dear son I’m here to guide and

strengthen you let me share with you the

secrets of the universe reveal to you

the beauty of life and show you the

purpose I have specially reserved for

you allow the warmth of my presence to

envelop you as you read these words know

that I am by your side at this moment

ready to speak to your heart set aside

your worries for there is no room for

anxiety in your soul right now you’ve

come to me tired and seeking Solace and

I’m here to pour out my love and peace

upon you

be brave dear one don’t let fear

overpower you I assure you that your

prayers are being heard and the trials

that have overwhelmed you will soon fade

away don’t lose faith for you are not

abandoned and my promises will be

fulfilled put your trust in me for I Am

by your side in this battle even when

you feel exhausted and disheartened

remember it is precisely in these

moments that you must remain strong the

obstacles in your path will soon crumble

but only if you stand firm don’t give in

to to discouragement for the blessings

that await you are hidden behind every

setback have faith persevere and move

forward without

hesitation I speak these words to You

Out of Love because I want you to

understand the beautiful future that

awaits you wonderful things and new

blessings are on the horizon and you

will Ascend to a holy place and a

supernatural spiritual level becoming an

example to your family and many others

many hear my words and witness great

Miracles but doubt often creeps into

their hearts they may feel unworthy or

believe that I do not wish to reveal my

divine power to the world they surround

themselves with negative influences that

so doubt and settle for lives devoid of

purpose and happiness drifting away from

the grace that could transform them but

you my beloved are different you’ve

changed your way of thinking but you’re

still human and weariness may visit you

at times understand this well that’s why

I’m here to reignite your faith I know

you feel my words deep in your heart

heart and will believe in them you will

answer my call and stand firm don’t give

up now allow me to envelop you with my

eternal love and divine guidance amidst

the chaos and concerns of the world I am

here calling out to you hoping you’ll

come to me so you can find wonderful

things I have to offer you

today listen to my gentle voice

whispering in your heart for I have

something important to tell you fear not

for I am with you at all times even when

you feel alone

I am the light that illuminates your

path in darkness the safe haven amidst

the storm when life seems too difficult

and challenges insurmountable remember

that you don’t have to face them alone I

am by your side ready to Grant you the

courage and strength needed to overcome

any obstacle in your way leave behind

the weight of your worries and surrender

them to me trust in my unconditional

love and infinite wisdom for I will care

for you with tenderness and

dedication open your heart to receive my

words of comfort and hope and you will

see your life transform before your eyes

my love for you is so deep that I have

forgiven all your mistakes and now I

wish to help you overcome the Sorrows

that afflict you do not let the weight

of the past hold you back for there is a

radiant future awaiting you prepare

yourself for a new chapter in your life

where your dreams will come true and

blessings will flow abundantly always

remember the grand purpose in your life

the mission you came to fulfill in this

world every challenge every obstacle is

an opportunity to grow to become the

best version of yourself and to manifest

the Divine love that dwells in your

heart beloved Son courage is not the

absence of fear but rather the

determination to move forward despite it

I want you to never doubt my love for

you for it is eternal and unconditional

even in the moments of greatest distress

I am by your side holding your hand and

strengthening your spirit trust in me

and entrust your worries and fears into

my hands for I will take care of you

with all my love and tenderness continue

to walk in faith knowing that each step

taken toward me is a step toward light

and Truth there is no obstacle that

cannot be overcome with my help for the

power of divine love is infinite and

Invincible Dear Son know that you are

loved beyond measure and that your life

has a unique and precious purpose trust

in me follow your heart and know that I

am always here ready to listen to your

prayers and guide your steps towards

happiness and

fulfillment my beloved Son let go of

your worries for now is the time to rest

in my arms have confidence for I have

complete control over your life fear not

for I am protecting you watching over

you at every moment I am by your side

with each new day from the moment you

wake up I want you to feel my presence

every morning as you open your eyes do

not let distractions consume those

precious initial moments of your day

come and listen to my word let my spirit

speak to you I am here to say that

everything is under control and you must

believe in me fear not adversity for

with me by your side nothing and no one

can harm you many of the problems

afflicting you today will be resolved

before you imagine the right answers

will come at the right time I am opening

the door for which you prayed in your

deepest prayers I am strengthening your

faith I am here to lift you up and guide

you into a new New Life A New Beginning

where everything will be different do

not worry about what others think of you

hold your head up high and live your

life with faith and dignity the envious

will always speak poison into their

souls but know that what I think of you

is what truly matters I consider you

wonderful with a pure and sincere heart

this is the moment to transform your

life to begin a new story let me guide

you along A New Path of blessings and

wisdom I give you my love and peace so

so that your soul and mind may be at

ease accept my words and when people

attack you seek refuge in my love I will

rescue you even in the most difficult

situations my blessings are more

valuable than any material wealth the

things I have for you are more precious

than all the treasures of this world

when I promise to open the heavens for

you I do so with faith be cautious for I

have been by your side in all your

battles even now as you face obstacles

do not give up your dreams will come

true I want to speak to your heart

intimately and personally know that you

are beloved beyond measure and that my

love for you knows no bounds I long for

your love and faith tell me my dear that

you love me with all your heart speak

these words not out of obligation but

from the genuine affection that fills


soul believe in me rest assured that I

will guide and protect you but I ask one

thing of you believe with all your

strength in me I am your life your

future your strength and your

Shield walk with faith believing in the

Miracles that have not yet been seen by

your eyes you may perceive your faith as

small but it is all I need and it is

enough to bring countless wonderful

blessings I have observed your journey

through great difficulties and trials

and you have been faithful in your

belief in my power your unwavering ing

faith has led you here today I want to

assure you that your seeds of faith will

not go unnoticed I am extending my grace

and mercy to you the time to reap the

fruits of your faith and perseverance is

approaching amen if you believe in these

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