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my beloved

child I know you’ve been walking a

difficult Road feeling lost and in pain

but today I want you to feel my

unconditional love surrounding you

bringing you the Deep peace and strength

you need to keep going release any guilt

or shame you’ve been carrying and let my

love fill your heart completely you are

forgiven completely and utterly

forgiven come to me and start fresh

knowing that I here to save you you are

worthy of all the love blessings and joy

I long to give you because you are my

precious child even when you face

hardships lack and opposition I will

never leave your side I will always

provide for your needs do not be afraid

for your life and your family are

securely in my care in the midst of your

greatest challenges I offer you a love

that knows no bounds keep fighting my

child keep persevering your prayers your

sleepless nights your tears none of it

is in vain it will all bear fruit and

turn into incredible blessings change is

coming to your family even if you can’t

see it yet don’t lose hope keep sewing

seeds of Faith even when you’re weary


discouraged one day everyone will see

you emerge Victorious reaping a harvest

from all you’ve

endured you may not understand it now

but deep down you know you can’t give up

your future is safe in my

hands I will take care of you but I need

you to keep

believing your unwavering faith is the

foundation for the many blessings that

are about to flood your life slow down

today and make time to seek me let my

spirit fill you up and receive all I

have in store for you breathe in my

peace and focus the strength I’m giving

you on every area of your life life your

relationship with me your loved ones

your dreams and goals the purpose I’ve

called you

to let my words settle deep in your soul

and be etched on your heart know that my

Fierce love for you will protect you in

all I’ve given you defeat is not an

option in the days to come when you feel

overwhelmed and tempted to give up

remember that even though your emotions

may be in turmoil I have the final say I

will hold your hand and keep you from

sinking I will come to your rescue and

lift you up my love for you is vast and

unending Throw your arms wide open for

the massive blessings headed your way

you are shielded and provided for by my

grace and

love recognize this truth and overflow

with gratitude things you’ve lost and

grieved will be restored to you family

members who have been estranged will

have a change of heart and come back

realizing their mistakes and it’s good

that you too have seen where you went

wrong and changed course it’s beautiful

that you’ve chosen to return to the

right path the enemy tried to destroy

your life and steal your joy and

blessings but you were never meant to

stay in that dark place your repentance

will be rewarded with my favor and

goodness you still have so much life

ahead of you and it’s meant to be lived

well keep learning from me me and

building your faith in my promises and


word with me you will conquer armies

that come against you scale walls meant

to block you and Achieve The Impossible

at just the right time when you feel

like you’ve reached the end of your rope

you will see my mighty hand parting the

sea making a way in the wilderness and

pouring out tremendous

blessings in the toughest times run to

me for safety and

refuge don’t try to fight those brutal

battles in your own

strength I’ve made you courageous so you

can trust my word and move forward with

confidence knowing my hand is protecting

you Others May brag about abilities they

don’t really have but you put your faith


me if you Faithfully follow my ways you

will go further than

anyone I know there will be moments when

you stumble feel drained and weary and

lack motivation to keep

fighting that’s exactly why I came died

on the cross and rose again in power and

glory to pick you up in those hard times

and help you always I won’t be distant

when you call me I will never fail to

answer when you need me I will be there

this is my solemn promise my Covenant

with you it still stands and I haven’t

forgotten cry out to me and I will

respond showing you wonders and miracles

far beyond anything you can imagine I am

your powerful forgiving and

compassionate God wake up with me each

morning and you’ll find me waiting for

you I take Delight in lavishing my love

on you so let me ask you listen closely

and answer without fear no matter what

you say my love and support for you

won’t change I will still bless and

protect you it’s not a hard question

but even those who say they’re seeking

me can hesitate not sure how to

respond maybe in this moment you don’t

fully grasp who you are and who you can

become before you answer hear this

message again commit it to memory jot it

down and pass it along to many others

feel these words dissolving fears from

your mind and igniting your faith into

an inextinguishable

Blaze my Holy Spirit has landed on you

and from here on out expect to see

wonders and

miracles now tell me when Trials Come

What will you do will you march ahead

like a brave Warrior or will you cower

back in fear will you put up with

humiliation and let evil Prevail or will

you rise up in my sacred name and claim

the victory I’ve already won for you

tell me you won’t be afraid of anything

or anyone no matter their size strength

wealth or

cleverness even if your foes dress to

intimidate you and their threats make

cowards tremble you will not fear with

the almighty God on your side who are

they to defy you they’re only trying to

frighten you but if you’re serious about

your faith recognize the authority I’m

entrusting to you I’m not giving you

this power so you can embarrass or

injure others or brag about who you are

my power can’t work through you without

humility but in your calm peaceful heart

my presence

resides with a proper attitude you will

overcome Nations so remember though you

may feel weak at times you’re not

perpetually weak in your vulnerable

moments when the evil one Whispers that

you’re unworthy declare that you are

worthy you’re worthy of my embrace my

love my forgiveness and the home that’s

waiting to welcome you with love your

