you

however also

your own family

friends church

or even your country

ask the Holy Spirit that will help you

pray efficaciously

find others to enroll in you

in in search of my face

with humility

and repentance

beseech me to heal your land

wait in my presence

spending time with me brings spiritual

emotional and physical benefits

yet many of my kids suppose it’s a luxury

they can’t have the funds for

they crave relaxation and calmness

but maintain in their speedy

paced lives

I want you to arrange your priorities

to make room for restful times

with me I will

refresh your soul

and make stronger you

for the adventure beforehand

be of desirable courage

living in this broken international

demands bravery

since bravery isn’t always natural for most

you will need my assist to be strong and brave

no matter the alarming occasions

you do not need to be terrified or discouraged

train your thoughts to cognizance on me repeatedly

find comfort in my promise to be with you

wherever you go

continue to be courageous

trying to me for energy

I will reinforce your heart

I am your residing Lord

your rock your savior God

meditate on my greatness

and my unwavering dedication to you

in a culture

wherein commitment is often fleeting

realize that I am your

for all time friend

and the eternal lover of your soul

you are securely held in my love

instead of residing on problems

recollect who I am

I am your dwelling Lord

your unchanging rock

and your savior God

because I am everlasting

my dying on the cross

to your sin

secures your salvation completely

don’t worry that I’ll stop loving you

based to your overall performance

it is my goodness

and righteousness that preserve you

stable in my love

let my unwavering commitment to

you be a supply of comfort

as you navigate this

afflicted global

one day you will dwell with me in paradise

come eagerly into my passionate presence

inviting me to satisfy

you with my

unfailing love

the morning

right when you awaken

is the pleasant

time to searching

for my face

connecting with me

early units

the tone for your day

my Boundless Love

is profoundly satisfying

it reminds you of your

really worth

and importance

it assures you that


we will face

the challenges of the day

knowing your

all the time cherished

energizes you

and grants you

the courage to persevere through


meeting my loving presence within

the morning

equips you to sing

for pleasure

and be glad

consider the awesome privilege of meeting with

the king of Kings

and Lord of Lords

in the privateness of your home

rejoice that

your name is inscribed in

the Lamb’s Book of life

etched indelably

take time to take pleasure in my presence

speak or sing praises

study scripture and pray

delight within the truth

that nothing

in all advent

can separate

you from my love

before you name

I will solution

while you’re still talking

I will listen

I understand that

now and again

you sense by myself

lost within

the darkness

you keep to hope

as it’s the right component to do

but you wonder

in case your prayers

make any difference

in those moments

don’t forget who I am

the king of glory

I transcend time

and past present

and destiny

are all the

equal to me

that’s why I can answer

before you even

name out to me

no prayer of yours

goes unheard

or unanswered

sometimes the solution isn’t any

or no longer

yet other instances I answer

in approaches

you cannot see

for my wisdom surpasses

your information

ponder the wonders of my countless intelligence

and experience

my limitless

love for you

if you persevere on this intimate adoration

you will realize

beyond a doubt

that you are never by myself

you are mine my liked

my compassions never fail

they’re new

each morning

so begin every

day with self belief

knowing that my advantages

are abundant

this understanding allows

you look ahead to me

and trusting your long

unanswered prayers

into my care

I guarantee

you that now

not one of these petitions has

escaped my notice

I want you to drink deeply

from my fountain of countless love

and unfailing compassion

as you wait

in my presence

these divine blessings are freely

available to you

even though a lot of

your prayers continue to be unanswered

find hope in my

top notch faithfulness

I hold all my promises

in my ideal

way and timing

I promise to

provide you peace

that can dispel the issues

and fears in your heart

if impatience units in

keep in mind

that I also watch

for the moment

whilst you are geared up

to get hold of

the benefits

I even have

lovingly organized for you

blessed are

all individuals

who look forward to me

I am education

you in patient

patience this

lesson isn’t always

for the faint of heart

however it’s a rich blessing

one factor of sharing

in my country

and my suffering

my state is eternal

and of infinite price

I’ve made it

clear that sharing in my sufferings

is essential

for sharing in my glory

moreover this revel in

produces real benefits to your

man or woman

patient patience

can best be evolved through problem

embrace the

very hassle you dread

bring it into my presence

with Thanksgiving


your willingness

to undergo it

as long as I see fit

ask me to take that dark

unpleasant element

and rework it into something beautiful

I can weave

strands of glory

into the maximum

heart wrenching conditions

it can also take time

for the lovely

pattern to emerge

but this waiting builds


rejoice loved for I am

I am molding

your person

until it radiates

with the mild

of my glory

I am the ever

living person

who constantly

observes you

I peer into

the depths of your being

no longer a

unmarried concept of yours

escapes my note

my intimate recognition

of each element of your life

ensures which

you are never on my own

whether in instances of joy

or struggles

moreover I desire to purify

your thoughts

from their sinful tendencies

when you catch

yourself questioning

in a loveless

and hurtful way

confess it to me

straight away

seek now not handiest


but also transformation

there’s no need to plead for Grace

as if you should

convince me to

extend it to you

I underwent a torturous execution

and endured

separation from my father

to cleanse your sins

removing them

as a ways as

the east is

from the west

take pleasure in my



that I see you


in radiant clothes

of my perfect


I already envisioned

the superb transformation

you’ll undergo

when heaven

turns into your

everlasting domestic

those who accept

as true within me

do not simply

accept as true within me

by myself however


in the one who sent me

when you gaze upon me

you spot the one

who sent me

I got here into

the sector no longer

handius to be

your savior

but additionally

to help you

in seeing the daddy

extra sincerely

he and I constantly

function in best

team spirit

as I declared

when coaching

inside the Jerusalem Temple

I and my father

are one thus

while you strive

to stay closely to me

solving your eyes on me

you’re in no

way neglecting my father

the Trinity

Father Son and

Holy Spirit

is a marvelous

present to you

although it remains

a mystery past

your comprehension

this triune God


enriches your

prayer lifestyles

you can pray to

the daddy in my name

speak without delay to me

and the Holy Spirit

is always to be

had to help you on

your prayers

do now not be troubled

by means of

the mysteries of

the Godhead

instead reply

with joyous

reward and adoration

my pricey baby

I desire these

words profoundly

contact your heart

reminding you of

the boundless

love and beauty

I even have for you

know that you

are cherished

included and

never by myself

I am with you

always presenting you my

unfailing love

and steering

rejoice in my presence

discover energy

in my guarantees

and trust in my

perfect plan

in your lifestyles

amen I love you

my toddler type

amen if you

accept as true

within God if

you’re ready type yes

take care of

yourself it’s now

not about being

the first rate

it’s approximately

being better than

you had been

the day before today

type I claim it

in case you

obtain this

assertion type

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