Jesus says : I am waiting for you my child||god’s message today


my beloved child do not ignore my voice as it lovingly reassures you do not fear

I am with you you are not alone you will prevail even though it seems everything is

against you your Victory is near don’t close this video don’t leave this page

this isn’t just coincidence if you’re hearing this message it’s because your time has

come I’m ready to reveal something Supernatural to you deep down your soul

knows it your spirit senses it you are on the verge of experiencing

a powerful and extraordinary Miracle with simple and genuine faith I

can perform miracles in your life this is something I urge you to listen to

understand Embrace and accept with love I know you’re in a tough spot but

take it easy because I’m already working in your favor you might feel confused the noise

in your mind might drown out the gentle voice of my Holy Spirit don’t block your ears don’t let the frustration from your

mistakes overwhelm you don’t be harsh on yourself forgive

yourself I know you once felt strong but now you feel your strength fading I know

you’re tired you feel weak but my power is made perfect in your

weakness now I want you to stand up confront this situation boldly and pay

close attention to what I am about to say do not fear those who lurk in the shadows with cowardly

intentions let these words rekindle the flame of my love in your

heart you will learn to face challenges and tough situations you will climb walls defeat

armies and stand strong in battle like a mighty warrior do not be disturbed by those who

gossip and accuse you nor by the storms that appear on the horizon I am your God and I am with you

I am your father and my deepest desire is to protect you like a precious

child you are shielded by my arm and no problem or enemy is too great for I will

grant you Victory you will succeed for I am the master of gold and silver

the provider of your needs I lift up the humble and righteous but I bring down the deceitful and

abusive who threaten my flock victory is yours I am your source of

strength run to me in the midst of the storm I am your rock of Salvation your

Refuge your God do not think that this situation will end your happiness or steal the

success that awaits you you have devoted yourself to your family and approached

me with your faith ignited feel it your heart leaps with

joy my power is already working miracles in your life because of your faithfulness and your active genuine

Faith do not worry you have taken the step and I am here for you you have called out and I am

answering I will grant you many more years filled with wisdom and you will use them to spread my light to those

still in darkness know that when you pray I listen wait in your heart for my

response give me the chance to change your outlook and accept my truth I am

your path your life your strength in my word there is power I want you to grasp

what I’m telling you when you hear my voice and nourish yourself with these words of love I am the answer to your

problems in my hand hands I hold the key to your Liberation today I bestow upon you the

breath of life that ends your despair Forever This Sacred Love lights up every

part of your being wiping away your past and the mistakes that have caused you pain I have transformed your heart you

are never alone Not For a Moment have I left your side now I want you to see these

conflicts for what they truly are steps on your path to maturity and

success I won’t let you fall back keep your eyes on me for good things are

ahead I’ve given you a new life so don’t return to your old ways of isolation

fear or the times before you knew me you will overcome your enemies and

those terrible feelings of hopelessness and loneliness will no longer trouble you always remember I’m with you you can

handle any challenge you will be so courageous that you will climb mountains no matter their

height you will master your emotions and even in the toughest times you will stay

calm and composed never losing your cool in the face of

adversity rest now and remember that I never leave or forget any of my children

because their names are inscribed on my heart my promise to you was sealed with my great sacrifice never forget it

I love you eternally in this beautiful moment as I speak and you listen feel my immense

love for you I show you my Supernatural affection and assure you that I am

always with you day or night whether things are going well or

not I am here safeguarding you sending Provisions in perfect timing with

beautiful details breathing my Divine breath into your life filling you with

peace even amidst your struggles wherever you are you can find

me this moment when you call out and I respond is just as important to me I

send you the morning sun the dawn’s Breeze my love wraps you in Divine

warmth giving you the strength to walk confidently to transform your path of

pain into a path of prosperity so you believe in my Eternal

pledge that nothing and no one will ever snatch you from my hand I’m aware of the hardships you

faced I know your present and your past today stand firm in my promises

recognizing that I have kept you upright and you’re alive you have a future and a destiny

because you are mine do not let your experiences and feelings pull you away from me today

I have chosen to speak to confirm my presence in your life and all the promises that will lead you to Lush

pastures and calm Waters of peace let every doubt be removed from your heart do not let fear and worry

creep back in I am bringing changes to your home your future your character your dreams

and your plans trust in me and let me work in your life let me be your guide and show

you New Paths come come without fear approach with full confidence I want to

lift your burdens and wash away every negative emotion that drains your life stop struggling alone stop fighting with

your own strength dive into the river of my spirit and rest in peace give me your

hand nothing bad will happen to you even if today you find yourself deep

in your troubles I will rescue you and lift you up you won’t be defeated no one

will see you fall I’ll ensure you’re safe and I will save you from those who come against

you I want your life to overflow with joy and love so evident that everyone

can see it Embrace everything your heart desires

and let the world see that you are my cherished child allow me the joy of bringing you

out of the darkness you’re in and guiding you onto Paths of Peace away from the Sorrows of this world remember

if I’m reminding you of my promises today it’s because of my love for you I

want the best for you choose to change the things that bring you down my paths

will lead you on a journey specially prepared to restore what you’ve lost remember I gave my life on the cross for

you and rose again with power to show the world my greatness and that nothing

is impossible for me avoid those who lead you astray and wish

to harm you they want to see you lose the blessings I have for you they want you

defeated without peace or purpose but with me they can’t make you

stumble because I am with you caring for you and giving you my love forever once you commit to following me

with certainty and determination nothing can separate you from my presence your

past mistakes won’t matter in your new life because I have forgiven you you have nothing to be ashamed of don’t look

back to what I have already forgotten live a new present without fear of moving forward I invite you to pray

every morning to bless your day if you ever feel weak or scared I’ll be there

to renew your faith strength and hope when you face problems tell me what’s

happening I’ll help you find Solutions and show you the path forward

my love for you is endless right now you can feel it I destroy all works of evil

every illness pain and chain of misery and poverty with my

power I’m here to help with everything you need you will prosper it is my will that all good

things that come into your hands be multiplied and blessed believe in me fully also believe

