Jesus Says : Ignore me If You Hate Me || Today God Message || Christian God Say || Lord Say

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God he recognizes and understands

the challenges You’ faced now is the

time to embrace his gifts your past

experiences have taught you valuable

lessons and your bravery has shown even

in the darkest hours adversities were

not due to your actions but attempts by

adversaries to weaken your spirit look

forward with hope as New Beginnings are

approaching the Earth is vibrating with

the promise of a

plentiful yield for you seeds you

thought were lost have revived and will

come back transformed into blessings God

assures that these gifts will be free of

strife he has positioned you precisely

where you can Thrive rely on God’s


act benevolently and be cautious about

placing absolute trust in humans discard

skepticism and despair a type if you

receive my message God emphasizes his

Everlasting promise one that manifests

at the perfect time your Yearning For

Change success and prosperity for your

kin will be full your transformative

power will alter hearts and mind but

faith is essential Venture into new

territories with faith leaving behind

the old God and your and your family’s

lives closed doors will not cause

anguish a more magnificent portal W

there’s a spiritual contest for your

life and faith keep connect God through

this Channel and feel God share videos

and type amen if you love love me

numerous foes challenge your progress

but wise guides will be set to Aid you

Triumph in this conflict is assured if

you stay devoted to prayer your

hardships will be transformed into

blessings sorrow into fortitude God

encourages you to his gentle caress find

Tranquility through faith and gain

strength to silence tumultuous feeling

adversity cannot reduce the blessings

God has declared for your life God Can

Transform adversity into Fortune

scarcity into plenty and into Wellness

his mission is to save bestow your

family and your life will be filled with

joy affirm your love for me and I will

respond with

blessings typow man if you love me share

videos to your friends and family

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