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my cherished child an extraordinary Marvel is on the verge of unfolding right within your

dwelling I sense the fervent anticipation within you the profound longing of your heart take solace in

knowing that your unwavering faith will sustain you do not relent for this

Marvel is poised to materialize fulfilling my pledge to you it shall

usher in boundless Elation and fortitude simply await its arrival for not can

impede its journey to you I impart these sacred utterances to soothe your soul

speaking directly to the depths of your being bestowing assurances that Foster tranquility and nurture your essence

truly I am here to imbue your life with Serenity occasionally dispatching small

Delights as gentle reminders of your Divine parentage there come moments when

profound truths necessitate a more profound response so I reach out gently

touching your hair holding you close with real love to your heart I give powerful words that will comfort

you I know you always need me because I listen to your prayers and feel the pain of your

desperation I understand what you’re going through you are my precious child

I know all about your mistakes and I have forgiven you for them but one big mistake you make is trusting People Too

Much everyone makes mistakes everyone can let you down some some people live

in a makee believe World thinking they’re are perfect always faithful and completely reliable people out there

this is so far from the truth be careful of this mistake it’s good to love it’s

beautiful to trust but don’t put all your trust in people alone don’t put your life or your future in their hands

because none of them have done for you what I have died and come back to life for you so don’t give your whole self to

those who will inevitably fail you because they will end up hurting you remember my command love the Lord

your God and serve him only with all your mind soul heart and strength this

is the sign you’ve been looking for if you need more clarity just ask me give

me your life your future your time and I’ll make them grow filling your life

with blessings and success your fear will vanish your sorrow will leave and

you won’t have to worry about what tomorrow brings I shall heed your prayers responding with Supernatural

Miracles Beyond Comprehension such is the Tranquil existence reserved for those who wholeheartedly yield to me

offering unwavering loyalty I your holy and omnipotent God the same who stands

vigil over you each night as you Slumber ever Vigilant to protect and provide for

your needs great and Splendid blessings await you encompass compassing your family in

abundant provision yet be not disheartened for sometimes enduring and

Lasting goodness arrives not as swiftly as anticipated all things unfold in their appointed time a season

for prayer precedes a period of waiting culminating in a time for jubilant celebration the day is coming when the

sun will shine brighter on you marking the start of the miracle you’ve been waiting for so feel the joy be merry and

gather your strength and brave y because your adventure is far from over and many more wonders are yet to come your way

you’ll achieve great things one Victory after another reaching Heights you’ve never imagined remember this well

there’s no room for failure now and he passed to defeat fear or embarrassment is just setting the stage for your

triumphs like a true hero remember you are a child of the Mighty God I have

given you the power to speak life and to bring change use my gifts to encourage

heal and instill hope in those who are lost in despair stand firm and brave for

I am eager to shower you with blessings act wisely walking your path

with humility my children aren’t arrogant they avoid pointless arguments with those who don’t understand they

don’t belittle or judge others but look at everyone with compassion this is how my glory is shown

through those who are true and devoted in their hearts and so it shall be with you I shall perform Marvels and wonders

within your family among distant relatives and amidst your friends however I seek your commitment and

promise to utilize all the blessings prosperity and spiritual power I bestow upon you to Aid motivate

and uplift those in physical and spiritual need discern whether you desire my blessings whether you are

willing to receive them I shall not lead you down a path you are unwilling to

tread I lead you on on the road to success and abundance but I long for your commitment to love and reach out to

me in prayer daily with all your heart talk to me declare it my God I am ready

to embrace your blessings for the season of Triumph is here take my hand as you

are fully deserving of joy and it is my deep wish to shower you with my gifts I

will surround you with courage and honor raising you high above those who doubted you I will open the floodgates of Heaven

to enrich you greatly in the this new chapter Embrace this message let it

rejuvenate your spirit my Holy Spirit infuses your heart with life my strength

eternally breaking away all your chains in times of trouble and exhaustion find shelter under my care

there is no love in this world as pure and devoted as mine I don’t seek your

wealth nor am I impressed by lavish gestures I make no deals with those who

think they can influence me with money I protect and cherish you simply because I love you and will always look after you

I will forever be watchful mindful of everything that happens in your life it

is my desire that you also acquire the ability to assist others to grow strong

so that you may protect the vulnerable to be wise and prosperous enabling you to provide sustenance for those in need

