Jesus: Six days before the Crucifixion of Jesus

The Narrative of the six days before

Jesus crucifixion is arguably one of the

most significant parts of the Bible you

will have the opportunity to thoroughly

explore each day leading up to Jesus

crucifixion furthermore you will witness

the Miracles and signs that Jesus

performed during these Six Days on the

first day of the week Sunday as morning

dawned a radiant light appeared as a

symbol of victory in Triumph Jesus rode

a donkey towards Jerusalem being

welcomed by a crowd that cheered him

people spread their cloaks and palm

branches proclaiming blessed be the king

who comes in the name of the Lord as

Jesus passed the Mount of Olives he

beheld the city of the great king

resplendant in the morning sun although

the walls Rose Beyond the Valley and the

temple and palaces glittered in their

beauty and the Majestic Towers displayed

their Grandeur Jesus knew that all that

Grandeur was destined for ruin his tears

were genuine as he lamented the imminent

destruction of

Jerusalem perhaps going down through

Gethsemane to the kidin valley they

climbed a hill and entered the city

during that day Jesus acted

undisturbed at nightfall he returned to

Bethany on the second day of the week

Monday as Jesus approached the city he

looked for fruit on a fig tree by the

wayside finding nothing he placed a

curse on the Fig Tree and continued on

his journey Journey again he expelled

the money changers from the temple as

they were desecrating his father’s

house Jesus Authority was

unquestionable and how did the people

support him his opponents were afraid to

face him some foreigners eager to see

him came to him and gave him a vision of

the glory he would achieve as the

Redeemer of all

Nations however the sight of the

Sacrifice by which this Glory would be

achieved saddened Jesus for moment but a

Heavenly voice comforted him at dusk

Jesus returned to the Bethany Retreat

third day of the week

Tuesday that day the disciples noticed

that the Fig Tree was completely dry

this event served as a lesson to teach

them about the importance of faith in

the temple the Sadducees questioned

Jesus about the authority with which he

acted in response Jesus first questioned

them about whether John’s bapti M was of

heavenly or human origin putting them at


impass however the Sadducees for reasons

of their own chose to feain

ignorance at this Jesus refused to

answer them then Through The Parables of

the two sons of the vineyard and the

wedding Jesus highlighted that in

religion a simple profession without the

practice of obedience is vain he also

demonstrated that great privileges

misused lead to severe

consequences the question about the the

legality of paying taxes to the Roman

Emperor arose when he was presented with

a coin with the image of Caesar Jesus

famously responded render to Caesar the

things that are Caesars and to God the

things that are Gods the Sadducees in

presenting their skillfully crafted case

about marriage in the afterlife were

disappointed when Jesus using the law

they accepted demonstrated the doctrine

of eternal life they

rejected for the Lord is the god of

Abraham Isaac and Jacob and in his

presence they live for he is the god of

life then the scribes came seeking to

test Jesus with their questions about

the Commandments of the law as this was

a frequently discussed topic among

Scholars at the time Jesus in his Divine

wisdom summarized the entire law in two

fundamental precepts loving God above

all things and loving your neighbor as

yourself the scribes were amazed at his

answer and Jesus told them you are at

hand to the kingdom of God

then turning to the Pharisees Jesus

posed a question to them regarding the

Messiah and his royal descent quoting

the words of King David this left them

perplexed and without an answer then

Jesus gave an exhortation to the

religious leaders rebuking them for

Leading the People away from the true

path however despite Jesus miracles and

teachings many remained incredulous

fearful of publicly acknowledging his

divinity Jesus warned them of the coming

Jud judgment and the need to accept his

message as coming from God the episode

of the poor widows offering demonstrated

the importance of A Generous Heart

before God at dusk Jesus and his

disciples contemplated the beauty of the

temple at Sunset reflecting on the

Grandeur of the Divine

work they pondered with Jesus the

distinction between this Grand scene and

the utter Devastation that would soon

befall the holy Mount referring to both

the fall of Jerusalem and the end of the

world he painted a grim picture of the

events of the last days emphasizing his

lessons through

Parables the parable of the sewer the

workers in the vineyard the virgins