in my forgiveness if you seek complete blessings ignore the accusations ignore

criticisms and slander don’t let the envious words of others ruin your

promising future instead of being filled with fear and anxiety feel my hand on your heart

be filled with joy peace hope faith and confidence I will bring joy into your

life and put songs of praise on your lips your life will be different your blessing is from heaven and abundance

will flow to your home you will be free from Every Chain of debt and mistakes that harm your

finances it might seem like you’re going through tough times but listen to me

believe my words and now look around with the eyes of faith my dear child be

aware of the open doors and opportunities that come your way value and treat well those you encounter on

your journey I bring many special people into your life to assist you just as I

do kind be considerate treat everyone with

respect because I plan to bless you and use you in ways you can’t yet imagine in

tough times you will rise you will shine with the power of my light and you will

be a witness to others let me share a secret many of my children hear these

words but not all truly believe some choose not to accept what I

offer they come up with excuses is preferring to believe those who would keep them Bound in misery and sin in

pain and sadness and they reject my blessings my words my

promises but I urge you to trust me more it’s better that you do don’t waste your

time doubting don’t miss out on the blessings I place directly into your hands yet I know you’re different I’ve

seen it many times you believe in me and I love you deeply for

receive my blessings now as you read these words feel my presence sense my

love filling you up feel the Embrace I offer you bringing

you strength tenderness and Supernatural peace stop worrying stop tormenting

yourself I have matters well in hand and I will take care of them rest trust

believe in me with the innocence of a child and never doubt what I am about to do in your

life I will transform your life I will dispel your loneliness I will heal your

soul wiping away forever the scars of past pains that still bleed and prevent

you from receiving all the blessings I have for you my daughter my son recognize the

worth I assigned to you on the cross I shed my blood so you could be free from

the bondage of sin sin and on that cross I nailed the record of your errors so

that your past no longer haunts your mind or steals your peace you are incredibly precious to me

your value is beyond what words can describe but if you listen carefully you

will hear my Divine voice wherever you are whether it’s day or night in your

dreams as you walk during your daily chores at home while you rest or even in

the midst of your busiest days at work I will communicate with you beyond

words in a supernatural way I will make you feel the love I have for you and

help you understand your significance to me everything I am doing in your life is

to make you understand and feel how deeply I have loved you how I will

continue to move Heaven and Earth to fulfill letter by letter the purpose I have designed for you you

are unique and special my angels protect you and keep you from

stumbling your enemy fears your prayers evil forces Retreat when you praise

me the gratitude that flows from your heart is not only a powerful weapon but

also an instrument of worship The Melody of your praise reaches my throne in heaven I’ve endowed you with authority

your presence shines when you confront your challenges with faith and

confidence you are strong and courageous your troubles dissipate with each new

morning if only you understood the value the power the supernatural gift I have

given you how much I have loved you from the beginning of time I know you are starting to feel it

gradually you are realizing and just as I love you you

will also love your family and everyone around you this holy affection flows

this Divine love pours over you like a Cascade of Living Water and if you want

to receive more share it treat others with love you will see how your life

continues to fill with immense Joy I bless you with love and power I

bless your character everything you possess and the place you call home surrounding it with blessings

before you start your day take a moment to come and receive my blessing I know you need it and I give it to you with

joy head out full of strength wisdom and intelligence with a heart brimming with

joy standing firm in my word and your faith so that nothing and no one can

shake you I bless your comings and goings I watch over you as you walk and

my angels surround you protecting you you from dangers and

threats there’s a lot you can’t see with your natural eyes but don’t worry don’t get distracted keep your eyes on the

goals you’ve set think carefully about my words your life can change and my

power can transform everything in your home from today refuse to tolerate

nonsense arrogance lies and slander things that you know offend me don’t pollute your mind with things

that weaken your Faith or fill it with harmful ideas that bring no good I enrich your character I drench you with

the oil of Joy I bless your morning prayers and your thankful

Spirit I’m preparing new blessings for you you don’t need to chase them they

will come in my perfect timing focus on what truly matters so you’ll be even

more blessed put me first in your life love me with all your mind and heart

value yourself highly you are not a product of chance you are my

child I want you to represent me wherever you go treat everyone kindly

speak to them with love and patience as if I were speaking through you but most importantly love and take care of your

family try to understand them pray with them and if they don’t yet know me tell

them about who I am talk about my death on the cross and my resurrection speak boldly about the

Miracles I’ve done in your life as you share I bless you you love me and I see

your effort to seek me more and more for this I will bless you I don’t dwell on

your past or the times you failed or succeeded I want your heart as you come

today convinced that you need me and that you can’t go on carrying burdens that drag your soul down into

despair I seek your repentance it’s time to change direction and not look back

right now I lift you up I offer my hand to lead you on a good path in

Freedom on the horizon the light of my truth shines I am waiting for you with

open arms to envelop you with my grace to forgive your mistakes and to offer

you a new and Grand opportunity I want you to live in my love to renew

your health and strength I want you to decide to stay in this word which will

give you emotional stability and the fortitude to face the coming years remember this moment etch into

your heart the day and the hour you reive this message the overwhelming emotion marking the start of a new

chapter in your life today marks the beginning of a life

filled with Mir Miracles and wonders all written by the power of my blood and sealed by my resurrection you will

uncover new dreams and reconnect with my eternal purpose for you doors are

opening and the destiny I have planned for your family and for you will unfold

despite the current challenges in your home I’m actively working in their hearts shaping each one as a Potter

molds clay even those around you who Heir today can be transformed your character

the way you speak your outlook on the future your spiritual maturity your

entire being will be renewed tomorrow you’ll awaken with thoughts of me and a

heart brimming with excitement you’ll focus on the victories I grant you today

and leave behind the failures and defeats of the past you will treat others with patience

and kindness speaking gently without raising your voice

or causing pain with harsh words Joy Harmony and peace will

flourish in your home but I urge you to entrust your concerns and worries to

me do not let anxiety overwhelm you or anger rob you of the happiness you long

for today I instill in you the faith and resolve to overcome any symptoms of

illness and to eagerly anticipate your healing Follow The Sound Advice of the

doctors I have placed in your path I will guide them to use their knowledge

wisely and health will return to your body I will perform the miracle you seek

in my perfect timing but for now do your part immerse yourself in these promises

listen to my words and remain diligent in your faith every day take up the task

of sharing these words with those who need them bless as many as you can even

amid your own struggles extend your hand to help bless and support decide to do so

