Listen To Me And You Never Face Defeat | God Message Today | God’s Message For You

my cherished child today I call upon you

to embark on a journey of

introspection reflect within the depths

of your soul as my words resonate with

you allowing my message to become an

integral part of your being the trying

times that have burdened your spirit are

fading and the promise of brighter days

lies ahead know that the challenges that

have plagued you are near nearing their

end for your heavenly father shall

forever Stand By Your Side life my child

may bring forth trials challenges and

circumstances that dim the once radiant

flame of faith in your heart yet my

desire is for your faith to shine

brightly with fervor and

compassion remember that your spirit

motivation and desire to live are gifts

bestowed upon you out of my boundless

love it is now time to return to the

path of Hope nourishing your spirit with

the promises and truths that I offer

even as you walk through the darkest

valleys fear no evil for I shall always

be with you guiding and urging you to

overcome all

obstacles I shall protect your

aspirations and Aid you in achieving

your dreams this world my beloved is

riddled with

hardships however trust in me for I have

overcome pain I hold the key ke to life

and I yearn for you to live it with

great joy your victories one after

another are my will may your future be

adorned with success and blessings and

may you never face defeat do not let

these words Escape your memory for as

you become happier and more blessed Envy

may attempt to witness your

downfall it is a law of the supernatural

life my dear one I am here to uplift

those I love but adversaries may arise

to despise them due to their happiness

and Faith fear not for no harm shall

befall you as long as you walk in my

will it is neither a difficult nor an

impossible task I do not demand

Perfection from you for I understand

your Humanity you may falter sooner or

later but I only ask for your

wholehearted devotion and that your gaze

remains fixed upon this sacred word

loyalty too is what I desire from you

you may seek and love me when all goes

well but even in times of adversity and

when things go arai do not cease your

journey or halt your prayers continue

walking and praying with unwavering

Faith indeed you may shed tears whether

from rain or storms but persevere

without faltering and I shall calm the

storms and silence the Seas I shall

command your conflicts to cease and I

shall address your problem

problems however I wish to witness an

unwavering attitude of love and

unwavering pursuit of me always placing

me first in all that you do you shall

find that this Faith becomes a sword

that conquers evil overcomes your

weaknesses and provide spiritual and

Supernatural strength to help you

conquer Temptations fears problems and

any challenges that may cross your

path Before you depart from your

dwelling bow your head for a few

moments dedicate your plans and all your

Affairs to me and offer prayers for your

family speak words of faith and peace

Rejoice for I am your Shepherd and you

shall not lack you are my child my dear

little sheep I shall lead you to Lush

pastures and Serene

Waters there shall be no more shouting

or confusion within your home and the

conflicts that burden your heart shall

cease I shall remove Wicked individuals

who steal love and Destroy peace from

your household I shall uproot all sin

and wrongdoing that lurks in the corners

seeking to corrupt your faith and

happiness I shall take away your sorrows

and you shall witness no misery or

poverty at your table bread shall be

provided in its due season I shall open

the windows of heaven and blessings

shall R upon you opportunities for

employment education and New Growth

shall abound I shall remove bad habits

and vices from your home that threaten

your integrity and

Faith together we shall walk and I shall

firmly Hold Your Hand fixate your gaze

upon the good the pure and The Marvelous

things that I yearn to bring into your

life do not seek negative friendships

and do not return to those who remain

stagnant I am your provider and I can

indeed bring you happiness therefore you

need not seek acceptance or approval

from others just as I do not seek

permission from anyone to bless you you

should not seek anyone else’s approval

to love and serve me pure and

indestructible love can only be found in

me it Comforts and heals you I am the

only one in this vast universe who died

and rose again for you so that you may

find Salvation and eternal

happiness when problems arise and

difficulties emerge do not wait for

others to uplift you I am with you and

that shall

suffice criticism and rejection may come

from those who have aligned themselves

with your adversaries but my love is

more than enough embrace my grace for it

empowers and transforms you sorrow and

fear have no place in your mind when you

rest securely in my hand I shall be by

your side guiding you to overcome the

obst obstacles that stand in your way as

you witness my power within you the time

has come to lift your face and leave

behind the burdens of past offenses and

mistreatment keep your faith in me

unwavering cease lowering your gaze and

losing sight of all that I have to show

you raise your face and revel in the

blessings that shall be bestowed upon

you for I your God have decided to share

my beautiful promises with you as your

Creator the one who made all that is

seen and unseen I give you my word that

I shall always be with you bestowing

upon you my most beautiful blessings I

love you for all eternity and I am

astounded by your strength and loyalty

you have gone above and beyond my

request exemplifying unwavering Fidelity

the seeds I planted within you have

grown and borne beautiful fruits better

times and New Horizons are on the


surpassing your desires and dreams I

understand that at times you may

perceive things differently especially

when encountering envy and rejection

from others even those who claim to love

you instead of acknowledging your

virtues they seek to bring you down they

delve into the past to inflict pain and

shatter your spirit but today as you

listen to me make the decision to adopt

a Victorious attitude do not allow

anyone to undermine your

determination place your trust solely in

my word and be guided by the words I

speak to you you belong to me and I

shall surround you with my love I will

personally confront any enemy that dares

to oppose you discard those negative

thoughts that arise when problems

surround you when conflicts pile up and

weariness sets in when numerous

decisions exhaust your spirit come and

rest in my presence find Solace and hope

for the sum of your problems shall not

diminish my protection and love for you

understand that I did not send those

situations to you I assure you that from

where you stand you shall emerge with my

powerful hand to rescue you I have never

desired for you to suffer beyond your

capabilities I shall lift the heavy

burdens off your shoulders it is not my

will for you to dwell in solitude and

sadness your future is wondrous and your

enemy seek to hinder your blessings but

in this battle you hold the key and your