you have an inheritance that you’re

already receiving you’re my dear child

and I will keep speaking to you daily

because I yearn to see you and your

loved ones

Prosper I want to bless you more I’m

able to bless you more and I absolutely

will bless you

more tell me you believe it I have so

much good news to share with you the

blessing you’ve waited for is right in

front of you joyful happy days are ahead

for you and your family I’m clearing

away the discouragement that’s been

fogging up your mind I’ve removed all

the ramifications and curses from your

sins nothing will hinder the beautiful

gifts I want to give you because I

myself have taken care of the debt of

guilt and remorse that your enemy came


collect while the world is gripped by

fear and instability you have direct

access to my heavenly throne room you’re

my cherished safeguarded child you have

the legal right to call out to me and be

heard while people Scramble for security

in their own resources be filled with

confidence because your hope is in me I

will never desert you all you need to do

is believe and trust stand strong in

this grace and be unwaveringly loyal you

can face the storms and command them to

stop with a firm voice and those storms

will obey you don’t be afraid just try

it and see when conflict tries to ens

snare you with its tactics Throw your

arms up in Triumph as you cry out to me

from your heart the barriers blocking

you will crumble to dust and the armies

against you will get stuck in the mud

get up and get going take this good news

to all who need to hear it my power goes

with you and as you speak and share

these words Miracles will happen no

Nation leader or government can provide

the security your soul needs they may

promise peace and prosperity but you

won’t find it there as the darkness

engulfing Humanity grows thicker by the

hour don’t rely on anyone else in this

world don’t put your life in the hands

of fallible human beings don’t be

impressed or influenced by those who act

powerful not everyone who calls me Lord

will enter my presence don’t trust those

who offer miracles in exchange for your

money shouting to impress you with their


trust in me alone when I speak to you

you will know my voice I am your God

your creator your savior I am the good

news that brings Joy To Your Heart While

others are dejected you will rise up


gladness While others think they can’t

go on you will get up each day

overflowing with my love and my Holy

Spirit declare it with every fiber of

your being and proclaim a resounding

amen my beloved child you are cherished

beyond measure in my heart release any

fears or anxieties for my blessings

envelop you even

now soon the burdens weighing upon your

soul will lift and you will soar to new

heights remember I am Forever by your

side guiding protecting and embracing

you with my infinite

love just as the sun emerges after a

tempest my light will illuminate your

path leading you to tranquility and


peace rely on my boundless love and

strength for they surpass any obstacle

you may

encounter my presence is constant

showering you with blessings and

fortifying your spirit I will command

the winds Financial hardships and life’s

storms to

cease banish Discord and animosity from

your home Proclaim my word with

reverence and Faith for no no Miracle is

beyond my reach I yearn to bless you to

deepen your understanding of my truth

and to strengthen your

resolve when external forces threaten

your family do not be afraid many who

are isolated by their sins prowl like

roaring Lions seeking to divide and Rob

innocent families but you and your

household stand firm Raise Your Hands In

Praise and pray in my holy name as I

hear your voices lifted in faith your

foes will Retreat and be

vanquished I desire for you to wake

tomorrow with a renewed heart this is

your opportunity to refresh your mind to

cast off negativity and to commit a new

to seeking me regardless of the


ahead you will move forward even in the

face of

setbacks take comfort my child for there

is always hope for you and your loved

ones it’s true that some may feel

discouraged Ed at times and others may

experience wavering Faith but I am

everpresent ready to forgive to cleanse

their hearts and souls and to grant them

the strength to resist

temptation should they falter again they

will rise with Humble Hearts and A

Renewed desire to repent and

change in this place I await their

return acknowledge your humanity and the

world’s corruption surround ing you it’s

challenging to walk through mud without

soiling your white garments with faults

and guilt yet ask yourself who am I to

you hear from my own

declaration I am your loving father the

companion who walks beside you through

every trial in these moments of faults

failings sins and forgiveness I stand as

your Advocate your

Defender you hold a pron privileged

position in the Heavenly realm your

Victory is assured you possess a loyal

and sincere heart an advocate who

intercedes for you a judge who loves you

and overlooks your shortcomings because

you have sought refuge in the Redeeming

Grace I secured for you on that painful

cross but now tell me do you accept my

forgiveness do you embrace my blessings

with joy will you cease dwelling on the

past no longer shall you grief for those

who hurt you with their

malice what seemed like love became an

obsession and they trapped you with

their vile

schemes you fell into the snare of false

affection leaving you

shattered yet that is all behind you now

and there it must remain all bitter

memories will fade from your mind and

tomorrow when you awaken you will no

longer dwell on those negative

thoughts you will rise give thanks for

your life your family and the new

mercies I bestow upon you daily I am

elevating you to a spiritual realm where

troubles vanish the moment you close

your eyes and call my name I am granting

you the freedom to strengthen yourself

and prepare for the new doors that are

about to

open great blessings are on the horizon

for your family and you but I need you

to tell me now that you believe

wholeheartedly and that to today you

receive my love and my blessings with

joy I speak to you with all my affection

and love you will feel your anxiety