now as you show mercy and assist others you will witness my powerful Glory

revealed before your very eyes welcome to a new spiritual level

prepare for a supernatural life for miracles you’ve never seen or heard which will manifest in you and your

family you will receive provision and abundance your home will overflow with

blessings there will be no place for misery disease will not enter your home

nor will tragedy strike at your door give me your heart my son my

daughter always remember this your life your total commitment your unwavering

loyalty your dedication to believe in me and follow me to the end to act with

Mercy to practice Justice to approach my presence with humility as you you are doing

now now I wait for you come let us talk again

tomorrow call out to me in faith for miracles and wonders you’ve yet to

experience I will reveal them to you you aren’t just imagining this these words

you hear confirming many things are also a significant miracle today I’ve

instilled in your heart the certainty that you are not to be despised or abandoned feel it again I love you you

are immensely important and valuable to me do not disregard my voice do not

leave this page or close this video because I have something very important to tell you today something you need to

know I am speaking directly to you your soul knows it your spirit feels

it the emotion enveloping you confirms that this is no coincidence you are are hearing these

words because I love you and I know precisely what your heart needs I urge you to listen understand accept and

embrace what I am telling you do not fret about the challenges you currently face for I have inscribed my purposes in

your soul though you cannot fully explain it I have instilled within you

the knowledge of your actions and your path heed this word that will guide you

every morning and enhance your intelligence it will help you use your wisdom and

bolster your confidence even further I’m making you strong this is

what you asked for now accept it receive it you were once weak today you’re brave and

tomorrow you will be a conqueror my dear child victory is yours

you just need to follow my words Faithfully stand up and put in the effort Act Like A Champion move forward

like a torious Warrior do not fear the barking dogs do not be scared of enemies

lurking in the shadows who is with you who loves you your heavenly

father this is all you need to know to March towards your Victory without fear or

hesitation I will guide you be your Shepherd and your source of strength When Storms approach run to me

you will have nothing to fear I light this Spark in your heart because you

have much life ahead of you you have lost life and health but I

will restore them to you I will extend your days with wisdom and you will use

your years to help others and spread my light to those walking in darkness you will plant wise words in

your family you will speak of me share your testimony and tell the world that

there is a miracle waiting for anyone who asks of me these words reignite the

flame of my love in your heart stop worrying today you will

receive surprising news great and good opportunities but remember there will

also be obstacles to overcome and situations to face therefore you must learn to trust

because behind apparent problems hides the greatest blessing you can imagine

I am your father I have plans of prosperity for you stop complaining and

do not let anyone fill your mind with negativity give me the chance to change

how you think when you pray know that I’m listening to everything you tell me wait for my response in your heart I

want you to understand that when you hear my voice and nourish yourself with these words I write with love I have the

power to cleanse all impurity from your soul making your spirit new radiant and

resilient like a diamond this Divine love illuminates every part of your life erasing the

mistakes of your past that have tormented you clear your mind of negative thoughts

I give you strength and the power to overcome all the problems that are weighing you down you are never alone I

never abandon you not even for a moment recognize your difficulties for what

they truly are steps on your path to Victory I will not let you go back to

your past to your loneliness to your fears to those days without me you will

overcome all your enemies and they will no longer trouble you painful feelings of Despair and

loneliness will fade away feel it your heart leaps for

Joy my power is already working miracles in your life because of your faith

steeped in my wisdom and grounded in my word a faith that no one can

shatter so now you will conquer any adversity you will be courageous you

will climb the highest mountains before you you will master your emotions your soul will remain calm even

in the toughest situations you will not lose your drive or motivation speak with patience and love

Proclaim my word talk about the Miracles I perform in your life so that everyone

around you understands that I am a god of love a faithful father who

Forgives I do not forsake my children or forget any of them because their names are engraved in my

heart my Covenant with you was sealed with a great sacrifice now it is time to rise

up my dear child live life fully go out there and Conquer your worries embrace

your blessings I want you to personally witness the love I have for you a love

that grows stronger with each passing moment my promises are steadfast my word

always comes to fruition those blessings you’ve eagerly awaited are almost within your

grasp I am faithful I have heard your prayers and I see your steadfastness

standing strong in your faith grateful amidst life’s challenges I assure you

the blessing you’ve been waiting for is on its way soon it will be placed in your hands

and all your anxiety will melt away your distress and worry will disappear

forever you’ve trusted in my word and from the moment I heard your desperate

cries I set in motion the answer your heart yearns for many grow impatient

expecting immediate answers but I am thoughtful in my responses I prepare you first

cultivating wisdom and Readiness so that the blessing I give enhances your life

rather than becoming a burden often you ask for what you think you need but I provide much more

considering your future and your family ensuring that my blessings bring joy and

peace I have made a covenant with you inscribe my laws in your heart and mind

and I have forgiven your sins choosing to remember them no more I remind you that in my presence

there is Solace and at my altar there is healing and endless strength for those

who faithfully and patiently await my promise banish bitter complaints from

your heart and cast out doubt from your mind do not heed those who mock your

faith if weariness and anxiety revisit you simply call out to me and I will

endow you with perseverance and patience stabilizing your emotions I will grant you the wisdom to

hold your tongue preventing words that could offend I shower blessings upon you with

all the love and tenderness a parent shows a child be thankful and never

approach me with arrogance or demand while many disrespect me I remain

patient lovingly waiting for them to return for it is a dreadful fate for anyone who

harms one of my little ones I understand your frustration when

things don’t go as planned you pray and though I answer challenges and

adversaries arise obstacles appear and it seems my response is

delayed but I will open your spiritual eyes to see that your blessing is nearer than you think merely obscured by

temporary obstacles step forward boldly discarding any doubts or fears that hold you

back if you desire blessings you must be willing to endure

trials I want to see courage in your heart and your response when expectations aren’t met

immediately will you still wait joyfully without complaint or will bitterness take root causing you to squander your