I urge urge you to take the lead leap of faith towards a spiritual realm where miraculous occurrences

transpire may you lay your hands upon the infirm facilitating their healing

this is my wish may you be free from Financial worries and find respectable

ways to support yourself avoid getting into debt you don’t need the extra stress

don’t let yourself be trapped by what you owe others when you come across someone in need lend a hand boldly use

my words to liberate others from their sh shackles pray and ask for their release you know that when you help

someone less fortunate I increase what you’ve given out of kindness help others willingly you might just be helping

angels unaware testing your character and enlarging your blessings you’re stepping into a new

phase of Life filled with Divine interventions get ready to see wonders

and use the power I’ve given you to face any challenge pray every day enter my

presence and seek the wisdom you need dive into your Bible immerse yourself in

the Proverbs and Psalms make a point to remember what you learn say these verses out loud as I

etch them onto your heart I wish for you to feed on my words daily and gain fresh

insights be inspired by the faithful lives of my followers watch for the signs of our times yet steer clear of

arguing over my promises there’s no need to dispute with others to show off your knowledge show your faith by the trust

you place in me boldly reach out to help those in need with sincere kindness and empathy

so I invite you to listen to me every day know that I’ve forgiven your mistakes and set you free don’t fool

yourself you’re not under any curse or Bound By Any addiction I give you sacred

Freedom wisdom and divine Insight I realize there are moments when you feel

alone and burden it but remember I am with you at every turn what pain you

before won’t trouble you in my presence for you will find Liberty peace calmness and blessings with me allow me to

transform your life to renew it that your loyalty and Faith May grow each day

trust in my love Surrender Your Heart let your eyes focus on my ways hear my

voice Whispering sweet words of Love within you I do not wish to lose

communication with with you on those days when you lack the desire to pray or speak with me I persist I will come to

knock on the door of your heart I will extend my hand bringing you peace for

your soul enveloping you in blessed calmness my angels remain vigil Vigilant

in every corner of your home except this you no longer live under the bondage of

fear whatever good and edifying things you propose to do in my holy name you

shall achieve I speak not of vain self-improvement or corrupt material success it is written that you shall

perform even greater miracles for I grant you my approval for my Celestial Throne fear not success be not ashamed

to be victorious the time for your triumphs has come you deserve them you

have fought so hard and proven your faith to me it is time to enter my presence and receive the blessings that

I will soon place in your hands tell me boldly that you truly believe in me your

blessing is on its way it shall soon arrive from today onwards expect a

downpour of Grace in your home unceasing and boundless for No Love sir surpasses

mine nor is any plan more powerful than what I offer you I can grant you a solid

purpose immerse you in peace turn your toughest challenges into triumphs and

guide you from barrenness to abundance welcome my blessings with faith Delight

modesty don’t dismiss or belittle them they might arrive in simple Garb

overlooked by those chasing after only the spectacular but it’s the humble the

seemingly small eye uplift to Greatness transforming the meek into pillars of

faith be alert and watchful as marvelous events are set to unfold embrace my

teachings to recognize the blessings on their way my gaze seeks the modest soul

my Essence eagerly fills a life devoted to generosity love and

forgiveness you are chosen believe without wavering your purpose has been inscribed

in eternity I have steered your journey now is the time to grasp the Wonders

I’ve destined for you come into my presence every day lay your plans before

my altar ask me your questions confess your faults receive my forgiveness rise

and prepare yourself for Triumph the time is near my coming as close you have

much to do and there are many miracles in which I wish to use you we will move

forward together you have of my steadfast support and my love there are

blessings in heaven reserved just for you understand that there’s a reason for everything I do trust in me

wholeheartedly across Heaven and Earth circumstances are shifting too Ben fit

you I’ve declared an unshakable command that you will receive ample provision be free freed from debt gain Heavenly

wisdom and enjoy blessings I’ve tailored for you and your loved ones you are entitled to a Divine Legacy

