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pause for a moment my child and share with me what weighs on your heart I see the shadows of sadness in

your eyes I know their depths the silent Agony you endure gnaws at your spirit

each moment dripping sorrow like blood from your weary heart while tears fall

like rain upon the Earth you bear the scars of broken promises dreams

dissolved Into The Ether and love that wandered far and never found its way back home

your grief is immense and it pains me to see you continue in such

despair you have been diminished by those who should have uplifted you but

no more now just take a moment and listen to my words feel my presence enveloping

you you are held within the sanctuary of my love cradled in the calm of my peace

forever cherished in the depths of my heart remember nothing can ever remove

you from my side nor will I ever avert my eyes from you you are my beloved

child precious in every way why do you tremble why do the tears flow why do you

look to the past or peer anxiously about when your truest dreams and the joy you’ve longed for are right before

you rest assured I have secured your future as I have promised time and

again your task is simply to believe believe to turn away from the deceitful Whispers of those who Envy you those who

would rob you of the blessings they themselves have forsaken by denying the

truth but you my child you have chosen Faith you have dedicated your life to my

path in return I offer you infinitely more eternity In My

Embrace surrounded by my peace wrapped in my love here you will find safety and

serenity From This Moment forward let no voice of Doubt or despair whisper in your ear

that your dreams are Beyond reach or that you are undeserving of them they

know not of my boundless love nor do they understand my infinite power I am the almighty the creator of

all there is and with me nothing is impossible now bow your head and with a

heart full of gratitude thank your heavenly father for the love salvation

security protection Comfort wisdom and healing bestowed upon you and for the

Myriad gifts yet to come welcome me into your heart open

your home to my presence invoke my name in every moment cherish my words and

Proclaim my promises aloud I want you to remember that the heavens have ushered in a new era in

your life an era of Peace Simplicity abundance and

flourishing today I lift the veil of sadness from your soul and bring healing

I will bestow upon you the blessings you are worthy of I will turn your dreams into

reality look closely at what lies before you it is not an obstacle not a hardship

nor a battle that can overpower you I am infusing you with my Supernatural

strength arise March forward and Conquer with the vict and spirit I

provide you will overcome formidable challenges and scale Great Heights declare your Victory and I will

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