efforts as others might I call on you to be strong to love me with all your heart

and with all the strength of your mind my dear child even if my responses

are delayed and you must wait I want you to show that unbreakable Spirit I’ve placed within you I want to see your

character strong and precious more valuable than diamonds show your loyalty to me don’t

betray your beliefs or compromise your integrity for short-term gains do not resort to dishonesty do not

steal or lie to escape troubles or to quickly resolve your problems true victories in the spiritual

realm are won this way and your long awaited blessing will indeed

come wait with faith do not let doubt halt your patience ignore the foolish do

not seek advice from those who do not believe from scoffers remember these words hold them

close to your heart with love I am faithful and I ask for your loyalty in

return return here every morning fill yourself with words that strengthen your faith and bring you peace do not be

afraid I love you your blessing is near open your arms wide and be ready to

receive your blessing your answer is just at the door pay attention to this

message my words are meant to reach deep into your heart let them take root in

your soul and you shall feel my heavenly rain falling upon

you today I see that your heart is troubled and heavy talk to me so I can

help you sort through the issues that disrupt your peace don’t rush into decisions or act

impolitely Let My Words and wisdom guide you toward choices that bring

peace allowing sadness and anger to control your actions the needs only to

poor outcomes in this moment I bring you a message of blessing your wait is over

help is on the way you have remained faithful during times of little so now I will give you

much I have seen your faithfulness during times of scarcity I’ve watched as

you believed even while tears stre your face I will provide the healing you seek

I’m your provider your your lord your father feed on my words dive into my

scriptures there you will find the answers you seek the advice you

need it costs nothing to spend a few moments each day reading my word remember where there’s a will

there’s a time don’t look for me only in moments of trouble or during trials seek

me when things are going well you can cannot imagine how much it Delights me to hear from you when each morning you

spend a few moments to talk about your dreams or your day I am patient I will

wait for you as long as it takes always here for you with open arms every time you come to me sincerely

repentant I’ll be here to embrace you just

believe I know you’re tired and burdened by your current trials so receive this Divine encouragement I send from heaven

a Heavenly support to strengthen your character trust that I will listen to

whatever you need to share I’ll take that burden off your shoulders lighten

your load and give you the rest you seek you will rise again but this time

you will do so holding my hand continue on the path I’ve laid out for you a path of blessing that will

lift you to a new spiritual level we we share a special relationship one of a

father and child you can come to me anytime you need advice or help even if you’ve stumbled and the path seems dim come

confidently I won’t be angered by your past actions the best thing you can do after

a fall is to talk with me and return to my ways I will restore you I will purify

you like crystal clear water my beled child whenever you falter

pray to me with genuine repentance and know that I will listen for I am always

attuned to the prayers of the penitent I do not turn away those who

come to me seeking forgiveness especially those who are sincere and

desire a true change in their lives present your troubles to me and let me

uplift and restore you if you place everything in my power powerful hands I

can assist and transform you in your [Music] circumstances give me a chance to change

your life and start a new in my love I want to heal you and mend what hurts

trust me when I say I will not disappoint you soon you will Express

gratitude and your family will become a fountain of peace I will protect them with My

Precious Blood my angels will watch over their comings and goings just tell tell

me you believe I will fight your battles in my hands your Victory is certain your

Triumph guaranteed get ready to act on those plans you’ve been thinking about and be

prepared to receive the promises found in my holy scriptures your fight is already won for I battle alongside you

as a mighty giant the enemy who tried to Rise Against you to accuse and Destroy You

has failed no one will accuse you or raise a hand against you you need not flee or

hide remember you are with me and I am beholden to No One my will prevails in

the lives of my children come closer to me do not get caught up in the world’s Strife where peace is rare and

forgiveness is scarce find shelter under my wings let

me Shield you from the dangers that lurk you are on the right path I am

preparing you for great blessings though the process may be painful the reward will be immense look up to the

sky and never doubt my power for I am actively working in your life to bring

about the change you’ve long awaited I love you do not drift away

from me with love your father come closer let me take on your

burdens you are carrying too much you don’t need to continue you alone I am

here waiting for you to come and trust me with all that weighs you down I am

here with you ready to assist with all your needs no matter how daunting your

problems may seem or how challenging the situation may be I can provide Solutions

and lighten your load you no longer need to worry about the future or things beyond your

control trust in me and let me lead your life let me take control for I’ve seen your

struggles and concerns I know how they overwhelm and exhaust you that’s why I want you to

understand that you are not alone I am with you at every moment nothing can

separate you from my love or my protection for no matter how insurmountable your problems may

seem remember nothing is impossible for

me I am here to help you I don’t want you to give up on your dreams or abandon your goals because of

the burdens you carry you don’t need to worry about anything for I am with you I

will assist you I promise that I will never leave you alone on this journey I

will always be by your side when you need me helping you to overcome any obstacle you can rely on my love and

mercy at all times remember you are my child and you

meet mean the world to me please do not feel embarrassed or afraid to come to me and entrust me with your problems I am

here to listen and help no matter how small or large the issue may be I assure

you I will support you in everything do not forget I am your strength and your

rock you can trust me at all times I will always lead you on the right path

and give you the strength you need to overcome any challenge I urge you not to lose heart trust in me and my unwavering

love for you if you do you will find Comfort joy peace and

calmness I will always be right there beside you lightening your burdens you

will never be left alone whenever you stumble I will pick

you up because my love for you is deep unconditional and

everlasting now is the time to give all your worries and burdens to me let me

carry them let my love surround you and bring you the peace and Tranquility you desperately

need don’t worry about how I will solve your problems for I have already arranged

everything my plans for you include well-being blessings and prosperity all you need to do is trust

me and follow my lead I will guide you on the right path and bring you to the places you need to

be just believe in my love and have faith in my strength for that is all you

need to be happy I promise you will never be abandoned and I will always be

with you holding you in my arms and protecting you from all harm let me reassure you once more my

child hand over all your concerns to me and let me carry your burdens I will

look after you if you do this now you will not regret it I will do something great and marvelous in your life because

because I love you and you are precious and important to me remember I am always here for you my