Your Existence is no mere coincidence my love for you was there before your birth

and I’ve arranged numerous wonders for you remember the foremost blessing is my

unending love for you my affection remained even when you felt far from me

and it persisted when you came back if you think I turn away an anger over your missteps you’re wrong your mistakes

don’t scare me away I won’t reject you because of your flaws when you come to me heart heavy and repentant speaking

with honesty I see your love for me even when you stumble I understand your heart’s true intent and reasons your

truthfulness is precious to me deception has no place here others Dawn masks of perfection

presenting them themselves before me to condemn thee those who deviate or hold beliefs Divergent from their own yet you

do not belong to that group who indiscriminately criticize asserting their righteousness your spirit

exudes Tranquility your demeanor exudes kindness and your thoughts remain pure

when you falter you shall rise with unwavering certainty and Faith let no

one judge or blame you in this world no nobody has that Authority if you keep

coming to me full of humility ready to hear and learn I’ll shower you with

Abundant Blessings In all you do I see your lack of interest in mere

things you wish for blessings and protection for your family this will be given to you and even more I’ll prepare

you so when doors open you’ll walk through confidently right now as you’re

listening wonders are happening in in the Unseen World new people and extraordinary

opportunity itties will come into your life bringing challenges that will transform into blessings through your

faith and patience filling your home with peace and providing for your needs

the greatest and most beautiful Treasures are already within your reach my true love is with you declare your

faith in me your blessing is in my hands and I hold the key to overcoming your challenges what holds you back

you’re aware of my love for you you have always sensed it deep within even amidst

perceived distance though the voice of Doubt May whisper Tales of failure insisting I do

not love you such falsehoods must be dismissed within your heart flickers a fervent yearning to return to the Abode

awaiting and longing for you fear not come forth I comprehend your confusion

your uncertainty you believed in your faith yet many disappointments ensued

particularly from those in whom you vested immense trust each charted their own course oblivious to your needs you

felt downhearted thinking I didn’t hear you but you know I’m always on time I

never abandon you I’ve been watching over you offering many answers and solutions yet you hesitated even when I

reached out clearly you found it hard to believe that I your almighty God would speak directly to you don’t drift away

my profound love is here for you this is your Sanctuary your place of Peace here

you’ll find Comfort enveloped in Tranquility enabling you to sleep deeply

and allowing me to take you to a Divine Dimension tonight in your dreams you’ll be by a river with crystal clear waters

looking into my eyes I will reach out to you and you’ll walk across those miraculous Waters

Barefoot washing away all sadness anger and frustration

when you wake you’ll feel renewed strong this is the blessing for those who come

back to Faith who admit their mistakes and reignite their belief you don’t need

to look elsewhere for comforting words I am right here with you my word is life

it is virtuous embrace it within your heart and witness the infusion of my

Holy Spirit I am your sustenance your Boon the authentic Panacea for your soul

affirm your belief in me speak it ponder it inscribe it with unwavering Faith a

significant blessing awaits you you sense impending goodness the proximity of peace I encourage you to feed your

spirit with my teachings and stand stand firm against the doubts that challenge

your belief be unwavering my word is unchangeable I will relieve you of your

burdens stand up bravely every cursed debt and painful memory will dissolve from your life freedom is close today

your chains break happiness and joy will multiply I will grant you an extraordinary miracle that will fill

your speech and heart with praise show kindness to others help those in need

pray with passion allow my might to heal your body soul and heart easing all your discomforts open your heart to me

completely and experience my Tranquility your resilience and dedication have been

seen you ignored the negative and critical voices now is your time to

shine to embrace wealth health and well-being place your dreams in my care

and I will support you in every Pursuit Delight in my company and your

deepest wishes will come to pass call out to me and I will respond I am eager

to reveal great Marvels to you I I challenge you to believe in me my assurances are in screed here and you

have he countless times that all is attainable for one who believes in me I

await your affirmation declare your belief in me but let your actions speak louder stand

up and choose to step away from influences and friends that pull you from my path they won’t be there to help

you when you truly need it Earthly riches mean nothing if your faith is

lost hold onto my promises with strong resolve and steady Focus seek me at the

start of your day throughout your hours and each night before you sleep lay your

requests before me believing that all the good things meant for your personal growth and joy will come your

way pay close attention for a wonderful powerful and incredible change is about

to happen in your life understand my deep love for you now ask yourself do you believe

don’t lose heart if you’re feeling down or questioning your might today I urge you to listen to my guidance open your

heart wide and accept the profound peace I bring take this moment to calm your

thoughts I am the ruler of all creation and I command the storms around you to

still let there be no more Whispers of the world’s threats that seek to instill fear and weaken your faith obscuring

