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Jesus are you feeling overwhelmed by the

challenges of life this video holds a

powerful prayer for strength in

difficult times join us and discover the

Divine guidance and empowerment you need

to overcome watch till the end and let

this prayer uplift your spirit and

ignite your faith let’s pause for a

moment and offer a prayer together

heavenly father as we embark on on this

journey of reflection and renewal we

humbly come before you seeking your

Divine restoration and guidance grant us

the strength to lay our burdens at your

feet and Trust in your promise of

redemption may this prayer be a Beacon

of Hope leading us towards healing and

transformation open our hers to receive

your love and grace as we surrender to

your restoring power may this time of

prayer uplift our spirits and ignite a

renewed sense of purpose in our lives


my precious child I want you to know

that I am the god of restoration and

renewal no matter how broken or

shattered your life may feel I have the

power to restore what is lost and bring

Beauty From the Ashes I see the pain

heartache you have experienced the

Shattered Dreams broken relationships

and deep wounds within your

soul but I want you to know that I am in

the business of

restoration I can take the fragments of

your life and piece them back together

in a way that exceeds your wildest

imagination like the video If you

believe in God bring me your Brokenness

your failures and your regrets lay them

at my feet and watch as I Breathe new

life into them I specialize in turning

mourning into dancing and despair into

hope trust in my restoring power for I

make all things new God says bless

someone’s Day by sharing this message

just as I brought Lazarus back to life I

can Resurrect The Dead Ares of your life

the dreams you thought were buried the

relationships you thought were

irreparable I can bring them back to

life have faith in my resurrection power

for nothing is impossible for me in the

process of restoration I invite you to

surrender control release your grip on

the broken pieces and allow me to work

in your life I am the master Potter

molding and shaping you into to a vessel

of Honor trust in my skillful hands and

let me create something beautiful out of

your Brokenness God says share this

video and bless others know that my

restoration is not limited to external

circumstances I desire to heal the Deep

wounds within your heart and soul I

offer healing for the Brokenhearted and

comfort for those who mourn let me bind

up your wounds and pour out my love and

grace upon you embrace my restoring

power my child open your heart to the

possibilities of redemption and

transformation allow me to breathe life

into the areas that have been dormant

and stagnant walk in the fullness of my

restoration and experience the Abundant

Life I have prepared for

you God says comment amen if you agree

dear brothers and sisters as this

powerful message from God touches your

heart I encourage you to reflect on its

meaning in your life if it resonates

with your spirit I invite you to to

share your thoughts and experiences in

the comments below your support means

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your soul together let us grow in faith

and support one another on this journey

thank you for your unwavering support

God bless you don’t miss out on the

opportunity to experience a profound

connection with the Divine and discover

the Limitless possibilities that await


watch the next video and allow your

heart to be filled with hope joy and A

Renewed sense of purpose thank


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