son my daughter the future I have planned for you is filled with blessings victories

and prosperity you may be anxious about what lies ahead feeling unprepared for

the challenges that may come but I am here to comfort you with my love to calm

your anxieties you may not see me but I am here working in your favor with infinite

power I’m creating a Wellspring of Living Water to quench your soul providing the peace and strength you

need you were not meant to suffer or live in distress let my transformative love fill

you and show you the way out of your troubles just believe in me and you will see how I can calm the fiercest storms

in your life remember I’m the god of the The

Impossible the one who fills your life with good things and rescues you from evil who blesses you abundantly every

day I am your lord your provider and I look upon you with eyes of love despite

your mistakes and faults I am your Shepherd guiding you along paths of righteousness where you

can walk safely even though you walk through dark and challenging places you need not fear

any evil for I Am With You trust me completely my child I will

strengthen you in your weakness lift you up in adversity and support you through the

storms do not fear for in me you will find strength and the comfort you

need I am your Solid Rock your protector and your

salvation trust in my love and this promise and you will see that with me by

your side you can cross the deepest valleys and climb the highest mountains

listen to my voice and cling to This Promise ignore the enemy’s voice do not

listen to his lies or fall for his traps he aims to lead you into fear and

confusion to keep you from seeking my light be strong and courageous and

remember my words you are my child my Valiant Warrior Victorious and

brave I will cause Springs of Living Water to flow from you refreshing you in the dry wilderness wildness these

Springs will quench your thirst and protect you from the heat as you travel through difficult

terrains my dear child dismiss any doubts Proclaim my word and you will

receive healing provision and protection remember there are many

blessings in heaven that I am eager to pour out on you just believe and

everything you ask in my name will be granted nothing is impossible for me so

do not fear the enemy’s attempts to block your path with false [Music] barriers do not be afraid or

discouraged when facing his lies maintain a Fearless stance stand firm in

your faith and move forward with the assurance that I am by your side I grant

you the power to tear down strongholds and to overcome any evil force that

comes against you my child tonight close your eyes and let me wrap

you in my arms of Love listen to my voice telling you that I love you that you can do all things through Christ who

strengthens you and that you are more than a conqueror through him don’t listen to the world or the

lies of the adversary believe in my words believe in

my promises you will see your sadness turn into Joy your tears into laugh laughter

and your scarcity into abundance believe wholeheartedly my child and watch as everything I tell you

today unfolds into reality it’s time to stop underestimating yourself and feeling

guilty for past sins I have already forgiven I am a god of Mercy love and

forgiveness you are not bound to the Past stop tormenting yourself do not let

others make you feel wor worthless or without opportunity I died for you I shed my blood so that you can live in

forgiveness and with dignity you are not defined by what others say you are defined by my word you are my child my

warrior my most precious treasure do not be swayed by Voices That condemn you or

wish you harm you were created to overcome battles and achieve victories I

have chosen you to be blessed and to live abundantly today I grant you

victory over every Affliction in your life over illness poverty and lack I

give you power and authority to break every evil Endeavor stand up and shine

with the light of my love remember you are my perfect creation made with love and Precision in

every detail you are a Victor a conqueror an heir to my eternal Kingdom walk

confidently knowing I am with you and that your death Destiny is secure in my

hands I assure you that today will be a great day a unique and special day

filled with challenges and emotions trust in me and be confident in

yourself because with me by your side you can achieve all that you set out to

do remember my strength and my love are always with you you are never

alone before you start your day put all your trust in me for I have a Wonder ful

plan for you do not fear the challenges that may come your way do not be

intimidated by the tests or trials because I will be there to help you overcome

them keep moving forward with faith and determination I urge you to be brave to

be kind and to be generous to those around you share a bit of my love and light

with the world there will always be someone who needs a smile a kind word or a gesture

of compassion do not give up in the face of difficulties do not succumb to the

deceptive desires of this world focus on me and I will give you the strength and

wisdom needed to conquer even the greatest obstacles trust in my plan and move

forward with faith for I will always be with you in every step you take in every

challenge you face remember that my love for you is steadfast in time times of storm and

uncertainty hold my hand tightly and let my peace fill your heart do not fear the

unknown for I know every detail of your life and have a perfect purpose for you as you navigate this day filled with

opportunities and challenges keep your eyes on me and my love that propels you

forward do not let fear or doubt paralyze you and your weakness my power

is made perfect trust in every step you take and every decision you make I’m working for your

good and to manifest my glory in your life remember that you are loved

unconditionally that your value is immeasurable in my eyes nothing compares

to the beauty of your heart stand up with courage knowing you are never alone

I am your guide your protector and your strength trust in my promise to be with

you you always to support and strengthen you through every Challenge and difficulty you

face remember you are my child unique and wonderful with a special purpose in

this life keep moving forward don’t stop live today to the fullest for I am

opening doors of blessing and opportunity for you to seize my desire for you is blessings

peace and prosperity so don’t be afraid of the challenges that might come your way don’t shy away

from the tests you need to pass and don’t be intimidated by approaching difficulties every obstacle presents a

chance to grow a lesson to learn and new strength to discover within

yourself trust in your power your courage and your ability to overcome any

adversity remember you are my most precious creation my perfect

Masterpiece I have filled you with my love and wisdom so you can shine

brightly in this often hopeless World shine my child for you are a being

of light a reflection of my unconditional love on Earth let that light illuminate every

dark corner you Encounter With Every Act of love with every encouraging word

plant seeds of Hope that can transform the world around you be compassionate kind and

generous go ahead today will be a wonderful day filled with chances to

grow to love and to shine with the light of my presence a day where you will

realize your true potential which will help you overcome any obstacle with my

grace and favor Always Remember You Are Not Alone Al in this journey my love follows you

in every step you take every decision you make and every dream you pursue I will always hold you close

wrapping you in my healing light Whispering words of encouragement and strength so move forward with

determination toward your goals and the Fulfillment of your dreams secure in the

knowledge that my love surrounds you and my grace upholds you do not fear the

unknown do not not dread trials I will be your Shield your rock the strength

and encouragement that lifts you up today those who wish to see you humbled

will themselves be ashamed my children are my most precious

Creations I care for them and never leave them alone I see that Envy

surrounds you there are people who wish to see you fail but fear not for with my

power ful hand I will bring justice leave your anger with me do not give your adversaries the attention they seek

