Life of Abundance For You | Message From God | The Blessed Message

my beloved Son take a moment and listen

allow me to enter your world your mind

your heart picture yourself now

surrounded by the radiant light of my

love feel my presence around you

enveloping you with comforting warmth in

this sacred moment let worries dissipate

doubts fade away and Faith flourish like


before I’m here to tell you that this

year you will be blessed with many

blessings and succeed in all areas of

life please take these words seriously

and do not underestimate the advice I am

about to give you believe me the words I

bring now have the power of

transformation The Power of Liberation

the power of prosperity I ask that you

remember these words every morning to

start the day with positivity calmness

inner peace and an unwavering faith that

will bring everything I’m telling you

now with determination and a peaceful

mind you will achieve Great

accomplishments this year your dreams

and goals will be realized and you will

not end this year without achieving

something significant you are destined

for Prosperity not just material

Prosperity but a Prosperity that

transcends the limits of this world a

Prosperity that extends to the depths of

your soul touching every fiber of your

being I do not wish for you A life of

scarcity of endless struggles and

despair on the contrary I wish for you

to rise with conf confidence with

unwavering faith knowing that I am your

loving father who desires the best for

you in all areas of your life but for

this I ask you to trust me put your hand

on your heart and promise that you will

seek me every day no matter what

challenges arise I understand that

sometimes negative thoughts arise but I

want you to know that I am here to help

even if storms frighten your heart and

anxiety tries to dominate your mind you

will resist do not listen to the voice

of defeat and failure you are destined

for success and fulfillment and you must

focus on what truly matters Beyond

material goods and personal achievements

your family is fundamental to your

well-being so do not let past

disagreements ruin the present seek

Harmony at home for the family is the

foundation for you to pursue all other

things if you dedicate yourself to me

with faith I believe that my presence

will bring peace and ward off the

Shadows that try to intrude on your

family’s happiness it is not a time to

doubt it is not not a time to fear it is

time to trust it is time to fully

surrender to my love and my will for

your life son know that the prosperity I

offer is not based on external

circumstances but rather on the strength

of your faith on the depth of your

relationship with me it is when you

acknowledge that I am your provider your

sustainer your everything that true

Prosperity begins to flow into your life

do not be deceived by the voices of the

world that cry out for more more and

more more remember that I am sufficient

I am all you need and when you seek

first my kingdom and my righteousness

all other things will be added to you

rise now with a new

determination let the certainty of my

promise of prosperity fill every part of

your being do not look at the

circumstances around you but look to me

the author and finisher of your faith

receive the prosperity that I have

reserved for you receive it with

gratitude with humility with

expectation for wherever you go my favor

will follow you my blessing will

surround you and my Prosperity will flow

like an abundant River in your life I

want to now reveal to you a secret that

is not always understood but is vital

for your understanding of the journey

you are on every door that has been

closed in your life was not a sign of

failure but rather a sign of protection

of direction of love I know the plans I

have for you plans of prosperity and not

of harm to give you a future and a hope

and sometimes to fulfill these plans it

is necessary to close certain doors that

you were trying to open with all your

might for these doors though they may

seem attractive at first glance often

lead to Paths of Illusion disappointment

and distance from me I knew that certain

places were not for you not because you

did not deserve them not because you

were not capable but because these

places simply did not contain my

presence did not contain my peace did

not contain my

direction when you found yourself facing

closed doors when you found yourself

facing seemingly insurmountable

obstacles I was there by your side

directing your steps away from danger

away from illusion Away From Evil my

beloved Son now is the time to look

forward with renewed hope with

unwavering confidence knowing that what

lies ahead is much better than what has

been left behind for I have already

prepared the path for you I have already

mapped out the plan for your life and it

is good it is perfect it is full of

prosperity do not dwell on others lives

immerse yourself in my words which will

strengthen you dedicate time to your

family and your work Reserve moments to

take care of yourself nurturing your

health and practicing Prudence never

forget the needs of those around you I

bless you so that you may become a

blessing to others remaining honest

committed to assisting the needy and

faithful to your purpose indeed an

abundant blessing awaits you today I

speak directly to your heart aiming to

transform you into a person of

unwavering strength so that no one dares

to cause you pain again you will feel my

love daily and all suffering will be

left behind believe in my words and

receive this radiant joy into your soul

from now on everything that crosses your

path will be success and blessing I have

a plan for you and any opposition will

bow before it you are hearing me now

there is no need to seek crumbs While

others waste away you possess your own

blessings and a heavenly father who

surrounds you with love healing

uplifting prospering and caring for you

constantly those who made you stumble

let them repent and those who belittled

you will learn a lesson they will never

forget for opposing you there are so

many voices clamoring for your attention

so much advice being offered so many

opinions trying to shape your path but

not all of these voices come from me not

all of this advice reflects my will for

your life that is why it is so important

that you learn to discern the signs that

I am sending to you pay attention to the

small details to the seemingly

insignificant coincidences to the

moments of synchronicity that permeate

your Journey for it is through these

signs that I am showing you that

Prosperity is all around you waiting to

be grasped by willing hands also know

that I send people into your life for a

reason some of these people are sent by

me they are instruments in my hands to

help you achieve your goals to guide you

on the path of prosperity these are the

people you should embrace Whose advice

you should listen to whose presence you

should value however there are also

those people who will try to divert you

from your purpose who will try to steer

you away from the direction I have set

for you these are the people whose words

you should filter whose influences you

should resist whose intentions you

should discern wisely and know my son

that the prosperity I have for you is

not just for your own benefit it

requires you to look Beyond yourself to

reach out to those in need around you

for it is through the act of helping

others that you will see the clearest

signs of my prosperity in your life be

attentive to the signs be open to the

people I send your way be willing to

lend a hand to those in Need for this is

how you will find true Prosperity this

is how you will experience the fullness

of my blessing in your life receive with

a humble heart and an open mind the

signs of my Prosperity that are around

you for I am always with you guiding

your steps revealing to you the secrets

of my infinite love trust in me follow

me and you will never stray from the

path of true

Prosperity the prosperity I have

reserved for you is beyond what you can

imagine it is abundant it is full it is

eternal amen if you believe in these

words leave your Amen in the comments

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blessings for your life thank you

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