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Jesus my beloved child when you are in

pain my care may not seem complete or

enough to help and I may ask you to wait

remember though that there are different

ways to wait and some are better than

others looking to me trusting me and

loving me all the time is part of

beneficial waiting please thank me for

being there for you when you need me the

most do not wish it away because I know

what I’m doing and can make the worst

things happen for the

best let’s pause for a moment and offer

a prayer together heavenly father as we

come before you today we are reminded of

your unwavering love and care for us

even in the midst of our pain and

struggles we thank you for your constant

presence and guidance knowing that you

walk alongside us on this journey of

Life grant us the wisdom to trust in

your plan plans even when they seem

difficult to understand and the strength

to lean on you in times of need help us

to fully embrace your grace mercy and

loving kindness knowing that they are

more than sufficient to sustain us

through every trial May our hearts be

filled with praise and gratitude as we

turn to you our refuge and source of


amen don’t let pain from the past or the

present Cloud your view of the future I

am the Lord of your future and I have

great plans for you your future will be

full of Hope no matter how hard things

get my grace is more than enough to get

you through them do you think this is

true when things are going well it’s one

thing to believe it when you’re having a

hard time it’s another but it’s exactly

in these times that my grace shines

brightest to know that you can’t live

without my grace makes it the center of

your life do not hold back from taking a

deep drink of my grace favor mercy and

loving kindness anyone can get it for

free and it gives you everything you

need to live in this broken world come

into my presence and tell me everything

on your heart don’t be ashamed of your

flaws you learn to depend on me more

through them which lets my power live in

you we live in a world where privacy and

safe places are hard to come by remember

this I am your safety net if you call

out to me I’ll keep you safe I will even

surround you with songs that will save

you praise is one of of the most

powerful ways for me to use my strength

in the Praises of my people I live when

your problems are too much to handle

worship me in songs shouts and Whispers

these holy words Drive Away darkness and

call for my presence making your space

brighter as you worship your problems

Fade Into the background being aware

that I’m with you makes you stronger and

happier when you praise me when things

are going badly it makes both of us

happy I draw you close and hide you in

the secret place where I am you should

feel good when I comfort you don’t let

your problems get you down instead use

them to remind you to look for me my

presence my peace and my love you can

access these invisible realities at any

time and from anywhere they give you Joy

that you can’t lose when you come to me

tired and stressed I promise to give

your soul rest just trust me one moment

at a time that’s all I ask and it’s

enough to keep you strong when you’re

going through spiritual battles as long

as you stay in touch with me just

getting through each day is a win find

me in every moment and keep your mind on

me this is the best way to fight

depression and self-pity I want you to

trust me even when things look very dark

holding my hand will help you take one

step at a time I am always close to you

and know how hard things are for you

even though the battle may be tough and

you may feel weak you have everything

you need my spirit is always ready to

help you all you have to do is ask don’t

forget that this holy helper is both

very powerful and very loving I’m also

excited to help you trust me when you

call on my name because my love will

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