I do not air I know exactly what I am doing and everything I do has a Divine

Purpose I’m changing everything around you stay away from the envious and Bad

Company many claim to be friends but abandon you without

hesitation I will never leave your side and you will soon overcome the trials you face I will grant you Eternal

Victory each challenge will make you wiser and more cautious each test will

strengthen and renew you defeat is not in your vocabulary when I am with you no

one can stop you so believe me when I say that things will get better trust that my will shall

be done do not be discouraged by what happens around you I have already told

you that I will transform your surroundings change your circle of friends and bring into your life people

who will bless you not curse you those who wish to see you fall and

do you harm will have to watch as I Prosper you they will see how I lift you

from the Shadows just seek me in prayer and keep communicating with me Tell Me Your

Troubles what happens in your daily life and I will give you the wisdom to respond to every situation

let me wrap you in my arms of love and provide the affection you’re searching

for I will free you from your fears and break the chains of fear that haunt your

mind you will achieve Victory says your heavenly father you already know that I

am your God your friend someone to rely on when all doors seem closed I am your creator your sovereign

your Shepherd leading you to rest in green and Peaceful Pastures do not give

up continue to believe in my word continue to trust in my promises I will

give you the peace your soul craves heal the pain you bear within you I rekindle

new dreams Reviving hopes you had let go of I am fixing things turning the winds

in your favor I command you to be strong and courageous for ahead lie challenges

interwoven with blessings I will remove obstacles blocking your success clearing the path

I’ve set for you just promise me you won’t give up that despite the difficulties you will

persevere I have given you a spirit of resilience not of timidity for only the steadfast will

receive my blessings I urge you to trust for everything is in my powerful hands

nothing is gapes my control I will send my angels to protect every step you take guarding your rest

and shielding your loved ones the injustices that have caused you pain will end now the doors that were once

closed to you are opening this very moment opportunities previously denied

are now yours those who overlooked your efforts will see your true

potential bear no ill will towards those whove made your Journey difficult rather

pray for them they will see that you are set apart that you are different a living proof of my Supernatural power at

work in the hearts of my children so keep trusting keep believing

in my actions what you have lost will be returned to you manyfold what was stolen

will be restored doubly enriched I will bring Justice showing

through actions that your tears were not in vain instead of resentment I will

bring peace where there was hatred I will plant love where Envy dwell

friendship will flourish all this will happen through my pure and unconditional love your Victory

is near move forward with confidence to claim the Crown of Life remember the

adversary will try to see you fall but do not waver do not give into temptation

continue to trust in my words today and never deviate from the path I have laid out for you do not give your critics any

satisfaction do not succumb to the provocations of the envious focus on my word focus on me the

author and finisher of your faith you will see the blessings on your efforts

and all your deeds will be rewarded both in heaven and on Earth do you believe I

love you Let My Words transform your life and heal your soul today I want to

reach you with these words so you clearly understand how much I love you I

know there have been times you’ve wondered if I am really with you if I hear you and if I care about what

happens to you know that I deeply care about every aspect of your life in both

good times and challenges I have always been and will always be there for you

from the moment you were born I have been by your side since the beginning of

time I have loved all my creation without exception my love for you is infinite

boundless and unconditional it transcends your actions and surpasses anything you can

imagine so even if you’ve drifted away from me many times remember that I’m

always waiting for you with open arms my love for you is so vast that I’ll never judge or condemn you instead I’ll

welcome you with love and forgiveness since the day you were born

I have been by your side guiding and protecting you even in moments of fear

or loneliness I’ve been there to comfort you and give you strength in times of joy and celebration

I’ve been right there rejoicing with you through every moment of your life I have loved and cared for you even when you

might not have noticed even if you sometimes feel

Unworthy of my love know that there’s nothing you can do to make me stop

loving you my love is unconditional and everlasting nothing can change that I

want you to experience my love in every aspect of your life and all that you do and

Achieve I want you to understand that you are valuable unique and special

every experience every challenge you faced and every success you’ve achieved

has been part of my perfect plan for you from the moment I created you I gifted

you with unique talents and abilities there’s no one else in the world like you even in your darkest

times when it felt like everything was against you I was right there with you

illuminating your path with my word I know it wasn’t always easy to see

but I never left you not even for a moment it was my love that provided you the strength to endure through the

storms so I want you to stop thinking that my love for you is based on your

mistakes or failures my love is bigger than any mistake you could ever

make I ask only that you believe in my love so that you can fully experience the benefits of my grace and

forgiveness remember I am always with you watching over every step you take

every morning and every evening and every laugh and every tear I am there supporting you today I encourage you to

trust in my eternal love to step forward knowing that I will always be there for you do not forget that you are loved

beyond measure trust in my plan for your life and let my love transform you in

ways you never imagined may my love fill you with peace

hope and joy and let you rest assured that I am always with you loving you

without conditions with me by your side no problem storm or circumstance can

defeat you my deepest desire is for you to live every day in the fullness of my

love remember with every step you take every dream you chase and every

challenge you face I am your strength and guide with me there’s no obstacle

you cannot overcome as you navigate through life know that you are never alone I’m always

here for you with open arms and a Heart full of forgiveness move forward with confidence

knowing I have wonderful plans for you plans to prosper you and give you a life filled with joy and

purpose walk in the certainty that my love will provide you with a future full

of Hope and and incredible happiness I desire to make you a happy

joyful and blessed person beloved Son beloved daughter today I speak directly

to your heart with words of love I wish for my voice to reach deep into your

soul please do not ignore my call listen to me and accept the message of Faith

and Hope I have for you a message that brings healing peace and restoration to

your soul today know that I have always been

with you observing your highs and lows your struggles and victories I have seen

each step you take carrying the heavy burdens that weigh on you I have never

been indifferent to what happens in your life I’ve always desired the best for

you even when you’ve turned away from me understand that my intentions for you

are all always good and perfect that’s why I am here today

asking you to let me into your life don’t resist my presence open your heart

to me allow me to be the Refuge you seek when life becomes too much no matter how

