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world God said my dear son listen with

Serenity to these words of comfort which

carry relief to your soul and the

necessary strength to soothe your heart

I invite you to sit by my side where

together we can contemplate The Horizon

immersed in the beauty of the blessings

that surround us trust in me to share

your dreams for I believe they are

precious and have not been forgotten

amidst the uncertainties of life it is

important to keep Faith and Hope alive

every challenge we face shapes and

strengthens us preparing us for the

paths that are yet to come allow

yourself to be guided By The Light

Within you you for it is that light

which will illuminate your steps in the

darkest moments always remember you are

stronger than you imagine and capable of

overcoming any obstacle with

determination and love as time

progressed the weakening of Your Smile

was witnessed obscured by the weight of

the world you carry on your shoulders I

observe you and perceive your struggles

understanding that you are not to blame

you have been burdened with a load that

should not be yours the true fault lies

with those who should have been your

pillars but instead turn their backs

leaving you a drift quietly I witnessed

the fire I ignited within you shine in

your darkest moments revealing A Lasting

Hope that continues to burn even in the

face of the adversities you endure as it

is written in Romans

and we know that all things work

together for good to those who love God

to those who are the called according to

his purpose may this inner fire guide

you in your battles illuminating your

path and renewing your strength with

each step you understood that rejection

from others was not your destiny an

inner conviction drove you tirelessly

forward aware of the need to persevere

and overcome challenges you were

determined to leave your pain behind and

embark on a journey towards a distant

future your drive was evident Guided by

your Intrepid spirit and unshakable

determination far from being egocentric

your aspirations were deeply Noble you

sought personal growth and the conquest

of Victories that transcended your own

being you envisioned a time when once

your goals were achieved you would

return to assist those in need mind ful

of the intrinsic value of such a gesture

this altruistic trait of your

personality was always evident to those

who truly knew you at the core of your

being lay a seed of Vitality that

impelled your journey and your essence

was intertwined with the Divine this

internal strength Guided by your faith

and determination outlined your path and

shaped your identity thus propelled by

this sense of purpose and a profound

spiritual connection you moved forward

with confidence toward your loftier

goals knowing that your journey had a

greater purpose than your own personal

fulfillment in all the trials you

endured you prepared yourself for this

moment I love you and believe in you I

know you can achieve what you have set

your mind to for you do not easily give

up I saw you cry face fear and anxiety

but as the night passed past the new

light of day illuminated your face and

with a new smile you Rose this is my

daughter this is my son I exclaimed the

angels in heaven watched attentively

ready to lift your arms remove obstacles

and assist you in every possible way to

realize your dreams you call for me and

I answer I promised showing you

Supernatural Revelations strengthening

you I am deeply touched by your courage

and I must bless you I remind you of the

words of Jeremiah chapter

for I know the thoughts that I

think toward you says the Lord thoughts

of peace and not of evil to give you a

future and a hope thus move forward with

confidence for I am with you in every

moment guiding you according to my

perfect Plan for Your Life Trust in me

for I am faithful and fulfill all my

promises together we will overcome all

adversities and reach the heights you

have destined you are ready to ascend to

a unique and distinct spiritual level do

not compare yourself to others you need

nothing more than what you have now you

have your own dreams focus on them and

do not waste time feeling resentment for

the success of others whether genuine or

false FSE let others live in their

dreams but you will live in reality you

have worked hard fought tirelessly and

your plans will not be forgotten or left

written on a Dusty piece of paper you

have not come this far to retreat I have

led you to this place to conquer your

land of blessings the masses weep

because opportunities are dwindling but

your mind is like a field to me every

morning when you hear me I am sowing

seeds and soon these seeds will Sprout

into new ideas the doors and windows of

heaven will open and your heart will

witness this great love you will no

longer be able to retreat failure will

exist no more my presence in your life

is so strong that you will have nowhere

else to go but here listening to my word

you will truly be happy every day

whether the sky is cloudy or Sunny

driven by a powerful

determination you are on the threshold

of a new era where your achievements

will be witnessed not only by you but by

all those who doubted your potential

fear not for I am with you be not

dismayed for I am your God I will

strengthen you help you and uphold you

with my righteous right hand surrender

yourself to me completely and together

we will reach unimag imaginable Heights

I feel you in your innermost being

sensing your weakness and

insecurity I want to tell you that you

are strong agile and full of potential

my holy spirit is with you guiding you

every step of the way fear not to face

those in positions of Authority for none

of them is greater than I when you

extend your hand with love and sincerity

you will see hearts open before you

trust in me for the difficulties you

face are not the end of the journey but

merely part of the path everything you

have lost I will restore twofold

remember that you were not born for

defeat you are my beloved child destined

for victory I love you more than words

can express and my promises are your

guarantee of Triumph do not let fear

dominate you for I am with you step by

step rise up in faith for today I will

pour out my blessing and strength upon

you I will never forsake you I will

always be by your side this is the

moment to see my promises fulfilled in

your life with me no obstacle will be

insurmountable advance for you are my

precious child and you are more than a

conqueror in all things rest now my

beloved child and dwell no more on your

your troubles receive this holy

Tranquility that I wrap you in with My

Embrace and cover you with my grace your

well-being and happiness are precious to

me I want to hear you and understand

everything that affects you and hinders

your journey remember that I am always

here to support you no matter the

situation if something weakens you or

causes discouragement allow me to help

you find the solution my whole Holy

Spirit resides within you empowering you

with the power and dominion over your

own emotions at this very moment decide

to be happy and do not rely on any human

being to provide you with happiness I

desire your heart to be free from the

chains of emotional turmoil cleansed

from internal battles with sin and

Temptation entrust your thoughts spirit

and heart to my care avoid in

environments that unnecessarily

overwhelm you distance yourself from

places where adversaries try to lead you

to actions contrary to your will you are

loved beyond words and I am always by

your side guiding you with love and

wisdom find peace in me and together we

will overcome all adversities that may

arise on your path value my teachings

prayer and the Art of speaking with


avoid words that hurt close the doors to

gossip and

defamation exercise caution when

trusting others especially those known

for their falsehoods do not allow anyone

to S resentment and fear in you come to

my presence with your situations

thoughts and emotions focus on me

throughout the day be attentive to your

surroundings for many people suffer and

their sadness is evident in their

faces however I want my glory to radiate

from you that your Resolute expression

uplifts the spirits of countless people

for you are my beloved Son I have given

you unique gifts and talents to be used

in my name and for my glory with love

God I hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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