your path discard all doubts and discard all you have achieved you may perceive yourself as

feeble but hear me closely it is better to realize that your own

strength has limits and that you need me with your faith and my power combined

you become invincible with renewed Vigor your spirit becomes indomitable with

this word of faith your weakness dissipates confidently Proclaim I am strong and walk with hope unhindered towards this

mountain where I await you at this peak your position to see your highest hopes

come to fruition this this is where you’ll achieve your dreams now is the

moment to embrace my plan for you and let me guide your path forward you’ve been LED here not to fall back but to

rise above unfold your wings and climb to gaze upon the realm of blessings I’m

eager to give you you won’t live in desperation anymore nor will your nights be filled with distress nor your morning

morning start with sadness or despair from now on your life will be marked by

passionate Dynamic Faith each new day choose Joy regardless of your situation and don’t let any bad

news or worries steal the joyous smile that lights up your face always remember

you’re my child you’ve given yourself fully to me and my Holy Spirit dwells in

you you are unique don’t feel compelled to mimic others many are swayed by every

Whisper of uncertainty their hopes fading in the shadow of fear but not you

my cherished one you are filled with a Divine love your faith is extraordinary

and your words are filled with prayer and potency now Sr be liberated be

filled with happiness and share with your loved ones the messages I’ve given you today I cherish you I will rescue

you from your lowest points and breathe boldness into your being approach today

with courage and resolve for I am beside you and I won’t let you stumble do not

be Afra afraid your challenges may seem daunting but I surpass them all your

foes might Loom large yet I stand stronger that illness aims to steal your

hope but my plan is to restore you the trouble in your family may upset and

strengthen you simultaneously but I am about to unveil a miraculous change in your

circumstances now tell me will you trust in me or will you waver if you decide to

trust you will Ascend endure and keep on battling you will fulfill what is

expected of you and through your faith you will Triumph I’m aware of your silent tears

and the struggles you currently Li endure but now I wrap You In My Embrace

I will wipe away your sorrow and satisfy your deepest needs with my renewing

presence your body will be vibrant with health your spirit will feel refreshed

and your soul soul will no longer feel parched though the enemy may try to

challenge you every day aiming to pull you down you will stand firm supported

by my love and grace recent times have been tough but now those hard days will

end I love you deeply and I will fill you with my love driving away every bit

of fear look towards me my dear one is there anything too hard for me just as I

stilled storms split the sea and helped many achieve miraculous Deeds today I steal your inner turmoil

empowering you to rise above the waves of uncertainty you will not falter for my hand is outstretched to you and my Mercy

will be your support I’m commanding my angels to guard you as you navigate through

challenging Waters to keep you steady and prevent you from drowning a Heavenly Host is set to lead the way and fight a

alongside you in your struggles I have declared that you will receive receive Abundant Blessings and everything will

be all right for you none of your worries will materialize because I will overcome them and your adversaries with

my love enjoy a wonderful day in my presence and always remember my dear one that with me by

your side you have the strength to triumph over anything I cherish you this morning be assured that I listened to

your prayer last night before you went to bed I saw your tears the anxieties

hidden away beneath your pillow I saw saw your anguish and in your tears you

looked for encouragement strength peace and reassurance to face the hurdles life

throws at you now see yourself risen to greet a new day strengthened and emboldened experience the Revival of

Your Inner Strength you are no longer frail or dispirited you have

gained The Bravery to face any challenge that comes your way where fear once

dwelt now Faith resides where there was hesitation now there is bravery

yesterday you might have quaked at the thought of potential troubles but today you are steadfast and ready to overcome

get up and press ahead I’m kindling a deep desire for victory in your spirit

trust in my might for if I’ve guided you to this point it’s because I’m also the

source of your strength to overcome numerous hurdles the obstacles you encounter may

seem daunting yet remember nothing surpasses my grace if I have led you

here I haven’t left you alone and I’ll always stand with you in every challenge Skirmish or battle you face you’re more

than Victorious through my strength and love any giant that confronts you is destined to fall I grant you the courage

and resolve needed to conquer any Strife to rise above every challenge ensuring

you live in prosperity and peace now is the time to shift your gaze from your concerns to me embrace the this journey

let your faith be nourished by my words fill your thoughts with my promises letting all fear melt away in my loving