long you’ve been away or how much you’ve doubted my love for you remains

unchanged I am here patiently waiting knocking at the door of your heart

please open up and let me into your life my greatest desire is to be your constant companion your guide through

dark times and your source of joy and happiness let me fill you with love

peace and contentment I want to heal your heart and mend the wounds of your soul but you must open your heart to me

stop chasing the fleeting joys of this world stop ignoring me and delaying our

meeting give me a chance chance to enter your heart so you can experience the fullness of my love and grace let my

presence transform your life heal your deepest wounds and Grant you the peace

you need in the midst of turmoil son daughter you don’t need to carry your

worries Alone come to me when you’re overwhelmed Give Me Your Troubles when

You Face difficult decisions seek my guidance I am here to listen day and

night ready to offer forgiveness and love love remember you are valued and loved

don’t let guilt or regret convince you otherwise my Mercy is infinite and my

grace is ever ready to embrace you so my child pause for a moment and

reflect do not be afraid to open your heart to me for what lies ahead is for

your good not harm I understand life can be daunting and challenges might seem

too great but never forget I am always by your

side I won’t let you drown or let go of your hand during trials and struggles I

will guide you towards Paths of joy happiness and prosperity just give me a chance in your life and let me be a part

of every aspect of it do not Overlook my words my son my

daughter do not attempt to fill your emptiness with fleeting things as they lead only to misery and sorrow

now open your heart to me and let me transform your life allow my grace to

reach you and fill you with peace and joy in me you will find true and

faithful love that exceeds all expectations and never leaves you please now open the doors of your

heart and let me in let me be your companion in life your safe haven and

your strength in weakness do not hesitate to try nor let your

anxieties keep you tied to past mistakes remember it doesn’t matter how

far you have strayed or how often you have faltered I am here for you offering

my hand of Love waiting for you to grasp it and walk with me on this journey of

Faith Love and Hope take my hand beloved Son walk with

me my daughter I promise it will be the best decision you make you will enjoy the immense

blessings of my love and grace come my son come my daughter do not be

disheartened everything will be all right do not look back listen to my

voice whispering in your heart how much I love you from today onward I will

dwell within you to love you forgive you and prosper you do not be afraid just

believe trust in my promises and you will witness miracles in your

life dear son you know all my promises are certain and true and everything I

tell you in my word is accurate so do not hesitate to trust them nor doubt

their effectiveness believe in them and the troubles you feel will dissipate your pain will

ease and nothing and no one will be able to bring you

down I will be with you ready to assist you in everything you ask for you won’t

have to face battles alone for I will go before you and my powerful hand will

support you at all times in the midst of hardship in the dark of night in the fiercest storm I

will be your Solid Rock and unwavering strength do not let doubt and fear

undermine your faith maintain your confidence in me and the promises I have given you nor let life’s circumstances

divert you from the truth of my word remember I’m a faithful God and every

promise I have made to you is supported by my unwavering love and

commitment therefore my son keep going and do not give up no matter how tough

or challenging life gets know that I am with you no matter the difficulties you face

remember you can rely on me for I am here to assist you guide you and

strengthen you even if you’ve wandered far from me in the past or if you feel

lost confused and without hope do not worry my son for I’m always

here ready to forgive you and welcome you back with open arms of love and mercy so please don’t let fear and

despair overtake you trust in me for I have the power to calm the fiercest

storms and bring peace to your troubled heart know that in every hardship every

pain and every tear I’m with you holding you up with my mighty hand and renewing

your strength stand up with courage and hold on to my promises knowing that in me you

will find the strength to overcome and the hope to continue do not be afraid to

believe in my word and do not doubt what I tell you trust me and believe I will provide you with true

happiness where there is no room for fear or distress because I your father

am working on your behalf to bring Grace and blessings into your life my son just believe believe with

all your strength with all your mind and with all your heart and you will witness

the transforming power of my love in your life you will see Miracles and

wonders that exceed all your expectations for in the midst of the

storm you will find my peace in moments of weakness my strength in every tear my

comfort and in solitude my everpresent companionship believe my son and live

out the fullness of my love every day so do not fear press forward keep your

faith firm in me for with every step you take and in every chance challenge you face I am with you silently working to

show my love and power in your life do not hesitate to seek my help at

any time remember I’m listening to your prayers and attentive to your

needs I know when you are sad and when your strength is waning come to me always and cast all

your burdens and worries on me I will provide the peace and strength you need to keep going

remember that with my help you can achieve all your goals and complete your

projects but if you ever find yourself on a dark and obstacle-filled path keep

hope alive in your heart and cling to the truth of my promises in my word you

will find light to illuminate your way and strength to persevere toward your destination of success and

happiness speak these words aloud write them down beloved God I wait for

you with all my heart I’m anxious about the future I’m unsure of what to

do I feel I lack the resources and there are challenges ahead that I feel unable

to face but let me remind myself again that

if I trust in you I must accept your peace I will control my emotions and not

give into fear because if I believe believe in you I know who you are you are the god of the impossible

you will fulfill my needs you will deliver me from Evil you are the Lord my

provider you are my God you are my shepherd you will guide my soul to Lush

pastures you will lead me on Paths of righteousness I will walk safely and

even as I pass through Dark Places I will fear no evil

beside Peaceful Waters you show me you are my loving father you will cover me

with your mercy and when the time comes that I need a miracle I will kneel down

and I will receive my blessing the enemy’s cries reach my ears trying to drag me into the alley of fear

seeking to confuse me so that I do not seek your light so that I embrace my fears and sink into

darkness it’s a daily battle but my faith is stronger and your word tells me

that for every door that closes you will open another and provide a way out

always you will cause Springs to rise in the desert you will quench my thirst and

protect me from the Sun if I must walk through the desert I

reject doubt I nourish myself on your promises I declare your word so that my

being receives healing nothing is impossible for you I

want you to remember that and when the enemy Rises against you and wants to stop you with cruel walls of iron do not

forget that your God can break any barrier that your faith will give you

the strength to overcome I hold you tightly close your

eyes now and feel me hear me as I say I love you I am with

you may these words touch your heart and fill you with hope and strength do not

doubt them or the power they have to transform your life and all circumstances in your

favor also do not hesitate to seek my help at all times for I’m always near

listening to your prayers and attentive to your needs today believe in my promises and

move forward with faith toward the future I have planned for you TR trust

in me and experience the fullness of my love and grace every day of your life

amen after next minutes you yourself will feel that God is around you and he

is watching you so don’t ignore these minutes and don’t leave incomplete you will really feel the divine

power my dear child I am always with you watching over you and guiding you toward

