Jesus Says Your Time For Blessing Is Running Out | WATCH THIS Miracle Prayer To Claim Your Blessing

father I humbly approach you seeking the

touch of your healing hand it feels as

though my world has crumbled drawing me

into a realm of darkness in complete

surrender I Turn to You recognizing that

with you all things are possible hold my

heart in your hands and bring renewal to

my body Soul and Spirit helpless and

afraid I Surrender render everything to

you please lead me out of this darkness

and illuminate my path with your light

open my heart to deeper communion with

you and let your Holy Spirit dwell

within me your word in Isaiah

reassures me not to fear for you are

with me I need not be dismayed for you

are my God you will strengthen help and

uphold Me with Your Righteous right hand

I release all my pain fears and anxiety

to you confident that you will never

leave nor forsake me I entrust

everything to your Compassionate Care

yearning to feel your loving

Embrace provide the healing I seek and

alleviate all that burdens me I thank

you acknowledging that through your

power healing has already been bestowed

upon me set my Fe feet on Your Righteous

path and Grant me inner peace lighten

the burdens in my life and restore

wholeness to me once more Lord I

acknowledge that the price for my health

and wholeness was paid by Your Precious

Blood therefore sickness has no place in

my life free me from every spiritual

bondage and restore me to perfect health

Infuse me with confidence in your

Supernatural Miracle power I release all

burdens from my heart before you oh Lord

instantly remove my pain and Sorrows as

I surrender all that I am to rest in

your perfect peace from my head to toe

heal me

completely and anoint my body with your

restoration power rescue me from the

clutches of the wicked drawing

inspiration from Mark where the

paralyzed man was healed I trust in the

authority of your word command my

healing Lord and set forth your word to

heal all my diseases grant me the grace

to have unwavering faith in you putting

my whole Trust In Our Savior Jesus

Christ restore me to full health by the

power of your word I Express gratitude

Lord for being my ultimate healer and

deliverer sustain refresh and strengthen

me each day help me overcome every

Obstacle of sickness sorrow and

infirmity sanctify my body and soul with

the precious blood of Jesus I declare

Divine Health upon my body in Jesus

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