today God is telling you right now my

cherished child you have experienced a

great deal in life if only people were

aware of half of it you have supported

people then good times and bad even in

their darkest moments you cared for them

all you asked for an exchange was

loyalty and

honesty because of your loving and

compassionate heart you have suffered a

great deal of hurt you even opened your

doors and assumed obligations that were

rightfully yours you still worship and

adore me though I understand your

suffering and I promise never to abandon

you you’re emerging not just getting by

I’m going to touch every single thing in

your household this June you are going

to be blessed you’re about to enter a

new phase marked by increased flavor

healing and promotion things that once

restricted you or your family are no

longer holding you

back these walls are being lifted today

influence assets and talent will emerge

from you in ways you could never have


look for Solutions are about to take a

sharp turn for the

better family members who wouldn’t

interact with you are beginning to show

signs of Discord and division it is Gods

will that this come to pass you are not

required to make it

happen like the video If assurance and

supreme god the almighty God declares

approach me with an open heart free from

guards and ready to receive the

blessings and fullness of my presence

take a moment to unwind to experience

the comfort of being completely genuine

and transparent before me there is no

need for pretenses or Secrets as I am

already fully aware of all that you are

this connection we share’s unique

charity is its depth and warmth as you

bask in the radiance of my nurturing

light the great tragedy of human

separation began with the fall leading

to complex walls constructed between

individuals the world is RI with masks

and sadly even within my congregation

authenticity can be

scarce often the church becomes a place

place where true selves are hidden

beneath the veneer of Sunday bastan

forced Smiles the release felt upon

leaving speaks volumes of the discomfort

born from insincere interactions the

remedy to such a contrived environment

is to immerse oneself in my

presence especially within the church

focus on engaging with me offering

praise and honor and doing so you’ll

find yourself a to genuinely smile and

to extend my love to others in all you

do let your aim be to bring joy to me as

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