Ward the path of righteousness remember that you are a beautiful creation of mine and I love you

unconditionally do not be afraid of the challenges that life presents to you for I am here to help you overcome them

trust in me and have faith that everything will work out for your highest

good spread love and kindness to all those around you and forgive those who

have wronged you just as I have forgiven you be a shining Beacon of light in this

world and Inspire others to do the same may my blessings be upon your

[Music] eyes heavenly father is saying I will

uphold You by my spirit through all trials Temptations and adversities I will end me when everything seems lost

my promises are trustworthy I will never fail you

I will make you strong give you peace and courage comfort you in times of trouble and keep an eye on your

Deeds I want to be your helper when You Face life’s challenges I want to walk alongside you as a friend who cares

about your welfare and because of this relationship between us I want to be sure that everything works out for the

best in your life

you can trust me I will not let you down and I will never leave you

alone I want to help you overcome the challenges in your life I want to give

you what you need to succeed like this video If you

believe I love so much that sometimes it hurts my heart when I see see how difficult things are for people around

me even though it’s hard for me to watch I know that if I wasn’t there they would

be lost without guidance and [Music]

support God has so much more for us than we could ever imagine but sometimes it’s

easier just to let go of all the pain and let him lead us forward into a new future where everything is different

than before and the gift of life and I have

given you everything you need to be happy the only thing left for you to do is to make good use of

it I have blessed your life with all things good friends family possessions

and opportunities now I give you the freedom to choose how best to use these gifts Choose

Wisely you are unique in my creation and that makes you special you were created

in my image and therefore I want the best for

you my son your soul is important to me I love you and I want the best for you I

have placed certain gifts in your life to help you become more like me these gifts are always available to you if you

will only ask for [Music]

them God wants to help you live a life of joy and peace he wants to help make

your heart full of peace and contentment he wants to bring healing into your life through his word through prayer through

meditation through worshiping him and others who have been touched By God’s

[Music] love if the only way to be happy is

through me then I will help you be happy you are not alone in this that there is

a power greater than yourself that can help you

it is time for you to stop waiting for the other person to change and start changing yourself the pain of being

alone will be lessened if you can look at it without bitterness or [Music]

anger be not afraid of being alone be not afraid of having nothing for I Am

With You Always the Lord will fight your battles and in a mighty way he will deliver you from all youy

your strength is God’s strength and your mind is his mind your thoughts are God’s

thoughts you cannot think yourself into sickness or disease that is God’s work

alone as for anything else which happens in your body it is your responsibility

to stop it from happening and he will help you do

it I Am The Great I Am there is no no other powerful being who can do what I

do I am the only one who could give birth to you as an infant in my own

image and there is no other who can take away sickness from a person as I can

take it away from them I am the only one who makes it

possible for you to have children again after they have died and if anyone else should try you cannot make a silk purse

out of a so’s ear you can’t do everything at once if you

try you’ll be overwhelmed instead focus on one thing at a time and keep moving

forward until that thing is done I want you to be happy I want you

to love me and my people I want you to build a good life for yourself and your

family but first I want you to return to me

God means it when he says that he really does if we do not believe him then we

will not understand what he is asking of us and we may reject him in our

lives you have been away too long you have forgotten what it was like to be a

child of God you have lost your way you are on the threshold of

something great something that could change your your life forever something that you must never waver from

[Music] again you are the one who decides what you will and will not believe you are

the one who determines what is and is not possible for you to

achieve you have always been the one who makes all of your choices but your choices have always been limited by what

has already been decided for you [Music]

God says you are my beloved child you are the apple of my eye you are the one

I have chosen in whom to place all my hopes and dreams I want you to know that I love you and I will protect you

always I am your father and there is nothing in all creation that I would not

do for you I have an amazing future plan for

you I will help you achieve all of your goals no matter how great they may seem

all that I ask is that you trust me enough to allow me to use your life as a means of glorifying my

name I bless all those who love me who desire only good things for themselves

and others all those who are suffering who

feel lonely or afraid fear not my peace will be with you my glory will be seen

in your [Music] lives God is not a person but rather an

idea a concept we can talk about God but we cannot see or touch him in any way he

is always there with us in our hearts and Minds guiding us every day as we

live out our [Music] lives he has sent me to you to help you

understand some very important things about life love and the meaning of Being

[Music] Human I want you to know that he loves

you more than anyone else on Earth does because he wants to give you the greatest gift of all eternal life with

him in heaven I love you I care about you I

want to help you and protect you God wants to make sure that you are happy and fulfilled in life

he wants to give you everything that will make your life blossom and

[Music] flourish I am your creator I love dearly

and I want the best for you but I also know that you have a choice you can choose to live my way or you can choose

to live your own way if you do what I want I will help you grow spiritually

emotionally and mentally but if you don’t do what I want there there will be consequences for your life type amen if

you receive [Music]

this God wants us to know that he loves us so much that he wants us to become more like him and even though we have

free will and can always choose our own way of living he still wants us to know that he

cares about our decisions and choices in this life he wants us not only to understand the sacrifices he made for us

but also to appreciate his love for us by choosing his way of living every

day I’m giving you everything that I can give the best that I have to give it’s

not perfect but it’s all I have to

give I want to help you learn how to live your life in a way that pleases me I want to show you the way so that we

can walk together I have designed your life so

that it will be full of joy and peace but only if it surrendered completely into my

[Music] hands do not be afraid of the future I

am with you I will never forsake you you are not

alone I was just thinking about this and I realized that my life has been going

in a very different different direction than everyone else is around me and I know that God is saying to me do not be

afraid of what is going on right now


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