presence with me by your side you can face anything and always Triumph stand

and March forward your heart bolstered by my unwavering love at the end of this

day speak to me once more let us Converse and I shall bestow upon you a special blessing rise and walk fight in

the power of my Holy Spirit when you must battle no one can defeat you you are not weak you are strong you

possess my love you have faith and remember this everything is possible for

those who believe I love you do not lose hope for I am here to uphold you and

provide you with the strength to endure I’m giving you all all the

fortitude I can muster so that you may press on so that you may not be crushed

by afflictions so let you feel capable of rising of continuing to walk of

facing difficulties of persisting in the fight you’ve known Victory before so the

challenges you face now won’t defeat you you won’t be beaten down or humed here

my encouragement and arm yourself with courage for in these days your strong

faith in me is crucial you’re about to see a remarkable Miracle my words can

heal you provide for your loved ones and meet all your needs your table will

never be without food joy and genuine wealth will flourish in your home accept

my blessings with gratitude and a modest heart remember those facing hard

times to share your blessings lend a hand to those in distress and watch as I

unlock the Heaven’s Bounty for you filling your home with peace and gladness my truest blessings manifest as

Harmony and well-being in your family as health and wisdom Usher in joyful times

and a fresh beginning believe me and accept the reality that a better future for all who love me is possible soon you

will see many dreams come true dreams you thought you could never achieve I

your Almighty and Supernatural God I’m always with you I will care for you protect you sustain you today and for

eternity I am accelerating the times so that you may have your blessing in your hands soon and receive the

answer you have been awaiting the changes occurring around you are for your own good prepare your heart and

mind open the doors of your home and allow my presence to take its rightful

place just as you hear it today I promise you your life will

change I know what you need but you must pray I’m aware of your needs long before

you are yet I desire Clarity in your thoughts and desires your dreams be

certain of what you ask of me know well what you want and where you wish to

go achieving Victory comes with a cost it demands genuine belief passionate

prayer diligent effort and significant personal sacrifices I promise to bestow upon you

a success that will enrich you and your loved ones forever I will never Grant

you anything that could cause sorrow or distance you from me your family should not suffer from your lack of presence

excel in the world and be a Beacon of Hope yet ensure that only joy follows

you home never neglect your loved ones avoid letting Strife overwhelm you or endanger

your well-being my deepest wish is for your ultimate good I yearn for your true

peace and genuine Faith so that you may live serenely free from any worry over Earthly possessions worldly goods are

temporary you arrived in this world with nothing and you will leave with

nothing however the love care and Faith you’ve nurtured in your circle the

belief you’ve shared the support you’ve given to those in need and your steadfast devotion these will yield your

true spiritual Treasures I will personally say to you come my cherished child you were faithful with small

things now I grant you immense blessings and one day you will be crowned I will

place it on your head myself I hold the authority to change are as and influence

Hearts everything unjustly taken from you I will return to you multiplied

stand firm do not accept defeat life has struck you people have betrayed you and

they wish to see you fall but I your allmighty God am with you and I will not

fail You by my grace and love for all the strength I instill in your heart you

will rise and like a valiant Warrior you will stand those who seek to trouble you

only aim to humiliate you those who think they will defeat you will be surprised when they witness all that I

will do within you with their eyes wide open they will see how I lead you out of

the desert and into fertile land where Miracles abound you’ve faced many

challenges but now the time for your blessing has come I’m here to heal your ailments and set you free from all that

holds you back into a life filled with joy and Liberty cling to hope it’s your

precious gift stay rooted in my teachings let them be your greatest treasure don’t be swayed or distracted

by the negative chatter of those who are jealous of the blessings I’m pouring into your life I shall provide you with

dignified employment sustenance for your table robust well-being safeguarding

from adversity genuine companionship Harmony within your household aspirations that ignite your

spirit and an ins satiable urge to embrace life to its fullest to persevere

to overcome and to persist disregard the constraints of

time for your age holds no bearing in this endeavor never underestimate yourself or employ your years as

justification extraordinary Feats shall unfold in your life as a testament to my boundless love for you and as a

manifestation of my Divine will no force can thwart my intentions you possess my

unwavering support affection and Fidelity I implore you to place your

trust and dedication in me prepare yourself for a life beyond the ordinary

it shall be nothing short of remarkable I love you eternally


amen [Music]
































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