Jesus Says: My Child, Don’t Ignore Me Again If You Are My Real Follower God Message For Me Today


my beloved child as you create moments

of silence and Stillness in your life

you open yourself up to the profound

presence of God in the depths of your

heart where distractions fade away you

will hear the gentle Whisper of his

voice it is in These Quiet Moments that

Divine guidance and profound truths are

revealed without God Humanity would


aimlessly lacking purpose Direction and

hope the world would be filled with

uncertainty and eternal

fear but through your connection with

the Divine you can Embrace a life filled

with meaning and everlasting

love I Jesus Christ am the embodiment of

God’s love and

salvation my kingdom is not of this

Earthly realm but of a Heavenly dwelling

I have conquered death and through me

eternal life is offered to all who

believe in me my authority extends over

Heaven and Earth and I hold the keys to

Hades and death

itself without God mankind would lack

purpose Direction and hope our existence

would be characterized by uncertainty

and eternal fear of every dark moment

embrace the presence of God in your life

and recognize the immense impact he has

on your future and

well-being by sharing this message of

God’s transformative power and

unwavering love you become a vessel of

Hope and a beacon of light let your

words and actions reflect the profound

impact God has had on your own

life spread his message of Hope and

Divine Purpose to every corner of the

world touching the lives of those around

you may your faith shine brightly

Illuminating the path for others to find

Solace and salvation in the loving

Embrace of our heavenly father together

let us bring forth a world where the

transformative power of God’s love





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