the talents the sheep and the goats

fourth day of the week

Wednesday that same night at dusk the

fourth day began the leaders of the

different factions heavily censured by

the master put aside their own

differences and came together to

conspire against his life driven by the

vi feeling of hatred towards the prophet

of Nazareth they were afraid to arrest

him publicly while the crowds were in

the city for the festival in order to


riots meanwhile Jesus and the disciples

were in Bethany where friends gathered

at the home of Simon who had previously

been Afflicted with Leprosy and had

great affection for his

benefactor on that occasion Mary sister

of Martha and Lazarus who were also

present Anointed The Lord’s head and

feet and wiped his feet with her hair

this tribute from Mary was harshly

criticized by the disciples but Jesus

defended her stating that she prepared

her body for burial so Judas left and

went to

Jerusalem he sought out Jesus enemies

whose plans were driven by his offer to

betray him delivering him into their

hands without

Fanfare Jesus was aware of this

treacherous plan and denounced it but no

one discerned it for a poultry sum of

silver coins the savior of the world was

about to be handed over to his

adversaries by the one who called

himself his friend fifth day of the week

Thursday on that occasion Jesus

dispatched two of his followers to

prepare the Passover as he had

instructed they did it in an upper room

at dusk Jesus went there with his

followers sixth day of the week Friday

after Sunset Jesus and his followers

gathered to celebrate his last passover

during the meal Jesus demonstrated his

love again washing the feet of the twel

teaching that humility leads to honor

with deep sadness Jesus predicted that

one of the would betray him soon

after Judas left and no longer joined

the master except to betray the Lord had

warned the that that night everyone

would abandon him however Pedro and the

others insisted on their loyalty

promising to defend him in all

adversities as they celebrated the

rituals of the old Covenant for the last

time Jesus symbolically shared bread and

wine with his friends announcing his

death for them and reminding them of his

promised return on this solemn occasion

the master addressed his last speeches

to his followers and delivered a

remarkable prayer midnight it was around

midnight when they crossed the kidan

valley towards the Mount of

Olives in that place called Gethsemane

Jesus experienced his mysterious Agony

accompanied only by the three chosen

disciples knowing the places where the

master used to retreat Judas led the

group sent to arrest him through the

treacherous kiss Judas identified the

target Peter ready to defend the master

drew his sword and struck the high


servant however Jesus rebuked him and

healed the young man’s wound the

disciples dispersed while Jesus was

hurriedly taken to the house of anas

father-in-law of Caiaphas the high

priest there he was tied up and taken

prisoner to

Caiaphas possibly Caiaphas house had a

quadrangular shape around a central

Courtyard with a Sentry at the entrance

joa known there managed to get Pedro to


too however Peter’s courage sadly failed

and three times he denied any connection

with Jesus even going so far as to utter

curses a behavior almost forgotten since

the days of his former life as a

fisherman one looked look from Jesus

made Peter leave shedding tears of

repentance at in the morning

according to the midnight count the

Sanhedrin the great Council of the Jews

met the next morning Jesus was subjected

to an unfair trial Witnesses gave


testimonies finally Jesus confessed to

being the Messiah and therefore the son

of God because of this statement he was

sentenced to death and subjected to


the sentence could only be carried out

with Roman

approval pilate the governor did not get

involved in Jewish religious

matters therefore when they presented

him before him they accused Jesus of

treason for proclaiming himself

king during this period Judas

recognizing his error too late returned

the pieces of silver the price of

innocent blood to his

contractors consumed by remorse he left

and hanged himself

in the first interrogation before Pilate

Jesus proved himself innocent further

provoking the wrath of his

accusers upon discovering that Jesus was

From Galilee pilate sent him to Herod

Antipas son of Herod the Great Herod

expected to be entertained by the

supposed Miracle Worker but he was

disappointed he allowed them to insult

and mock him before sending him back to

pilate the governor proposed an

agreement although Jesus was innocent he

would be punished to preserve his own

reputation he would be humiliated and

ridiculed in front of the entire crowd

and his

