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my beloved come into my presence with all your burdens and cares sit with me in the quiet Solitude

of your heart where the world’s noise Fades into the background and my voice becomes clearer and more distinct I

invite you to relax in my healing holy presence be still and let me transform

your heart and mind in your daily rush you often carry worries like heavy stones in your

backpack these worries drag you down making each step through your day laborious and exhausting let go of these

cares drop them at my feet and allow yourself to receive the peace I freely

offer this peace is not like the world gives fleeting and conditional it is

profound enduring and rooted in my eternal love for you cease striving dear

one in your efforts to perfect your life and align every detail remember that I

am God I do not ask for your Perfection only your heartfelt

devotion do not be like the Pharisees who multiplied regulations creating

their own form of godliness but lost sight of what truly matters they wrapped

themselves so tightly in their own rules that they missed my grace focusing solely on their performance rather than

on my presence even today many are caught in the same trap adhering to man-made rules

about how to live the Christian Life which often leads to spiritual bondage their focus remains on

performance on doing everything right rather than on knowing me I desire your freedom not your

bondage to rituals and expectations true transformation comes from knowing me

intimately this intimacy requires time spent alone with me away from the distractions and demands of life in

these moments of solitude when you relax and are still you come to know that I am

God it is here in the quietness of our communion that you are shaped and molded

in my image so I encourage you today and every day to carve out time just for

us let it be a sacred time and space where you can relax be still and immerse

yourself in my love in these moments you will find your strength renewed and your spirit

uplifted Embrace this Divine peace my child let it heal your weary heart and renew your

mind with each encounter in my presence you grow more into the likeness of my

son Jesus who is the perfect example of peace and love remember always you are not called

to Bear the heavy burdens Alone cast them onto me and I will carry them for

you in exchange take my yoke upon you for it is easy and my burden is

light here in my presence you will find rest for your soul my child I am the god

of unwavering love and miraculous power always ready to embrace you in times of

need when you find yourself trapped in a thorny situation just whisper to me your

belief and I’ll extend my hand today I wish to unfold before you

the extraordinary events that will shape your future remember this deeply and

dearly I love you in the early light of dawn throughout your daily trials and

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