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my dearest child I come to you today with words of wisdom and guidance as a

loving father speaking to his most precious Offspring in this vast and wondrous universe that I have created

the home stands as a sacred Sanctuary a place of Refuge nourishment and growth

for the soul within the walls of your dwelling I urge you to keep close four

essential items imbued with profound significance and purpose

these Treasures will serve as constant reminders of My Love Your Divine Heritage and the keys to a life of

fulfillment and joy the first item I would have you cherish is the Holy Scripture the Eternal Testament of My

Love For Humanity Let its Pages be a Wellspring of inspiration a Guiding

Light in times of darkness and a constant source of wisdom and Truth

immerse yourself in its sacred teachings for they will illuminate your path strengthen your resolve and deepen your

connection with me the author of all creation the second item to Adorn your

home is a symbol of faith be it a cross a manur or any emblem that holds

profound spiritual significance for you let this sacred object serve as a visual

reminder of your unwavering belief a Beacon of Hope that pierces through the veil of uncertainty and doubt whenever

your eyes fall upon it make may it reignite the Flames of devotion within your heart reminding you of the

unwavering love and protection I have bestowed upon you the third item I would

have you Embrace is a token of gratitude a tangible representation of the countless blessings that have graced

your life whether it be a cherished photograph a handwritten letter or a

simple object that holds profound meaning let it stand as a monument to

the abundance of my grace in moments of sorrow or despair let this token rekindle The

Embers of thankfulness within your soul reminding you of the innumerable gifts I

have bestowed upon you the fourth and final item perhaps the most precious of

all is a symbol of love a reminder of the unbreakable bonds that tie you to

your loved ones let it be a physical embodiment of the profound connections

that transcend time and space a testament to the enduring Power of Love

that I have woven into the very fabric of existence whenever you gaze upon this

sacred token may it fill your heart with warmth and joy reminding you that you

are never alone for the love of your family and my eternal embrace encircles

you always my child these four items the scripture the symbol of faith the token

of gratitude and the emblem of Love are more more than mere objects they are portals to the Divine gateways to the

boundless Realms of spiritual enlightenment and personal growth cherish them honor them and let them be

the cornerstones of your home a sanctuary where your soul can find Solace strength and unwavering

connection to me your heavenly father remember my beloved that your home is

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