dissipate as you listen to my voice I

want you to relax and take a moment to

rest spare a few minutes Come Into My

Embrace and hear as I soothe your soul

tell me what you wish for me to do to

restore your peace You Are by my side

and I do not want you to be troubled I

want you to enjoy the blessings I

provide and to have a desire to live

fully learn to trust in my word to be

certain that I fulfill my promises and

to recognize my voice when I speak to

you I desire for our relationship to

grow stronger closer and more

transparent soon you will begin to

understand the full extent of the

Wonders I wish to perform in your life

to do this you must kneel daily and seek

me wholeheartedly

the moments you spend with me are

precious and I have filled you with

peace and love whenever you draw near

even if it’s just for a few minutes in

prayer it is time for you to witness

amazing and Supernatural Miracles open

your eyes to see the many opportunities

before you I want you to look in the

mirror and see beyond what that

reflection can

comprehend you are a bearer of my

blessing and my power you are an

Invincible Warrior feared by by your

enemies unwavering in your decisions and

triumphant in your

conflicts my dear child what are you

waiting for rise up open your arms and

receive all the blessings I am bestowing

upon you do not delay by doubting your

worthiness for it is not about your

level of

perfection I have already cleansed you

with my blood and granted you my

forgiveness listen to me accept my love

and put an end to your doubt

believe in me wholeheartedly calm your

heart and ease your mind do not stress

over those matters which you have

entrusted to me today with faith believe

in my love accept my peace receive my

comfort embrace my forgiveness I am in

control I am assisting you and I will

not let you be defeated I will prevent


humiliation no one will be able to harm

or shame you if you believe in my word

lift your head high walk with firm steps

and fear not those who assail you

receive with faith what I am speaking to

you be empowered with strength and you

shall not be

overthrown I know there are times you

feel weak but there is no need for worry

even when your enemies appear formidable

with your faith in my power you will

overcome them be like David before

Goliath the days ahead will be filled

with joy

resist and persist through trials even

when things do not unfold as you desire

Rejoice for they unfold according to my

will therefore rejoice in the face of

conflicts smile and maintain your peace

when you see many enemies approaching

fear nothing for as opposition grows so

too does your blessing and my grace upon

you is

magnified you are not like others you

have chosen to believe believe to

persist to persevere and to cast aside

fear amidst tribulation by your

marvelous Faith you have

endured thus today I multiply your

blessings I am opening the doors of

Heaven for you your peace and strength

will be even greater I am bestowing upon

you the gift of wisdom I am filling you

with hope so that you may continue to

Embrace Life do not halt

my beloved child I want you to keep

moving forward persevering until you

achieve the goals and dreams I’ve placed

within your heart as you witness the

Fulfillment of my promises in your life

you will experience a profound joy that

surpasses human

understanding I know you’re hurting

right now and your tears are precious to

me it’s okay to cry to express the pain

and turmoil you feel

inside your heart is like a stormy sea

with waves of emotion crashing against

the shores of your soul you don’t have

to hide your feelings from me when you

cry out to me pouring out your heart

with honesty and sincerity it touches me

deeply there will be times when words

fail you when the challenges you face

seem insurmountable and you feel like

you can’t go

on in those moments don’t be afraid to

cry out to me when you’ve reached the

end of your own strength realizing that

only through my guidance and power can

you overcome the obstacles in your path

that’s when true Freedom

begins today is the day of your

deliverance you no longer have to endure

the humiliation scorn and suffering that

is weigh you down if you truly believe

in your heart that I the king of Heaven

came to Earth to Bear all pain and

torment for you and that I gave my life

on the cross so that you might have

eternal life then embrace the courage

I’m imparting to you right

now allow my healing power to permeate

your entire being I’m filling you with a

supernatural strength and courage that

will enable you to rise above the

afflictions causing you

distress go forth with confidence

knowing that I am with you every step of

the way the peace and joy I give you

today cannot be stolen by anyone or

anything I will never leave your side

whenever you need to talk to share about

your day or to once again find Refuge In

My Embrace and weep I am here I will

always welcome you with open arms

surrounding you with my unconditional

love and affection immerse yourself in

my presence abiding in me as I abide in

you the path ahead may be long but

countless Joys and triumphs await you

keep fighting for the dreams I’ve

planted in your heart as you persevere

you will grow stronger and more

resilient happiness will be yours but it

requires effort and

determination allow my spirit to fill

you and guide you when you seek my

direction I will clearly reveal the

answers and wisdom you need tune out the

competing voices that try to lead you

astray and Trust in my leading I am your

ultimate guide Longing To Hold Your Hand

and navigate you through every Twist and

Turn of your journey

whether in times of sorrow or rejoicing

I will always be there my hand upon your

shoulder ready to comfort and support

you I have an abundance of blessings in

store for you open your heart to receive

all that I have for you Embrace Life

with enthusiasm Rejoice sing and allow

my living water to flow through you

freely when others reject or condemn you

remember that my love for you is


even if the world writes you off you are

alive and deeply cherished in my heart

and nothing can separate you from my


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