faith is a sword that shatters the

obstacles in your path you shall only

sink if you open the door to negative

thoughts and

emotions however you shall Triumph if my

Holy Spirit holds the foremost place in

your life and your heart I have

fulfilled my part by providing salvation

for you and offering you an inheritance

of Victory and blessings now remain

steadfast fast as you have done I come

to you at the perfect time when you are

on the verge of reaching a spiritual

level where Miracles occur in your daily

Journey do not regress for you have

gained much ground do not discard the

tears you shed and the sacrifices you

made focus on the goal your faith and

your power of decision for they are

stronger than steel exert yourself and

be courageous many have abandoned their

purpose and lament their

circumstances but a different future

awaits you my presence surrounds you and

my spirit Reigns in your home the

windows of Heaven shall open over you

bestowing blessings and gifts that will

fill your home with joy repentant Hearts

shall return even those who had left it

shall be a time of forgiveness and

Harmony fear not for I am with you do

not be disheartened for I am your God I

shall fortify you assist you and uphold

you with my Victorious right hand I have

showered you with Abundant Blessings In

Heavenly Realms so that my glory May

manifest within your family extending

this grace to your friends relatives and

neighbors touching their lives and homes

you shall be the instrument through

which healing flows to many whom you

know this marvelous work commences here

which is why I implore you to come every

morning to listen

remember all the Miracles I have already

performed in your life and how this word

has materialized in seemingly impossible

situations that once caused you to

falter up to this point I have been your

Aid do not regress do not forfeit what

you have gained significant blessings

are forthcoming yet I desire to see you

each morning with a grateful heart

receiving this word with warmth there is

no need to fear for crises hold no sway

the threats of the world may deceive you

portraying a path without an exit but I

have come to breathe life into you

strengthening your faith and

enlightening your spiritual vision

witness the worth I bestow upon you and

the love I Harbor which shall not wne

due to your shortcomings or the

multitude of your troubles know this my

beloved child that each day your love

for me shall deepen Trust in my guidance

for I walk beside you offering Assurance

in your ability to achieve your dreams

there is no room for sorrow or fear for

I cradle you in the palm of my hand I

shall never leave you alone I am your

counselor your friend and your protector

together we shall Prevail and your

adversaries shall witness your Triumph

now my child entrust your future to me

stand tall and surrender your life into

my hands I shall guide you through

mountains and valleys clearing your path

as you tread exert effort display

courage and take firm steps even in the

darkest of times do not seek excuses or

blame others for you hold the

responsibility for your own purpose and

Mission understand that every moment of

sincere Faith you offer shall be met

with my loving Embrace I will provide

you with the Assurance you require to

navigate your days the pages where your

tears were once recorded in Crimson Ink

have been incinerated I have forgotten

your transgressions and erased the

causes of your sorrow from your heart

forever truly you are now

free understand that your freedom has

not been earned through payment or

achieved through

Perfection I comprehend that you cannot

liberate yourself from Eternal

punishment however your freedom and

debts have been settled your Victory is

secured and my promise to you are

certain they are sealed with immense

profound and beautiful love do not seek

to comprehend this love instead live it

feel it and let it resonate within you

this wondrous love inundates your heart

even if you initially resist it you

already sense the immense love meant for

you I the creator of the universe seek

you out to express how deeply I love you

these words are sent sent to you through

the most unexpected means you need not

journey to distant lands or Ascend

mountains to hear my voice I wish to

touch your heart here and now in this

very moment I will never allow you to

drift away from me because of the

profound love I have for you therefore

Embrace this new life without loneliness

or fear allow yourself to be cradled in

my affection and sail in the ocean of

happiness with my love steer your course

towards the harbor or you shall receive

the crown of Victory there you shall be

blessed with eternal joy prosperity and

holy riches if you desire your life to

change you must relinquish all

disbelief the enemy assails your mind

with doubts as he does not wish for you

to know me better or witness the

Fulfillment of my promises

firsthand I seek your simple faith and

humility in your heart rely not on your

own Prudence but but commit to

entrusting your plans to me at the start

of each day allow me to be your Shepherd

guiding you to the Lush Green Pastures

you yearn for where your soul can

finally witness the blessings I have

spoken of in this place my presence

Reigns Supreme eclipsing your

emotions here anxiety finds no refuge in

your heart dwells in

Tranquility neither difficult days nor

distressing news can disturb you

anticipate the day when you come to know

me more intimately when you receive my

forgiving love and accept yourself as

you are I love you unconditionally and

this sweet affection will transform you

your character shall be refined and you

shall awaken each day without fear of

what may

transpire you are not feeble but strong

you are not timid but courageous you are

not enslaved to despondency for I have

endowed you with a spirit of love and

power those unstable emotions that EB

and flow shall yield to my authority in

place of anxiety and fear my strength

shall fill your heart today you receive

freedom and realize your true self I

surround you with Grace and you shine

with my truth peace and blessings

wherever you go your soul and heart find

Solace and I whisper words of affection

to you strengthening and calming you

there is no need to endure the storms in

your mind day after day there is no

reason to suffer when others dictate it

when I tell you that there is peace in

your spirit you must believe these

powerful words that can heal you I want

to hear only gratitude from your lips

forget none of the gifts blessings and

benefits I bestow upon you I forgive

your sins and forget them I heal your

ailments and rescue you from the pit of


I satiate your soul with mercy and love

if you entrust your heart to me today

you will never hunger for affection or

attention you will no longer seek the

Friendship of deceitful companions or

the approval of ungrateful

traitors I shall be your friend your

companion your bread of life your God

your king your Shepherd your provider

your healer I open your spiritual eyes

to the wonders of my love and the beauty

of a life lived in faith amen



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