Jesus Says: Child, I Am Sad Because You Always Ignore Me | Jesus Talk | God Message Today



Jesus my beloved child I see the path

before you filled with twists and turns

know that you do not walk it alone for I

Am With You Always In moments of Doubt

remember that I have a plan for you a

plan filled with hope and purpose trust

in my timing for I know what is best for

you the seeds you sew today will bear

fruit in due season

let’s pause for a moment and offer a


together heavenly father as we embark on

the journey laid before us we turn to

you our everpresent guide and protector

grant us the strength to navigate the

twists and turns of life with faith and

resilience may your plan filled with

hope and purpose be our Guiding Light in

moments of Doubt help us to trust in

your timing knowing that you work all

things for for our good as we lay our

burdens at your feet fill us with your

peace that surpasses all understanding

amen be patient and have faith for I am

working in the background orchestrating

every detail of your life when you feel

weary come to me and I will give you

rest lay your burdens at my feet for I

am your refuge and strength let go of

fear and worry and embrace the peace

that surpasses all understanding open

your heart to receive the blessings I

have prepared for you they may not

always come in the way you expect but

they will always be tailored to your

deepest needs my love for you is

boundless and I desire to shower you

with goodness remember my child you are

never alone I hear your prayers and I am

working on your behalf if this message

resonated with your heart I invite you

to share it with others by spreading

these words you multiply the blessings

in your life remember you are a beacon

of light and together we can illuminate

the world subscribe for more Divine

messages and let’s journey in faith


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