accusers as it was customary to release

a prisoner during the feast pilate

planned to release

Jesus however the Jews preferred barabus


murderer thus Jesus was sentenced to

death despite his wife’s warnings pilate

gave Jesus up to scorn and insult he was

scourged crowned with thorns and clothed

in purple pilate introduced him to the

people saying behold the man when they

heard Jesus Proclaim himself Son of God

pilate fearing the popular outcry still

tried to save him however the Sinister

cries if you let this one go you are no

friend of Caesar forced him to decide

and so Jesus was handed over to be

crucified carrying his own cross with

the help of Simon of sirene Jesus was

quickly taken to Calvary crucified there

between two condemned criminals in his

Agony he prayed for his tormentors

father forgive them for they know not

what they do one of the transgressors

nailed beside him acknowledged his sins

and pleaded with Jesus saying remember

me when you come into your kingdom and

Jesus graciously responded truly I say

to you today you will be with me in

Paradise the soldiers who crucified him

divided his clothes among themselves but

they cast lots for Jesus tunic at the

stroke of with loving care he

instructed John to watch over his mother

as if she were his own son at noon dense

Darkness covered the land remaining for

hours during this time Jesus cried out

in anguish four times my God my God why

have you forsaken me and I’m thirsty

demonstrating the terrible Agony of his

condition then he uttered the words it

is finished and finally fin he gave his

Spirit to the father around in the

afternoon Jesus cried out with a loud

voice showing that his physical strength

remained until the end as a sign of

sympathy nature Shook at the moment of

his death with a great earthquake and

the tearing of the temple veil the tombs

opened and many bodies of saints were

resurrected the Centurion in charge of

the crucifixion was amazed and exclaimed

truly this was the Son of God the body

of those crucified were to be removed

before Saturday and the victim’s legs

were broken to hasten their death This

was done with the thieves but Jesus was

already dead one of the soldiers pierced

his side with a spear and blood and

water came out of him Joseph of arthea a

secret disciple requested Jesus body and

with the help of Nicodemus wrapped it in

linen cloths with spices and deposited

it in a new Tomb

nearby a large Rock was was moved to

block the entrance to the tomb and Jesus

enemies ordered it to be sealed a guard

was placed to watch the tomb preventing

any attempt to steal the Master’s body

Jesus body remained in the Tomb from the

afternoon of the th day until the

morning of the first day of the week the

place where Jesus was crucified is the

subject of much debate but many believe

it was on a mountain called golgatha

also known as the place of the skull the

resurrection of Jesus after the

crucifixion is a pivotal event in

history at dusk on Saturday faithful

women went to the tomb to prepare spices

to anoint Jesus body the next day at

dawn on the first day of the week they

went to the tomb but found it empty two

men dressed in shining clothes appeared

and announced that Jesus had risen Peter

and John ran to the tomb to check and

confirmed what the women had told them

some of the guards went to the city and

reported what they witnessed but the

religious leaders gave gave them bribes

to propagate the lie that Jesus

disciples had stolen the body while they


sleeping Jesus appeared to several

people after his resurrection including

Mary Magdalene the women returning from

the tomb two disciples on the road to

Emmas and Simon Peter on the same day he

also manifested himself to the

Apostles Thomas was absent when Jesus

appeared to the disciples and sent

them out with these words as the father

has sent me even so I sent you a week

later Thomas was present when Jesus

appeared again and dispelled his doubts

by showing him his

wounds according to the Master’s order

the disciples went to Galilee where

Jesus had assigned them one morning on

the shore of the Sea of tiberias Jesus

appeared to some of them and after a

miracle of fishing He restored Peter and

gave him a new Mission later he met with

the and disciples commissioning

them to preach the gospel in Jerusalem

he was also seen by James the Lord’s

brother days after his resurrection

Jesus met with his disciples again

commissioning them for the third time

then he took them to the Mount of Olives

near Bethany where blessing them he

ascended to Heaven before them as the

disciples stared up into the sky two men

dressed in white appeared and told them

that Jesus would return in the same way

they saw him leave for


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